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LAND OF THE KOMODO DRAGON, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgaudun

... .  As the dirt and sweat depart, the shirt might also.  Labuanbajo is a small waterfront town with many many sailing vessels in the harbour.  Since it is their off season many will remain idle.  Sweaty steve reporting from Indonesia. ...

King of Komodo, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

King of Komodo

A travel blog entry by djgoes


Well the best laid plans.......  We had a very nice ride from Gili Trawangan to Lombok.  Very smooth seas and it was only 45 minutes by local ferry.  Local ferries run every hour or when they fill up.  You just show up and wait. ...

Journey to the East, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Journey to the East

A travel blog entry by wanderstoke


... first morning traveling; first the boat ride from Gili Air to the Lombok port of Bangsal, then a 3-hr bus across the island to East Lombok, where we got on the boat with about 30 other people. Our guide was a friendly guy, who consistently spoke into his ...

Bezoek aan zwavel vulkaan, Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog

Bezoek aan zwavel vulkaan

A travel blog entry by romald


Waar ik inmiddels wel helemaal klaar mee ben, is dat gerook van alle mannen. Vrijwel alle mannen roken overal. Ook in de bus en in restaurants. Ik heb op dit moment ook flink last van m'n keel. Weet niet op het komt door dit rokerige internet-cafe of ...

Arrived to Kupang by air, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Arrived to Kupang by air

A travel blog entry by ladabruky

New ...

Pertama Kali ke Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Pertama Kali ke Kupang

A travel blog entry by nudujohn


Pertama kali datang ke Kupang, mendarat di Bandara El Tari jam 20.30. Ber 6 dengan Rizal, Febri, Fitri, Linda, Vickey datang 1 hari kemudian. Nginap di Hotel Cendana Rp175.000 per hari 2 bed. Makan malam, jalan kaki dulu 2 KM ke dekat Hotel Astiti ...

Day 1 Kertosono - Jakarta, Kertosono, Indonesia travel blog

Day 1 Kertosono - Jakarta

A travel blog entry by edo.halim

Selamat Natal 2011 dan Tahun Baru 2012. Pada liburan kali ini, saya beserta keluarga besar akan mengunjungi ibu kota negara kita tercinta, yaitu Jakarta. Berhubung kami ber 24 orang, akan sangat mahal kalau semua menggunakan pesawat terbang. Jadi ...

From Lombok to Komodo and Flores, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

From Lombok to Komodo and Flores

A travel blog entry by jjuan

Komodo ...

Komodo dragons and diving in the national park, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo dragons and diving in the national park

A travel blog entry by junglebelle


... to work! (Yep, sounds awful doesn't it?!) We caught a flight from Lombok to Flores in the eastern reaches of Indonesia's Nusa Tenggara, via Bali (despite Lombok having a lovely shiny new international airport, you still need to backtrack and transit in ...

Amazing but hot and humid, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Amazing but hot and humid

A travel blog entry by the-malones


Today I was in the first group to go to Komodo island. There're we're about twenty in the group with two keepers and one English speaking guide. We walked for about twenty minutes to the water hole, kept wet by the rangers, and there were three full ...

Malang and Batu, Batu, Indonesia travel blog

Malang and Batu

A travel blog entry by jardinbahar


After a long and tiring day yesterday (after Bromo adventure, Madakaripura Falls, and several hours of driving, we decided to stay overnight in Batu (30km northwest of Malang, Java). ABOUT BATU Batu is a 30 minute car ride from Malang. It is very near, ...

Manta on Point!, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Manta on Point!

A travel blog entry by ccmurray


... 've read online and heard from others is that Raja Empat and Komodo National Park (where we were) have the best diving in Indonesia, if not the world. Lunch was served on the boat between these dives. Throughout the day, bananas, crackers, tea and water ...

Muara teweh, Muara Teweh, Indonesia travel blog

Muara teweh

A travel blog entry by annomalay

gileeeeee jauh bgt ni kota...pdhl di kalteng juga..ternyata harus muter ke bajarmasin ...

Lake Toba is big like a sea!, Lake Toba, Indonesia travel blog

Lake Toba is big like a sea!

A travel blog entry by marktan

Hi! I enjoyed my trip to lake Toba early this year. ...

Flores Island, Indonesia, Flores Island, Indonesia travel blog

Flores Island, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by marisaz


Flores island lies between Sumbawa and Timor islands is an abbreviation of Cabo da Flores which was used by Portuguese sailor in the 17th century to identify the cape on the eastern end of the islands because of its underwater gardens. The sea gardens ...

Berangkat dari Waingapu ke Waitabula, Waingapu, Indonesia travel blog

Berangkat dari Waingapu ke Waitabula

A travel blog entry by nudujohn

Dari Waingapu ke Waitabula jalan darat 3 ...

