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To Kas - Another Bus Journey, Kas, Turkey travel blog

To Kas - Another Bus Journey

A travel blog entry by lindell


... tomatoes, and then up into more mountains with some snow lying on the roadside before descending again to the coast and the town of Kas which is a big tourist town in summer.    The mountains are so rocky. The roads were good, but if you looked ...

Day 87: Diving Day 2, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Day 87: Diving Day 2

A travel blog entry by dbadgery


Morning: Assessed Deep Dive (32m) Afternoon: Assessed Bouyancy Dive (swimming through hoops underwater like an unco-ordinated dolphin) Evening: Assessed Night Dive (swimming with sea ...

A 2.9 From The Russian Judge, Kas, Turkey travel blog

A 2.9 From The Russian Judge

A travel blog entry by dinojay2

... with its imposing hilltop castle, and the half an hour it took us to back our monster of a boat into a dock space in Kas, wriggling, shifting and pushing boats out of the way like a fat great aunt taking over the couch at Thanksgiving and turning ...

more relaxing...., Kas, Turkey travel blog

more relaxing....

A travel blog entry by christian-ro


... left around - it would be great if every tourist there could collect a bag each, hint hint... It would make such a difference. Turkey has 4,500 offical sites of ruins - all over the coast was evidence of this with many Lycian tombs (dating back around ...

Day 86: Return to Diving, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Day 86: Return to Diving

A travel blog entry by dbadgery


Morning orientation dive (could actually remember most things!) Afternoon, assessed Underwater Navigation ...

Day 85: Beach and Doing Nothing, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Day 85: Beach and Doing Nothing

A travel blog entry by dbadgery

Lie in and then finding diving instructor for PADI Advanced Open Water Beach for the ...

Pirates for a day, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Pirates for a day

A travel blog entry by bevie


Yaya and I walked into town for a 9:30 start with a boat cruise of the islands and bays off the coast of Kas. We were the first to arrive, Bob had earlier left for a kayak day on the same coast. Town is so quiet this morning after the noise and bustle of ...

Pebbles and  boulders, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Pebbles and boulders

A travel blog entry by bevie


... delicious home cooked food and BBQ meat.  It so pleasant here and so relaxed. This place is nothing like the rest of Turkey, that we have seen, I think it would be close to Greek island influence as the Greek islands are only half an hour away from ...

Boat Cruise, Aegean Sea, Turkey travel blog

Boat Cruise

A travel blog entry by amaddocks

. ...

Kas, Turkey, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kas, Turkey

A travel blog entry by tigereye

A little more swimming and dancing and chilling out (frantically planning the next ...

Blue Cruise, Kaş, Turkey travel blog

Blue Cruise

A travel blog entry by benjensen


... ;                Breakfast at Monica's Place same as across Turkey but still quite nice.  Eventually picked up to start our Gulet cruise, was supposed to be 9:30 but it was ...

Over the hills and far away, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Over the hills and far away

A travel blog entry by bevie


... is from Belgium and met her husband when he was running another hotel in the town and she came here on holidays.  So far Turkey has been full of surprises for me. I never thought it would be so diverse with so many different faces and the people are ...

Kas - The Amphitheatre and a Walk, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kas - The Amphitheatre and a Walk

A travel blog entry by lindell


... grounds, 'Free beaches', and an older Turkish man polishing his Honda Gold Wing? He and David had a chat about bikes!  Kas is a lovely seaside town - only about 7,000 inhabitants. It's very quiet at the moment. About four couples staying at our ...

Coppers, career advice & an envious retreat, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Coppers, career advice & an envious retreat

A travel blog entry by 2legs2wheels


... I rejoined my route.  Hilariously, when the officers informed me that the speed limit for all motorcycles on any road in Turkey is 88km/h, about 55mph, I laughed and they joined in, because they said that if they owned my bike there would be no way ...

Happy Birthday, America!, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Happy Birthday, America!

A travel blog entry by resiststatusquo

... . We still needed to see Meis (sounds like Mace), which is a Greek Island about a half hour away from Kas. Since pork isn’t readily available in Turkey, a lot of people venture there to get it. On our way to Aspendos, the people we were with said ...

Now this is paradise!, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Now this is paradise!

