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The Divemistress, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

The Divemistress

A travel blog entry by 6th

Whether you might or might not have noticed, I have been in Malta for over a month now. My hair and eyebrows have burnt out in the sun, my skin is a little drier and thicker and my logbook is looking shabbier by the day. All these, as well as a couple of ...

Winding up, Malta, Malta travel blog

Winding up

A travel blog entry by xcountryinmalta


... held out hope for the Sportsmanship award, but Hungary received this honour.  I have said previously that every trip is 30 minutes in Malta, but these bus rides took an hour each way and we were all very flat by the time we returned for lunch.  ...

August 4 and 5: Malta and Day at Sea, Valletta, Malta travel blog

August 4 and 5: Malta and Day at Sea

A travel blog entry by eileen.tan


... cutely ended up with round finger print tan lines because his fingers are round at the tips. And he always ends up with a farmers tan. Malta we did a tour called Taste of Malta. It is literally an island that is made of desert. It was so hot and we ...

Best Free Camping So Far!, Malta, United States travel blog

Best Free Camping So Far!

A travel blog entry by evotech


... National Park. As we often do, we pick a stopping point on the fly. Hunter came up with an interesting looking campground in Malta. Montana.  It was perched on a fish filled reservoir. If there is one thing that makes my kids happy it is fishing! We ...

circuit, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by pinpon69ol

La Valette ...

Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by lyndallrush


Dinner in Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Dinner in Valletta

A travel blog entry by michaelbuckland


Die stille Stadt, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Die stille Stadt

A travel blog entry by kleinmeli


... kommt wohl auch der Titel "stille Stadt", den Mdina trägt. Zum Abschluß unserer kleinen Stadttour besuchen wir noch "Malta's only Dark Walk Attraction - Mdina Dungeons". Hier sieht man die verschiedenen Folter- und Hinrichtungsmethoden, die im Lauf der ...

Still in Malta!, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Still in Malta!

A travel blog entry by maltalove


... my stuff over here that I forgot to blog! So now I'm working in Sliema, in one of the many gambling companies here in Malta. It's quite a good job and I'm happy here, with colleagues from all over the world. The thing I love most is the friendliness and ...

May 28, 2007, Malta, Malta travel blog

May 28, 2007

A travel blog entry by robandjoan


So Long, Farewell, To You My Friends, Lija, Malta travel blog

So Long, Farewell, To You My Friends

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

... never be in that place with that group of people ever again. It wasn't as difficult as I had expected to say goodbye to Malta because I have Croatia and Ireland to look forward to, but I imagine it will get harder as the island gets farther away in both ...

The Places You'll Go..., Lija, Malta travel blog

The Places You'll Go...

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

So I had my first excursion outside of Malta this past weekend. I went to Vienna, Austria and it was amazing. Now all I can think about is all the places I am going to go in the coming months.  Here is the list of the ones that are for sure or very ...

Over Malta, Malta, Malta travel blog

Over Malta

A travel blog entry by thb


... vis, en met een oppervlak van slechts 316 vierkante Kilometer is het een klein eiland te noemen! Op grote wereldkaarten is Malta dan ook nauwelijks vindbaar. Inwoners Op Malta wonen 'maar' 409.836 mensen. Taal Op Malta spreken de mensen Engels, ...

Going Back uweeeeeeeee, Malta, Malta travel blog

Going Back uweeeeeeeee

A travel blog entry by sbez018

Back! ...

old island life, Malta, Malta travel blog

old island life

A travel blog entry by twittg


... overcrowded bus to Sliema where I found a spot for dinner then I walked out to St Julian's and Paceville, the nightlife area of Malta. There were lots of bars and clubs in Paceville but nearly everyone there seemed to be teenagers. It felt like being at ...

Ankunft in Malta, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

Ankunft in Malta

A travel blog entry by barbarroja

Malta ist nicht wirklich schön, das haben wir schon auf den ersten Blick festgestellt... Dafür ist das Wetter ...

