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My Birthday!  Uyuni Salt Lakes, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

My Birthday! Uyuni Salt Lakes

A travel blog entry by salsals


... dinner, where Freddie announced that his birthday present from his parents was money to go out for a nice meal.  Well we were in Bolivia so the money actually meant we all had huge dinner of pizza, and then went to the cactus bar and drank all night, ...

Apart Hotel Violetta's, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog

Apart Hotel Violetta's

A travel blog entry by gkosaras

... , close to El Prado in a calm area of the city. The Violetta's Apart Hotel offers comfortable and fully equipped apartments for your stay in Cochabamba, Bolivia on business or vacation. You can make a reservation through this site: Bolivia Travel ...

Life on Bolivian Time, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog

Life on Bolivian Time

A travel blog entry by 3967miles


... and I met our teacher Vivian.  She will be teaching two classes: Politics and Civil Society (with a focus on Bolivia) and Global Citizenship.  Vivian is from Bolivia but actually attended graduate school in Nashville, Tennessee.  She is ...

Underground, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by colmandliz


We'd heard on our travels that Bolivia was not known for it's health and safety standards. We'd heard of unpaved roads that wind through mountain ranges and over sheer cliff faces, the world's most dangerous road (which you cycle down!), the world's most ...

Jungle Boy and the Amazonian, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia travel blog

Jungle Boy and the Amazonian

A travel blog entry by annikaandpaul


... we needed to get to the remote jungle town of Rurrenabaque. Tourists have two choices. Either take a 20 hour bus journey on Bolivia's infamously poorly built roads through windy mountain passes where each turn could be your last, or take a plane. We took ...

La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz

A travel blog entry by mercakriko


Bonjour à tous! Nous voilà enfin à La Paz.  Dès notre arrivée, notre priorité était évidemment de trouver un hôtel.  Nous en avons trouvé un au centre-ville nommée La Vallee.  Nos chambres, au 3e et 4e étage, étaient ...

The One Where we Partied in The Desert, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

The One Where we Partied in The Desert

A travel blog entry by 3trippers

Servus!! In Uyuni angekommen, die bis jetzt mit abstand haesslichste Stadt die wir bis jetzt gesehen haben, sind wir schnell in ein Tour-Buero gegangen, da sich ein gewaltiger Sandsturm angenaehert hat. Wir waren zusammen mit einem Deutschen, 2 ...

Crossing into Bolivia, Villazon, Bolivia travel blog

Crossing into Bolivia

A travel blog entry by aporter

... I found ourselves in the border town of La Quiaca. With little difficulty we proceeded across customs into our next home, Bolivia. Bolvia's border town, Villazon, was larger than I expected, but was still not worth spending any time at; with ...

Copacabana, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingblonde

This is a top pick!

  From La Paz, we took the bus to the Copacabana, in the Lake Titicaca region of Bolivia.  Copa, as it's nicknamed, isn’t the Copacabana from the famous song.  The song refers to a beach by the same name in Rio de Janeiro, ...

La Paz´s mange ansigter, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz´s mange ansigter

A travel blog entry by beritmette


Hej Allesammen Saa er det tid til endnu en lille beretning fra den pulserende storby La Paz. Vi har endelig endelig faaet vores bagage, saa tak til alle der krydsede fingre (mest tak fra Mette, der havde en lille taske med kun det aller mest ...

In the jungle, Part 2, Villa Tunari, Bolivia travel blog

In the jungle, Part 2

A travel blog entry by colleensouness

...  there will be no more buses today because there is a blockade further down the road, but maybe tomorrow.. ¨No pasar! Dis is Bolivia!¨ he laughed loudly   3.  no one else has heard of any blockade yet 4.  we are ...

Bolivia Here I Come!, Vilazon, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia Here I Come!

A travel blog entry by ronamayk


... a time when the good life stops and the time to suffer comes - the time to dill with the real world is here - Bolivia here I come!!! Well, I'm just kidding :) half kidding... Argentina and Chile were like home to me in the last 3 month and it was ...

Busfahrten in Boliva / bus drives in Bolivia, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Busfahrten in Boliva / bus drives in Bolivia

A travel blog entry by jogo


... went into the museum for folklore, where different masks were shown which were / are used for dances and festivals in Bolivia, e.g. a cat head (not a real cat). Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any pictures in the museums. Despite the beautiful ...

The Bolivian Jungle, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia travel blog

The Bolivian Jungle

A travel blog entry by hoopsanddrano


5 days, 4 nights in hot, sweaty monkey land! We spent the first half of the trip in the jungle and the second half in the pampas, the waterlogged flood plains of the jungle. The trip was incredible - lots of jungle walks with a guide who taught us ...

Paratroopin', La Paz, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by astralcars


... was a business day, we are trying to get a lot of stuff done we need to do and La Paz is the only place in Bolivia you can do anything! We've booked a bus for Copacabana for tomorrow morning at 7:15-8:00. Times are never very accurate here. Our ticket ...

Cochabamba, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by cat3


... . 5 minutes later (presumably after the Paraguayan had gained a little trust) a cop in civilian clothes (these don't exist in Bolivia) with a cheap fake plastic id stopped us, and claiming to be from immigration, demanded to see our passports and visas ...

