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Transit to Baños, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Transit to Baños

A travel blog entry by sarah.nicholls

... very cold spring water or the thermal baths to soak in at around 30-35degrees. It got pretty warm and was just like a bath. Ecuador is in the midst of rallying for elections. So the evening rang out with loud music and fireworks echoing off the ...

Quilota, Quilotoa, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by jimonfire


Quilotoa is the central focus point for trekking around the loop. It's another miniature village made up of about 30 small houses built at the top of the Quilotoa volcano, on one side of its enormous crator. The crator holds a large emerald green lake ...

Surrounded by nature, and hot springs, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Surrounded by nature, and hot springs

A travel blog entry by dan_and_casey


... the border and all the way to Piura, Peru. Unfortunately this meant that we would miss a number of towns, including Cuenca, in southern Ecuador, but there wasn't much that we could do about it. In boarding the bus, we had to pay a 10 cent fee to enter ...

Baños und der aktive vulkan, Baños, Ecuador travel blog

Baños und der aktive vulkan

A travel blog entry by alexnitz


Baños ne kleine feine geile stadt mit aktiven Vulkan und jede menge outdoor spass ...

Ecuadorian Mountains, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Ecuadorian Mountains

A travel blog entry by ebzh


... Gringo hostel it is. I have never seen so far such a concentration of people from the States in a hostel. I started to realise that Ecuador, with its US Dollars currency + the fact that it is in the mountain = Gringos paradise. Don't get me wrong, I ...

Casa del Arbol, Baños, Équateur travel blog

Casa del Arbol

A travel blog entry by wrtagrb


Sous un temps gris, petite montée sur les hauteurs de Banos pour rejoindre la Casa del Arbol, qui je crois est officiellement un site d'observation du volcan proche qui est toujours en activité. C'est aussi un lieu pour touristes, car cette ...

Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by therapat

... chair requiring an ambulance trip to the hospital and 4 stitches! She was a bit rough the next day. Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Banos Day 4 Today is a day for adventure! We began with fresh juice, amazing rolls and great bread! Unfortunately, the weather was ...

Activity time, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Activity time

A travel blog entry by mjnelson18


... skip it out. This was probably my favourite activity having the right combination of hard work and danger but nobody falling out or finding it too difficult. We've really enjoyed Ecuador, partly because it's so cheap, but now it's time to move on to ...

X-Games, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by bkrabel

So Banos pretty has everything that an adrenaline junky would need to get by for a few days, the average traveler could go for months.  ATVs to waterfalls, class 5 rapids for rafts and Kayaks and week long halucinagenic jungle treks.  We did ...

Time to leave Quito, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Time to leave Quito

A travel blog entry by stephi_walch

... a lot of Spanish! Had a fantastic weekend in the jungle of San Miguel! An unforgettable experience! Next stop was the little town of Banos, where we rented a mountainbike and explored the area! Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a nice massage ...

Carnaval in Banos and in the Mountains, Lligua Ecuador, Ecuador travel blog

Carnaval in Banos and in the Mountains

A travel blog entry by ladyandtramp


... 'espuma', which is like a foam that is sprayed on everyone and everything! One guidebook mentions that "In Ecuador, the celebrations have a history that stretches further than the arrival of Catholicism. It is known, for example, ...

Adrenalin and relaxation, Baños, Ecuador travel blog

Adrenalin and relaxation

A travel blog entry by vagabond-ing


From Misahualli we drove to Baños. Where we are staying for 4 nights. Baños is a Mekka for adrenalin junkies - you can do everything from Bridge swinging over rafting to Canyoning. Well, ok it is very, very touristy and at the moment very crowded ...

A white-water xmas, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

A white-water xmas

A travel blog entry by ej122493


... to have on Xmas Eve. Surprisingly to us, there was very little choice and settled for a turkey diner at the local french restaurant (Banos has italian, french, german, swiss - you name it). The next day we rose with clear heads (only 3 glasses of vino ...

She's Smokin' On Fire, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

She's Smokin' On Fire

A travel blog entry by chelseachittick


Banos at the Tunguragua Tea Room, WWOOFing here with several others that have been great to work with! Taking care of the owners dogs has been fun and taking them for very long hard walks in the morning has made this place wirth it! The day starts at ...

Ecuador's Playground, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Ecuador's Playground

A travel blog entry by stanlee84


Welcome to Baños, the adventure and fun capital of Ecuador. An enchanting town that is popular with Ecuadorians and gringos alike, a playground with a nightlife as active as the volcano which menaces the place with the odd shower of ash. The town is ...

