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holiday, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by jean_nigel2010

... this moment we are in limbo again The weather is wet and cold Hopefully it will fine up tomorrow for our first conducted tour arouned Amsterdam then in Sunday we all met at the boat for hopefully a rest and holiday of a lifetime Take care love to all jean ...

canadian maple syrup, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

canadian maple syrup

A travel blog entry by theonepercent


... about in the sun in an open-top berry red beetle is the only way to travel! Dutch people - most people who come to Amsterdam don't really meet any Dutch people! Celine spent loads of time with them! Language - the favoured words of the weekend were; ...

You can count on change..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

You can count on change...

A travel blog entry by chr.rasmussen


... to English, so I could follow the discussion. Before going to our train to Antwerp we had a round tour on the Grand Amsterdam Hotel. We were shown around and had lunch with Kees Hogetoorn, Director of Sales and Marketing - and this was definitley not ...

Preparing.... anticipating..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Preparing.... anticipating...

A travel blog entry by cecilia74


... really well and I've met great people, many of whom I am still in touch with (yay! for Facebook!). One of them is even visiting Amsterdam as we speak so we're having drinks later tonight! (Hello Mario!) "Wouldn't you want to travel with a friend?" > I ...

Amsterdam's Loose Strands & Left Overs, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam's Loose Strands & Left Overs

A travel blog entry by lmcfarland


... masses. Leidseplein is also a crossroads for several tram lines and a destination for all the airport buses. Shopping: Shopping in Amsterdam and Haarlem resembled shopping in the US, with a few exceptions. One was the selection of cheeses. I’ve ...

Have you ever..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Have you ever...

A travel blog entry by akgotoeurope


...thought you knew where you were, but really had no clue so you walked in circles for about 10 miles only to end up where you started and find out you were about 5 blocks from where you needed to go?  That was Amsterdam ...

The End is Nigh, Amsterdam, The Netherlands travel blog

The End is Nigh

A travel blog entry by mr_mozam


... wooden pylons are being replaced with concrete ones. After lunch 12 of us went for a 20km bike tour around the outskirts of Amsterdam. After a 500m ride, a 5 minute ferry ride and another couple of minutes we were out of the traffic and onto a dual use ...

Land of the Wooden Shoes, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Land of the Wooden Shoes

A travel blog entry by mdaa


... like a cruise ship, complete with private cabins and bathrooms. The ferry left from London at 11:45pm and docked in the Netherlands early in the morning. We met some guys on the ferry. Three were traveling together from California and one was traveling ...

Amsterdam - The

Amsterdam - The "Other" City of "Lights"

A travel blog entry by mackieineurope


... is definately a party I am very grateful that I decided to study in the beautiful opposed to the CRAZY Amsterdam (which I'm sure my parents are very grateful for as well!) :) As always...more details to come soon! I hope this ...

I am now VERY VERY happy I stayed, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

I am now VERY VERY happy I stayed

A travel blog entry by adambrook


Rod One - I was given a t-shirt by the guy who works days at The Dolphin..It 's a Marijuana Conspiracy shirt with their logo on the back. I decided to wear it today and when Rod One, the owner of The Dolphin say me wearing the shirt when he got in today ...

Amsterdam, Oh sweet Amsterdam !!!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Amsterdam, Oh sweet Amsterdam !!!

A travel blog entry by andremaheux


***Francais disponible dans quelques jours. Amsterdam is to Europe what Las Vegas is to America, a city where anything goes and all your wishes come true, provided you can afford it, of course. I was going to spend only about three days in SinCity ...

Joureny  to Nethelands ( Holland), Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Joureny to Nethelands ( Holland)

A travel blog entry by banas


i reached AMSTERDAM which is capital of Nethelands, it was wonderful experinece around Amsterdam plenty flower fileds and very historical places, which very attractive and imprissive artecachter around main ...

A beautiful city with 2 sides!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

A beautiful city with 2 sides!

A travel blog entry by clairebrenton


Before travelling to Amsterdam I only knew two things about this place the Red light district and weed could be found everywhere and smoked anywhere.....well this place has sooo much to offer and three full days wasnt long enough to see this beautiful ...

An Auspicious Start, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

An Auspicious Start

A travel blog entry by randyandchrissy


... awesome, flying Aer Lingus through Dublin. This is a picture of Chrissy suffering from Jetlag in Dublin. When we arrived in Amsterdam the bikes were in great condition. We then put the bikes together next to some beautiful tulips in beautiful weather ...

Out here sinning for all you easy-takers..., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Out here sinning for all you easy-takers...

