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Shallow Wallet, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Shallow Wallet

A travel blog entry by justen

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... and waited for my hair appointment. Basically, my hair's reached the awkward stage between long and short, so I had to get in cut and Sweden isn't the cheapest country in the world, so there's more cash. Plus, I had lunch out today and that was even more. ...

Tunnel Vision!, Gothenburg, Sweden travel blog

Tunnel Vision!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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... don't do much of that anymore. It was the same crossing into Denmark from Germany. No stamp.   The drive through Sweden was uneventful. The weather was overcast, though somewhat windy. During one rest stop I fiddled with the pre-load setting ...

Gotland, Sweden, Gotland, Sweden travel blog

Gotland, Sweden

A travel blog entry by wdtraveltime


... ) was without challenge.   We rented a car, took maps and guide books and headed out of Visby. Driving is easy in Sweden and at this time of year there is little traffic. We drove past house after house and through tiny villages that looked utterly ...

Seeing the Sights of Stockholm - The Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Seeing the Sights of Stockholm - The Hospital

A travel blog entry by wdtraveltime


Yesterday while helping Rob renovate their new house I got something in my eye which was still there this morning. This resulted in a trip to the centre of beautiful Stockholm and the eye hospital. Following that Rob and I drove to their house for a day ...

This & That in Gothenburg!, Gothenburg, Sweden travel blog

This & That in Gothenburg!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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... , the barista, server, chef and chief bottle washer. When I asked her her name she rattled something off. She said that even for Sweden it was an unusual name. Her mother is from Norway. At 20 something she felt that she'd been living here for what seems ...

Funny signs in SWEDEN, Kilafors, Sweden travel blog

Funny signs in SWEDEN

A travel blog entry by cpiotto


I wanted to add some pics of some funny signs from Sweden... Some of them are just plain confusing with all of the different characters and words, others are plain funny (like the car driving into the sea!) I still havent got a moose sign, but I will ...

Bad vid Örarevet, Gunnarstorp, Sweden travel blog

Bad vid Örarevet

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


GOD JUL  FROM SWEDEN, Duved, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by jl_bigtrip


... ;s sister and husband – Sharna and Chris. Magical. Sharna and Chris have come over to spend the Christmas week with us in Sweden. They have been here a couple of days already, ski gear hired, the first runs across the mountain in the bag. But before ...

Gävle- Off the boat , Gävle, Sweden travel blog

Gävle- Off the boat

A travel blog entry by mcphailc

Somehow I managed to wake up extremely early the next morning, and stumbled down for breakfast. As we walked back up to our rooms, I saw a horrible horrible sight. As you would walk onto the boat, there are people there that take very rushed pictures of ...

Gävle- Sauna, Finnish style , Gävle, Sweden travel blog

Gävle- Sauna, Finnish style

A travel blog entry by mcphailc

I woke up extremely early this morning, to see the Sjökvists off as they left on their trip. I was under the impression that they wouldn't be getting back untill after I had left to go home, so I thought that this was going to be the last time that ...

Stockholm - občudovanja vredna ladja Vasa, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm - občudovanja vredna ladja Vasa

A travel blog entry by jana-petan


Spala sem le dobre tri ure. Ko spiš, ničesar ne doživiš. Nekaj čez šesto sem bila že na palubi. Pa nisem bila dolgo sama. Tudi drugi so prišli uživat. Zrak je bil kristalno čist. Sonce je bilo že ...

Cool Runnings, Umeå, Sweden travel blog

Cool Runnings

A travel blog entry by matt81


It snowed last night here in the land of Modo, that's Sweden’s elite hockey club, where the Sedin sisters once played. This morning I awoke at the bright hour of 9:15am and decided that it was time for some exercise.  Now, it snowed last night ...

Wonders of the Wasa Ship and two gammla people, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Wonders of the Wasa Ship and two gammla people

A travel blog entry by houghtaling


... were then going to venture on to Skansen an old town (living museum)  built out of about 150 buildings from all over Sweden, with a zoo, shops, restaurants and such, but after driving to the parking lot, putting the europa mobile in park we looked at ...

Going around by bicycle...., Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Going around by bicycle....