No sol - Baños, Cantón Baños, Ecuador travel blog

No sol - Baños

A travel blog entry by beansontour

Sure to be one of the shortest entries, but I need to write something so the map reflects our actual route :) Quito to Baños, 3 hours, the ride was decent, made easier but lush green-ness. Baños is a notoriously touristy mountain town, the setting is ...

5 metres is not a lot, Baños, Ecuador travel blog

5 metres is not a lot

A travel blog entry by pumpkintour


We got geared up in our wet suits this morning for a canyoning adventure.  We had watched a brief dvd yesterday so knew it included a 2.5 and 5 metre jump, together with some abseiling and ziplining.  We began with a baptism in the river, ...

Waterfalls, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by alicecamel


... hundred metres! It had previously been where we stood to take photos. Then we went on quite a long walk to the biggest waterfall in Ecuador which was, of course, huge. There were lots of nice trees and orchids to look at on the way. On the route back up ...

Dec 25, 2010, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Dec 25, 2010

A travel blog entry by tjphilippe


I want my mommy!, Banos,  Ecuador travel blog

I want my mommy!

A travel blog entry by sarahandjake


... apparently it will cure the fever and make him sleep like a baby, he said "shhh don't tell anyone I gave it to you". $5.00 buys good drugs in Ecuador! I had a nice walk around Banos and toured some great little stores and restaurants. Get well soon ...

Disco bus day, Baños, Ecuador travel blog

Disco bus day

A travel blog entry by alicecamel


We left early this morning so we could catch our buses on time. The motorised canoe took us to the first one. This bus played music quite loudly all the way to Tena. Then after 1 hour waiting/shopping/using the bathroom at Tena we got on our second bus ...

Banos: Taffy Town, Cantón Baños, Ecuador travel blog

Banos: Taffy Town

A travel blog entry by beebcity


After almost a week of sweating on boats and buses without a shower we arrive in Banos, Ecuador. Banos is named for its hot springs, and has built a tourist destination (mostly for Ecuadorians) around this with lots of cheap spas and hostels offering ...

Loving life, Baños, Ecuador travel blog

Loving life

A travel blog entry by yoomster


... and later set about the town. I met and chatted with Dan, Jed, Erin, and Charlotte --very nice Americans who are also in Ecuador for a volunteer program. I am very happy to have had a window seat on my 4 hour bus ride from Quito to Baños ...

Pampered in a tranquil valley, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Pampered in a tranquil valley

A travel blog entry by maracuya


... a huge rooftop space to hang out ( and a great hoop space for Tashi ) and great views of the surrounding greenery and town. Banos was bigger than we expected, with lots of parks, shops, hostels, restaurants and spas. The vibe of the whole town is super ...

Ode to Andy plus cake and very good company, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

Ode to Andy plus cake and very good company

A travel blog entry by joandmike


... portions may have been consumed over the week but as we still have to travel through Bolivia it shouldn't be a problem.   Banos is famous for its thermal baths amongst other things like its taffy (which is delicious nougat in many different ...

Baños, Banos, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by olace

Got to Baños, which means toilet in spanish. A small adventure sports town. So much stuff to do in this place, rafting, climbing, canyoning and you can hire quads or little buggies to go around or out of town. The town is next to an active volcano which ...

In Banos, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

In Banos

A travel blog entry by travelinmonkeys


We just arrived in Banos. Found a cute little hotel to crash for the day and explore Banos. Will upload some jungle photos later when we run out of things to ...

To Rio Verde!, Tungurahua, Ecuador travel blog

To Rio Verde!

A travel blog entry by kateoli80


Another 5am wake up, breakfast and ready to leave the jungle by 6am. Firstly there's the small canoe ride up the small river to the boardwalk across to the main Napo river. It was high tide, with lots of scum and pretty large trees floating down it, the ...

overland trip to Baños, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

overland trip to Baños

A travel blog entry by tom_lizzington


... ;is the outdoor adventure capital of Ecuador, at the foot of active Volcano Tungurahua, which in Quechuen (the native language of Ecuador) means Tongue or Throat of Fire. The whole town was actually evacuated for a year in the 1990s when Tungurahua sprang ...

The ride of the waterfalls, Banos, Ecuador travel blog

The ride of the waterfalls

A travel blog entry by samgare

... have to switch them on when you get in - electricity and water seems like not a very clever mix :) ) anyway so I arrive in Banos and decide I'll do the bike ride the next day, so I head to hills with my very rudimental map - a few coloured ...

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