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Redhaired cousins, Bukitlawang, Indonesia travel blog

Redhaired cousins

A travel blog entry by karen.gironr


Trekking was the last thing I wanted to do when I woke up this morning. But after 2 days of feeling like shit, I was feeling I forced myself out of bed, took a cold shower and got ready. I had paid for a one day trek the night before because ...

Home Sweet Home, Seminyak, Indonesia travel blog

Home Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by emzyandjessy


We arrived at our cute little apartment in Seminyak to be welcomed by the lovely Saraswati, who we are renting the apartment from. Our apartment is about 10 minutes drive from the main town/beach. Saraswati is originally from Australia but has lived in ...

just chillin', Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia travel blog

just chillin'

A travel blog entry by travelingurl


So, you left us in Penang (on Batu Ferringhi- Foreigner Beach) and we couldnt be further from there now. Were staying on Samosir Island, which is about the size of Singapore, and lies in middle of Lake Toba- the biggest lake in SE Asia. The lake is in ...

Weekend Trip to Bintan, Indonesia, Bintan, Indonesia travel blog

Weekend Trip to Bintan, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by mlrucker


Went to Indonesia for the weekend! Bintan was beautiful! With beach bungalows, fresh squeezed fruit juices, and clear blue water, I don't think I could have picked a better place to relax before classes. However, it was not all great...our resort was ...

(a rien faire) Ubud (doing nothing), Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

(a rien faire) Ubud (doing nothing)

A travel blog entry by france_rejean

Salut tout le monde, Nous allons bien. Encore une journee relaxe. Nous avons bavarde avec notre voisine tout l'avant midi. La temperature est encore couvert mais au moin il n'a pas encore plu. Hier soir nous avons eu droit la totale. Orage, eclair, ...

Excellent Chinese Seafood Dinner in Palembang, Palembang, Indonesia travel blog

Excellent Chinese Seafood Dinner in Palembang

A travel blog entry by venoth


After getting back to the hotel earlier, we literally dozed off for at least two hours as we were quite exhausted by the journey back and the massive traffic jam caused by the flash floods in the city. Once we woke, it was already almost time for dinner. ...

Not Another Walk in the Park , Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Not Another Walk in the Park

A travel blog entry by seasiabound


... the two hour journey to the town of Senaru, where we would begin our trek up Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia. Tours to Mt. Rinjani are either two days, one night or three days, two nights. However, the two night option was ...

Brunei and our first few days in Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Brunei and our first few days in Indonesia

A travel blog entry by aaustin


On 7th December 2007 Jay arrived in Brunei and to celebrate this fact we had a Christmas fancy dress party at mine. (More pictures in follow on facebook) We flew to Surabaya on 9th and caught a 5hr train to Yogyakarta in central Java. The region is ...

Ubud, Uplands of Bali, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Ubud, Uplands of Bali

A travel blog entry by michellendave


May 7, 2015 KUTA to UBUD -  40km by bus Bliss Cottages and Spa 650000 IDR ($50.21) Double includting AC, wifi, breakfast     Inland to Ubud The Hotel taxi offered to take us to the Perama bus office for 60000Rs. We instead picked one up a ...

Bukit Siguntang..A Visit To Parameswara's Siblings, Palembang, Indonesia travel blog

Bukit Siguntang..A Visit To Parameswara's Siblings

A travel blog entry by venoth


This entry is about this location that lies at the farthest end of the Palembang City limits...Siguntang Hill. This entire hillock is sprawled with Royal Mausoleums which date back to the 1400's. This has a strong connection to Malaysia as the ...

The Largest Volcanic The World, Tuk Tuk, Indonesia travel blog

The Largest Volcanic The World

A travel blog entry by jameshopkinson


... . We didn't feel any earthquakes or hear any rumbles but there is still a large amount of volcanic activity going on beneath Indonesia. They were too hot for us to get into but looked pretty impressive.....all the rocks covered with a green algae making ...

Komodo National Park, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo National Park

A travel blog entry by jeneggener


Greetings!! After the overnight bus from Mataram, Lombok to Sape, Sumbawa and then an 8 hour ferry, I finally arrived in Labuan Bajo, Flores, the jumping off point to Komodo National Park.  I was lucky enough to get on a 3 day/2 night liveaboard for ...

"Yes, Transport?"

A travel blog entry by travelbuggie


... place just outside of our hotel, a cheaper meal than the one before! So, this is my introduction to Bali- to Indonesia, to Asia! I’m struck by the contradictions here- such beauty in the natural scenery, the temples- which even in Kuta are ...

Reuniting with my first love., Gianyar, Indonesia travel blog

Reuniting with my first love.

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


4 years ago, I travelled to Bali alone to attend my cousin K's wedding. I stopped by a small island called Nusa Lembongan for 4 days and I fell IN LOVE with this charming island, its people and its stunning beaches. My life was never the same after ...

