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Antarctica 17-27 February 2009, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Antarctica 17-27 February 2009

A travel blog entry by rrdonne


... icebergs and through brash ice sitting on the surface.  Even our big ship had to "move some ice".   The sound of Antarctica is beautiful...the groaning that comes from the ice cliffs, as it calves ice off into the sea, the big splash (and ...

Drake Shake, Drake Passage, Antarctica travel blog

Drake Shake

A travel blog entry by bmtravel


Not exactly a restful night - thankfully the ship does have stabilisers, but with gale force winds (Beaufort scale 9) & an 8 m swell it was hard not to roll out of bed! Some drawers & cupboards we had not latched also created ...

Antarctica, Paradise Harbour, Antarctica travel blog


A travel blog entry by fionapine


* Epic tales of sea adventurers & miraculous survival * Clear blue icebergs the size of tall buildings * Beautiful snowy landscapes, massive glaciers, rocky mountains, delicate icicles, volcanoes * Porpoising penguins, basking seals, soaring sea ...

Happy Birthday and a Glycol Spill, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica travel blog

Happy Birthday and a Glycol Spill

A travel blog entry by mesabree


January 16th marked my 23rd birthday, and another ten hour work day.  The day passed uneventfully; the same dishes, cleaning, ancient canned food, and same clock-watching.  Then, right before dinner, there was glycol spill in the second floor ...

Cuverville Island, Cuverville Island, Antarctica travel blog

Cuverville Island

A travel blog entry by lok


We are divided into 4 groups to facilitate zodiac cruising and landing. We take turn getting off the ship. My group was the last to head out this morning. We donned our layers of clothing. I even put on my balaclava for the first time, since it appears ...

Crossing The Drake, Antarctic Peninsula, United States travel blog

Crossing The Drake

A travel blog entry by dm3nace


I'm finally feeling well enough to start a new entry.  The past couple of days at sea had been pretty rough on me. The Drake Passage had been relentless and unforgiving but according to the crew, it was merely sleeping. The Drake has a reputation of ...

getting closer, Livingston Island, Antarctica travel blog

getting closer

A travel blog entry by brettski


... first glacier. After we landed I walked over to a green patch where someone had found the two known vascular plants that exist in Antarctica. Both are flowering plants: one a grass and the other slips my mind. One of the Quark guys found the jaw of a ...

Our volcano., McMurdo Station Mount Erabus, Antarctica travel blog

Our volcano.

A travel blog entry by mike.pattison


I took some photos from my crane when I was on top of this mountain and what a view. Here is some ...

Day 5. Esperanza, Hope Bay, Antarctica travel blog

Day 5. Esperanza

A travel blog entry by ann.and.trevor


We were up at 05.30 not wanting to miss any of the fantastic scenery outside. It was bitterly cold but bright blue cloudless skies and bright sunshine - so all in all a lovely day. We were agaog at the size of the massive icebergs we passed - and very ...

Orne Harbor, Orne Harbor, Antarctica travel blog

Orne Harbor

A travel blog entry by lewnwdc


... to watch! Chinstrap penguins average 27-30 inches in height and nine pounds in weight, according to the Bradt Antarctica wildlife guide. “Smaller and more slender than gentoos or Adelies, chinstraps have blue-black backs with white cheeks and ...

Whales and whales, Danco Island, Antarctica travel blog

Whales and whales

A travel blog entry by fritz51


... we set sail northwards to the Drake Passage and Ushuaia. A beautiful sunset late at night to say farewell to Antarctica.  Graham Passage, our morning destination, is located north of Charlotte Bay and is bounded between the Antarctic continent ...

Tabular Icebergs and Jumping Penguins,  6320’ S 57W, Antarctica travel blog

Tabular Icebergs and Jumping Penguins

A travel blog entry by friesendm


... the island required a challenging climb through loose shale, but rewarded us with magnificent island panoramas, views of the Antarctica Peninsula across a narrow ribbon of the Bransfield Strait, and the spectacle of a seemingly endless array of glistening ...

Fur Seal Frenzy, Grytviken, Antarctica travel blog

Fur Seal Frenzy

A travel blog entry by gaye1959


Up for an early start to the day, looking good for our first opportunity to zodiac to the mainland. We had breakfast at 7.00 in preparation for the first zodiac leaving at 8.00 to go to Right Whale Bay.  We had to get ready to go in the zodiacs. We ...

A Great Beginning, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

A Great Beginning

A travel blog entry by eldonsteeves


Today (Feb. 3) was the beginning of our Zodiac excursions of discovery. Our first was to explore Pleneau Bay on the Antarctica Peninsula.  We saw crabeater seals, Gentoo penguins and so many fabulous icebergs.  We jitted around for 1 hours ...

Elephant Island, Elephant Island, Antarctica travel blog

Elephant Island

A travel blog entry by rileydog99


Next stop --- Elephant Island! It is one of the most notorious islands in the sub-Antarctic waters & is about 160 miles north of the Antarctic peninsula. During the early 1900's there were many scientific expeditions sent by a number of countries for ...

