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Aug 16, 2000, Broome, Australia travel blog

Aug 16, 2000

A travel blog entry by dion.maas


Broome to Cape Leveque, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome to Cape Leveque

A travel blog entry by basbraham02

... that we were thousands of kilometres from the nearest city, Perth, and we were 200 kilometres from the nearest known town, Broome. At reception the explained the nearby beaches to us. The described that the beach near our tent was the swimming beach, ...

Brooooome Broooome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Brooooome Broooome

A travel blog entry by nickoz


... a few big backpacker poker tournaments, even some call of duty against each other at the local internet cafe! Its been fun in broome but unfortunately a few developments have occured. Clint and Spencer who've both been low on cash found a labouring job 60 ...

10 days in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

10 days in Broome

A travel blog entry by butch.christine


... friends.  I had been given some money for my birthday/mothers day so decided to put it together and buy myself a Broome pearl.  There are dozens of shops in Broome selling pearls.  Finally purchased a pearl pendant which I love! We also ...

Gorging Ourselves, Broome, Australia travel blog

Gorging Ourselves

A travel blog entry by bevj


... . We finally ended up for our last stop at a place called Manning Gorge where we camped for the night before coming back to Broome.  Camping is highly regulated in the Kimberley as the area is of great conservational interest and you can only go to ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by beneches


... pictures and info from around Broome. Broome is located right at the bottom of the Kimberly region in the north west corner of Western Australia. Its on the edge of the Great Sandy desert. It doesn't experience the usual 4 season, just 2, a wet and dry ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by serenitynow


... the De Gray River with at least 50 other caravaners and campers.  There is a distance of approx 600km between Port Hedland and Broome with nothing but two roadhouses in-between, so the next day we drove until we were 150km south of Broome and stopped ...

Day 52, Lagrange, Australia travel blog

Day 52

A travel blog entry by daleandh

Day 52 August 6 It was quite cool overnight, the coolest we have had here. The campground has emptied out a bit, both powered and unpowered areas. I think some have had enough of the wind. Breakfast inside this morning too, it is still blowing. The wind ...

Broome, Broome,  Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by push2perth


... water. It is a very pretty beach and a swim on a less windy day would have been fun. We then headed into downtown Broome, purchased a picnic rug for an afternoon nap by the water and looked in all the pearl shops, found an amazing necklace that contained ...

burning in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

burning in Broome

A travel blog entry by josiegrosie

... in the airport in perth... at least we were togther this time and got lots of food vouchers so had a feast on Quantas!!! Broome is BLOODY hot!!! Im literally wasting away sitting here in my bathers and sarong... tis not good, makes it really hard to ...

Unterwegs in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Unterwegs in Broome

A travel blog entry by cbieri


Heute besuchten wir diverse Sachen in Broome und Umgebung. Unter anderem waren wir beim Gantheaume Point und beim Cable Beach. Am Nachmittag gingen wir zurück in den Perlenladen, den wir schon am Morgen mal besucht hatten. Da kann man nämlich das ...

Mosquito Heaven, Quondong Point, Australia travel blog

Mosquito Heaven

A travel blog entry by tb13


... water after that! Wind died down from the 14knots it had been the previous night, so we were able to get a good night sleep. Maguires headed north to Cape Leveque and we went south to have our week relaxing in Broome and pretending to be resort ...

Slacking at Port Smith, Broome, Australia travel blog

Slacking at Port Smith

A travel blog entry by gypsy50

... in mud short of the "ramp" . Didn't bother . 7\7\11 ...Now I think I've found a good spot - Port Smith just short of Broome - got the last site by blasting past some dude on dirt on the way off the highway -haha. Wind has stopped and it's aircon time ! ...

4 weeks in Broome 2012, Broome, Australia travel blog

4 weeks in Broome 2012

A travel blog entry by leoste


Broome is not as I would have imagined it to be. For years I thought of Broome as a vibrant holiday destination with lots of party type venues; you know clubs and bars etc.  But in reality it's a sleepy hollow, well it appeared that way anyway; ...

Cable Beach Caravan Park, Ganthaume Point, Australia travel blog

Cable Beach Caravan Park

A travel blog entry by dtpearce


We had a quiet day today, after our trip out to Cape Leveque.  One of the things we did do was go out to see the dinosaur footprints out at Gantheaume Point.  They can only be seen on certain low tides (below 1.9m), and today that was about ...

