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Across the country!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Across the country!

A travel blog entry by enap


... Perth that I left my Kindle in the seat pocket. I felt a bit foolish, but when I went to reclaim it before flying to Broome yesterday, I was talking to the lost property guy at Qantas and he showed me the seven Kindles that had been left on aircraft in ...

The mighty King George River and waterfalls., Broome, Australia travel blog

The mighty King George River and waterfalls.

A travel blog entry by enap


... our terrific guide,recounted to us the story of the MV Koolama, a vessel owned and operated by the government of Western Australia, which was bombed by Japanese aircraft on 20 February 1942, the day after the initial bombing raid on Darwin. We ...

Across the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf., Broome, Australia travel blog

Across the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf.

A travel blog entry by enap

... is studying are Red Knots which are found in Broome as well as in Victoria and in New Zealand. The birds fly north from Broome in single species flocks which fly at 2000 to 3000 feet and can reach speeds of 60-80 kilometers per hour. After recuperating ...

A lazy day in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

A lazy day in Broome

A travel blog entry by smithscircuit


... an early dinner before we headed off to The Sun outdoor picture theatre to watch Brave.  The theatre is in the main street of Broome and has been operating for about 90 years.  Some of the seats are undercover but most are out in the open so you ...

Dinosaurs and Magic Men, Broome, Australia travel blog

Dinosaurs and Magic Men

A travel blog entry by beatentrack


... of Japanese workers. It also drew a wide variety of workers looking to make their fortune off the back of the Western Australia mining boom of the 1960's. More poignantly it also lies on the traditional land of the Yawuru aboriginal people, and while ...

Fitzroy Crossing to Broome - 409.41km, Broome, Australia travel blog

Fitzroy Crossing to Broome - 409.41km

A travel blog entry by nsmjtt


... ;  We couldn't make a decision on what we were going to do, stay another day or drive the long distance to Broome.   Fitzroy Crossing basically didn’t have good medical facilities so we decided that Melanie was well enough to make the ...

Mad Max in Pearl Town, Broome, Australia travel blog

Mad Max in Pearl Town

A travel blog entry by bdsaly


... might be preferable! Some 11 hours later and we arrive in Broome, a remote town on the north coast of Western Australia. Broome lays claim to the distinction of having Australia’s highest alcohol consumption per head of population which ...

Day 51 - Horizontal Falls Adventure (Day 5), Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 51 - Horizontal Falls Adventure (Day 5)

A travel blog entry by alanandrobyn


... area, followed by a farewell lunch. All too soon we were back at the main pontoon and boarding our seaplane back to Broome. The last 5 days has been a amazingly memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. We all want to do it again though! Stay tuned for ...

Day 5 - Broome Markets, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 5 - Broome Markets

A travel blog entry by helena.campbell


... Coles and a light lunch, then took the bus home. Had a swim again, but not a lot happening today. Mind  you it was the Broome Cup today so there were a few people dressed up. I'm sorry I didn't think to take a photo of the man in the lipstick pink ...

HAK Tour : Pilbara to the Dampier Peninsula, Broome, Australia travel blog

HAK Tour : Pilbara to the Dampier Peninsula

A travel blog entry by haoztrip


... of the desert” along the coast, so far from their original working destination in the centre when they first arrived in Australia. From our deck-chairs beneath the starry sky we watched Iron-Man 3 at the historic Sunset Picture theatre, a beautiful ...

Camel rides on Cable Beach, Broome, Australia travel blog

Camel rides on Cable Beach

A travel blog entry by bethallman


We went on a camel ride it was fun we went for 1 hour. The camel I went on was named Alice because she come from Alice ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by balsiteger


... days ago I received a message from Karin who grew up in the same house as I did mentioning that she‘s in Australia as well and will be in Broome some days later. What a great thing. She happens to arrive in Broome just a day before I leave for our ...

Pool and Port, Broome, Australia travel blog

Pool and Port

A travel blog entry by wombat99


... Pool (a circular pool cut in the rocks for the wife of a lighthouse keeper who suffered with arthritis). On to the Port of Broome to see the road trains carting cattle to the ships for life exports. Decided against lunch at the Port and headed for town ...

I've died and gone to heaven....., Broome, Australia travel blog

I've died and gone to heaven.....

A travel blog entry by keri.berk1


When we arrived, our jeep that we had reserved thru the help of our hotel in Sydney, was waiting for us so we could get around a lot easier. It was fun seeing the country side, the ocean, animals, vegetation, and being so close to the ...

Rock wall and spider mountain, Broome, Australia travel blog

Rock wall and spider mountain

A travel blog entry by fra_roz


It's definitely the dry season now: dry air and drop in temperatures – brrrrrrr! The days are still sunny and fairly hot (between 26 and 30 degrees) but the nights and early mornings are really cold (for us). Welcome back trousers, jumpers, scarves ...

