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North...or South...???, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

North...or South...???

A travel blog entry by jknuevomundo


... (think Chelsea equivalent) which is of course where we stayed.  Compared to what we had seen of the rest of Colombia, Medellin had a more civilised, refined feel (there was even an authorised Apple shop much to Kate's delight!) and after the stress ...

Medellins' Botero's Rotund and Voluptuous people, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellins' Botero's Rotund and Voluptuous people

A travel blog entry by charlotte


... rain was going to catch up with me sooner or later and it is the start of the rainy season now here in Colombia. After spending a whole day chilling, skyping and drinking nice English breakfast day with finishing off the day with Medellin rum and ginger ...

2 weeks in Colombia: Our research so far, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

2 weeks in Colombia: Our research so far

A travel blog entry by msdemeaner

... , 6.5hrs 29 000 or $17   Cross border to Ecuador at Ipiales Handy Links: ,   Costs: Food and drink Local lunch 5-6000 or $3-4 Set meals ...

Metro Cable Car City and Sumptuous Sculptures, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Metro Cable Car City and Sumptuous Sculptures

A travel blog entry by jmabro


... who knows all the words to all the songs and sings along, usually pretty well in tune too :-) Arriving in Medellin, pronounced "medi-jan", which is Colombia's second city, we got a taxi to our hostel which, even with the directions, the driver struggled ...

lovely medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

lovely medellin

A travel blog entry by zigpaz


... into medellin. amazing! you might think that you can only find these kind of people somewhere in the countryside. great medellin and its people. i had a wonderful stay, danced salsa, merengue, bachata and freestyle, met wonderful people, saw an ...

First impression incorrecto, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

First impression incorrecto

A travel blog entry by randyontour

... the countryside in the wee hours of the morning and down a massive mountain. Little did we know that's actually the way in to Medellin.  Crisis over? Not quite.  We get to a spooky, dark, dodgy, deserted part of town and the driver stops next ...

Out of the city, into the country, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Out of the city, into the country

A travel blog entry by giz_and_hammers


... middle-aged man who wore tight white shorts and tennis shoes and creepily hung around our hostel, told us Medellin, one of the bigger cities in Colombia, used to be unsafe after 5pm. Car explosions, drive-by shootings and kidnappings happened daily. ...

It's Colombia! The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

It's Colombia! The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay

A travel blog entry by charlotte


... I have also had a lot of fun in this country, with the party scene of Cartagena and the caribean coast of Colombia, down to cities like Medellin the parties did not stop with some good clubs and drinking venues in the city and the travellers lapping them ...

up the cable car!, Medellín, Colombia travel blog

up the cable car!

A travel blog entry by liamdanni


... fishing, andres mate is a fisherman for the village.  should be good, we will be there for a few days and then back to medellin.  we fly there and bus back...  an hours flight, 10 hours on a bus, will be interesting, but couldnt afford the ...

Medellin, Medellín, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauren.guite


... We took it for a couple of stops before deciding to get off near the botanical gardens, aquarium, and the metrocable line. Medellin has a super modern and clean metro system that also includes metrocable lines for those residents who live in the hills ...

The drugs have gone, an inspirational city remains, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

The drugs have gone, an inspirational city remains

A travel blog entry by coletteandkam


... itself from the brink of self destruction was enough to bring anyone to tears of hope and give both me and Kam goosebumps! We left Medellin to undergo another incredibly long day of travelling to begin a voluntary project in South Colombia.    ...

Moutain climbing here I go!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Moutain climbing here I go!

A travel blog entry by vivianlam


Didn't realize how tired I actually was... ended up waking up around 11 am and after a quick shower and breakfast, Tatiana took me over to the plaza where I got my Comcel SIM card.  It was really interesting as each SIM card comes with it's own ...

Medellin...out of this world, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellin...out of this world

A travel blog entry by traveljon

After the worlds worse bus ride (#2) we finally got into Medellin at 9 a.m. in the morning.  Both took power naps and got up ready to explore about 1 oclock.  We chose the highly recommended Pitstop Hostel.  Nothing but backpackers.  ...

Making our way through Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Making our way through Medellin

A travel blog entry by jadeclark


... hostel (no, that's not a typo!) but the boys came back from the game wearing green get-ups and apparently now loyal fans of Medellin's home team Nacional... who just happened to have won the game by the way ;) Monday we did a Pablo Escobar tour in a van ...

Great Hotel, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Great Hotel

A travel blog entry by caritovibu11


I was traveling all sunday by bus, but on monday, when we arrived to Cartagena, we stayed at Decameron Hotel, a wonderful Hotel. ...

Eyes wide open!!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Eyes wide open!!

