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Tangkoko nemzeti park, Tangkoko, Indonesia travel blog

Tangkoko nemzeti park

A travel blog entry by klara-vince


Tangkoko ...

Komodo National Park, West Manggarai, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo National Park

A travel blog entry by jktravel2013


2 day 1 night with Flores Komodo Experience Day 1 12.10.13 We met at 8am with the other couple from Switzerland and our guide for the trip and walked down to the harbour to catch our boat. Initially we were impressed by the boat before us, only to find ...

Flying to Flores, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Flying to Flores

A travel blog entry by ablo

Caught 0930 Trans Nusa plane from Bali's Denpasar airport to Flores. Flight smooth and I was so grateful for it rather than the 24 hour ferry over the choppy sea! Beautiful scenery en route. Landed at Labuan Bajo and after annoying taxi negotiations made ...

Sundays are for surfing (the internet), Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Sundays are for surfing (the internet)

A travel blog entry by ablo

A set off early to join Komodo Dive Center on trip to Manta Point. I went to Bajo Dive Club to take my final exam to become an Open Water Diver. Done and dusted in 45 mins, with two out of 50 wrong so passed! Managed the RDP dive planning calculations ...

The Dragons' Den, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

The Dragons' Den

A travel blog entry by ablo

Went to travel agency for 0800 as planned to be told we are expected at 1000 as it's Muslim prayer day and the captain sent a message to say he'd be late. A negotiated 0900 and we had a cup of tea while waiting. Boat was a small fishing boat we had to ...

Komodo, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by whatthedeuce


After spending a day investigating Labuanbajo (and believe me there's not much to investigate) we finally agreed on a tour to Komodo National Park. We hired a boat for two days to take us to Rinca and Komodo. So on the 12th we boarded the boat ...

the wonders of west sumba, Waikabubak, Indonesia travel blog

the wonders of west sumba

A travel blog entry by arphius

A lon stay in the Kaka family. Very warm hearted people who showed me all the ins and outs of this remote island with its beautiful people and ancient ceremonies. I really became part of ...

indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by maryshella

hi ...

Day 109 - Labuan Bajo, Flores (Indonesia), East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog

Day 109 - Labuan Bajo, Flores (Indonesia)

A travel blog entry by cullenjones


Today we flew west to the island of Flores. The flight was worth it purely for the fantastic scenery. Countless islands, beaches and volcanoes - it's incredible how many are uninhabited. We were met at Labuan Bajo airport by the dive company who helped ...

Christmas in Kupang, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Christmas in Kupang

A travel blog entry by jenyd


Christmas in Kupang Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a restful Christmas with friends and family! My last week of volunteering at AusCan school was spent fitting in lessons between rehearsals for the concert that Friday.  (On a side note, 8 ...

Ngojek to Kelimutu, Kelimutu, Indonesia travel blog

Ngojek to Kelimutu

A travel blog entry by rezamadeuz

I was on duty for couple of days while in Maumere when suddenly someone suggest me to go to Kelimutu on Sunday. It was not easy since Kelimutu is very far if we start from Maumere. I tried to rent a car but too expensive for my walet. So, finally I ...

untuk mu teman, Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog

untuk mu teman

A travel blog entry by yusrijal


Hunt Komodo..... With camera, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Hunt Komodo..... With camera

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


We went to Rinca to see the Komodo and other wild life. This park was really good. We saw the Komodo being active and running. At one stage two were running down the track towards us, the girls nearly wet themselves. We saw water buffaloes, deer and wild ...

Manta Diving in Komodo, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Manta Diving in Komodo

A travel blog entry by bray


Thursday 18th December     Woken by the horn of the ferry leaving to Sulawesi. It's about 5 levels high and packed to the brim with locals moving between islands. The streets are jammed with people who've just gotten off, ...

Stuck in Waingapu and watching Indo tv, Waingapu, Indonesia travel blog

Stuck in Waingapu and watching Indo tv

A travel blog entry by finnegan2012


... a terrible place to get stuck for a few days. Despite the open sewers running down every block (which is the case in all the parts of Indonesia I’ve been to), the town has a bit of charm. There’s a huge mosque at the center of town, and a huge ...

Tales from the togean beach queen, Togean islands, Indonesia travel blog

Tales from the togean beach queen

A travel blog entry by slamgeesh

... apparently each gift is recorded by the family. I have come to the conclusion that "Charlotte's Web" was not a popular book in Indonesia. Toraja's traditional houses are very unique, the roof like a tower and then scooping up on either side, some say like ...

christmas in bali!!!, Indonesia, Indonesia travel blog

christmas in bali!!!