A travel blog entry by fettino


We go through a wooded route immersed in the nature up to Stockholm, where we stay for 4 nights! This city is very beautiful and welcoming, amusing and quiet, clean and educated!The central parts of the city consists of fourteen islands, all part of the ...

Another First in the Firewood Factory, Arboga, Sweden travel blog

Another First in the Firewood Factory

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... came, where they were sent down the river to Stockholm and eventually out to sea and the rest of Europe. Eventually the king realized Sweden was getting ripped off selling the raw material, as you could only get so much for it, and it needed to be forged ...

Stockholm - Old Town/Sea Views, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm - Old Town/Sea Views

A travel blog entry by jdp643


Hung out in Stockholm in between my trips with MB/Will and Lauren/Bobby. The city was fantastic and very scenic. I also had perfect weather while I was there with highs in the low 70s all week. The highlight of my time here was the Vasa ...

Language of Sharks and Crafternoons, Orebro, Sweden travel blog

Language of Sharks and Crafternoons

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... to take her into the air with a gentle gust of wind. And the streets are windy today. So the big shopping centre has Sweden’s answer to Border’s, and we spend some time in there looking for the humourous kind of book. The thought process of ...

Dinner, Dogs and, Arboga, Sweden travel blog

Dinner, Dogs and

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... up. There are squirrels battling it out in the pine next to me, freaking out and visibly shitting themselves as I stand. Hello Sweden. I show Joelle the morning routine, and from what she says this place is very very different. Working hours are set, ...

Staying close to home, Lulea, Sweden travel blog

Staying close to home

A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


... with an indoor lounge and dance floor...actually a pretty interesting place despite all of the 18 year olds. Because nothing is free in Sweden (no, not even grocery bags) we paid $13 to get in and went through 2 rounds of ID checking by security guards. ...

Här i Umeå, Sverige, Umeå, Sweden travel blog

Här i Umeå, Sverige

A travel blog entry by smikneus


... nbsp;Sweden, and I do believe that trip was one of the loneliest things I have ever done - especially because when I arrived in Sweden, I was all by myself AND everyone was speaking in Swedish. Kind of refreshing though - it's easier to relax when ...

Bath in Faxälven, Ramsele, Sweden travel blog

Bath in Faxälven

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Moving water, Älvkarleby, Sweden travel blog

Moving water

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Schweden, Göteborg, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by 110572


Nach Ankunft am Göteborg City Airport mit Shuttlebus nach Göteborg City, Nils Ericson Terminal. Busfahrt mit Swebus nach ...

Procrastination time =P, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Procrastination time =P

A travel blog entry by chunhin


So it was after Swedish class, it was a lovely sunny day (for once), what better thing to do than to cruise around Stockholm on my bike and take pictures!?  Ahh, I have missed sunny days and the pictures come up so much better!  Massive glare ...

Kolla in staden, Kristianopel, Sweden travel blog

Kolla in staden

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Jungle Fever Party, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Jungle Fever Party

A travel blog entry by norgaard007


Jungle Fever Party hos Mette og Hanna - de to praktikanter i ...

Day 9 - Bolmsö to Kristinehamn, Kristinehamn, Sweden travel blog

Day 9 - Bolmsö to Kristinehamn

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


Quite a lot of rain in the night but it didn't stop us sleeping. The trouble with this campsite was that although they made clear that this was early season and not all facilities were available, the fact that reception was only open for half an hour in ...

Real Forests, Arboga, Sweden travel blog

Real Forests

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


There's a fog this morning keeping me from seeing any sunrise as I take the path again, the rocks are slippery again but the ground is soft, free of cracking frost. Breakfast with Cicci and Staffan has a very strange vibe about, something dark is ...

Joana and Socialism, Nynashamn, Sweden travel blog

Joana and Socialism

A travel blog entry by chiefgracie23


... I’ll pass on gaining firsthand knowledge. Over dinner and the drive home I learned some very interesting facts regarding Sweden as a Socialist country.  I know I should have known most of this already, thanks to my politically sensitive family, ...

Planering, Skåne län, Sverige travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattiaslundgren

Nu ar nastan var planering infor resan klar. Ska bara bestalla specialmat på flyget till vart ...

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