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Spud Goes Bicoastal In The USA And Visits Canada, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Spud Goes Bicoastal In The USA And Visits Canada

A travel blog entry by spudthewombat


Countries visited: USA, Canada After making his way up the east coast of the USA, Spud flies to the Evergreen State, Washington. So close to Canada, he decides to pop into Vancouver for a few ...

Home sweet home, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Home sweet home

A travel blog entry by rosey

I've been home for two weeks now and things are back to normal. Despite my best efforts I got sick immediately after returning and had to miss two days of work. My salt flats cough continues to linger but I'm starting to feel like I can see the light at ...

Wesley the Westfalia, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Wesley the Westfalia

A travel blog entry by cmedancing


"Tag your it", thats what the typical laid back owner of our new Westfalia told me when he handed over the keys, "this Van will change your life man".  It took Christina and I nearly 2 months to find our 1982 Diesel Westfalia, which was tipped of ...

New Years Ting and Polar Bear Swim!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

New Years Ting and Polar Bear Swim!

A travel blog entry by peterpanda


Silvester. In Vancouver. Großstadtfeeling. Irgendwie komisch, weil neu. Aber irgendwie auch gerade deswegen gut, weil mal was anderes. New Years Ting im The Fall. Reggae/Dancehall/Dub. Für dieses Fest wird ein Tattoo-Laden samt insässiger Art Gallery ...

Phase II of Plan C......., Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Phase II of Plan C.......

A travel blog entry by javaminit


... your lunch, free coffee/tea/water but no food unless you have a credit card.  Beautiful huh? So, when we arrived in Vancouver, we were feeling a bit peckish.  A little Asian restaurant here in the terminal had excellent food and not your typical ...

First Steps, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

First Steps

A travel blog entry by peaceforearth


... 2001 when it was under construction. It's great to experience some of the benefits of urban community living. While in Vancouver, we received an email from Eugene Friends Church with the following query which was included in its Sunday Bulletin: ...

YVR, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by rhonda_riley


Well we've made it through security and checked in to the Priority Lounge to try out the free passes. Our flight to London leaves in less than 3 hours. Flight was a bit delayed and very full. Headset plug is not working on my screen but Riley is settled ...

Victoria - Beachcomber RV park, Vancouver Island, Canada travel blog

Victoria - Beachcomber RV park

A travel blog entry by prieststrip


... home on the coast in the UK the only difference is that they were 'mobile'.  But this appeared to be the same thing at most of the RV sites on Vancouver Island, most people lived in Victoria! We had a relaxing night around the fire and ...

Day 30 - Butchart Gardens, Metchosin, Canada travel blog

Day 30 - Butchart Gardens

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


Woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the beach. Had a relaxing morning enjoying our surroundings.  Finally got organised and headed into the city of Victoria for a look.  It was about this point in time that things turned into a typical Griswold ...

Back home to Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Back home to Vancouver

A travel blog entry by robthebruce


Well, I am on my way home today. I have to take a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow and then make my way to the Glasgow Airport. I had a bit of a wait at the Edinburgh train station, so I am just sitting here waiting and listening to music.  There ...

Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Granville Island

A travel blog entry by martartu


Granville ...

Flying out to Narita, Japan, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Flying out to Narita, Japan

A travel blog entry by annchou

OZ Pre-trip 20061013 On the plane Now we are on board! There are lots of entertainment, and lots of food. But very lack of room. We spent most of the time standing beside the service station, and reading. See my Photo ...

Mount Cypress Take 2, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Mount Cypress Take 2

A travel blog entry by pauloandab


This time, we ski'd!! It was a great day, and we're certainly paying for it now. We arrived at about 9.30am after catching a bus, then a sea bus and a charter bus up the mountain (it was an early morning). We got all geared up and made our way to ...

The Arctic: Encore, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

The Arctic: Encore

A travel blog entry by reneshn


As I sat around at Vancouver airport twiddling my thumbs waiting for the red eye to Toronto, I begin to reflect on my time spent up in the Arctic. A wise anaesthetist I met up here once said that you can think of Canada as five different countries; La-la ...

West coast here we come, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

West coast here we come

A travel blog entry by rossport


G'day all, Well we are finally on the last legs of the trip and have reached the SUNNY side of the world, we landed in Vancouver this afternoon and tried to get a bus to the Hotel but they did not go there and found out if they did it was going to cost ...

