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Surf´s (Really Not) Up!, Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica travel blog

Surf´s (Really Not) Up!

A travel blog entry by delandems

Had a bit of a disaster today. The weather was still bad but we only had one day to go surfing so we decided to go anyway. We´d been in the sea about half an hour when a nasty wave knocked me off my board. You´re meant to protect yourself with your ...

In cooler climates for a few days, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica travel blog

In cooler climates for a few days

A travel blog entry by byebyesnow


... gardens; this one had zip-lining as well. Something we have no desire to do:-) There are so many hummingbirds in Costa Rica - at least a dozen kinds, from extremely tiny to quite large as hummingbirds go. We haven't gone through a butterfly garden yet ...

Apr 01, 2014, Monte Verde, Costa Rica travel blog

Apr 01, 2014

A travel blog entry by loelai


First week..., San Ignacio De Acosta, Costa Rica travel blog

First week...

A travel blog entry by rortez


... ’s newest program, in its first year. The week was spent in various orientation classes. We talked about ourselves, learned about Costa Rica, learned about Peace Corps, and discussed our projects. It was a jam-packed week, and we went every day ...

A coinflip for the coast..., Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica travel blog

A coinflip for the coast...

A travel blog entry by socalkid


... area, and diving when the surf's down, among many other things. I had trouble getting money from the ATM because the Banco de Costa Rica doesn't accept non-Visa debit cards - and the Banco de Costa Rica is the only bank in town. One man has figured ...

Sloth circuit, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica travel blog

Sloth circuit

A travel blog entry by cookcorn


For a few days now we've been relaxing at the Caribbean coast, close to the border with Panama. Two short bus trips, 6 and 4 hrs respectively took us to San Jose and on to Puerto Viejo, where conditions are cool. Rastafarians form a large part ...

San Jose, Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica travel blog

San Jose, Costa Rica

A travel blog entry by nycsfsdhopper


... in my pocket. I ran out of money in Puerto Viejo. I had a banana & water for breakfast.  Panana's are dirt cheap in Costa Rica, and Panama for that matter. Why are there 2 bus stations I don't know, but you need to take a taxi between them. ...

Following the rain, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica travel blog

Following the rain

A travel blog entry by annarapp


First impression from Costa Rica, everything seems to be a little more formal and polite. As expected, lots of tourists, more expensive, and what's a pity, everyone speaks to you in english. Took us some time to find a room, lot's of places were full, ...

In the Cloud Forests, Monteverde, Costa Rica travel blog

In the Cloud Forests

A travel blog entry by wanderer0


In the mountain village I enjoy the St. Helena and Monteverde Rain Forest ...

Monteverde, Santa Elena, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by leprefrog


Ok, so today was quite an eventful day. First of all, I got persuaded into canyoning. The bus picks us up and we have a whole crew of 4 + driver for ourselves. They are all very friendly, keep on laughing. We suddenly stop on the side of the road. One ...

Vrije dag, Alajuela Canton, Costa Rica travel blog

Vrije dag

A travel blog entry by geoff_vh


... aankwamen in San Jose wisten we niet wat we zagen, het was chaos op de wegen, vol met auto's van alle kanten. In heel Costa Rica wonen ongeveer 5 miljoen mensen maar alleen in San Jose wonen al 3 miljoen dus het was heerlijk druk. Het eerste wat we wilde ...

Its fun to speak 5 languages!, Jaco, Costa Rica travel blog

Its fun to speak 5 languages!

A travel blog entry by julianstauffer


... and I would continue to hang out the rest of the night and the following day. I met a girl from canada who's traveling around costa rica for a couple of months. There was a girl from Buenos Aires, but I forgot to get her contact information (for when I ...

Service and Surfing in Uvita, Uvita, Costa Rica travel blog

Service and Surfing in Uvita

A travel blog entry by kurtzman


... have experienced two different countries. Uvita is sticky and hot, but the town is also small and not touristy. We eased our way into Costa Rica up north, and now we are settling in to the culture. We can't wait to share more stories when we arrive back ...

Rainy San Jose - what more can I say, San José, Costa Rica travel blog

Rainy San Jose - what more can I say

A travel blog entry by julesjb

... central america along with Panama. Anyway it took more than an hour to go through Nicaraguan departure process and then through Costa Rica customs which did a pointless and very cursory exmination of our bags. This needless exercise required us to take ...

Reggaetime!, Cahuita, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by julesjb


... black population and as a result is very relaxed place with a cool reggae vibe. I had been recommended the place as a relatively (for Costa Rica) cheaper place to chill out for a bit. The bus ride from San Jose was quite good although the bus had no air ...

Off to Drakes Bay, Drake Bay, Costa Rica travel blog

Off to Drakes Bay

A travel blog entry by wanderer0


Up and awya in a ...

