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just happy to be here..., Banos, Ecuador travel blog

just happy to be here...

A travel blog entry by bryanoboyle


... it. We stayed in a good hostel called Princesa Maria run by a local family who are very helpful. We were knackered after Quito...but Banos is an adventure centre so we had two action planned days ahead...the first day we went to the centre of the town and ...

Banos to Quilotoa Loop, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Banos to Quilotoa Loop

A travel blog entry by rebeccaholt


... trouble on the journey such as being robbed or drugged if you bought food from the sellers but it was absoltuely fine, we felt safe. Banos itself is a small town set in a gorgeous valley, popular with locals as it's a spa town with public baths. We were ...

Donde Esta El Bano?, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Donde Esta El Bano?

A travel blog entry by ktowell


... that the entire town is protected by a Virgin Saint--La Virgin de la Agua Santa.  The Spanish speakers in this part of Ecuador pronounce their "V"s as "B" so the first 15 or so times I heard about the miracles of La Virgin I thought she was a magic ...

Volano eruption, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Volano eruption

A travel blog entry by hollypolly


... de la Virgen, the beautiful thermal baths under the waterfall. My nights were spent perfecting my salsa at Good Bar. Loved everything. Banos is such a friendly town! I caught the bus the Mera on the 30th. Having not quite got the hang of the busses yet, ...

'Highly Active Volcanoes in Banos', Banos, Ecuador travel blog

'Highly Active Volcanoes in Banos'

A travel blog entry by sarahandjustin


After Latacunga and trekkingsome huge volcanoes, it was time for more volcanoes!! This time in Banos, which is home to Ecuador's most active volcano. So active, tour companies run buses up to a viewing point where, on a good night you can see lava ...

My cycling limit through hilly jungles is 60km, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

My cycling limit through hilly jungles is 60km

A travel blog entry by halcondelcielo


If you ever come to Baņos I would recommend renting a bike and visiting the many waterfalls that surround this beautiful city. We paid $5 to rent a bike for the entire day.  I donīt know that Iīve mentioned it, but I met up with my friend Cara ...

Onward and Downward, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Onward and Downward

A travel blog entry by howieb

... for tourism and we arrived following the weekend, the town is rather peaceful. It is also noticeably tidier than any other city in Ecuador we have visited. Baņos lies a mere 5 miles from the Tungurahua volcano, active since 1999. The city had been ...

The Chinese Massage, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

The Chinese Massage

A travel blog entry by lisannelee

Well, I had booked for this the previous day and I thought that I was in for an hour long foot massage, which would deliberately be for my PCOS (polysistic ovary syndrome), however, when I actually went in for the appointment, the Chinese lady had ...

Death by volcano or horse?, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Death by volcano or horse?

A travel blog entry by lorddodo


We have arrived in Banos-a picturesque town with multiple hot springs nestled in the mountains but more specifically, under the active volcano Tungurahua (meaning throat of fire), an ultra, stratovolcano, actively spewing away since 2010. Last eruption ...

The Devil's Cauldron & Riobamba, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

The Devil's Cauldron & Riobamba

A travel blog entry by jamieferry


Today I rented a go-cart and visited the Pailon del Diablo (The Devil's Cauldron), a raging waterfall near Banos, Ecuador. Afterwards, I packed up and jumped on a bus destined for Riobamba. Highlights: * Go-cart – Driving around in this small dune ...

Trying to work this travelblog thing out, Quito, Banos. Cuenca, Ecuador travel blog

Trying to work this travelblog thing out

A travel blog entry by cwardle42


... burning on to CDs. Should be sorted in the next week. So far itīs been a lot of travelling through the Andes in Ecuador with bits of sightseeing in varios places as well as experiencing some nightlife. Tomorow we move on into Peru at Punta Sal ...

Toilet, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by steffandcat


Next stop, the toilet! Here in South America there is actually a place called Banos meaning 'bathroom' in spanish, which was our next destination. It is called this because of all of its natural thermal baths which draw on volcanic spring ...

Semana Santa in Baņos, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Semana Santa in Baņos

A travel blog entry by marrita


Es ist bereits schon wieder Halbzeit in Montaņita und die Zeit vergeht leide wieder wie im Fluge. Ich verbringe meine Tage nach der Schule meist am Strand oder mit Surfen. Es klingt zwar etwas eintoenig, aber ich geniesse es total. Ich liebe das Dorf ...

Semana Santa, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Semana Santa

A travel blog entry by amelietravel


Baņos is beautiful, Yes it is extremely touristy, but yet beautiful. I spend 6 days here doing all kinds of activities. From Hiking and Biking to River Rafting and Rapel. Itīs a gret place to spend semana santa as well, since approx. 10 000 or more ...

involved less baths and more biking, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

involved less baths and more biking

A travel blog entry by katiesue


Day 1 walked up the hill behind our hostel (which has an amazing view up a cliff and of a waterfall) to have a good view over the city. Went with my new equadorian friend who wanted me to give him my heart so swiftly avoided him post out walk. Went out ...