Up up and away from the snow!, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Up up and away from the snow!

A travel blog entry by tan13_ocanada


... be glad to they say, they're worth a thousand words! Suffice it to say that by the time I finally arrived in Vancouver, I was pretty tired. I'd packed, too tired to do it the night before after the Jets game, been to the gym, tidied the ...

Vancouver, BC, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver, BC

A travel blog entry by ybslob

Vancouver, ...

Vancouver la magnifique !, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Vancouver la magnifique !

A travel blog entry by cyril.galland


Bonjour, petit coucou depuis Vancouver, derniere ville de notre periple au Canada et une des plus belles villes de mon voyage. A bientot Cyril Hallo Leute, Begruessung von Vancouver, die letzte Stadt unserer Reise in Kanada und sicher eine der schoensten ...

For Martyn, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

For Martyn

A travel blog entry by martynsphotos


Pics for Martyn of the sunset we all saw at the sand dunes off Rainbow Beach... ...

Ground Zero, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Ground Zero

A travel blog entry by jrittberg

Well, after a CRAZY day of frantically running about and packing, I set out tomorrow morning. (For those of you who haven't heard from me in many moons, it turns out I'm not dead...and I'm heading to Guatemala tomorrow morning.) I feel like I've spent ...

Quick break : Vancouver Island!!, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Quick break : Vancouver Island!!

A travel blog entry by amanda.gwillim


... nice! :) Got a call from the Fairmont Waterfront saying I didn't get the job so off I go again on a wild goose chase to find a job! Jeff dropped me back at the ferry terminal and off back to Vancouver! Just like that the quick trip is all over now! ...

Becky's home, Saanichton, Canada travel blog

Becky's home

A travel blog entry by beki

Home at ...

Victoria sightseeing, Victoria, Canada travel blog

Victoria sightseeing

A travel blog entry by christine.stone


Started the day with breakfast at the Butchart Gardens with the heavenly scent of flowers everywhere.  What a magical place would have to be one of the most beautiful places on earth all 55 acres of it. Spend the morning here and got lots of great ...

Action in whistler, Whistler,vancouver, Canada travel blog

Action in whistler

A travel blog entry by pedrini75


Hi guy's here are some recent shots, some are from our weekend in vancouver where we went snowshoeing on Cypress Hill cool name hey suppose to say mountain. The other's are having a drink after a hard day on the hill some people have the life hey.There is ...

Oh beautiful Vancouver - der Monatsrückblick, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Oh beautiful Vancouver - der Monatsrückblick

A travel blog entry by biancanada


... Wir haben oben dann noch gegessen, viele Fotos gemacht, uns alles angesehen und sind dann bei Sonnenuntergang und beleuchtetem Vancouver mit der Gondel runtergefahren. Gut dass uns eine Kanadierin netterweise nach Downtown mitgenommen hat. Sonst wäre ich ...

Driving from Banff to Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Driving from Banff to Vancouver

A travel blog entry by ianfairnie


We took a day to drive to Vancouver, stopping overnight at Kamloops where Helen and Ian met with one of Helen's students who went on her last Asia Study ...

Invisible whales and words that rhyme with duck, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Invisible whales and words that rhyme with duck

A travel blog entry by megenexplore


... .mi know nothing about Seattle other than there is a film about it. Anyway, goodbye canada... You were absolutely mint - especially Montreal, I hope I can return, speaking fluent French one day. Laters Vancouver and ello to the west coast, Seattle ...

Depart Los Angeles Flight to Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog

Depart Los Angeles Flight to Vancouver

A travel blog entry by murphy1171


Depart Los Angeles International, Note I am putting a couple of video clips in this entry as this was only a stop over Please click Titles under video clips to start Then click start arrow, left bottom of video screen ...

Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by koncur


... of the drive all you could see was the color of rust for miles and miles from the dead trees.  Made it to the Vancouver area by early afternoon.  Enjoyed the afternoon in White Rock walking up and down the waterfront and out on the pier.  ...

Big West Rockies Tour, Vancouver To Whistler, Canada travel blog

Big West Rockies Tour

A travel blog entry by christine-colly


... head to toe and soaking wet while everyone else returned dry as a bone and clean!!!! On the way back from Whilster to Vancouver we had the chance to check out unique 66m falls. Brandywine Falls where named during an argument by rail workers over the ...

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