Isla del Sol and the slowest boat in the world, Copacabana, Bolivia travel blog

Isla del Sol and the slowest boat in the world

A travel blog entry by cnnnews


2 nights in Copacabana where there's no pass machine. Lucky it's so cheap here. Nice relaxed little spot. Paid 20 bolivianos each (bout 1.90euro) to get the boat to Isla del Sol or Island of the Sun and walked around for four hours on it. ...

So near and yet so far ... struggling Into Bolivia, Copacobana, Bolivia travel blog

So near and yet so far ... struggling Into Bolivia

A travel blog entry by lynneanddave

Guess who had lost her visa for Peru and had to get told off , do an oath to the president and get another via paying 5 dollars for the priviledge - just to be able to leave Peru fussy and so many rules do they not cater fro scatty ...

A Very Different Oruro, Oruro, Bolivia travel blog

A Very Different Oruro

A travel blog entry by somasized


... travel with his bosses and see much of the planet. His children still live in the U.S., but he spends most of his time in Bolivia now. It was refreshing to meet a well off Bolivian, or any Latino for that matter, who treats those who are less fortunate ...

Day of Waiting and Todo Turismo, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Day of Waiting and Todo Turismo

A travel blog entry by nickiandal


Day of Waiting After a few days acclimatising in la paz and enjoying hotel sagarnaga, it was time to move on. We checked out and left our bags at teh hotel for the day (the guy told us to leave them until whenever we wanted, as this was our home - so ...

Salt Plains, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Salt Plains

A travel blog entry by adfieldbigtrip


... few photos of the journey to give you a flavour. The end of the tour marked the end of our time in  Bolivia ... a great country with great people, sights, suonds and especially prices.  We only wished we could have stayed longer! Sorry ...

Potosi, Bolivia, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Potosi, Bolivia

A travel blog entry by john_and_esther


Bit of a reality check this one, as we took a trip to see one of the famous cooperative mines of Potosi. They are renowned for their shocking conditions, and I am so happy that I am just a nosy tourist and not a full time miner. First stop was at the ...

Goodbye GAP,hello broken Spanish and hand gestures, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Goodbye GAP,hello broken Spanish and hand gestures

A travel blog entry by aliandjon


... spent most of the night with his knees around his ears). Cochabamba is known as one of the biggest market towns in Bolivia, and with good reason.  Litterally everywhere you turn there is a market, and about forty thousand people crowded round each ...

Decyzja o zakonczeniu podrozy :), La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

Decyzja o zakonczeniu podrozy :)

A travel blog entry by camer

Po tych wszystkich szalonych dniach w Cusco i La Paz w koncu przyszedl czas na podjecie decyzji co dalej. Juz nie mialem sily dalej podrozowac sam, a Matus mial inny styl niz ja wiec na niego nie moglem liczyc. Inna rzecz to stracila mi sie gdzies chec ...

Heaven = Earth, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog

Heaven = Earth

A travel blog entry by heinlisenka


... of prachtig was, met uitzondering van Iguazu en Porito Moreno misschien. Het gebied tussen San Pedro de Atacama (Chili) en Uyuni (Bolivia) is zo verschrikkelijk mooi, dat er geen andere conclusie te trekken valt dat de hemel zich gewoon op aarde bevindt. ...

Dynamite + 96% drinking alcohol + coca?, Potosi, Bolivia travel blog

Dynamite + 96% drinking alcohol + coca?

A travel blog entry by jled


... relaxing in Potosi, enjoying the military festivities for labour day (there's buzz about a war over the coast that Chile stole from Bolivia) and catching up on emails. The highlight for me was a visit to the mint - at one point, during Spanish ...

Final Days in Bolivia, Cochabamba, Bolivia travel blog

Final Days in Bolivia

A travel blog entry by niclark1221


What an incredible journey. Loved spending all my time outside playing in the dirt. Looking back I cant believe all I have achieved. I spent 3 months working on an amazing project and met so many wonderful people. I will miss my mornings with Tiquipaya ...

La Paz´s New Toy, La Paz, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz´s New Toy

A travel blog entry by lucieinsa


... a hard hat; here he is proclaiming the expansion of the airport; here is his face, six foot high, on just about everything. Bolivia has had an unstable political history and the election of Evo Morales has done little to change that - indeed, it was one ...

Der Tag , der sehr gut begann...., Llica, Bolivia travel blog

Der Tag , der sehr gut begann....

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


.... endete in Llica, einem kleinen Nest am Rande des Uyuni Salzsees.Dort haben wir das Auto gründlich gereinigt und wollten dort definitiv nicht bleiben, weil das Nest  echt übel  war. Die  Weiterfahrt endete nach ca 65 km übelster ...

Hydrofoils at Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol, Bolivia travel blog

Hydrofoils at Lake Titicaca

A travel blog entry by sophieandryan


... and the best it turned out, of the trip. Gustavo took us to see the cathedral in Copacobana – the most important church in Bolivia and also the same place where thousands of people come to get their cars blessed!  It was a nice place and we ...

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