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Wochenende!, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by jodor


... , eine Voluntärin, die hier im Pueblito für 3 Wochen Erfahrungen sammeln wollte und deren schweizerische Freundin! BANOS: Diese Stadt ist ein Marienwallfahrtsort, die besonders am Wochenende gut von Touristen, auch Innländischen, besucht ist! Der Grund ...

Wachten op mooi weer, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Wachten op mooi weer

A travel blog entry by maria.berghuijs


Na de eerste twee dagen prachtig weer te hebben gehad, met de hele dag zon en geen druppel regen, was ik even in de veronderstelling geraakt dat het hier altijd mooi weer is. Helaas.  Inmiddels weet ik wel beter. Afgelopen dagen waren donker en vol ...

Leaving for Cuenca, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Leaving for Cuenca

A travel blog entry by sanita79


I suppose one of the greatest things about tarveling, apart from seeing all the amazing places and doing some really fun things is meeting just does not realise how many cool people are out there when staying in your own little place ...

Arte del Mundo volunteer opportunity, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Arte del Mundo volunteer opportunity

A travel blog entry by ladyandtramp


As many of you know, Chris and I came to Banos, Ecuador to volunteer for two months with a wonderful, small foundation called Arte del Mundo.   It is very easy ...

Baņos and Christmas, Quito and Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Baņos and Christmas

A travel blog entry by alice23


Feliz Navidad everyone! For those of you who celebrate it, hope you had a great Christmas. It has been an interesting couple of days here in Quito. It is traditional to have Christmas dinner late on the 24th, open presents and then go to midnight mass ...

Bathing and Extreme elements in Baņos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Bathing and Extreme elements in Baņos

A travel blog entry by brigitabdulnour


The town of Baņos (named after the natural thermal baths that surround the town) is pretty much a tourist town. Being surrounded by a number of volcanos (that naturally heat the baths) the town offers many extreme sports. For those of you that know me ...

Papallacta to Banos, Río Verde, Ecuador travel blog

Papallacta to Banos

A travel blog entry by chakotai


... to Banos and an altitude of a little over 1000M so no more altitude problems until Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu and Lake Titicaca. Ecuador has 68 volcanoes - seven active and seven potential. The last eruption was four years ago in this area but the last ...

Banos, Ecuador, Cantón Baños, Ecuador travel blog

Banos, Ecuador

A travel blog entry by simej


Banos is right on the edge of the Amazon. We climbed up a mountain to our host's cousin's house for breakfast, then were off on a busy day! The mountains are closer together than the ones near Quito. We went ziplining and hiking to some waterfalls. What ...

Baņos, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by shaudenschild


Nach dem Jungel ging es zur Erholung nach Baņos, da gibt es aufgrund der immer noch aktiven Vulkane diverse heisse Termalquellen. Ich habe ein Bike gemietet und bin damit die Strasse der Wasserfälle entlang gefrahren, geendet hat die Tour beim ...

Banos,2, Banos,2, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by rpferg


Banos,2 ...

Banos Backroads, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Banos Backroads

A travel blog entry by sa2013


... greenhouse territory ending up thirty km or so south of Banos. A great glimpse into the mountainous region of farmers around Banos. Our final foray in Ecuador will be a ten day trip to the Galapagos. Make hay while the sun shines as they say. No ...

Katsaridaphobia, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by ladyandtramp


... easy to walk around. The sidewalks are wide (4 people can walk side by side) and made of interlocking bricks in interesting patterns. Banos has about 20,000 people living in it, and as it is a tourist town, there are lots of good restaurants, souvenirs, ...

Day 50-51 of 126 Latacunga to Banos, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Day 50-51 of 126 Latacunga to Banos

A travel blog entry by mmlivelife2011


... was the only bus to Banos and if we would have missed it, we would have had to have waited for it to return from Banos - probably about a 4 hour wait!!  Bus ride to Banos took about 2 hours and cost $2.50 each. Checked in the Hostal Plantas y Blanco ...

Onward, to Banos, Río Verde, Ecuador travel blog

Onward, to Banos

A travel blog entry by mightyperlines


... the older boy. Interesting life they have set up here. Sounds like they may move to NZ for schooling in the future. Banos is a pretty, quaint town which thrives on tourists who come here for rafting, canyoning, bike riding, kayaking and hiking. Had ...

Feliz Aņo, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Feliz Aņo

A travel blog entry by camilon

... . Ano novo aqui se comemora muito mais que no Brasil. É quase um Carnaval. Se nao foi uns 80 bloqueios na estrada pra chegar em Banos com caras fantasiados de monstros e de mulher foi quase. Demorei 1 hora e meia a mais do que o planejado porque a cada ...