A travel blog entry by heylo79

Well as this little adventure winds down, I find myself with less and less to say. I got out of Norway after a fairly unimpressive day trip to the fjords. Sure Scandinavia has beautiful country, but it really just reminds me of BC, and I've seen more ...

changing it up, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

changing it up

A travel blog entry by jsiemer

... a guide with us and navigation was not a problem at all because i knew our next stop (paris)would not be so easy. amsterdam was a great time and i thought that it might be a little weird to do traveling with my friends but it went extremely well and ...

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2knightsabroad


We slept in today and caught breakfast right before it was over.  The skies are so gloomy, it's 27 degrees F and sprinkling/flurrying.  After breakfast Phil headed out to the Ajax Football (soccer) Game.  Since it was so cold he was the ...

Chilling at The Dolphins, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Chilling at The Dolphins

A travel blog entry by johnsinclair


... pay my rent after 12 years of unbelievable acceptance in New Orleans, it wasn't ever going to work for me. I had friends in Amsterdam who were urging me to move to Holland, including one friend who is the proprietor of a coffeeshop and offered to cover ...

A Stroll Down the Red Light District, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

A Stroll Down the Red Light District

A travel blog entry by dancera


... . So earlier he gave us instructions on how to get to his place....easy breezy- one straight tram ride. First impression of Amsterdam: gorgeous and charming city with A LOT of bicycles. Seriously a very pretty city. So that night we basically just went ...

Pixar, Pizza, and Parks!, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Pixar, Pizza, and Parks!

A travel blog entry by angienic3


... to go shopping at H&M because well, my whole jean explosion I mentioned earlier. After this, Shannon and I headed to the Amsterdam EXPO center to see the Pixar exhibit! It was celebrating 25 years of Pixar and had tons of original sketches, ...

The longest flight of the three, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

The longest flight of the three

A travel blog entry by bangkokrandy

... stash of drugs for that!) So, to conclude, if any of you are thinking of smuggling drugs from South America to Europe via Amsterdam, then forget about it. They're going to get you! The Dutch were quite polite about the whole thing, though. When they ...

Lots of Cheese, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Lots of Cheese

A travel blog entry by trailerita


Well, I'm back, no I wasn't kidnapped by the gypsies.  My gracious and generous landlord has offered me his laptop again so I can write.   I went to an internet cafe and it was so seedy, its like using a pay ...

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by lnlineurope


Tomorrow morning we leave Amsterdam, after 4 nights here. Its been ok. We did see some nicer parts of the city. Its really pretty where all the canals are (even though the water is so seedy). Yesterday we went to the Heineken Experience. You get 3 ...

City on Canals, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

City on Canals

A travel blog entry by bumihills

... Our friend said it would be a violation of your personal liberties to have to show identification!  Unlimited graffiti in Amsterdam and the city has become far more dirty than I remembered.There are and lots of resident foreigners...blacks, ...

Last, but most liberal, Amsterdam., Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Last, but most liberal, Amsterdam.

A travel blog entry by -thegrandtour-


... from the "actual" business to the hideout. We ended day three with a little Van Gogh. We were in the neighborhood of the Amsterdam Hermitage museum and decided to check it out. Katherine had wanted to go to the Van Gogh museum but it was closed for ...

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by tarah51


... content :) so i did. there was this old guy there who just thought it was the funniest thing that i had come to amsterdam, from australia, and was spending my afternoon playing with a bunch of stray cats. the cats here are bloody huge too - northern ...

#ACTEMEA, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by lindsaypund


Today was our third and final ACTE education forum of the programme. The first presentation was on the future of travel and quickly transitioned into a roundtable discussion. We were armed with post-its containing industry terms and a large graph on ...

Our last day in Amsterdam, Amsterdam , Netherlands travel blog

Our last day in Amsterdam

A travel blog entry by kareelah

This is a top pick!

... and Rijksmuseum, however they have been shut for about 8 years. Found this unbelievable and our guide said its a cause of great shame for Amsterdam. Another surprise is how Kevin has not been cleaned up by a motor bike, car, tram or push bike. He crosses ...

A Holiday Update, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

A Holiday Update

A travel blog entry by eblakemore


... Story goes that Zwarte Piet helps bring the presents to the children on December 5th, which is basically Christmas in the Netherlands. During the holiday season adults and children dress up as Zwarte Piet by painting black on their face, making their ...

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by jschuman

... the Red Light District and ate some lunch. It was a pretty long day and a lot of walking. Tomorrow is our last full day in Amsterdam. I think we are going to walk around some more and see all the neat buildings. My dad leaves Monday to go home, and Mark ...

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