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Broome - Getting Ready, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome - Getting Ready

A travel blog entry by tamrin


... north the humidity is apparently much more evident which makes the heat harder to cope with. Most of the rain fall for Australia falls in the Kimberley ranges creating large rain forest areas and a haven for many animal species  The dry season ends ...

Broome, gateway to the Kimberley, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome, gateway to the Kimberley

A travel blog entry by tonylizfrith


... smooth and those courageous enough to look out the window were rewarded by the impressive Great Sandy Desert of north west Australia with its long parallel sand dunes stretching to the horizon, followed by the beautiful coast with its turquoise ...

[Day 44] And a new one sweeps clean.............., Broome, Australia travel blog

[Day 44] And a new one sweeps clean..............

A travel blog entry by bewing


Arrived in Broome today. Guess what? No dust! The next part of our trip will be spent around the coast which will be a little different to what we've done so far. After setting up in the caravan park where we have huge sites, we did a couple of loads of ...

Broome goes Zoom!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome goes Zoom!

A travel blog entry by smgiles


... coverage.  I will be working for the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service.  I am looking forward to seeing parts of Australia that are rarely seen and to, once again, face the interesting challenges that rural medicine pose. ...

Day trip to Beagle Bay, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day trip to Beagle Bay

A travel blog entry by thejoiners


Today was going to be a bum around day, as we are leaving Broome tomorrow. Wendy and John mentioned they were taking some friends, Cheryl and Jim, to Willie Pearl Farm and asked if we would like to follow them there. We all decided to take a thermos and ...

Topical Experience !, Broome, Australia travel blog

Topical Experience !

A travel blog entry by partickhill


... and very much larger. I took a hoover-craft trip out to Roebuck Bay. This is where the the undersea telegraph cable came into Australia from Asia in 1871. The colours of the sand and rock are amazing as you will see from the photos. This is also the ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by phill_day

Broome ...

Broome to Darwin, Broome to Darwin, Australia travel blog

Broome to Darwin

A travel blog entry by butch.christine


... which is only about 1hr from Darwin and is the home to Charlie the buffalo from Crocadile Dundee and also one of Australia's largest war cemeteries.  Very moving and interesting spot!  Next morning headed into Darwin where we set up our van ...

Wifi Wilderness Reprieve, Broome, Australia travel blog

Wifi Wilderness Reprieve

A travel blog entry by cornelson8363


G'day! I thought I'd have a go at uploading a video while here in Broome.  Surprisingly it worked! - especially as a 6.5Mb photo failed earlier tonight... We're here for a few days as the ute is having repairs.  We have two leaks in the ...

Mmmm, luscious, luminous, lobular lovelies!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Mmmm, luscious, luminous, lobular lovelies!

A travel blog entry by thefritzes


... What can you say about Broome?  It is a hybrid of a very tame Byron Bay and a very tame Coolangatta.  Sorry Broome, you think you are special and wonderful, but, really, not so much. Cable Beach is a beach.  Its one endearing feature ...

Halls Creek - Fitzroy Crossing, Broome, Australia travel blog

Halls Creek - Fitzroy Crossing

A travel blog entry by lynshep


We had a long way to travel today so it was a 6 o'clock breakfast and 7 o'clock departure. Morning tea was back out near to the entrance to the Park. On the highway again, Paul, our driver, let us off the bus to walk across the bridge over the Ord River. ...

The long road home, Broome to Brisvegas!!!, Australia travel blog

The long road home

A travel blog entry by rgjquigly


El Questro (ex Kunnunanarra/"Kunna's") , Edith Falls (Ex Kathreine), Mataranka Hot Springs (Ex no where) and Carnarvon Gorge were highlights of our last weeks on the road home. And for those that missed it, stuck in Mt Isa waiting on costly ...

Tyre issues #3, Broome, Australia travel blog

Tyre issues #3

A travel blog entry by tranquilbloom

... separation. We now have to buy a new set of tyres. We don't even have a spare to put on to get to the tyre place in Broome! We ponder the quandary until CC realises the spare for the caravan will fit the car and he's off. By the end of the day we are ...

Anzac Day, Broome, Australia travel blog

Anzac Day

A travel blog entry by neveress

... and not getting any positive job feedback from Cable Beach we land jobs at Azuki, a Japanese restaurant in town and move into Broome's Last Resort, a laid back hostel with decking and a pool run by the very affable, dry humoured and very gay Pete. We ...