Adventure in the Amazon and Baņos, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Adventure in the Amazon and Baņos

A travel blog entry by kat_p

We decided to hire a private bus to take us to our lodge in the Amazon in order to be able to stop at the hot springs in Papallacta on the way. This made a nice break in the travel time and was a gorgeous setting, with mountains and even a smoking ...

Depart de Quito et arrivee a Banos.., Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Depart de Quito et arrivee a Banos..

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


... adieu au staff. Ai ete sur internet puis ai paye 260 $ pour onze nuits et toute la bouffe et l'alcool. Ai pris le bus pour Banos a 10h50 et suis arrive a 15h20. Me suis installe a l'hotel, pour le moment je suis seul dans ma chambre mais Hannah devrait me ...

Camping!, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by emmavbrittain


Weīre camping now about 17k from Banos, which is a spa town that sits underneath an active volcano. Itīs been on orange alert for a few years, and last night we could feel the earth rumbling while we ate dinner. Very strange. The town is quite big, ...

Beautiful Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Beautiful Banos

A travel blog entry by flicky123

... at 5.00 am and rocking around the bus on some very windy mountain roads for most of the morning, we arrived in Banos (means toilets in Spanish... interesting choice of name!). Its a cute little town surrounded by green tropical forest covered mountains, ...

mudslides here not as intoxicating as in the keys, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

mudslides here not as intoxicating as in the keys

A travel blog entry by jeffreyandrenee

rain, rain go away! mudslides closed the roads this morning but i've just news that they've reopened now. this leaves us with a decision... should we stay or should we go now? i've a yearning for salinas, for fine chocolates and yummy ...

Post Galapagos Extravaganza, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Post Galapagos Extravaganza

A travel blog entry by andrewjwhite

Two days after we get back from the Galapagos, our friend Amanda turned 21, on the same day that Ecuador played Venezuela for the start of World Cup 2010 qualifiers.  That game was AWESOME.  We got to the stadium four hours early, sat in POURING ...

just happy to be here..., Banos, Ecuador travel blog

just happy to be here...

A travel blog entry by bryanoboyle


... it. We stayed in a good hostel called Princesa Maria run by a local family who are very helpful. We were knackered after Quito...but Banos is an adventure centre so we had two action planned days ahead...the first day we went to the centre of the town and ...

Banos to Quilotoa Loop, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Banos to Quilotoa Loop

A travel blog entry by rebeccaholt


... trouble on the journey such as being robbed or drugged if you bought food from the sellers but it was absoltuely fine, we felt safe. Banos itself is a small town set in a gorgeous valley, popular with locals as it's a spa town with public baths. We were ...

Donde Esta El Bano?, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Donde Esta El Bano?

A travel blog entry by ktowell


... that the entire town is protected by a Virgin Saint--La Virgin de la Agua Santa.  The Spanish speakers in this part of Ecuador pronounce their "V"s as "B" so the first 15 or so times I heard about the miracles of La Virgin I thought she was a magic ...

sam, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


... and chocker – got a comfy dry ride to the terminal just in time for the last window seat on the 10am bus to Banos. Window seat essential for views of waterfalls and much needed fresh air on the winding route. Glad I had arrived this early as many ...

Volano eruption, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Volano eruption

A travel blog entry by hollypolly


... de la Virgen, the beautiful thermal baths under the waterfall. My nights were spent perfecting my salsa at Good Bar. Loved everything. Banos is such a friendly town! I caught the bus the Mera on the 30th. Having not quite got the hang of the busses yet, ...

'Highly Active Volcanoes in Banos', Banos, Ecuador travel blog

'Highly Active Volcanoes in Banos'

A travel blog entry by sarahandjustin


After Latacunga and trekkingsome huge volcanoes, it was time for more volcanoes!! This time in Banos, which is home to Ecuador's most active volcano. So active, tour companies run buses up to a viewing point where, on a good night you can see lava ...

My cycling limit through hilly jungles is 60km, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

My cycling limit through hilly jungles is 60km

A travel blog entry by halcondelcielo


If you ever come to Baņos I would recommend renting a bike and visiting the many waterfalls that surround this beautiful city. We paid $5 to rent a bike for the entire day.  I donīt know that Iīve mentioned it, but I met up with my friend Cara ...

Onward and Downward, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Onward and Downward

A travel blog entry by howieb

... for tourism and we arrived following the weekend, the town is rather peaceful. It is also noticeably tidier than any other city in Ecuador we have visited. Baņos lies a mere 5 miles from the Tungurahua volcano, active since 1999. The city had been ...

The Chinese Massage, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

The Chinese Massage

A travel blog entry by lisannelee

Well, I had booked for this the previous day and I thought that I was in for an hour long foot massage, which would deliberately be for my PCOS (polysistic ovary syndrome), however, when I actually went in for the appointment, the Chinese lady had ...

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