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La Paz Walking Tour, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz Walking Tour

A travel blog entry by lpringle

... Louise and I went to do the free city walking tour. It was so great and told us loads of bizarre amazing stories about Bolivia, la Paz and the Cholitas (local women). It started outside the prison where we learnt about how the prisoners owned most of the ...

Jail Time In La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Jail Time In La Paz

A travel blog entry by bilinga


The first sight of La Paz is worth remembering. As you enter from the top of the canyon, the city sprawls out in a bowl shape and buildings creep up every wall of the valley, overlooked by huge snow-capped mountains in the distance. La Paz ...

What a difference a boarder makes!!, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

What a difference a boarder makes!!

A travel blog entry by hotteawhereever


... !! All the locals must think that i`m local coz they just keep staring at me!! The journey was incredible...loving Bolivia already.... Tapiza was an interesting and small town...i`m glad i`m was traveling with others...The altitiude was around 3600 ...

More salt Vicar?, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

More salt Vicar?

A travel blog entry by thefletchers


... statues!! It was very surreal.. blisteringly hot and we definitely saved the best until last. For anyone thinking of going to Bolivia this is definitely a must do!!! We then arrived in Uyuni.. our first town in Bolivia and straight away we were struck by ...

The One Where it finally rained, Tupiza, Bolivia travel blog

The One Where it finally rained

A travel blog entry by 3trippers

Hallo! Um 1 Uhr in der Frueh ging unser Bus zur bolivianischen Grenze. Dort kamen wir wie geplant um 7 in der Frueh an und ueberquaerten die Grenze ohne Probleme. Wir wollten eigentlich von der Grenzstadt gleich nach Potosi oder Sucre, haetten aber ...

Going down..., Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Going down...

A travel blog entry by havan11


... Cuzco. I think it is about 2,500 ft lower, having not seen 1/10th  of what I was looking forward to seeing in Bolivia.  I will breakdown and actually see a doctor if descending doesn’t help, recoup and come back, if it works out, after ...

Rurrenabaque, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by carlyabroad

Jungle tour with San Miguel De Bala (eco lodge) Pampas tour with Mogli Tours (rustic camping) I have a hand written journal with details- will update info when I return home Until then view photos at: jungle: ...

Sucre, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ricnkate


... by Bolivian nurses incapable of finding a vein. See last post if that makes no sense! Sucre is the university city of Bolivia and although many of its buildings are beautifully old and white with little balconies and wooden doors (even newly built ones ...

Jan 15, 2011, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Jan 15, 2011

A travel blog entry by m-and-mp


Jan 17, 2011, Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

Jan 17, 2011

A travel blog entry by m-and-mp


Jan 19, 2011, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Jan 19, 2011

A travel blog entry by m-and-mp


Walking with Dinosaures, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Walking with Dinosaures

A travel blog entry by sarahandluke


... returning here later. We eventually did make it to the bus station where we took a bus to Sucre, the very pretty, capitol of Bolivia. We were both very pleased to discover that Bolivia does in fact have some concreted roads! We decided to go on a 3 ...

Lake Titikaka - Isla del Sol, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lake Titikaka - Isla del Sol

A travel blog entry by christianfeu


From the jungle back to the mountains... First to Bolivian way of Copacabana at the lake Titicaca, cold and on 3500m. Not much to do or see in that little town, except for the beautiful church where vans and cars are blessed every day. We took ...

jenga!!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by eskimostephie

lovely lie in again today. its a bind getting up at 7 every day. I should be resting im on holiday. Today i just did my homework in the morning and classes in the afternoon. Classes were excellent again today. Im picking more spanish up now. Ive also had ...

Découverte de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Découverte de Tarija

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur


Le matin, je pars à l'office du tourisme en quête d'information. Je rencontre Magda, une veille dame française  qui travaille  dans une école ici depuis 8 ans. Elle me renseigne sur la parc national, le chemin de l'inca et me donne ...

Amazing Views of La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Amazing Views of La Paz

A travel blog entry by eknoll


Today we just had a low key day around La Paz.  We went to a couple of miradors (lookouts) for some city views of La Paz from higher up.  We first went to Parque Laikakota Mirador which was basically a park for families and children to play ...