A travel blog entry by jev086


Here it is, the holiday destination for Visitors and residents alike. With crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, and loads of activities, Kas is the place to be. Ziya and I went snorkeling, paragliding, canyoning, and boat cruising. Such a nice time ...

Kas-hing in, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kas-hing in

A travel blog entry by panzaverde

... we are on it!   We met Richard and Nicki in Kas. They were on their way back to NZ from Europe.  Turkey was their last stop after travelling overland down from the Baltic. We enjoyed their stories of dumplings and former communist States.   ...

Turquoise Sea and Sunshine - Day 6 to Day 11, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Turquoise Sea and Sunshine - Day 6 to Day 11

A travel blog entry by katherinecle


... but we were on our way to the small town of Kalkan where we retrieved our bikes and rode to the small town of Kas. In Kas we took a little jaunt up the hill to see a small Hellenistic Theatre. We are getting quite a collection of theatre photographs on ...

What a great place, Kas, Turkey travel blog

What a great place

A travel blog entry by cdrjgreen


... this blog, Thank you for your comments which we alsoget a copy by email. Can you believe we opted for a day boat trip at Kas!! bloody windy which prevented the boat stopping at all places of interest, so was not best trip we have had.Sea was still a ...

The Lycian Way, Kas, Turkey travel blog

The Lycian Way

A travel blog entry by pilgrimthomas


... a site of Christian Pilgrimages, had not been turned into a mosque and was one of the most intact churches I have seen in Turkey; including the original altar and baptismal pool. Plus many of the frescoes and mosaics were intact. From Demre, I walked ...

Wastin' Away in Kas-aritaville, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Wastin' Away in Kas-aritaville

A travel blog entry by brookskeith


... take a day and catch up with myself. I've been charging hard since Istanbul and will again between here and Ephesus on Turkey's west coast. Wow is Kas a Turkish version of Anytown on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast! My hotel, the Hideaway, has a rooftop ...

Lazy days, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Lazy days

A travel blog entry by rubberducky_me


... my knee went into his back (I love the buses as you can see :p) We got into Kaś which apparently has the best diving in Turkey and also the best beach - it was overcast so I didn't dive and the beach, called kaputas, was so tiny and scrambled down a ...

Sinless singles... again, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Sinless singles... again

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is

... (car-sh). A small yachting village in the south west, it's also known by the Turks as the best place to dive in Turkey and possibly the entire Mediterranean.  Wanting to get some more practice in after being certified in Vietnam, we had chosen this ...

Room change, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Room change

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


... a lot easier if Google Maps or TripAdvisor knew where anything was in Turkey.  Unfortunately we've come to realise that in Turkey (and particularly Kas) our best guess is all we have, so naturally our first attempt was an utter fail.  This is ...

SCUBA in Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

SCUBA in Kas

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


Author: Steven   In the early hours of the day as I lay wrapped in slumber a spider came a-crawling. It a-crawled over my supine form. Tickling me with the patter of tiny legs. As I awoke to this innocent caress, numb in the tendrils of dreams, I ...

Trekking Fail, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Trekking Fail

A travel blog entry by laurenw_is


... , the real path was surrounded by lots of prickly plants and as we were wearing shorts we didn't fancy the idea of scratching up our legs any more than we had already.  So, we aborted the climb.  It is one of Steven's greatest regrets in ...

KAS, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by superg


... The weather was perfect.  We were out from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. in what was one of the highlights of Turkey thus far.  After a terrible overpriced dinner at a bad tourist restaurant, the kind I'm usually pretty good at sniffing ...

Kekova, Demre, & Olympos, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kekova, Demre, & Olympos

A travel blog entry by jportelance


... ;getting really tired of hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and cucumbers; where’s the BACON!?!?!? Sure-fire business plans for Turkey: -Central HVAC -Pillow top mattresses -McDonald’s -Self serve gas stations Loaded up to head East from Kas, ...

Tailored experience, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Tailored experience

A travel blog entry by plimmerton

... to believe Ozgul means Tailor in Turkish. I know this by first hand experience. After purchasing a dress in the local town of Kas I noticed the next day the inside seam quite torn. Gayle and I were heading back to do some retail therapy that evening so ...

Amphithéâtre romain, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Amphithéâtre romain

A travel blog entry by sdelaquis


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