Messing around at Barcelo Tambor, Tambor, Costa Rica travel blog

Messing around at Barcelo Tambor

A travel blog entry by natclavel

5's our last day in Costa Rica. I'm missing it already. We woke up early to take a picture of the sunrise. Of course, we've waited until the last possible day to see it :) Procrastination and laziness at it's best! I've enclosed a bunch ...

Wait  . . . what??, La Fortuna, Costa Rica travel blog

Wait . . . what??

A travel blog entry by out_of_here

... Five days in La Fortuna have flown by! Staying at sleepers sleep cheaper, great name, and appropriate at $7.50 a night. Survived the "Costa Rican electric shower of death", just dont touch the top or cables when the water is running. Got to see the Costa ...

White Water Rafting the Pacuare, Orosi, Costa Rica travel blog

White Water Rafting the Pacuare

A travel blog entry by markandemma


After arriving back near San Jose, we have spent a few days chilling out and actually staying in the same place for 4 nights. Previous to that we moved continuously for 10 days on the trot. Orosi is a pleasant town, near a huge mountain range that ...

Samara - I'm not even supposed to be here., Sámara, Costa Rica travel blog

Samara - I'm not even supposed to be here.

A travel blog entry by blowstein


Well, right now I'm about four days into two weeks of traveling without Tracy. I'm hanging out with Paul and Anne. They're Aussie so we drink a LOT of beers together all the time. Their  ability to speak Spanish is worse than mine. And they promise ...

Don't go near the water., Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel blog

Don't go near the water.

A travel blog entry by edpass


I was the first one on the beach this morning. I went out at 5.30 and got my first good look at the Pacific. It was very warm! The soft sand away from the water was literally covered in tracks I took to be iguanas. On the hard sand were tracks of ...

The Luxury Resort, Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel blog

The Luxury Resort

A travel blog entry by edpass


... him, and translated the questions.  The creature was a cricket.  The interpreter added, "His first name is Jaime." (spoken in Spanish)  The bartender rolled his eyes, laughed, and said, "He's silly."  The Costa Rican humor continues. ...

valcano arenal, Arenal, Costa Rica travel blog

valcano arenal

A travel blog entry by maiamuffin


... was about 3 hours but soo worth it!!  this valcano is one out of seven that are active out of over 200 that are in costa rica!!!  so, needless to say we couldn´t get too close, but i am most certainly okay with that!  from what people tell ...

Monteverde, Monteverde, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by lennyandcat


We crossed the border into Costa Rica easily enough and within a few minutes into our bus ride to the Monteverde Cloud Forest we couldn't believe how green it was.  We have been used to seeing earth as dry as a bone with ...

Tamarindo... home of the Gringos, Tamarindo, Costa Rica travel blog

Tamarindo... home of the Gringos

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... see that side of it.  I personally would go back there first out of all the places we have been.  And so far Costa Rica has been... I dunno... I think due to the huge amount of foreigners here, they seem to have lost a lot of the culture.  ...

Manzanillo, Manzanillo, Costa Rica travel blog


A travel blog entry by diene


Die letzte Nacht hat es im Karibikstyle durchgehend geregnet und auch am Morgen nieselt es noch ein wenig.Beste Vorraussetzungen also um den Tag erstmal mit einem vernuenftigen Desayuno de Gato (so ne Art Katerfruehstuck) zu beginnen. Die scheinen das ...

Ziplines och bungee, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica travel blog

Ziplines och bungee

A travel blog entry by jakobahman


Med mersmak for actionfyllda aktiviteter sa drog jag dagen efter forspaddlande och varmvattenbadande pa en jeep-boat-jeep-tur som tog mig fran La Fortuna till Monteverde pa ca 4 timmar. Tanken var att jag skulle hinna med "ziplines" och bungeejump samma ...

Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica travel blog

Manuel Antonio

A travel blog entry by tudormaxim

A doua zi după o scurtă leneveală pe plajă am ajuns în Manuel Antonio. Aici am descoperit un restaurant cu totul special, cu o priveliște extraordinară către ocean și către o insulă apropiată. ...

The Longest Day of My Life Ends in Paradise, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica travel blog

The Longest Day of My Life Ends in Paradise

A travel blog entry by moppet77


... .   Where I found my very tired and pretty grumpy self on a plane full of high school students on a spring break tour to Costa Rica.  For any of you who know me and my feelings towards teen-agers, you can imagine how I felt.  A dark ...

Cocodrillos (Crocodile tour) y Tortuga Island!!!, Puntarenas, Costa Rica travel blog

Cocodrillos (Crocodile tour) y Tortuga Island!!!

A travel blog entry by katie.egeland


... you turned.  We first got out and went snorkeling! And in all the times I've gone snorking (Thailand, Hawaii, and Costa Rica before) I have NEVER seen so many breathtakingly beautiful fish!!! It was so incredible! We were able to swim around this ...

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