Cayoning, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


I slept in as i had no plans this day yet. I was going to take it easy this morning and not think too much as i had a slight hangover and my calves were so sore from the hike. I had breakfast in my room and a great shower and shave. It was raining very ...

Canyoning in Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Canyoning in Banos

A travel blog entry by kennymulryan


On Wednesday we took a four hour bus journey to Banos, the adventure capital of Ecuador. Had the option to do various adventures, white-water rafting, bungee jump etc.. but I decided to do canyoning because I had never done it before. It basically ...

Banos (via Alausi), Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Banos (via Alausi)

A travel blog entry by paulandjemma


... door to the hotel and had one of the set menus but there was far too much food. Chinese restaurants are really common throughout Ecuador and Peru. They are known as 'Chifas' and are generally pretty cheap. Day One Hundred and Fifty Nine - Tuesday 12th ...

Another lost opportunity, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Another lost opportunity

A travel blog entry by rhett_zyla

Bad weather and a shortage of time left Baņos a destination with little done.  The Amazon trip from near Baņos would have begun two days after my arrival, and lasted through Friday, a day before my departure back to the US from Quito.  A ...

Twin bike ride and salsa dancing, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Twin bike ride and salsa dancing

A travel blog entry by yvan.huppe


... had hoped to swim but the current was took strong this day. We then returned to the top and waited for transport back to Banos. The truck left with 9 bikes and passengers and we arrived back in Banos around 6pm. We headed home and changed and readied for ...

Im Schatten des Tungurahua, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Im Schatten des Tungurahua

A travel blog entry by haeschendoktor


... ein noch aktiver Vulkan, der im März das letzte Mal ausgebrochen ist und durch seine Aschewolken für diverse Flughafenschließungen in Ecuador gesorgt hat. Momentan ist es aber ruhig! Für morgen habe ich eine Reittour hier um Baņos gebucht, ich ...

Photos 2, Banos (near the volcano!), Ecuador travel blog

Photos 2

A travel blog entry by aatravels


Hoping this will ...

Baños City Tour, Río Verde, Ecuador travel blog

Baños City Tour

A travel blog entry by canadiansmiley

Due to insects in the lodge I left on Sunday for Baños. A city full of vibrants and lots of activities. I stayed at the Transcilva Hostel close to the bus terminal. I got a private room with an Israelis for $8.50 each. With the best ever breakfast. ...

A quick stop before volunteering begins..., Banos, Ecuador travel blog

A quick stop before volunteering begins...

A travel blog entry by hannahmac86

We got a night bus from Manta to Baņos, changing in Quito.  Our volunteering place is just an hour out of Baņos so we thought we would have a wander, get to know the town and check out what activities we could do on our weekends off.  ...

Stories from our Spanish teachers, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Stories from our Spanish teachers

A travel blog entry by duesouth


... as many as number two. Considering bananas are the most widely consumed fruit in the world and the banana-friendly part of Ecuador is very small that is a lot of bananas per kilometre square. The respect and pride Lorena has for the ...

Baeza to Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Baeza to Banos

A travel blog entry by lkaucky


... to give Abby our gear which if we don't use again she is keeping for her girls kayaking group. Apparently it's hard for woman in Ecuador to get opportunities and gear to get out on the water. I figure she will put our gear to good use and this is clearly ...

Rolling Hills & Blue Skies, Baņos, Ecuador travel blog

Rolling Hills & Blue Skies

A travel blog entry by viajerillo


How refreshing! Here we are, amidst rolling green hills and cool blue skies, in Baņos, Ecuador. I wasn't necessarily planning on coming here, it's a proper tourist town. Fortunately, it's the off-season, and there's not quite so many people as I feared ...

Cycling, thermal baths and sun in Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Cycling, thermal baths and sun in Banos

A travel blog entry by lexysiepel


... plan of searching for sun on the Pacific coast and opted for a little town bang in the middle of Ecuador nestled between mountains and volcanos, called Banos, because of its natural thermal springs. The quick 3.5hr journey was a bit of a treat after the ...

Retour en ville, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Retour en ville

A travel blog entry by fatofi


... finalement on s'assoie... pour Tena. Dans l'office de Ricancie, on rempli le papier de feedback, plutot positif. Puis, direction Banos. Malheureusement l'hotel recommandé par le GdR est complet, on nous en recommande un autre. Plutot cher, mais l'eau y ...

Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by milray


... overwhelming cone shaped beauty. We hitch hiked down to town with a local farm worker in a pick up truck (a normal method of transport in Ecuador, earlier on the trip we had seen a whole family nested in a tent on the back of a truck!). The trek had been ...

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