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Suomi, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by pixiepoodle


... , and had a leisurely breakfast. I took a taxi out to the airport for 9 and checked in. We arrived after a somewhat bumpy ride to Helsinki just before 3pm local time. Helsinki is an hour ahead of where I have been. I shared a taxi with a lady named Klara ...

Finland...hmmmmm....., Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by tom.beccamarty


... that included raccoon, reindeer and bear fur.  Took a tram around the city and located Stockman, the so-called Harrod’s of Finland.  We had a picnic, fed the seagulls, visited more markets and the Church of the Rock.  The harbor is a ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by paparelli


... is a sea fortress built by the Swedes in 1748 as a protection against Russian expansionism. The Russians defeated Helsinki in 1808 and Finland became part of Russia until 1917 when it became independent. There are three connected islands one of ...

Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!

A travel blog entry by jtmckeon

I turned 25 this past Thursday. A quarter-century. Enough said. A bunch of the guys from the team took me out to dinner after practice and it was a good time. Here is a link to a youtube video I didn't realize was being taken while I get sung Happy ...

back on the boat, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

back on the boat

A travel blog entry by lorma


ship: tallink superstar. a lot better than superfast, more shops & bigger ! ...

Doba w Terminalu 2, Helsinki Vantaa, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Doba w Terminalu 2, Helsinki Vantaa

A travel blog entry by fazi


Terminal lotniska Helsinki Vantaa rewelacyjny: wygodne fotele (swietne do spania), "prysznice" w toaletach, bardzo duzo przestrzeni... tylko ceny troszeczke wysokie ale nie glodowalismy. Poznalismy chyba wszystkie zakamarki lotniska, wiemy gdzie sa ...

A Baltic Cruise, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

A Baltic Cruise

A travel blog entry by chrisandjessnz


... so we didn't arrive there til 11. Bought our onward train ticket for  that evening with no problems at all. Everyone in Helsinki seemed to speak excellent English. We didn't see much of Helsinki as we spent the day catching up on stuff - boring ...

First Impressions, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

First Impressions

A travel blog entry by jseitz

... people from such different cultures. Amsterdam was a nice city and I am glad I got to see it before heading to Helsinki, which is significantly different and reminds me more of an American big city than I had expected. Many things have surprised me ...

We leave Levi in a blizzard, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

We leave Levi in a blizzard

A travel blog entry by plspoon


... and we arrived a little late in Helsinki due to the de-icing and snowploughing the runways at each stop. Took the Finnair bus into Helsinki centre. It stops next to the main railway station and then we had about a 15 minute walk to the Hotel Fabian. We ...

5 WEEKS LEFT TO GO TO!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mameha

FIVE WEEKS LEFT! What I should say now? :) Yeah, I cannot believe that I am going to do it! To carry out an one of my dreams: Go to ...

Surkeaa sadetta, tuulta ja IKEA:n -kasseja, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Surkeaa sadetta, tuulta ja IKEA:n -kasseja

A travel blog entry by narude


Tänään tuli lopulta toisen suuren projektin toimittajavalinnasta tieto. Kaksi viikkoa aikataulusta myöhässä! Olin henkilökohtaisesti laittanut tuon projektin tarjousvaiheeseen todella paljon työtunteja. Esitysmateriaalimme oli kuulemma paras, ...

Soumenlinna - Finland's Fortress, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Soumenlinna - Finland's Fortress

A travel blog entry by kathypender


... for the GPS and then to head over to Soumenlinna. Soumenlinna is a sea fortress that was built off the coast of Helsinki in 1748. Soumenlinna was shaped by three distinct historic eras when it helped defend first Sweden, then Russia and ultimately ...

Day 25, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 25

A travel blog entry by peterica


... around Helsinki, and after a rest on a park bench and an ice cream, we took the harbour cruise around the waterways of Helsinki. The same wooded, rocky islands as Stockholm, but not as many houses. Took photos of the many Sauna huts by the waterfront, as ...

The land of Santa!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The land of Santa!

A travel blog entry by fosters4


... !  Fur coats are a very common sight, and sold very openly in the shops and markets all around - quite surprised by this. Helsinki is an interesting city with a population of about 1 million. It has a huge open air icerink in the central town square ...

