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Magical Mdina, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Magical Mdina

A travel blog entry by smyth


Wow...the history of Mdina traces back more than 4000 years. Again, because of the Apostle St. Paul Mdina has special significance.  It is said that St. Paul resided inside the grotto known as Fuori let Mura in Rabat.  There are very few cars ...

Celebration season, Lija, Malta travel blog

Celebration season

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

The night I got back from Egypt, as soon as I got back, there was a barbeque going on on the roof of our flat. We had tons of food and it was great to hang out with the girls from the flat and a few other visitors. It was Marbi's birthday a couple of ...

Sep 27, 2007, Malta, Malta travel blog

Sep 27, 2007

A travel blog entry by dmojackson


Malta, Cospicua, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by canham.honeymoo

... had half a bottle of wine at lunch. (I jumped at the alcohol, cos although chris kept getting offered beer everywhere we went, in Malta the women don't seem to drink, so i had been fairly dry this whole trip). We had dinner at another cousin's this ...

Now I know where Malta is!, Malta, Malta travel blog

Now I know where Malta is!

A travel blog entry by ireneinmexico


... port, and many cruise ships came and went while we were there.  It is also an important shipbuilding and repair center.  Malta is quite arid and barren, with no rivers, so they desalinate their seawater.  There are also no trains in Malta! ...

Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by robynmclennan

Valletta , blue grotto, malaxiakko, - what a wonderful city Malta is - we awoke to Amazing site as we entered the Port - lined each side with ancient buildings it certainly was the pick of the bunch thus far. We got off the boat about 10 and got the red ...

Island of Gozo, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Island of Gozo

A travel blog entry by joanna.rath

... near as windy today but the swell in the harbour reminded me to take my sea sick pill. As it turned out, the ferry crossing from Malta tot Gozo was very smooth. The ferry terminal is at the far end of Malta and the crossing took 25 minutes. The tour I ...

my diary, PULAU PINANG, Malta travel blog

my diary

A travel blog entry by chiawei

Today i am very busy.Because my homework is too many. I awant to relax,but i cannot. My school and tuision homework are too ...

The Hypogeum, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The Hypogeum

A travel blog entry by saskcamino

... we travelled to see the Hypogeum.  This is an underground temple and burial site that is literally under the streets of Malta (specifically in the town of Paola).   The entrance was difficult to find because we were looking for a ...

Notes on the University of Malta, Msida, Malta travel blog

Notes on the University of Malta

A travel blog entry by avalon_48

After Sicily, schoolwork began to pick up, after about a month and a half of doing close to nothing for classes.  My first assignment was for my Psychology of Sexuality class.  We had to write a 1500 word essay on one of three topics then ...

Under the Sea -- Malta!, Bugibba, Malta travel blog

Under the Sea -- Malta!

A travel blog entry by smgiles


... London winter does count!), I felt the need for a little sun and relaxation.  I looked at several options and chose Malta, largely for its convenience;  Malta's second official language (with Maltese) is English, it's a short direct flight from ...

M'dina, St Julian's, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by megan2158

Today was wonderful. We traveled to Rabat. It was more rural and very picturesque. We stopped by the Blue Grotto, a natural arch in the water just below the Dingli Cliffs. We also journeyed down into The Catacombs. Erie burial grounds with single and ...

Marsaxlokk, Marsaxlokk, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by ricki958


Big day walking today – oh boy, big day walking. Well, perhaps not on the scale of Casablanca, but still a big day, all the way to Marsaxlokk (Marsa-schlock) for lunch, then back.   We followed the coastline, mainly sticking to footpaths or ...

Malta, day three, Malta, Malta travel blog

Malta, day three

A travel blog entry by mavis.meyer


Today, the first stop on the tour was that Tarxien Temples. This sight dates back to approximately 3000 B.C.E..  This was the temple that many of the artifacts I saw the day be for at The National Museum of Archaeology came from.  So it was ...

Malta, day four, Malta, Malta travel blog

Malta, day four

A travel blog entry by mavis.meyer


... of a pork chop and gelato.  I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in Mdina, the former capital of Malta and a heavily fortified medieval city, also known as the "silent city."  The streets were charming and the views were ...

