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Walking with Dinosaurs, Huerquehue National Park, Chile travel blog

Walking with Dinosaurs

A travel blog entry by sophiemead


... the world, but there was a fire on the Argentinian border so that plan got scuppered. Robbed of glacier fun I stayed in central Chile and decided to hunt some monkey puzzles. Following a brief rave in Santiago, courtesy of my pal Sophie, I couldn’t ...

climbing the volcano finally, Pucon, Chile travel blog

climbing the volcano finally

A travel blog entry by meggles


... the pucon rivers' meeting. Too much rapid Spanish for me but over dinner with a couple of Rosario's friends I learnt more about how pucon currently has to hire the rights to the rivers in the town from the local government who this year have decided not ...

Forkoelet, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by woodluck

Idag er vores sidste dag i Pucon da vi skal med en natbus mod Viña del Mar. Vi havde besluttet at lade vejret afgoere hvad dagen skulle bruges paa. Hvis det var toervejr ville vi tage en ridetur og hvis det regnede ville jeg tage ud og riverraffte. Vi ...

What goes up must come down, Pucon, Chile travel blog

What goes up must come down

A travel blog entry by adarandjeremy


... around a wooden table at our hostel in El Chalten.  They were telling us about a fun adventure they had in Pucon, Chile.  It consisted of climbing up a large snowcapped volcano, staring into the smoking caldera, and then sliding downhill with a ...

A day of wind and rain, Pucon, Chile travel blog

A day of wind and rain

A travel blog entry by floresmilburn

... wake up as during the night the wind crept up making howling noises through the trees around our cabin, are we in Chile or still in England??? ....... But the smell of a delicious breakfast prepared by Helen and Francisco wafted through into the bedroom ...

Living on the Farm, Pucón, Chile travel blog

Living on the Farm

A travel blog entry by rio2012

... hours on a bus is small fry in South America, however didnt feel like it at 07.00 in the morning as we approached Pucon, famous for the vast Villarica volcano which rose up infront of us and distracted me from my aching back. Pucon village is everything ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by claire


Pucon ...

Pucon, Chile Volcano Climbing, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon, Chile Volcano Climbing

A travel blog entry by josullivan

... on Ireland to Win our first Grand Slam in 61 years. Watched the match in a bar on O'Higgins street, (the main street in Pucon named after a son of an Irishman) with our Irish friends we met in Bariloche. We then took the 9pm bus to Mendoza, ...

Chasing the sun, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Chasing the sun

A travel blog entry by imageyonder


... Ojos de Caburgua. But it was another false dawn and we returned to the hotel for breakfast before heading out further afield. Pucon is quite a significant resort, and still seems relatively bustling in the centre of town, but the traffic soon thins out as ...

Rad.... Wicked.....Far out, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Rad.... Wicked.....Far out

A travel blog entry by jim_a_scott


I`m talking like that cos I have just climbed an Active Volcano (Villarrica) and Skiied off pieste down it again. Far out Hu! Been in Pucon for 2 nights now (it seems to be my thing. Come in on the evening bus, find a hostel, see the sights in one day, ...

The Chilean Lakes - Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

The Chilean Lakes - Pucon

A travel blog entry by spikidle


... is shared with Argentina). It is known as the lake district for the numerous lakes in this region and their surrounding towns. Pucon sits on lake Villiricca and is also surrounded by a number of volcanoes, with Villaricca being the most obvious. What we ...

Lakes District - Chile, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Lakes District - Chile

A travel blog entry by rizandtash


In the three days in Pucon, the weather went from perfect, to raining (like a tropical thunderstorm), to snow. Which is why we were lucky to get the outdoor stuff done on the first day - well Wyan did anyway. When we got into the town, and ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by jenny.colville


Stayed in a great hostel with class rooms and a garden with lethal view of the active volcano in Pucon..smoke coming out of it all day...a picture perfect volcano like a wee ice cream Spent a day chillin and then hiked to top of volcano the day after. ...

So this is Patagonia..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

So this is Patagonia...

A travel blog entry by ianandsarah2014


Pucon in Chilean Patagonia is a lovely Swiss-feeling lakeside town.  There are volcano and mountain views (if there's no rain) and many many many activities. On arrival we booked "hydroboarding" not really knowing what it was.  It turns out its ...

Wo ist Südamerika?, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Wo ist Südamerika?