Day 42 - Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 42 - Broome

A travel blog entry by mortononthemove


Another day to relax and enjoy the beautiful sun. Headed to the pool around lunch time for a swim. Even though still cold I ventured in today with Iain and Chloe. Had a great time just throwing the ball around and then joined by Grace and Billy. Found a ...

Ultimate Destination., Broome, Australia travel blog

Ultimate Destination.

A travel blog entry by vanheerden


... Park is very good, we spent most of the time just chilling out around the pool and visiting the points of interest around town. Broome was originally founded in the late 1880's as a pearling port, set between a vast red desert and a beautiful azure sea ...

Barn Hill Station, Barn Hill Station, Australia travel blog

Barn Hill Station

A travel blog entry by garrett4


... of people staying here and maybe half of them had dogs. A lot of people travelling with dogs stay here because none of the places in Broome let you have dogs. It was a real senior's hangout. Some of them stay here for 3 or 4 months every year. We had to ...

A bit of a shopping detour, Broome, Australia travel blog

A bit of a shopping detour

A travel blog entry by mrsbaynes


... a maxi dress, oh and a well needed torch for us, thanks guys! The only place on the way that had such shops, was Broome. Originally we were going to stay in Broome first, then go to Derby, but Brett's dad was taking the next few days off to be ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gregd999


... old.  They actually look like large duck web prints.  Broome is a funny town in some ways.  The only dinosaur prints in Australia, and there is not a street sign that points to it, and when you get there there isn’t a sign, a path or ...

Pearl of the West coast, Broome, Australia travel blog

Pearl of the West coast

A travel blog entry by ferdygerven

L8ter ...

Chasing the sun, Broome, Australia travel blog

Chasing the sun

A travel blog entry by paulontheroad


... rest of my time was spent at the Cable beach part of town (about 3.5km from the town itself) at the brand new Beaches of Broome hostel, very very nice though a little pricy and not too much of a party place however since we knew so many people from both ...

Beach, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by baileymort

... it is home to about 30 fresh water crocs. The look creepy that close up.  A couple of days went by we were in Western Australia its a little bit cooler here but still hot. We went to cable beach it was a little wierd because no one was in the water ...

Day 43 - Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 43 - Broome

A travel blog entry by makgold


... do a wheel alignment so we headed to McDonalds for a coffee and milkshake each. As it is a lazy day around the park and Broome today we stocked up on lights, batteries, sun shade for the car and general supplies. We found an ice company and bought a ...

Finally We See the Sea!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Finally We See the Sea!

A travel blog entry by cnhljbuttigieg


Today where in Broome and it was nice to feel and see the ocean just to let you know me and my sister take writing the blog in turns I write it today and she dose it tomorrow. I am so relaxed but dad isn't the fridge is broken so we have to be careful ...

Day 58 - Thursday, Cable Beach , Australia travel blog

Day 58 - Thursday

A travel blog entry by ajnbee


Pretty sure I didn't get much sleep last night due to dreaming of Physie, but I still managed to get up early and Ethan and I headed out for a walk before breakfast. As we got away earlier than yesterday, it was a lot more bearable, but I was still ...

Our Horizontal falls adventure,,  Broome, Australia travel blog

Our Horizontal falls adventure,

A travel blog entry by johnandannie


Hi  A must do when visiting Broome we were picked up 5 30 am  on the seaplane for 6 00 am  i was so excited, the flight its so good,we landed on the sea,onto a big boat had coffee, and onto a smaller speed boat understated speed boat 500 ...

Day 28- Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 28- Broome

A travel blog entry by katgill

... we got the cracker out and tried to crack the first claw, might as well have been using our teeth for as much good as it was, so the hammer came out next. This was messy but effective, and we were soon full! Beers and mud crab in Broome, living the ...

Day 29- Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Day 29- Broome

A travel blog entry by katgill

... washing and packed some stuff up. After lunch did some shopping to restock everything. We decided seeing as it was our last night in Broome we would pack the esky and take the BBQ down to cable beach for tea. We drove down past all the naked old blokes ...

Beautiful Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Beautiful Broome

A travel blog entry by griffingetaways


We left Derby early as we had 200+kms to drive and it was very pleasant. Broome is a stunning place to visit. The site we booked at the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park was a seafront view overlooking the bay. Temperatures were a comfy 28 to 30 and not much ...

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