Pre-departure, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by kirstenknight


... hoodies to keep warm!! Things I am most looking forward to/ hoping to do: Go skiing- (I have never been before!) Explore Helsinki Go to Lapland See the Northern Lights Maybe go to St Petersburg Meet up with a friend in Sweden But most ...

Finlandia!!! Here We Come, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finlandia!!! Here We Come

A travel blog entry by bploh

I felt at many ...

European Trip, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

European Trip

A travel blog entry by e_bottle00


... our Euro-trip was started! We cross over the borderline of Saint Petersburg and Finland, then heading to the capital of Finland Helsinki. I was stil remember vividly the tempearture outside the bus was -60'C at Finland. There were some Evergreen pine ...

across the gulf of finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

across the gulf of finland

A travel blog entry by yozhik_v_lesu

took the ferry across to helsinki.  nice trip.  got to see a lot of finns karaoke-ing to finnish heavy metal.  a little surreal.  beautiful and clean ...

OK ESN:0-7349894, Itäsalmi, Finland travel blog

OK ESN:0-7349894

A travel blog entry by pentti_kotiaho

... at ESN:0-7349894 Latitude:60.2578 Longitude:25.2285 Nearest Location:not known Distance:not known Time:06/18/2008 08:10:48 (Europe/Helsinki),25. 2285&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1 ...

Boat Tour, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Boat Tour

A travel blog entry by jessica.darnall

VERY NICE!!!!!!! ...

WHITE CITY OF THE NORTH, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by italiancan


Name attributed to pale granite used for most buildings.  Walking into town, young couple from Philly adopts us as tour mates for a day of exploration.  Ride tram to Rock Church, structure built into bedrock, copper ceiling, very serene, silent ...

Architecture in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Architecture in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by evanvanderploeg


... and there were projectors showing heaps of info about things like events and weather forecasts; it felt very futuristic (typical Helsinki). We were getting a feeling why Helsinki was the design capital of the world this year. Wholly impressed we got a ...

Omaisuuden uusjako, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Omaisuuden uusjako

A travel blog entry by narude


Nyt alkaa olemaan muuton grande finale käsillä. Yksi murheenkryyni vähemmän, sain sentään auton myytyä. Kaupat tehtiin viikossa siitä kun laitoin sen nettiautoon myyntiin ja vielä mielestäni yllättävän hyvällä hinnalla. Osa ihmisistä ...

Finnishing up, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finnishing up

A travel blog entry by travellingfools


... is located on four islands connected by bridges at the mouth of the harbor. In medieval times, it was a working fortress protected Helsinki from naval invaders while also serving as a dry dock and prison. Today, the remnants are open as a museum but ...

HELSINKI, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by wendler


... the city. we then went to an island where they have moved many of their native houses, kind of like a Willamsburg of Finland. They have been occupied by Sweden and Russia and therefore their architecture is heavily influenced by both countries. Only 5 ...

Aug 09, 2013, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Aug 09, 2013

A travel blog entry by normandrea


A day at the museums, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

A day at the museums

A travel blog entry by jmoon


I went into Helsinki with Tom (on the bus 6,50 Euros) and then on the returned with Maarit in the afternoon. In between I took the opportunity to see three different museums. Each one had english information in order to increase my knowledge and ...

Une chose trop oubliée, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Une chose trop oubliée

A travel blog entry by renard


... I met in Rio who reacted to my preference for Finland with a "But it is common knowledge that Sweden is much better than Finland!".  Then I explain that yes, those flaws might be applicable and yes, maybe there is nothing really that amazing in this ...

Helsinki - mezipřistání, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki - mezipřistání

A travel blog entry by mildaphoto


HELSINKI - Po 4 hodinách letu z Prahy přilétáme do Helsinek. Je zde zima a všude kupa sněhu. Hned po příletu jsme navštívili obchůdky, záchody a také kuřárnu kde jsme si dali řádně do plic, ...

#sleepinginairports - Not Quite., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

#sleepinginairports - Not Quite.

A travel blog entry by clareyap


... nbsp; Unfortunately, Finland and Italy's version of summer is very different. :| I managed to google a hostel called CheapSleep Helsinki (Tripadvisor is so awesome!) which seemed very highly rated and got directions from airport staff on which bus to take ...

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