Tarantulas, Red Ants and Mosquitos, Oh My!!!!!!, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia travel blog

Tarantulas, Red Ants and Mosquitos, Oh My!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by eknoll


gfbhgfbgcx ...

Welcome to the Jungle!, Rurrenbaque, Bolivia travel blog

Welcome to the Jungle!

A travel blog entry by deni367


There are two ways to get into the Jungle of Bolivia, one is a 24 hour bus ride via Death Road and the other is an one hour flight. I decided to go for the easy one hour flight option, but it turned out that the TAM flight was the bumpiest I have ever ...

Death Road, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Death Road

A travel blog entry by amandaseims


Yesterday I did the death road ride just outside La Paz from 4700m downhill to 1300m on the world´s most dangerous road. My group was 2 aussie couples that had met before and a german and swiss couple that had met before and the Aussie Gus. We biked ...

The Devil's mine, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

The Devil's mine

A travel blog entry by roseoftheworld2


"Bolivia's exhausted Cerro Rico mountain risks collapse" screams the BBC News headline. This is an article that I only discovered AFTER I had explored the maze of claustrophobic tunnels inside the infamous silver mines in Potosi. Apparently, a crater has ...

Potosi, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lisa_and_paul

We took the bus from Sucre to Potosi.  It was supposed to be an easy three-hour jaunt.  We set off on time, despite some dumb gringos who had bought a ticket for the wrong day and were arguing the toss about buying a new ticket.  The ...

Sailing to Isla del Sol...Lake Titicaca, Copacobana, Bolivia travel blog

Sailing to Isla del Sol...Lake Titicaca

A travel blog entry by claudiaandfin

... style catherdral built in 1605 and sampling the local delicacy of grilled trout which was very yummy. The food in Bolivia has totally exceeded expectations after hearing various grim tales about the local cuisine. Lunch is definitely the highlight of the ...

La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz

A travel blog entry by will.traveller


While waiting to board my early AM bus to Copacabana, I hear that there is a transportation strike there. The bus company denies multiple times that there are any concerns. The bus goes to La Paz with a stopover in Copacabana. We get to a split in the ...

37. La Paz, Nuestra Señora de La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

37. La Paz

A travel blog entry by kesvic2013

On arrival, La Paz seemed a little different to the other capitals we'd visited. It was a lot more chaotic with traffic flying in all directions, overhead wiring done by a possessed spider, narrower streets filled with hundreds of shops and people and ...

Crazy city..., La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Crazy city...

A travel blog entry by sebou

Bien arrivés hier a La Paz 19h de bus plus que folklo. Vue impressionante lors de la montée et on change de température. Il caille sec a 6h du mat´! Premiere journée passée a déambuler dans les rues de cette ville folle. Ca bouge de partout, ...

Salt Flats, Lagoons and Flamingos, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Salt Flats, Lagoons and Flamingos

A travel blog entry by deni367


... speak a word of English. We started the trip with a visit to the "train cemetery". After the collapse of the mining industry in Bolivia in the 1940s, many trains were abandoned and now serve as one of the first stops of the Salt Flats tour. We then moved ...

journee pique pique???, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

journee pique pique???

A travel blog entry by pepsouille


arrivee 7h30 du matin apres 13h de bus... pour moi jai bien dormi mais sylvain moyen,, plus la journee passe plus sa fievre monte... allez on a un peu de tps alors on va visiter... l hopitla!!! et oui, tout est propre , blanc et calme, les urgences st ...

Salt Flats, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Salt Flats

A travel blog entry by amyabroad


Today we drove across the salt flats, stopping to take the typical pictures in the morning.  Since the area is so flat, tourists always stop to take pictures that play with perspective.  I'll upload some of my favourites when I can. We then ...

At the copa, Copacabana!, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

At the copa, Copacabana!

A travel blog entry by garrykctravels


... which is the worlds highest navigable lake at 12,506ft (3,812m). It is also South America's largest lake spanning over Bolivia and Peru. Titicaca has been translated to mean 'rock puma' as local communities have traditionally interpreted the shape of the ...

Cravings, Corruption and Near-Death Experiences, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Cravings, Corruption and Near-Death Experiences

A travel blog entry by tombarker

... from society for in the first place, producing and selling drugs. All this is made possible thanks to the depressed economy of Bolivia where being a prison guard is one of the most sought-after jobs in Bolivia because of all the money to be made in ...

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