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Kuumotus!, Karkkila, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ozmo


Tänään se alkaa! Osmo-sedän pitkään odotettu reisu Aasiaan. Mistä siis kaikki lähti.... Maaliskuussa matkustin ensimmäistä kertaa Aasiaan kahden viikon lomalle thaimaaseen. Loma oli täydellinen! Matkaseura oli parasta, enkä vaihtaisi niistä ...

sick in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

sick in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by cobi


... cultures in different places. Even Mexican, with its core ingredients eaten the world over, is a different gastronomic experience in Finland compared to Australia. I'm trying to recall my brief time in Tijuana to decide which is more 'traditional', but I ...

Day trip, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day trip

A travel blog entry by sarahbooth

... heritage site of Suomenlinna. It's a Martine fortress initially created by the Swedish, when they ruled these lands, in 1748. Finland didn't have much chance of independence as the Russian's ruled them before becoming independent in 1918.   I just ...

Finland July 20, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finland July 20

A travel blog entry by tucker

... was a great market there. We bought our Finnish cheese, which was a strong Ementhaul that the lady said actually originated in Finland. A visit to the magnificent church was our final stop before boarding the ship. Wow, what a ship. They took your ...

Rainy day in Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Rainy day in Finland

A travel blog entry by eobrie16

... of the fort looks a bit castlelike, which is  pretty cool as well. And the views from here are spectacular - Finland  truly is a beautiful place! In the afternoon we returned to Helsinki for a bit more shopping and  general ...

Christmas Eve in Lapland, Muonio, Finland travel blog

Christmas Eve in Lapland

A travel blog entry by kirksontour


Our first full day on tour was unforgettable. After breakfast we followed our guide Arko onto the edge of the forest, and the kids helped cut down a small spruce tree to use as the group's Xmas tree this week. The kids loaded it onto a little sled and ...

Off to Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Off to Finland

A travel blog entry by philjg


We booked our Berlin-Helsinki flight six months ago on the net on a budget airline (who has ever heard of Blue1?). So we were relieved to find that the computer at their check-in knew about us and gave us boarding cards. Turns out to be the budget ...

Turku can be sunny!, Turku, Finland travel blog

Turku can be sunny!

A travel blog entry by philjg


... along the island archipelago to Parainen (which is the Finnish word for the place, but as most people in that area of Finland actually speak Swedish, we could use the Swedish word Pargas. Many of the Swedish words for places are totally different to the ...

Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki, Finland

A travel blog entry by mnasega


Next we visited Helsinki in Finland. ...

1 hour to Poland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

1 hour to Poland

A travel blog entry by bogna

Just 1 hour and I`ll be in Poland! Cannot believe ...

Into Finland, Kemi, Finland travel blog

Into Finland

A travel blog entry by radsolv

Early morning bus from Luleå to Haparanda then to Torni and Kemi by buses. Finally train from Kemi to ...

Ninety Euro room, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Ninety Euro room

A travel blog entry by radsolv

Late arrival 10>30 PM in Helsinki no reservation. All hostels fully booked. Stayed in hotel Helka for 90€ per night / price really hurt. But extra comfort and privacy nice. A helpful local Finn made a number of cell phone calls for me. We then ...

Nokia, Couchsurfing and the Polar Bear Pool, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Nokia, Couchsurfing and the Polar Bear Pool

A travel blog entry by dhrycun


             I took alot of pictures, but again, it felt more like a duty than it did enjoying the scenery around. I was getting burnt out by the weather, seeing that it was starting to ...

Winters end, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Winters end

A travel blog entry by fullcycle


... northern lights, 100 000 lakes, sauna and air guitar... While this isn't really a holiday trip if you fancy coming over to Finland here's some tips... While I'm yet to experience it I've been told by nearly every Finn I meet that summer is the best ...

The last day together, Mariehamn, Finland travel blog

The last day together

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


... slowly dried up, either due to silting or the land raising. During the 'Great Wrath', which was the Russian occupation of Finland between 1710 and 1721, the Russian fleet were trapped in the bay and they effected their escape by digging their way through ...

Hello from Finland!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hello from Finland!

A travel blog entry by bogna


The first departure was rather terrible experience - the pilot started too sharply and my stomach came up to my throat. But afterwards it was allright. It was soooo exciting to see clouds under myself! ...