A travel blog entry by stunzoe


Hello everyone! Check out our lovely Christmas Day in Bali with Ryan and Hayley x x ...

Living it up in Indonesia, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Living it up in Indonesia

A travel blog entry by wherearethey


Bali is a country that is mainly Hindu. The people are very kind and centered around the traditions of their religion. We visited many temples and were invited to a local ceremony. We were a little disappointed in the amount of trash left everywhere ...

Demografy Explanation of Gorontalo, Kota Gorontalo, Indonesia travel blog

Demografy Explanation of Gorontalo

A travel blog entry by mawikere

Keberadaan Gorontalo dengan  letak / posisi  geografis yang  cukup strategis memiliki berbagai peluang investasi  yang dapat dikembangkan, terlebih dengan adanya pembentukan Propinsi Gorontalo dimana Kota Gorontalo ditetapkan sebagai ...

Naar Moni, Ende en Bajawa, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Naar Moni, Ende en Bajawa

A travel blog entry by droomtoom

hey, In mijn vorige log vertelde ik dat ik zou gaan duiken naar een japans oorlogsschip, helaas ging dit niet door omdat ik last kreeg van mijn oor. Waarschijnlijk door de 3 dagen surfen in Kuta. Maar die avond van het log moest ik toen ik terug kwam ...

Ke Waingapu, Waingapu, Indonesia travel blog

Ke Waingapu

A travel blog entry by nudujohn

Pergi ke Wainbgapu  dengan pesawat merpati dari Kupang, jam 5 pagi harus sudah checkin. sampai Waingapu masih ngantuk ...

More Komodo Dragons, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

More Komodo Dragons

A travel blog entry by waynemeetsworld

Another day on the boat and another day with Komodo ...

curug orog waterfalls, Cikajang, garut, Indonesia travel blog

curug orog waterfalls

A travel blog entry by asri0


Yesterday me and My youngest brother went to my 20 years old cousin's house, she live with her husband and her mother in-law. She offered us to go to Curug Orog, it's a waterfall located in Bungbulang. Near their house and it takes only 15 minutes by ...

Apr 15, 2011, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Apr 15, 2011

A travel blog entry by hurf


Beauty and the breeze, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Beauty and the breeze

A travel blog entry by terryandlauren


... regulations, a few have an awful history of crashes and even a murder onboard (garuda airlines I'm looking at you) but Indonesia is so huge, made upon over 18000 islands it's the worlds largest archipelago and travelling overland can take weeks which we ...

The view of Labuan Bajo from my hotel room, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

The view of Labuan Bajo from my hotel room

A travel blog entry by reneelouise


It is now Saturday and we have been holed up in our hotel room battling Marcie's fever and vomiting since Wednesday evening.  I called the local doctor in yesterday and she bought us a myriad of medicines... I picked out the antibiotics (the one I ...

Chasing crabs with a broom, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Chasing crabs with a broom

A travel blog entry by jenyd


Question: What's worse than having the flu?  Answer: Having the flu in 33 degree weather. Blech... Luckily, I was back in Kupang with my adoptive family when it hit, so I was able to quarantine myself in my bedroom.  Everyone was really sweet ...

Snorkelen !!!!!!!!, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog

Snorkelen !!!!!!!!

A travel blog entry by erikruisch


... de omgeving, alleen voor het uitzicht zou je al naar zo'n eilandje gaan. Jammer is alleen dat, zoals bekend in Indonesi'' er overal vuil achtergelaten wordt, dus ook op zo'n schitterend eilandje als dit. Na een valse start omdat Marlies haar snorkel ...

Snorkelling trip to Sabolo and Seraya Islands, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Snorkelling trip to Sabolo and Seraya Islands

A travel blog entry by kennethq


... ten seconds, I thought this was my transport to the islands; luckily it was just a stepping stone to a bigger boat- your typical South East Asian timber vessel! The boat was all mine, apart from the captain of course! It took one hour to get to the first ...

Volatile Timor, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Volatile Timor

A travel blog entry by shivva14

What a volatile place to was in 1999...when East Timor just broke off and all the refugees being returned to Deli.....I was in the harbour where hundreds of refugees waiting for instructions, and I braved myself to walked thru them to reach for ...

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