A travel blog entry by tanja_sean


... was recommended to us and through Sean’s remarkable negotiating skills we managed to save $6 on our bus ticket to Medellin. You mention Colombia to anyone who hasn’t been there and they immediately gasp and then quickly tell you about a ...

MEDELLIN PART III, Medellin, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccajoleas


... to enjoy it though. Ha ha! (I am now flying over Miami) The Chile fans were having a great time as their team rolled over Colombia 4-2. The game was pretty good for a while but Chile was just too much for them. One highlight was the Aguila girls. 4 hot ...

Too busy to write!, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Too busy to write!

A travel blog entry by drpaultravel

... the surrounding coffee farms). From Manizales, I made my way around landslides and roads under repairs--to Colombia's most-beautiful city, Medellin! Easy to stay here for extended stays, Medellin offers a great mix of wonderful weather, a friendly ...

Getting Messy in Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Getting Messy in Medellin

A travel blog entry by thequickes


... thought that we'd left the rain behind in Bogota, but oh no.  Great first day using the first class transport system of Medellin which incidentally knocks the Bogota bus system into a cocked hat.  A ticket for less than Ł1 took us out north of ...

Another country by Bus, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Another country by Bus

A travel blog entry by duque99

... derrotado, por cosas que tal vez no sean tan importantes, pero a la vez hay unas por otras. Nuestro primer tramo seria Medellin-Cali nueve horas y media en bus de La Empresa Arauca.En cali tomamos otro bus hasta Pasto y despues nuestro ultimo tramo para ...

Extremities, Medellin, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by v1213


... at the hotel started off our first full day in Medellin, before we walked down to one of the metro stations. Medellin is home to the only metro system in Colombia, built as part of the theme of better quality of life and social inclusion that is so big in ...

Medellin - Capital de la Eterna Primavera, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Medellin - Capital de la Eterna Primavera

A travel blog entry by frediundmoritz


Nach einer sehr kurvigen Busfahrt von 5 Stunden sind wir in Medellin angekommen. Pablo Escobar und das Medellin Kartell gibt es hier schon lange nicht mehr und die Stadt gilt mittlerweile als eine der sichersten von ganz Südamerika. Sie wird auch "Stadt ...

New Years Celebration, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

New Years Celebration

A travel blog entry by pirates


... the typical colonial architecture. Then we celebrated the New Years by dancing, lighting fireworks and drinking lots of Aguardiente. On January 1st, with a bad hangover we returned to Medellin. Nest destination was Cartagena and then Santa ...

Medellin, Medellín, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kkp


From the tranquility of Salento, back into the bustling Metropolis of the Colombian cities .. Medellin. Ask people what they thought of Medellin, and most will say that they loved it. Ask them why, and they will struggle to answer. Perhaps it is the ...

Is a paradise?, Medellín, Colombia travel blog

Is a paradise?

A travel blog entry by jmonto14


when I heard the name of the place where we go on vacations dude until that place existed on the map, and it was not cute Santa Marta, or heroic Cartagena or exotic island of San Andres.  I left with a lot discretion without telling my ...

Big is beautiful, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Big is beautiful

A travel blog entry by pbarratt


... plenty to go and see while we were there, for starters we headed to a plaza full of fatties. Fernando Botero, an artist from Medellin, became world famous for his love of the chub, specialising in portraits and sculptures of the larger form. A few of the ...

Fresh, Medellin, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by curious1

... was all fish and corals found in Colombia. Some of them are HUGE!! I didn't realize the extent of the reef around Colombia. My favourite section was probably the mind section. The body activities were cool too. And, they had a snake and frog section, ...

Feria de las flores - Medellin-, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Feria de las flores - Medellin-

A travel blog entry by sunnyjuly


The feria de las flores in Medellin, colombia is very safe, there not violent like a lot people think, as long u keep u self in the city, dont go the south o jungle is a different story...People are very friendly and the lady uhh the ladies beautiful, ...

CIA Pocket Factbook about Corruption in Colombia, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

CIA Pocket Factbook about Corruption in Colombia

A travel blog entry by mike_colombia


... IS LITTLE TRUST IN ENFORCEMENT A variety of factors are seen to have contributed to political corruption in Colombia. Those include drug trafficking, guerrilla and paramilitary conflict, weak surveillance and regulation from institutions, threats and ...

Industrial, red-bricked, Medellin, Medellin, Colombia travel blog

Industrial, red-bricked, Medellin

A travel blog entry by dan_and_casey


... they were booked out. Pretty disappointing. Anyway, the free walking tour was fantastic. Led by a passionate Paisa (someone from Medellin), he was passionate about his city and even more passionate about the negative impact that the drug trade had had in ...

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