Still fishing !, Broome, Australia travel blog

Still fishing !

A travel blog entry by gypsy50


Day 12 at Cape Levique and all's well . Camped at 'bully's camp" near the tip , inside King Sound. Excellent spot with the boat staying in the water and my c/van under trees behind the beach. Sat.TV ,Inet and phone service- bloody heaven. No power but ...

Eighty Mile Beach - 25th November 2012, Eighty Mile Beach, Australia travel blog

Eighty Mile Beach - 25th November 2012

A travel blog entry by desertrose1


... go and ask the girl to play. Her name was Lizzie, beautiful little thing, eleven years old and travelling with her parents around Australia. She had collected some huge shells and we discovered the secret was to see the top of then and then dig them out. ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by greynomad1946

We started the day with an early morning walk along the beach. At 7:30 there was already a number of people in the water which was much warmer than we expected as it is the Indian Ocean. After breakfast we met up with our friends Wendy and John from ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bazandcaz


Finally in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Finally in Broome

A travel blog entry by smithscircuit


We had a fairly lazy morning at Willare Bridge roadhouse, doing a load of free washing before heading off towards Broome. It was a relatively short drive, only about 170km or so and we arrived at about midday and went straight to the visitor centre for ...

Torture on the Tanami, Broome, Australia travel blog

Torture on the Tanami

A travel blog entry by barclayc


... Flat at around the 3pm the weather took a real turn for the worse, we were planning at camping at the most remote roadhouse in Australia for the night but Bruce the owner (who could not have been more helpful despite selling biscuits 6 months out of date) ...

Sandflies and dust, Port Smith Lagoon, Australia travel blog

Sandflies and dust

A travel blog entry by ziniandlulu

After a long drive from Cape Leveque to Broome then onwards, at dusk we stopped at the Port Smith Lagoon caravan park. The park was just dust with little shade and lots of sandflies. We walked to the lagoon which was mangroves, mud and more ...

Beach finally, Broome, Australia travel blog

Beach finally

A travel blog entry by ellamort

... bed we discovered many sun baking fresh water crocs.They had come to see us and were not looking very friendly. We are now in Broome WA the beach here is pure white sand with bright blue water and you can drive along the sand until you find a spot you ...

Pete's found a quid to chase, Broome, Australia travel blog

Pete's found a quid to chase

A travel blog entry by gcmarchingo

... ;Mr smooth that he is ! We then checked out a private small camp ground that had been recommended about 20 kms out of Broome-nice little place on family acreage complete with 2 very friendly border collies and 2 poddy calves which are being hand fed after ...

Day 42, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 42

A travel blog entry by feyles


Wash our very dirty car from the wet red road. Did the markets again & stocked up the fridge ready to leave Broome tomorrow. Viewed the Staircase to the Moon. A natural phenomenon caused by the full moon reflecting on the mudflats of Roebuck Bay at ...

Aug 16, 2000, Broome, Australia travel blog

Aug 16, 2000

A travel blog entry by dion.maas


Broome to Cape Leveque, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome to Cape Leveque

A travel blog entry by basbraham02

... that we were thousands of kilometres from the nearest city, Perth, and we were 200 kilometres from the nearest known town, Broome. At reception the explained the nearby beaches to us. The described that the beach near our tent was the swimming beach, ...

Brooooome Broooome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Brooooome Broooome

A travel blog entry by nickoz


... a few big backpacker poker tournaments, even some call of duty against each other at the local internet cafe! Its been fun in broome but unfortunately a few developments have occured. Clint and Spencer who've both been low on cash found a labouring job 60 ...

10 days in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

10 days in Broome

A travel blog entry by butch.christine


... friends.  I had been given some money for my birthday/mothers day so decided to put it together and buy myself a Broome pearl.  There are dozens of shops in Broome selling pearls.  Finally purchased a pearl pendant which I love! We also ...

Gorging Ourselves, Broome, Australia travel blog

Gorging Ourselves

A travel blog entry by bevj


... . We finally ended up for our last stop at a place called Manning Gorge where we camped for the night before coming back to Broome.  Camping is highly regulated in the Kimberley as the area is of great conservational interest and you can only go to ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by beneches


... pictures and info from around Broome. Broome is located right at the bottom of the Kimberly region in the north west corner of Western Australia. Its on the edge of the Great Sandy desert. It doesn't experience the usual 4 season, just 2, a wet and dry ...

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