Fabulous 40th, Broome, Australia travel blog

Fabulous 40th

A travel blog entry by tb13


... pendant present from the family. The holiday was supposed to have been my 40th present, but I wasn't too upset about getting a Broome pearl! I also got some chocolate from William, a new book from the Maguires and a Broome calendar from the other Brooker ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lindawb


... some amazing sunsets. Gantheaume Point was an amazing vantage point for a beautiful sunset with the red rocks forming great silhouettes. Broome is a lovely little town, certainly more touristy than any other town we have visited, but it still has a low ...

Vroom Vroom Broome!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Vroom Vroom Broome!

A travel blog entry by chloeb


... finally, after two days of false starts, the little lady was back on the road. Reunited In Broome, we settled into a regular routine.  Approaching Northern Australia, you're suddenly hit by a wall of heat that leaves you desperately wanting to plunge ...

Have I got the flu on Day 1 of my holiday?, Broome, Australia travel blog

Have I got the flu on Day 1 of my holiday?

A travel blog entry by kenthoi


I started to feel ill on the plane from Perth to Broome. I must have caught something on one of my last shift at work. Overnight I had fever, rigor, muscle aches, cough, runny nose. I wonder if I had caught the flu? This is not the best timing giving I am ...

Day 6: Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 6: Broome

A travel blog entry by kirstymaree


Chris and I went into town to suss out the pearl boutiques as I decided I wanted a nice local pearl to wear on my necklace. The one we liked most was a $3000+ Paspaley Pearl, needless to say I went without!!! Haha. The most expensive thing we found was a ...

Visiting Broome, Broome, Australië travel blog

Visiting Broome

A travel blog entry by patrick.louws


... bit scary at first but after some exploring the wild there were no crocodiles to be found. The second night we slept on the "Broome Bird Observatory" it was a nice place, the people were odd but friendly and we even used the kitchen over there. We tried ...

Nearly in Broome..., Broome, Australia travel blog

Nearly in Broome...

A travel blog entry by cherryadventure


... we head back to camp and its off to the beach. Rover is a hit with our new Austrian neighbours, they say they come to Australia every year but they have never seen a cat camping before. Rover gets quite friendly with them and our neighbours on the other ...

Beautiful Beaches, Broome, Australia travel blog

Beautiful Beaches

A travel blog entry by miltonbetty


Arrived the next day, Tuesday 9th, in Broome. No room in the caravan parks so we took a spot in PCYC clubs overflow area. No power today but we can move to a powered site tomorrow when someone moves on. Good camping spot with lots of nice people. Did a ...

Staircase to the moon, Broome, Australia travel blog

Staircase to the moon

A travel blog entry by beneches


One of the monthly attractions in Broome is something called "Staircase to the Moon". Its an event where a full moon rises on the western side of the peninsular, on a low tide and casts moonlight over the mud flats creating the effect of stairs leading up ...

SOFT BEDS AGAIN, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hazel.leslie


... people did the Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour (we'd done it years ago), we enjoyed a leisurely morning reviewing some history of Broome's early days and having a look at the pearl shell altar at the Catholic Church.  We also jumped on the local bus ...

Lazing around in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Lazing around in Broome

A travel blog entry by margobobkim


A lovely relaxing week in Broome, availing ourselves of the pool, beaches, funky cafes, numerous pearl / souvenir / clothing shops, and seeing the sights and sipping cocktails watching the sunset. Ahh! The weather is as expected, warm, which is just as ...

Broome - Cable Beach Caravan Park, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome - Cable Beach Caravan Park

A travel blog entry by sergeantdeleeuw


4 November The day we cruised into the Cable Beach Caravan Park, it was Melbourne Cup day and the van park was in a festive mood. I ended up doing FIVE loads of washing, but the machines were cheap so it was good value. The pool area at this van park is ...

16,500 km later, Broome, Australia travel blog

16,500 km later

A travel blog entry by sea_tern


... . They gave us a fantastic ride on one of their camels called Ned who had actually walked all the way from South Australia to Broome over the course of 6 months. Fraser is the photographer behind the beautiful sunset camel shots below. Not even an hour ...

adventures outback, Broome, Australia travel blog

adventures outback

A travel blog entry by lokasenna9


Before I left Australia I had decided I wanted to see some real Australian bush country, so I loaded up a 4x4 and headed west on an old dirt road. 12 hours later I returned covered in red dirt and with some amazing pics. I visited a place called Windjana ...

Cable Beach, Broome, Australia travel blog

Cable Beach

A travel blog entry by fra_roz


We got to Kevin's place on 11th December, about a week before they all left on holiday (Kevin's family and Claire's family). We already knew the kids and the house so we were quick to settle. We've got a bedroom with ensuite bathroom and aircon, ...

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