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Hemåt igen, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Hemåt igen

A travel blog entry by emma-on-tour


Lämnade Trang tidigt, trots att Koh Hai Villas båt inte skulle gå förrän vid 11.30 (Koh Ngai kallas även Koh Hai, därav mitt resortnamn Koh Hai Villa - öns budgetalternativ med bara 500 bath för en fan bungalow). Moto till ...

odds and ends, Lund, Sweden travel blog

odds and ends

A travel blog entry by caroline.sage


... taking talent on this time around.)  The rest of the written entry shall consist of things that I have noticed about Lund/Sweden/Lund University/my ingrained "American-ness clashing with the way things are done over here - that I find either quaint, ...

Print Directions before you arrive, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Print Directions before you arrive

A travel blog entry by meera

... and walked to 7-11 (according to my discussion with the nice lady at the tourist's office, 7-11 is the only place in Lund with public internet). I paid 11 kroner (like a buck fifty) and found the address and how to say "Talar du Engelska?". Once at ...

Lund // Arrival Day!, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Lund // Arrival Day!

A travel blog entry by absabroad


... to Lund!) Suitcases packed and bags loaded, Ryan and I boarded our final train of our winter travels to arrive (finally!) at Lund University. In typical Swedish style we were greeted with grey skies, rain and the cold - but that did little to dampen our ...

Lund, mystery bicycles & Patrik the policeman, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Lund, mystery bicycles & Patrik the policeman

A travel blog entry by h.glenn


... exactly like a postcard. To reach Sweden, the train crosed the Öresund Bridge which stretches across the water between Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen. Sadly I couldn't see much outside with such snowy weather. Before I knew it the train arrived in ...

first few days at Lund, Lund, Sweden travel blog

first few days at Lund

A travel blog entry by kahleng789

... this i was like in secondary school. I shall try. :) On the first day, we had to take a train from Copenhagen to Lund with our enormous luggages, and we faced some difficulty at first cos we didn't have any Danish Kronos. Luckily they accepted our ...

pin5, Lund, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by bpburns64

adf ...

Dagen då packningen startar, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Dagen då packningen startar

A travel blog entry by alex_matilda


I väntan på dan före dan då vi reser. Mer uppdateringar ...

pin3, Lund, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by bpburns64

asfdasfsda ...

Morgunmatur í Svíþjóð, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Morgunmatur í Svíþjóð

A travel blog entry by asiuflakk


Engar seinkanir gott gott.  Pabbi Hafdísar skutlaði okkur á flugvöllinn. Skáluðum í bjór ummm.. Icelandair bauð okkur upp á eldgamla vél með afar vanþróuðu afþreyingarkerfi en fengum ókeypis heyrnartól og snakk í sárabætur. ...

Malmo, Lund, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by jhunz23

Lund ...

Purple carrots!?!, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Purple carrots!?!

A travel blog entry by caroline.sage


OK, this is just a quick one this time 'cause I'm in the middle of learning how to do excel.  But I just had to tell you guys about these purple carrots.  So, the other day when I was grocery shopping I saw that they had these very convenient ...

Broke ass ovens and Nazis, Lund, Sweden travel blog

Broke ass ovens and Nazis

A travel blog entry by caroline.sage


... !  Nazis and Left-ists fighting eachother like 50 feet away from me (and 7 floors down), in the year 2008, in Sweden!  Who knew!  Apparently, November 30th is significant in Swedish history b/c it's the day that Sweden won some major ...

Is that a Lamp? (And Snowball Fights!), Lund, Sweden travel blog

Is that a Lamp? (And Snowball Fights!)

A travel blog entry by h.glenn


... significantly. I was so thrilled to have guests, particularly ones who were so excited to be in such snow and in Sweden!! After taking them home, we had dinner followed by delicious Limoncino spiders (Limoncino, lemonade and ice-cream) for dessert. ...

More on O-Week, Lund, Sweden travel blog

More on O-Week

A travel blog entry by h.glenn


... I had better master this before classes really start otherwise I am going to be in trouble. It is weird though, so many things in Sweden are upside-down compared to Australia: the time format (both telling the time and date format, which is 2010-01-17), ...

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