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settling in, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog

settling in

A travel blog entry by moonrise


More pictures! I'll leave the descriptions mostly for the photos, but here are some random observations from finland... - grocery shopping takes on a new excitement in a country where orange juice is called appelsini, whipped cream comes in yoghurt ...

More snow...., Kuopio, Finland travel blog

More snow....

A travel blog entry by fullcycle


A five hour train journey to Kuopio with a raging hangover, one of lifes little pleasures... Actually not that bad once the nausea had passed, the scenery of evergreen forest and frozen lakes helped cheer me up. Finnish trains although painfully slow at ...

Sunday bloody Sunday, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sunday bloody Sunday

A travel blog entry by gordonandsarah


In a bid to get to St Petersburg before our Interrail tickets run out we headed south through Sweden into Finland. After a night in a random industrial town in northern Sweden (where we did at least find a sports bar to watch the first England game of ...

Kohti etelää, Kajaani, Finland travel blog

Kohti etelää

A travel blog entry by pihla

Suomussalmelta matka jatkui pitstopilla Kajaanissa. Marke sai viettää kanssamme huonounisimman yön ikinä, kiitos kärsivällisyydestä! Koska otetaan ...

Pispalasta löytyi majapaikka, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Pispalasta löytyi majapaikka

A travel blog entry by pihla

Kun Turengin majapaikassa oli keuhkokuumetta liikkeellä, saimme majapaikan Pispalasta Pihlan isotädin perheen luota. Kiitos petistä ja kaikesta ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jen75

... some cheapish flights to Helsinki for a few days away with my workmate Barbara aka Brooklyn Babs and to spend my birthday in Finland. It was freezing cold but we were well prepared. Checked out the church carved out of rock, enjoyed some rye bread and ...

To Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

To Helsinki

A travel blog entry by austega


... ; even so the queues were short.   Our bags came quickly & nobody stopped us so it was a remarkably painless entry into Finland. We'd read about an airport taxi shuttle & we saw the counter for that, booked & were on a mini bus ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jollyskiem


... to Ullanlinna district and Kaivopuisto park. It's a beautiful, large park overlooking the small islands heading into the Sea of Finland. A very nice place for lunch. We walked back into the port area (Kaartinkaupunki district) - where all the ferries ...

On our way home..., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

On our way home...

A travel blog entry by danijon


After 2.5 months in Europe its time to head south. Well via Finland, Russia, China, South East Asia.... the journey ...

Sukuloimassa, Toholampi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by pihla


Käytiin kylpemässä ja yöpymässä kiitokset ...

Gravel, mud, 26 Celsius in Lapland., Muonio, Finland travel blog

Gravel, mud, 26 Celsius in Lapland.

A travel blog entry by peterkier


... at low speed. No dent or bruises, and off again. Past through Pallas-ounastunturin Kansallispuisto, the 3rd largest national park in Finland. Camping just north of it :D Tomorrow we go to Stabbursnes and visit Marit before Nordkapp. Weather next 4 days, ...

Start of the cruise...Helsinki!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Start of the cruise...Helsinki!

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck


I flew through Frankfurt to get to Helsinki….and let me tell ya, that is one confusing airport. I went through 3 different passport control areas 5 times and I had to go through security twice.  That's more than you go through in the US. I ...

Inställda flyg och korvsoppa, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Inställda flyg och korvsoppa

A travel blog entry by reisevolk


Sent i den Uppländska natten ankom ett SMS från den finska flaggbäraren Finnair att vår flight 12:55 till Helsinki var inställd samt att vi var ombokade på en tidigare flight som startar 10:00. Avbokning av taxi genomfördes efter erbjudande ...

Lähtö, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by spanttil


Lähtö Tolstoilla 17.35. Arin äiti varoitti: "Pitäkää pää selvänä, ettei kolkata!" Samulia kotiin jääminen vitutti, kun lähdettiin, mutta se kätkeytyi innostuneen hymyn taakse. Vastaukseksi Arin huutoon "lähetä rahaa" cabinin ikkunan ...

Day 2 and more in love with snow, Kuhmo, Finland travel blog

Day 2 and more in love with snow

A travel blog entry by ryans_escapade


What a day, we walked, we tobogganed, we took photos and we searched for Santa. I am truly in awe of this place, the freshness, the tranquility and the whiteness. We are truly in a winter wonderland. It is freezing, today was -12 and it still didn't ...

Tampere to Rauma, Rauma, Finland travel blog

Tampere to Rauma

A travel blog entry by austega


... the way this museum presented it, what Lenin tried to do, and why, made sense. The second hall was about Lenin's time in Finland. After that museum we went for a bit more of a walk around the centre of the town, including a visit to a supermarket & ...