A travel blog entry by nature-explorer


... gut klar. Große Grundstücke sind in Privateigentum und dürfen nicht durchquert werden. Abends kamen wir dann in Pucon, einer sehr touristischen Stadt am Lake Villarrica an. Das kleine Hospedaje, das ich gebucht hatte, hatte unsere Reservierung ...

Chile: Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Chile: Pucon

A travel blog entry by louiseharris


From Bariloche we travelled to Pucon in Chile.  First taking a bus to Osorno and then another on to Pucon, it was another full day on a bus, although it wasn`t too bad.  Jon had tried to book a hostel and but it was all done in Spanish and the ...

au pied du Volcan..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

au pied du Volcan...

A travel blog entry by fallysflorian


Lever avant 6h, petit dej costaud (ils annoncent du moins 5 ressenti la haut). En sortant, ouah, on voit le Volcan Villarica, on y croit...Arrives a l agence, les gerants (francais et tres sympas) ne nous pas miroiter la lune : ya peu de chance. Nous y ...

en route pr le volcan, Pucon, Chile travel blog

en route pr le volcan

A travel blog entry by fallysflorian

Et nous reprenons le chemin...Direction Pucon, station balneaire et montagnarde au bord du lac Villarica et ... d un volcan du meme nom! Par contre, c est l une des regions les plus pluvieuses du donc, lorsque nous arrivons . nuage, ...

To Pucon and a Trip to the Hospital, Pucón, Chile travel blog

To Pucon and a Trip to the Hospital

A travel blog entry by cat725

... I decided to take my first vacation since starting at the Guagua house, and left friday afternoon on an 11-hour bus ride south to Pucon, Chile. I slept through the entire night on the bus, awaking as we pulled into Pucon, Chile. Although it is a tiny city ...

There is beauty, and then there is..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

There is beauty, and then there is...

A travel blog entry by tourtravel


... around at the foot of the majestic Volcan Osorno is a great place to decide which pass to take to Argentina from Chile. While all are photogenic mountain crossings, there are those more equal than others. For example, some have highways ripping through ...

Snug under the heat of the volcano, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Snug under the heat of the volcano

A travel blog entry by pooleyandeg


... descent I have experienced from a mountain/volcano. We decided to make our way from Chile to Argentina, and caught a couple of buses to Bariloche. We would have loved to visit Chiloe an island just off mainland Chile but Argentinian steak is ...

Pucon, second time, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon, second time

A travel blog entry by jbar

... search for more trekking experience... well, that's why I made the trek in the Nahuel Huapi, and that's why I've went to PuconChile, the second time. So there I was, in Pucon, with a perfect weather, and nothing to do but search for trekking ...

Volcano Villarrica ascent near pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Volcano Villarrica ascent near pucon

A travel blog entry by aparki1973


Booked a guided trek up South Americas most active volcano just 12kms from pucon through recommended French owned company Aguaventura. Met one of the owners the night before for a briefing. The final go ahead for a summit attempt was confirmed at 7am ...

Pucòn, Pucón, Chili travel blog


A travel blog entry by worldtourmpkz


A notre arrivée à Pucòn, il y a du suspense: en partant le matin de Puerto Varas, on a reçu un email de l'auberge que l'on a réservée nous disant qu'il y avait eu un problème avec le site de réservation et qu'en ...

Ironman 70.3 Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Ironman 70.3 Pucon

A travel blog entry by duchesne


... arrived in Pucon just as their annual Iron Man event started. We consider ourselves very lucky to experience this event. Pucon is perfectly situated for this famous triathlon. "Located in the foothills of the Chilean Andes Mountains, the Villarica ...

Cowabunga lake, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Cowabunga lake

A travel blog entry by adamfz

... new best friends. Rebuilding the promenade so it's literally a building site. Get back in car and revert to plan b and we head back to Pucon. Stop off at some waterfalls em route (but once you've seen Iguazu etc). Can't face a return to ruca suite and the ...

Photo Update: Matt doing HYDROSPEED, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Photo Update: Matt doing HYDROSPEED

A travel blog entry by kmsouthamerica

Matt doing hydro ...

Pucon+Villarica volcano, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon+Villarica volcano

A travel blog entry by petora.n


Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by becstar26

Pucon: tourist town central, possibly adventure capital of Chile, and could also just as easily be nearly anywhere in the world. With so many choices on offer, ranging from horseriding, to white water rafting, to canyoning, to hiking... but at the end of ...

Finally arrive at Pucon after 3 buses!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Finally arrive at Pucon after 3 buses!

A travel blog entry by pura_vida


Beautiful town under the glow of an active, smoking ...

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