Birgu (Vittoriosa), Birgu (Vittoriosa), Malta travel blog

Birgu (Vittoriosa)

A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


Next one over with a huge fort at the tip that is not open but is under renovation so it can be visited. Fort St. Angelo, which was the residence of the HQ of the knights' Grand Master la Valette (hence the city named Valletta) during the Great Siege. ...

Jul 04, 2013, St. Paul's Bay, Malta travel blog

Jul 04, 2013

A travel blog entry by kuzusote

Hhhh ...

Xlendi & more, Ghasri, Malta travel blog

Xlendi & more

A travel blog entry by angela.stringer


Today we headed to Xlendi Bay! On the way we staopped to visit Ron Xeureb's Auntie Margaret… Liz Xeureb had sent me on a mission to visit & deliver some family photos, with the ulterior motive of bringing back the lovely Auntie Margaret! I ...

The Knights of St John, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The Knights of St John

A travel blog entry by pammyk

... covered by a gorgeous mural painted by xx in xxxx.  Over the centuries, the various national groups within the Knights of Malta decorated the side chapels with fabulous works of art and stone work. Queen Elizabeth was visiting Malta that day, we ...

Sep 20, 2009, Blue Hole, Malta travel blog

Sep 20, 2009

A travel blog entry by seahermit


Jul 29, 2009, Malta, Malta travel blog

Jul 29, 2009

A travel blog entry by anabellesalvo


HMS Southwold, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

HMS Southwold

A travel blog entry by 6th

My Tec Trimix course finished with a beautiful 90-metre dive, which stayed on my mind for days. My rig was pulled apart and my love-hate relationship with the VR3 ended, too, because I wasn't a student anymore and no longer had a claim to such expensive ...

More Boats and some snorkeling, Comino, Malta travel blog

More Boats and some snorkeling

A travel blog entry by n.wilson.photog

We had a boat ride today on the Fernandez 2. It was a wooden schooner, that took us to Comino. I was excited to snorkel and explore the caves. The water there is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom even when standing on the boat. The water ...

Shopping and party, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Shopping and party

A travel blog entry by iskanderdia


Today the girls woke me up, because I was on Skype with Timi until 3am. I was sleeping until 1pm. Than the girls told me they want to go shopping, so we went to sliema. I found the best dress ever, but it was 40euros so I didn't buy. Albi also liked it ...

On the Buses, Floriana, Malta travel blog

On the Buses

A travel blog entry by kyte54


Decided to make the most of our bus passes today. First stop was St Julian. Very nice little harbour to explore. We ended up heading in to town to the Bay Street complex with Leigh thinking she was off to Meadowhall. Fortunately for it was nothing like. ...

St Julian's Bay and sunbathing!, Il-Gżira, Malta travel blog

St Julian's Bay and sunbathing!

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


Although I woke up early, I feel asleep again and got up late. Yesterday had taken it out of me. I went to the shop, got some bread and had some toast for breakfast (with wild flower honey from Gozo). Around 10'ish, I headed off to St. Julian’s ...

Bustur på den sydlige del af Malta, Marsaxlokk, Malta travel blog

Bustur på den sydlige del af Malta

A travel blog entry by gandalfine

Vi tog endnu en rundtur. Denne gang på den sydlige del af Malta. Vi tog bussen fra fra et opsamlingssted tæt på vores hotel. Den var 25 min forsinket i afgangen. Surt; men vi kom da til Sliema hvorfra sydturen startede. Turen bragte os ...

Introducing my Travel Blog, Malta, Malta travel blog

Introducing my Travel Blog

A travel blog entry by nastas

Hi Everyone,  I've set up a travel blog for my trip...I hope it works. I assume with the message you will get a link to it. Let's see. If you want me to update / change the email address I have used let me know.  The link is also on my facebook ...

Sailing around Malta., Mgarr, Malta travel blog

Sailing around Malta.

A travel blog entry by erik.p


We boarded the nice 50 feet sailing boats and rounded the Island of Malta. Sadly we had to go mostly by engine, due to strong winds. We anchored for a while at the "blue lagoon" on Comino Island, were some of us went for a swim. 19 degrees in the water ...

Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by lea_uros


Lani naju je na božični dan zbudil mujezin s svojim glasnim petjem, letos pa še bolj glasni cerkveni zvonovi s posebno božično melodijo. Na predbožični dan sva bila v Valletti, glavnem mestu Malte. Mogočne stare ...

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