First Zodiac landing Half Moon Island, , Antarctica travel blog

First Zodiac landing Half Moon Island

A travel blog entry by foxiii


We were one of the first groups allocated to head ashore. Heaps of penguins, fur seals and sea lions on a sunny day. A bit of a smell close to the penguins. They did warn us that you will never forget the smell. Believe me you will not forget it! Even ...

The Journey of the Polaris, Villa Las Estrellas, Antarctica travel blog

The Journey of the Polaris

A travel blog entry by bzmot


Autobus jadący do portu z parkingu portowego gdzieś się zawieruszył, więc cała trasę (ok. 100 m) mężnie postanowiliśmy przejść sami, tym bardziej, że bagaże były już na ...

Day at Sea and a landing at Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Day at Sea and a landing at Deception Island

A travel blog entry by blairn99


... can see the current Spanish and Argentine research bases, these bases are manned year round in this area as it is not considered Antarctica yet and the winters are much milder. This was a great first landing, with only better to come I trust. See ...

Petermann Island and Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Petermann Island and Port Lockroy

A travel blog entry by gregd999


They had us up at 5:30 for a 6:00 disembark. Groan. Only one consoling thought. The expedition team must have been up at 5:00 to prepare and go ashore to lay the trails. This morning it was an early excursion to Petermann Island, home of an Adelie colony ...

Antarctica - another planet, Antartica, Antarctica travel blog

Antarctica - another planet

A travel blog entry by winter2014


Words and pictures cannot describe Antarctica - it has to be seen to be believed! We have had the most amazing experience travelling to the Antarctic peninsula and have lived to tell the tale of two very different Drakes Passage crossings! Where to begin? ...

Crossing Drake's passage, Crusing, Antarctica travel blog

Crossing Drake's passage

A travel blog entry by traveleasy


... water!!! There are about 120people on board and 12 expert guides.  We've had three lectures so far - one on the geology of Antarctica, one on birds and one on penguins.  Kaye is sitting on one at the moment - about photography. There are birds ...

Active Volcano, Deception Island, United States travel blog

Active Volcano

A travel blog entry by staeven


We're sailing on a millpond! It's 6AM and snowing, icebergs all around and seals are playing in the wake of the ship - colours are black, white and glacial green around the ice. Good thing we brought our ski gear. Last night sailed past the active ...

Polar Plunging, Crystal Sound, Antarctica travel blog

Polar Plunging

A travel blog entry by jmabro


On our return to the ship we were offered a Polar Plunge off the gangway (no, not walking the gang plank! :-) How EXCITING!!! We got into our swimming costumes and joined the other 35 mad people, one was George who would turn 75 on this trip! Wait in ...

Graveyard Shift, McMurdo Station, Antarctica travel blog

Graveyard Shift

A travel blog entry by pmcterry

We continued breaking ice for five days before arriving in the Ross  Sea.  There is warmer water here and the biologists on board are here  to understand the plankton in the nutrient rich waters.  I am running  four or five CTDs ...

Penguins, ahoy!, McMurdo Station, Antarctica travel blog

Penguins, ahoy!

A travel blog entry by pmcterry


I awake to my roommie flicking on the lights.  "There's going to be a  fire drill in five minutes!" she warns.  "And we're in the ice, it's  beautiful out there!" I threw on my warm clothes and then ran outside.  The ship ...

Helicopter Delivery, McMurdo Station, Antarctica travel blog

Helicopter Delivery

A travel blog entry by pmcterry

After days of nothing, the excitement of a helicopter delivery was  almost too much to bear.  I woke up early, but had already missed the  landing on the ice.  A flock(?) of penguins had caught sight of the  mysterious red bird ...

Antarctic Wildlife, McMurdo Station, Antarctica travel blog

Antarctic Wildlife

A travel blog entry by pmcterry

... and go in circles.  They are perpetually confused creatures. I saw several seals later on which explained the absence of penguins.  The seals lounged lazily on the ice as though it were a sunny beach.  It is summer in Antarctica after ...

test, Grytviken, Antarctica travel blog


A travel blog entry by explorerer


this is a test -- Alex Pilon TravelPod ...

Gourdin Island and Ice Paddling at Brown Bluff, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

Gourdin Island and Ice Paddling at Brown Bluff

A travel blog entry by gezza51

... the Bransfield Strait last night and are now at the mouth of the Antartic Sound that will lead us into the Weddell Sea, a part of Antarctica that few ships go. Poppo and I head down to the mud room first as we are in the Mawson group...each time you head ...

On the way back: Drake Passage going wild, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica travel blog

On the way back: Drake Passage going wild

A travel blog entry by flyingdutchmen


After our last day with expeditions, everybody feels satisfied, but also sad (its over) and tired. Happily we are kept busy by E&E (Eating & Entertainment), but with waves of more than 15 meters, it is not easy to kep stable.....time to take the ...

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