Gozo - The Gozo Platter, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Gozo - The Gozo Platter

A travel blog entry by dmarek


... me where to catch the bus for Victoria and I got on in short order.  While most of the bus ride on Malta to the ferry was through commercial or condo streets, the Gozo rides were through smaller villages and countryside where you could see gardens ...

Easy Day at The Pool, San Ġiljan, Malta travel blog

Easy Day at The Pool

A travel blog entry by barbarroja


Keine Lust um noch mehr Steine zu sehen, deshalb den ganzen Tag am Pool verbracht ...

Back to Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Back to Valletta

A travel blog entry by mctubbs

We slept late and went into Valletta for a late lunch, then came back. It was a laid back ...

1802. Lunch in Zebbug, Żebbuġ, Malta travel blog

1802. Lunch in Zebbug

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... (a pleasant change from the arid landscape) is another larger town of Zebbug, where I grab another delicious typical Maltese carry out lunch of rice and meat pie... next I continue along a busy road towards a must see town: Malta's former capital, ...

1805. The Cliffs of Dingli, Dingli, Malta travel blog

1805. The Cliffs of Dingli

A travel blog entry by nathanphil


... , instead of tourist resorts, there are sheep pens and vegetable patches almost right up to the sea, a reminder that, at its core, Malta is still very much a down to earth little country... I follow the coast to a old little chapel... nearby a model ...

So much, so much, walking, walking!, Malta, Malta travel blog

So much, so much, walking, walking!

A travel blog entry by bevin


... up- Day one in Malta: Into Valetta to begin the search for information on R's grandmother's and aunt's time here on Malta.  Following Concierge's instructions, up one hill, down the other - street under repair.. found a Toy museum!  ...

Abusing Malta's bus system, Malta, Malta travel blog

Abusing Malta's bus system

A travel blog entry by marczimmer


...     From the Blue Grotto a bus took us along the Dingli Cliffs to Rabat, where we had lunch. Rabat, Malta - not Morocco is an interesting mix of Arabic and European. The temperatures were very definitively North African it was 102F. Which ...

All over gozo, Dwejra, Malta travel blog

All over gozo

A travel blog entry by tazan007

... this. Next I went to Xliendi bay. Its a nice little bay surrounded by the rocky landscape which makes up much of Gozo and Malta. There were people just relaxing in the water but not much of a sand beach. The water again was crystal clear. Next I ...

... Thrown into the pool, Lija, Malta travel blog

... Thrown into the pool

A travel blog entry by jkosmides


... pop, it drops 7feet to the floor. After the shock settled and got the emotions out, i checked for apple service center on malta(only one), got it checked out the next day. The screen is completely cracked but everything else is intact (thank you apple ...

Packing for 2 months - hmmmmm, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Packing for 2 months - hmmmmm

A travel blog entry by joepace

Packing your needs for 2 months in a backpack is not easy. Definites are ipod, medicines, sleeping bag, mozzy net, trekking shoes, towel, torch and leatherman. There may be some place left for some clothes !!!!!!! Soon ...

Not waiting but planning, Malta, Austria travel blog

Not waiting but planning

A travel blog entry by johnandros


In the seven years since we arrived here in Austria we have not had a summer holiday.  Running a busy biker hotel leaves little time for anything else. Not that we are complaining, It's been a lot of fun in itself.  We have had holidays of ...

Alex's Aquatic Acquaintance, Mellieha, Malta travel blog

Alex's Aquatic Acquaintance

A travel blog entry by awithey


Today was certainly interesting. We were both tired out after yesterday and so had a lie-in before heading down for our breakfast. This was followed by a lazy morning, consisting of games, puzzles, TV and cuddles. Following lunch (which was delicious as ...

Jun 05, 2009, Valle, Malta travel blog

Jun 05, 2009

A travel blog entry by rw227


Leaving Malta, Marsaxlokk, Malta travel blog

Leaving Malta

A travel blog entry by dial

3rd. I must have had something that I shouldn’t have had because last night I was sick as a dog (why do they say that when they don’t know how dogs feel) I had liquid coming out of me both ends virtually at the same time so I woke very seedy ...

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