Cyclones, Mantas, and Dragons, Oh, My!!, Kanawa, Indonesia travel blog

Cyclones, Mantas, and Dragons, Oh, My!!

A travel blog entry by car_sky


... !! After a few nights on the island (and being the only guests), we were happy to leave after 4 nights.  Back to the cute/confused/juvenile port town of Labuan Bajo for a few nights then back to Bali.  Our time in Indonesia has flown by!!! ...

Liburan...only girls, Soe, Indonesia travel blog

Liburan...only girls

A travel blog entry by setyandari


akhirnya bisa menikmati kota Soe yg suejuk suejuk pure liburan,fullll no kerjaan at all..kita ber 5 cewek semua menjelajah Timor Tengah Selatan - Kolbano Beach : uindahhhhhhhhh banget..puanassssss ...

Lost Shoes, Ubud,, Indonesia travel blog

Lost Shoes

A travel blog entry by snclark8


I woke up excited and eager to go back on my run/hike. I yearned to see the mountains and breathe the fresh cool air through the morning breeze. I had to wake up somewhat early because we had to go to our new school that we would be teaching at in Ubud ...

best dive ever, Labuhanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

best dive ever

A travel blog entry by zedipedi

30 Minuten Riesen-Manta-Rochen in der ...

Water World Below, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Water World Below

A travel blog entry by millarmotortour


We disembarked from the ferry at our new island Flores.  More remote and less travelled is a divers destination.  There is three main routes of access.  A four day snorkel and sailing tour for $140US departing from Lombok Island, or a 1 ...

A Foodie Trail to Kinabalu Park, Kinabalu Park, Indonesia travel blog

A Foodie Trail to Kinabalu Park

A travel blog entry by lepakqueen


Our mini but mighty 1.3 cc MyVi was going to take us up Kinabalu Park. While the car rental guy said that it was okay and so four of us jumped into the car. As usual, with Ray and my husband , it turned out to be a foodie trail as well. Never knew KK to ...

(47) Trans-Flores Highway; Bajawa to Labuanbajo, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

(47) Trans-Flores Highway; Bajawa to Labuanbajo

A travel blog entry by alcatrav

This morning we were up in time for a 6am departure but of course no one else was about and we didn't know when to expect the bus as we had been told many different times yesterday. There was also no one to pay for our last two nights of accommodation so ...

Nasvidenje Flores, dobrodošla na Baliju, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Nasvidenje Flores, dobrodošla na Baliju

A travel blog entry by mojcallstar


Včerajšnji večer smo še preživeli potniki preživeli skupaj ob obujanju spominov na pretekle 4 dni in seveda druge debate. Prav ušten večer v tem majhnem mestecu, ki je prav pristaniško s ta vleiki kontejnerji ...

Crazy Little Adventure - Fail, Pacitan, Indonesia travel blog

Crazy Little Adventure - Fail

A travel blog entry by kelseabain


The last few days have been fun, relaxing and flying by! We spent a couple days just eating some breakfast and heading to the beach for the afternoon to catch some sun and waves. So, not much to write about! The weekend has been SUPER busy around ...

kanawa island, kanawa , Indonesia travel blog

kanawa island

A travel blog entry by renzo59


beautiful kanawa blue and green crystal clear waters surround the island and the reef teems with multicolour fish and different types of corals life here is a pure bliss. there were no more than 30 people since there are only ten bungalows and a few ...

Na een prachtige bustocht..., Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog

Na een prachtige bustocht...

A travel blog entry by romald


...aangekomen ergens in de bergen om half vier 's middags. Uit de bus gezet en meteen stonden er 5 fietstaxi's klaar om me naar het hotel te brengen. Maar 30 meter verderop was ook dit internet-hok. Eerst maar eens even kijken waar ik precies ben in de ...

One night between flights, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

One night between flights

A travel blog entry by terryandlauren


We leave Ende at 3pm, get back to Bajo by 4, head to town looking for Ed - hoping Lauren can book a dive course at Kanawa - but Ed's been taken to Bali after a motorbike crash (our thoughts go out to him for a speedy recovery) and there are no other ...

Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Labuan Bajo

A travel blog entry by dpcw

7am start 3 dives today in Komodo National Park - Flores. Excellent diving our best yet as we 3 giant Manta Ray - Giant Ninja & 1 eagle. One flew straight over the top of us both about 2 foot above our heads it was so close we could have touched ...

Labuan Bajo (Flores), Labuanbajo,  Indonesia travel blog

Labuan Bajo (Flores)

A travel blog entry by mariaythomas


Un vuelo cortito en un avión chino con todos sus remaches y nos encontramos en Labuan Bajo. Nos esperan 3 días de plan relax por aquí: buceo, dragones de Komodo, ... Après un petit vol avec un avión chinois avec tous ses rivets, ...

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