Helsinki and St Petersburg, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki and St Petersburg

A travel blog entry by littlebush


Having been to Moscow several times, Anya and I decided to go for a change to Russia's 2nd most famous city, St Petersburg. Always up for an adventure, I decided to fly via Helsinki where I would then take a train across the border to St Pete and meet ...

Aminne, Åminne, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by stellachisholm


... that are different - breads and cakes in particular. Bruce was pleased to note that the beer in the supermarkets in Finland have increased in alcohol percentage to 4.7 - but still no wines or spirits. In the afternoon we went for a walk ...

Shoe shopping, Rauma, Finland travel blog

Shoe shopping

A travel blog entry by stellachisholm


The hotel presumably caters mainly for business people as breakfast finishes by 8.30, which at least ensured an early start to the day.It was a novelty for us to have breakfast waiting for us for a change. We spent the day further exploring Old Rauma, ...

Snoring Monk and Happy Nun, Turku, Finland travel blog

Snoring Monk and Happy Nun

A travel blog entry by vontiki2000


... far. With the hunger tamed, we made our way over to Turku Cathedral for a visit. This is the main church for Finland's Lutheran faith. Since I was baptised Lutheran when I became a godfather to my godson Jett, I figured it was appropriate for at least a ...

Meat and Beer, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Meat and Beer

A travel blog entry by vontiki2000


... a one Euro deposit for a pint glass and began our research. There were at least thirty booths set up representing microbreweries from all over Finland. We had a lot of work to do. As we made our way around, booth by booth, we came across one of the food ...

Second Impressions, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Second Impressions

A travel blog entry by vontiki2000


... and a rugged rocky shoreline. However, before exploring it, we had to get to Vesikko, the only WWII submarine remaining in Finland. After paying a nominal entrance fee, we boarded the dry-docked submarine for a first-hand account of how tightly packed it ...

We are here, Kuhmo, Finland travel blog

We are here

A travel blog entry by ryans_escapade


... our happy amazing relationship. (Ok enough of the mushy stuff).  As as we were traveling through the country side of beautiful Finland today, it was surreal that it was finally here. There was beautiful snow, frozen lakes and more snow and beautiful ...

Short day, Heinola, Finland travel blog

Short day

A travel blog entry by peterkier


Helsinki - like driving in Copenhagen. One big build-site. Don't do it! Relaxing now in Heinsäraantie .... or ...

Kaskinen, Kaskinen, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by stellachisholm


... it - 'Operation Stella Polaris was a secret operation during World War II with the intention of moving sensitive intelligence material from Finland to Sweden so that it would not end up in the hands of the Soviets’. The base of the operation ...

Helsinki: My First Solo Vacation, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki: My First Solo Vacation

A travel blog entry by btutterow


... , though they did have a large variety as well as some dinosaur bones. It was weird because the second most common language in Finland is Swedish, so I couldn’t rely on having a written English translation and was mostly on my own in that regard. I ...

Yyteri, Yyteri, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by stellachisholm


... After the routine supply shop and top up of fuel we returned to the hut for a light lunch including fresh strawberries grown in Finland before heading out along the beach. The beach at   Yyteri is six kilometres long and as the season had yet ...

Hangover Day, Raisio, Finland travel blog

Hangover Day

A travel blog entry by stellachisholm


Perhaps unremarkably we did not get up until after midday, hungover from the night before and from the news of the Brexit result which seemed all the more surreal because we were not at home. In a drunken moment the night before Bruce had volunteered to ...

Welcome to the snowfall..., Turku, Finland travel blog

Welcome to the snowfall...

A travel blog entry by kevinmarkbrown


Arrived in Turku at 07:30 instead of 7 o'clock. My train (the later of two), I had already míssed the one I really intended to take, left at 5 to 8. Legging it out as fast as possible, and the taxi driver drove like a nutter! Thank ...

Changing train.., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Changing train..

A travel blog entry by kevinmarkbrown


Very quick connection in Helsinki, but no problem. And here I am now writing this. In the Allegro, lovely, modern high-speed train, now just arriving in St. Petersburg (3 ½ hrs instead of all night on the old trains). Russia really investing at the ...

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