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Sunny Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Sunny Geneva

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... sunny days when you can see the mountains and Mont Blanc (the mountain, not the pen).  Most often it’s overcast in Geneva, but strangely not as depressing as it was in Vienna.  I may have said this a few times before, but Geneva is ...

The first train ride, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

The first train ride

A travel blog entry by rupz12

... order to get to Rome the following day! So the journey began at 4 :L arrivering in Perpignan at about 9, we await our train to Switzerland, even though we have to booking :L Train arrives, the man at one end ofthe train tells us first class only! We end ...

Week end with Clémence, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Week end with Clémence

A travel blog entry by fwice


It's family season!!!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

It's family season!!!

A travel blog entry by maia


.... and that means it's PHOTO season. Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch. But I have a wee business idea for December when I return. I am offering an unbeatable service. Christmas Family Portraits.... at through the floor prices!!!! The service: ...

Home..., Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by silverlining

Geneva ...

Médias, Confignon, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by sebjossi

J'ai eu la chance d'intéresser les médias locaux, voici quelques interviews et reportages: Le 6 janvier 2010 sur Léman Bleu: Le 28 ...

Confused in Switzerland Pt 2, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Confused in Switzerland Pt 2

A travel blog entry by scotfordfamily


Well here we are back in beautiful Switzerland, this time in Geneva. They still have their own funny coloured money, they still have strange powerpoints, it is still very expensive but this time they are all French. Now that I have got the hang of Italian ...

Geneva, Montreux, Chillon, Lausanne, Gruyères..., Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Geneva, Montreux, Chillon, Lausanne, Gruyères...

A travel blog entry by irenan


... fondue person" to it! :) and while I am on the subject of food: I found restaurants almost unreasonably expensive in Switzerland...and I am not even talking about fancy was quite common in our experience to pay an equivalent of almost ...

Hijinks in Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Hijinks in Geneva

A travel blog entry by a_schafs

... case 1 centimetre. 4. Add the results of steps 1 and 3 to get your vehicles height - 2.01 metres in our case. Upon returning to Geneva after our recent airport experience, we decided instead to push off immediately around Lac Leman towards ...

Day trip, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Day trip

A travel blog entry by jayton

Went on a day trip to Lausanne which is a town at the north end of the lake.  A fast train trip from Geneva to Lausanne.  Went down a long hill to the lake and had a walk along the shore, then back up the same long hill plus ...

Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by mapoirat

Went so many times for ski ...

The Argentine, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

The Argentine

A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


... and hit the street toward a nearby grocery store to grab food for lunch and supper. I'm glad they take Euros here - I forgot that Switzerland, like the UK, still supports a local currency (Swiss Francs).   Time to get lost.   Geneva's a great ...

Day 15 – Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Day 15 – Geneva

A travel blog entry by tadtravels


... ;t normally write about a discount grocery store trip, but this is done as a service to anyone else thinking of visiting Geneva on a budget.  Because everything there is so ridiculously expensive when dining out (even McDonald’s!), it is almost ...

McDonalds, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jose

It truly is rare (these days) that I eat at McDonalds. Once every couple of months. Not bad for a girl that was sincerely addicted to the stuff less than a decade ago. There's lots to say about McDonalds' impact on society and the environment. But ...



A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


... receptionist. This meant that we could use all Public Means of transport for free. (A nice wellcome for tourists who visit Switzerland from the Government) This time we booked a nice Hotel Appartment and we had smoked salmon and good ...

Mon Projet, Confignon, Switzerland travel blog

Mon Projet

A travel blog entry by sebjossi


Mon projet: J'ai l'intention de me rendre à Shanghai de Genève avec pour seul moyen de transport mon vélo. Outre le challenge personnel, j'espère de cette manière trouver du financement pour les actions du WWF en faveur de la protection de la forêt ...

Geneva:  Great Hostel and Great Cheese!!, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Geneva: Great Hostel and Great Cheese!!

A travel blog entry by rachandshan


Bonjour and Guten Tag from Geneva They speak both French AND German here so you have to be on your toes!!  We arrived in Geneva to the sounds of honking and cheering in the streets.  Yes, they had been anticipating our arrival!!  We are ...

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by leann-robyn



City Muster, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

City Muster

A travel blog entry by reece.carter


... area - then we were off to Lake Leman to soak out feet (we forgot our bathers). Anyway today we spent the afternoon in Geneva (only a 20 minute drive from Francoise's). Marie and I, as usual, were pretty low on cash and we needed a nice free evening, ...

c est juste une fin pas la fin.. mais un happy end, Geneve, Switzerland travel blog

c est juste une fin pas la fin.. mais un happy end

A travel blog entry by bafreux

voila de retour... mais sans bagages.. comme lors de mon retour precedent d australie ou le surf n etait pas arrive.. ils m ont paume tous mes bagages a londres heathrow.. mais la derniere fois le lendemain matin ils etaient la.. la ca fait 1,5 jours et ...

Pics from l'halloween, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Pics from l'halloween

A travel blog entry by jose


Pics from ...

C-15, Cointrin, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by flowsenin


Voici enfin le jour tant attendu. Le début de journée a été assez calme. Le paquetage a seulement été à moitié rempli, un jean, deux tee-shirts, une chaussure, la trousse de toilette, quatre petites bouteilles de ...

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by hithere52


... the tourism office, but on the way we got sidetracked by a few souvenir shops and also the biggest department store in either Switzerland or Geneva, I am not sure which. There was a huge grocery store on the first floor, and we got to try tons of free ...

hier soir, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

hier soir

A travel blog entry by jose


Yesterday night I: Applied for three amazing apartments (fingers still crossed) Lost a pair of Gucci Sunglasses (less than a month old) Lost a mobile phone (less than a month old) Hung with Wesley Snipes and friends Spent 25 CHF on a single beer (= ...

Some Geneva Sightseeing, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Some Geneva Sightseeing

A travel blog entry by hachbach


... I was never even questioned or needed to show my paper on my return.  I actually was questioned more when I was leaving Switzerland than when I got back.  Also, while in line at Gatwick in London I was behind several young men who were seeking ...

Another friends frenzy... but different, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Another friends frenzy... but different

A travel blog entry by maia

... :-) Remember... tell your friends! ;-) Two thoughts. Number 1. So, I left my little paradise in Serres and made my way to Geneva where I was met by one of my favourite family's in the world. The Goodman/Arnold Gang!! This family and my family were ...

...on the Lake Geneva Shoreline, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

...on the Lake Geneva Shoreline

A travel blog entry by travelingmoores


We drove through the Italian Alps, and then through France to get to Switzerland. The curious thing about our entry to France, was the 7 mile-long tunnel that went right under the snow covered Mont Blanc.. wow, and it popped us out on the other side, ...

A different Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

A different Switzerland

A travel blog entry by tan14


... and was to head to Geneva for my last night on the way I decided to stop in Bern for a few hours. Seeing I was in Switzerland I had better actually see the Capital City of the country. Yes, all those people out there reading who thought Zurich or Geneva ...

Day 8, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by mslat


... the course of history, and the grandeur of the building certainly upheld the role.  Our plan was to see the old town of Geneva. This looked promising until we got off at the last stop of the tram, which had put us into the industrial area. We got ...

Planning the trip, Geneva, Switzerland travel blog

Planning the trip

A travel blog entry by patrick1973

Jayne and I went to the travel agency yesterday and we drafted our trip around the world.  So here is the initial idea: Latin America: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil New-Zealand Fiji Australia South-East Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, ...

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