Välimeri kutsuu, Kaarina, Finland travel blog

Välimeri kutsuu

A travel blog entry by markkupohjola

Tästä alkaa blogi, joka seuraa s/y MInnannan matkaa Paraisten Venekeskuksesta jonnekin välimeren maisemiin. Lähtö tapahtuu 1.6.2013 klo 16.00. Tervetuloa paikan päälle katsomaan. Mukaan lähtee kokonaiset 3 ...

Helsinki Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki Finland

A travel blog entry by brandontrustee


Today was a short call in Helsinki. We took a hop on hop off tour of the city and visited the Temppeliaukio Church, built into the rocks and covered with a spun copper done. We also visited the Sibelius park, a monument to the composer if many Finish ...

Isomummulassa, Suomussalmi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by pihla

Liki 9-kymppiset isomummu ja -ukki saivat virikettä päiviinsä, kun Pihla rantautui tervehtimään karavaaninsa kanssa. Kävimme kylpylässäkin, Pihla oli kovin innoissaan veden läpsyttelystä. Vauvauinti on kantanut hedelmää. Sukeltaminenkin ...

Lapsenpiikana, Nokia, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by pihla

Poikettiin Nokialla sukuloimassa, ja oltiin samalla lapsenlikkana, että Antti ja Sanna pääsi käymään teatterissa. Nokialla kului toinenkin yö, nimittäin poikettiin katsomassa Mian porukkaa; kotona oli Eelis ja ...

Suomenlinna island, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Suomenlinna island

A travel blog entry by johnnym


Snore. Snore. Yesterday I had just been thinking how nice it is sleeping in a room with other people, how much less isolating than a hotel room might be. But after such a quiet night the night before I had forgotten how it puts you at the mercy of ...

Stop #6, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Stop #6

A travel blog entry by kleonard_22


... to have our first skype with "natives" of a country! Today, 6th and 7th periods spoke with two very sweet teenagers from Finland. This was our first opportunity to hear a different accent and try to overcome a language barrier. While we had a few ...

Lähdettiin kotoa, Turenki, Finland travel blog

Lähdettiin kotoa

A travel blog entry by pihla


Tästä se lähtee, nimittäin matka maailmalle. Koti on myyty, tavarat on varastossa, ja autot on pakattu. Mukana muutossa olli auttamassa Salon mummi,kummisedät Antti ja Vesa. Ensimmäinen osoite oli mummilassa ...

Day 8 Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 8 Helsinki, Finland

A travel blog entry by blkconnor


... near the train station. We looked for the Angry Birds museum but couldn't find it. The creators of Angry Birds come from Finland. We noticed lots of Angry Birds merchandise. We then went to the main market square which consisted of lots of stalls selling ...

sunny but lost, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

sunny but lost

A travel blog entry by kati


... 't wait...partially, that is. because afterwards it'll be time to leave and i'm not really sure I'll do it gladly. i think Finland put a spell on me...i believe there's even a song like that...of course, bittersweet-apocalyptica, feat.vile vallo and lauri ...

Sukuloimassa, Ristijärvi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by pihla


Ristijärvi ja Raija ottivat vastaan matkalaiset, ja tarjosivat oikein mukavan yönseudun. Kiitokset Raijalle houstaamisesta, lähti nälkä ja ...

top of Europe, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

top of Europe

A travel blog entry by kati


Now, we've been throughout lots of Finland. I loved it so far; beautiful countryside; magical lakes, lots of green and clear skies. Friendly people and interesting facts. But then nothing; and I mean nothing so far can compare to the white cathedral of ...

Go Team Canada!, Haemeenlinna, Finland travel blog

Go Team Canada!

A travel blog entry by eileenj


... I ended up getting a ticket right in the front row directly opposite the benches and near one of the penalty boxes. Up first was Finland versus Sweden for the bronze medal. The Finnish fans were ready for this game as Finland's big rival in anything but ...

Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki and Veikkola, Finland travel blog

Helsinki, Finland

A travel blog entry by erin_and_paul


... in various parks around Helsinki just hanging out and soaking up the sun. We have met most of the Rotary exchange students who are in Finland this year and had a great time getting to know a few. Last Friday we went to meet them on an island for a ...

Arkadia, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnnym


... huge, but actually it's quite doable in a couple of hours, assuming you're not fascinated by the whole thing. I liked the Finland through the ages bit, even where I went through the ages backwards (bits of the museum lead through to each other when ...

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