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Capaadoccia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by clare_pinki

Fairy ...

Flying High in Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Flying High in Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


From Kas we headed to Olympos, staying in a deluxe version of the B&Q shed. This is another stunning beach area, but surrounded by ancient ruins and the most mystical Chimaera. For thousands of years, pilgrims have flocked to the natural gases ...

Turkey, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by das1601


... , our guıde for the day marched us along lıke Japanese prisoners of war, so ıt was hard to appreciate the surroundings. Goreme itself ıs an amazıng place though, and well worth the two day slog to get there. It ıs a ...

Gharam* in Goreme, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Gharam* in Goreme

A travel blog entry by shaanandkate


... explored many caves, churches, and old frescoes painted and preserved inside of them.  Even though it was late afternoon/early evening, Goreme was still gharam (hot) so it was a relief to go inside the caves.  (Some background:  a ...

Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by mviglianco


... duty. At each bus stop friends and family were there to beat drums, dance, and chant. Cappadocia is a region in central Turkey known for it's strange landscape of rock spires called the "Fairy Chimneys". These formations have been used for thousands of ...

Ring Around the Rose Valley, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Ring Around the Rose Valley

A travel blog entry by sashadasha


... part which would be a challenge since paths were hardly marked. The Rose Valley was a huge valley located between the villages of Goreme and Cavusin. It got its name after the rocks colour of varıous different shades of rose.  Depending on the ...

Magical and Surreal, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Magical and Surreal

A travel blog entry by smyth


... where they could love safely for months at a time. We had the best hike of our lives yesterday when we hiked from Goreme to Çavuºin through the Rose Valley...just exceptional.  And we went last night to a restored caravanserai from 1249 to see ...

Hot air balloons over a Different planet!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Hot air balloons over a Different planet!

A travel blog entry by p45


... 1000 years BC hollowed these out and lived in them. People still do now. Its really an awe inspiring place. We drove through Goreme to another little village out of town where there were no tourists and decided that's where we'll eat. We found a little ...

Cappadocia, Göreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by longwayhomenz


We both got the flu the day we arrived to Goreme. We stayed in a cool hotel that had caves as the rooms - like the ancient rock houses that are everywhere in the Cappadocia region. After a days rest and an ok sleep we took on the open air museum (an area ...

Cappadocia: Land of underground cities, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia: Land of underground cities

A travel blog entry by laurenandy


... received an interesting spiel on how the jewels are created and then offered some tea - even though Apple tea is quite prevalent in Turkey (and really good), we're convinced it's some sort of serum to convince us to open our wallets.  Luckily, it ...

Cappadocia, waaahhhhhhhhh, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia, waaahhhhhhhhh

A travel blog entry by ragowski


The last few days in Goreme (Cappadocia) have been fucken sweet; even though the weather wasn't the best. And as Dave Keane put it, 'Welcome to Europe!’, smart ass Irish cunt, I’d try say something witty but I’m sure I’d would ...

Fairy Chimney or Are You Just Happy To See Me, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Fairy Chimney or Are You Just Happy To See Me

A travel blog entry by gr8escape


(C) Time for the hike through the badlands of Cappadocia.  Choice - Pasabagi Valley.  Absolutely worth it, but don't forget this ain't no National Park.  There are no handrails.     Once again, we had the place almost ...

Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by rnriggins


... with pretty primitive living conditions. As bakground, Cappadocia is the name of the region in central Turkey, while we stayed in the town of Goreme. Cappadocia flourished between the 4th and 11th centuries as a refuge for early Christians. It is ...

Kapadokya, Göreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by alixetfab


Apres 12 heures de bus de nuit et 800 km parcourus nous arrivons au milieu du pays des canyons, des cheminees de fee, des villes souterraines et des eglises sculptees a meme le tuf (boue + basalte). Endroit unique tout droit sorti de l'imaginaton d'un ...

Hiking or Tea?, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Hiking or Tea?

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


Goreme is a small town in a region of Turkey called Cappadocia. The area is a bit similar to the Badlands in Alberta, but without the dinosaurs. It was dry and dusty, and got really cold at night. I had sweats and a jacket and long sleeve on to keep warm. ...

Butterfly Ballooning, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Butterfly Ballooning

A travel blog entry by sashadasha


... license. The other one, an Englishman Mr. Green, had extensive experience flying balloons around the world.  When arriving at Goreme, Capadocia (the land of beautiful horses as Alexander the Great named it) we went to the office and booked our ...

Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by kat_mc


Cappadoccia is a region of Turkey where volcanic action left a remarkable landscape. Goreme is a town in the area (fairly touristy town.) It's also a place where travellers can sleep in a made cave room/dorm. Nup, not a tourist trap- actually the way the ...

cave fun time, Göreme, Turkey travel blog

cave fun time

A travel blog entry by christina_lam


... i told him to drop me off and carry on by himself. but it was fun and the views were awesome. paul and anso are staying in turkey for another week or two and we are moving on to syria so we will be splitting up. also found an english book store HOORAY and ...

The Caves of Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

The Caves of Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by teresatraveler


... tea. You may want to go on a tour of the Ilhara Valley and see the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu.  Turkey has a very well organized tourist industry with many tour companies offering guided tours of the area by professionally-trained English ...

Cappadocia on a Scooter, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia on a Scooter

A travel blog entry by juliank


... for only 5 lira. We then planned out our next course of action, taking a scenic route through small rural villages back to Goreme. The ride through the small villages was great, everyone would wave hello or beep their horn as you went past. There were ...

Love Walley Tour, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Love Walley Tour

A travel blog entry by millervilles


... winery with descent wine, although France will probably be okay.  Then we headed see the fortress at Uchisar just outside of Goreme on the way home.   The evening was spent first with some drinks at the terrace of the Kelebek Cave Hotel, the ...

Exploring beautiful Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Exploring beautiful Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by juliank


... ?... Mıcrosoft Word says no)  so I decided to check out one of the star attractions of the Cappadocia region, the Goreme Open Air Museum. I arrived early as Lonely Planet suggested to "beat the crowds", but there were already 10 busloads of package ...

To go or not to go into Iraq, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

To go or not to go into Iraq

A travel blog entry by nalddo


... amazing sight of the Middle-East ! More exciting are the paperwork while entering the country by land from Turkey. The Kurdish Regional Government issues its own tourist visa, good for travelling within Iraqi Kurdistan only. Citizens of  ...

Cappadocia, Nevşehir Merkez, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by guyandhilli


... valley, a world heritage site. We're here for the next four days and intend to take things quietly for a bit... as well as walk the valley to Goreme, visit an underground city and see some of the amazing paintings in the ancient churches of ...

Tourıng Cappadocıa, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Tourıng Cappadocıa

A travel blog entry by kaisersnuggle


... I just sıt here untıl he gets back and lısten to hıs Amerıcan top 40 musıc (Lady Gaga ın Turkey). Takıng a bus to Antakya, Bıblıcal Antıoch, tomorrow mornıng and then headıng ınto ...

Camping in Paradise!, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Camping in Paradise!

A travel blog entry by gr8escape


(C) We drove from Ankara yesterday to Goreme in Cappadocia.  So great to get out of Ankara.  It's not a bad city, but it's very complicated and the traffic made me want to eat my foot.  We pulled into this village at sunset and easily found ...

Cappadocia off-road, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Cappadocia off-road

A travel blog entry by jbaxter


We hired bikes and checked out the region around Goreme today. The pictures speak for themselves. Overnighting it back to Istanbul tonight. Plenty more to see and do there before we fly out ...

Me vs Scooter - Round 2, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Me vs Scooter - Round 2

A travel blog entry by juliank


... of course safe - speed of under 60kph. First stop was the Zelve monastery complex. This place lacks the elaborate frescoes of Goreme and other sites there's still plenty here to see. The series of valleys provided a good hour or so of exploring abandoned ...

The Balloon That Never Flew, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

The Balloon That Never Flew

A travel blog entry by kickthrough


... . After a nap, we went to explore the valleys. First we went to the open air museum. Early Christians in this part of Turkey carved their churches and monasteries into the rocks to hide them from enemies. It was very cool to walk through small doors in ...

Fairy Chimneys & Gnomish Toadstools, Goreme, Turkey travel blog

Fairy Chimneys & Gnomish Toadstools

A travel blog entry by jl_bigtrip


... the pre-dawn darkness, promising some exciting exploring to come. A shower and a nap see us ready to wander the streets of Goreme, a friendly little tourist town right in the midst of the Cappadocia region. Nearly all of the cave dwellings carved into the ...

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