Ubud, Bali, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Ubud, Bali

A travel blog entry by jon_and_liz


... into the Balinese culture, and even a little monkey business going on. All in all, it was a nice place to finalize Bali before moving on to a very different Indonesia that can be found in Java. Enjoy our last pictures of Bali! Until next time, Jon and Liz ...

X-Mas in Sanur, Sanur, Indonesia travel blog

X-Mas in Sanur

A travel blog entry by bjornrosier


After some searching (our driver Agung is really nice and helpful, but not a genius in orientation) we found "Villa Tranquila" in Sanur. We wanted to celebrate the end of the world on 21.12 and (if it didnīt happen) to celebrate Christmas at a nicer ...

Phnom Penh Airport --> Bali, Indonesia, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Phnom Penh Airport --> Bali, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by alicegiles


Kuta, Bali, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta, Bali

A travel blog entry by alicegiles


Our new favorite place..., Gili Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Our new favorite place...

A travel blog entry by themooners


I've never been to the island where they film those Corona commercials but if I was filming one in paradise, I'd film it here. The Gili's are a set of 3 islands, Gili Trawanga, Gili Meno and Gili Air ranging from larges to smallest in that order. They ...

What Dreams Are Made Of, Sarangan Island, Indonesia travel blog

What Dreams Are Made Of

A travel blog entry by alleyjames25


... strong before they are released to the current that pull them were they need to go. Most of the turtles go between Indonesia and Australia. They come back to Indonesia to lay their eggs. At the rehabilitation center there are many different pools with ...

Eenie, Meenie, Mienie............Bali!, Sanur, Indonesia travel blog

Eenie, Meenie, Mienie............Bali!

A travel blog entry by brooklyn85260

Happy Valentines Day,       We saved the best for last in Thailand and went to Phi Phi Island. This was a fun island full of young travelers with an amazing backdrop. As soon as we arrived I "literally" ran into a friend of mine ...

Karma Days and Nights., Kabupaten Badung, Indonesia travel blog

Karma Days and Nights.

A travel blog entry by susanstardust


The two nights at Mayura (a Karma retreat) were a real treat for me. It is fabulous little resort situated in a rural village, surrounded by rice paddy fields. The resort itself is a world away from anywhere else we have stayed on this trip and so the ...

The Gili Islands – Sun, Surf and Scuba, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

The Gili Islands – Sun, Surf and Scuba

A travel blog entry by jennifertice


The Gili Islands are a group of 3 tiny islands, just off t he coast of Lombak, the island to the immediate east of Bali. We've caught an early morning shuttle and ferry from Ubud to take us directly to Gili T – the largest of the 3 islands and the ...

Silly Gili, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia travel blog

Silly Gili

A travel blog entry by john.boyd.123


Simply needed to get out of Kuta, it is like so touristy, like not really Bali at all, I like never go to touristy places, ughh tourists. That's the general flow of conversation between the traveler types, I am smiling, nodding in agreement "hmm ...

Schwarzer Sand, Buleleng, Indonesien travel blog

Schwarzer Sand

A travel blog entry by sibyllejuerg


Es ist nicht das vermeintliche Wellenrauschen, welches uns im Morgengrauen begrüsst. Nein, bloss der Ventilator! Da muss schnell überprüft werden, ob das Meer auch wirklich nur eine Minute vom Hotel zu finden ist. Badezeugs anziehen und ...

Ubud Hospitality, Ubud, Indonesia travel blog

Ubud Hospitality

A travel blog entry by gascon


... of water for agriculture throughout Bali.  Most interestingly, I got an explanation about the excessive taxes on alcohol on Indonesia and how it has been hurting tourism.  This also explained why the vodka we purchased before the Conrad tasted ...

Self Arrangement, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Self Arrangement

A travel blog entry by rachmatusadiah


... here should be good in the bargaining way to get cheapest, shopper will give lowest price if we buy plenty stuffs. Welcome to Indonesia, then :D Ubud and Batu Bulan - I have changed the car to Karimun which is newer than Katana. The machine is more ...

Sweating Buckets, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Sweating Buckets

A travel blog entry by sarah.ambrose

... ...why Bali? I thought she was going to Vietnam, Laos and stuff? Well a couple of reasons. One because the weather is better in Indonesia at this time of year and second...well I guess a kind of personal journey that led me there. Anyway why I got there ...

No Other Stream, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

No Other Stream

A travel blog entry by torrihorness


"Are you not thirsty?" said the Lion. "I'm dying of thirst,” said Jill. “Then drink,” said the Lion. “May I - could I - would you mind going away while I do?” said Jill. The Lion answered this only by a look and a very ...

Lombok en Bali, Indonesie, Denpasar, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok en Bali, Indonesie

A travel blog entry by 3xanne


De aankomst is Indonesie verliep niet heel georganiseerd. Zoals gepland stonden we om 20.30u op het vliegveld. Al snel hadden we ons visum en een taxi naar Homestay Jeti in Sanur (?) geregeld. Hier zouden we Petra, het nichtje van Anne W, ontmoeten. Zij ...

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