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Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by oskari

Pitkasta aikaa jotain tannekin. Brasovista tuli lahto lauantai-aamuna kohti lantta ja Cluj-Napocaa. Juna oli ylibuukattu, joten paikkavarauksesta huolimatta sain viettaa mukavat viisi ja puoli tuntia seisoskellen kaytavalla. Lopussa alkoi ehka jo vahan ...

On the road again, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

On the road again

A travel blog entry by gladys.hunt

... or corner . And minutes after turning up like drowned rats , the rain ceased. Nice hotel good staff . First night in Romania . Tick Traveling to Cluj -Napoca. Only 155 ks not far but over 2.5 h to get there . Very cute courtyard hotel . Best thing was ...

lido, Cluj-napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by egocluj

hello. i want to know if 24-28 may it is aq good period for swimming at Lido di Jesolo. Thank you! ...

Look At These Fucking Hipsters, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Look At These Fucking Hipsters

A travel blog entry by haskalah


... lightning does indeed strike twice.  Yikes. A 3-hour bus ride took us back to Transylvania, to the university town of Cluj Napoca.  Originally settled by Dacians in the 100s CE, Cluj Napoca is now home to loud fashionistas, an unpleasant number ...

Transylvania, Magyarlona, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by smr25

... and the only person we talked with was another guest staying with them from Budapest.  On the second day we visited Cluj-Napoca which used to be the second largest city in Hungary.  First we visited a large Reformed church and a church ...

The Weirder Side of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

The Weirder Side of Cluj

A travel blog entry by bpsilva


I was eager to get started on the Maramures portion of my trip, but there were a few things I wanted to finish up seeing in Cluj.  First up was the Pharmacy Museum.  This had been talked up by a few people, but I didn't enjoy it too much.  ...

Habitat for Humanity in Romania!, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Habitat for Humanity in Romania!

A travel blog entry by awehrbar

... delayed posting - was having too much fun with my Habitat crew building a house. So as I mentioned in my last post - I am in Cluj (Romania) on a Habitat for Humanity build that was sponsored by my future employer Bain.  In fact, there are 6 of us ...

Jun 18, 2010, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Jun 18, 2010

A travel blog entry by luciagreco


BORING !!, Cluj, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by hodgo7

This was the most boring city of our trip. It took me about 5 months to remember what the hotel looked like. The only thing I did of note was get a haircut where they spoke NO ENGLISH at all. There was a 13 year old boy getting his haircut next to me who ...

Shubi dubi, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Shubi dubi

A travel blog entry by lisasmith.londo

asasasa ...

night in cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

night in cluj

A travel blog entry by o_thou_bandit

... was a complete stranger, a sweet old hard-luck dame who found me wandering around the train station at night in the city of Cluj Napoca. After some frantic gesturing she "talked" me into renting a room in her flat nearby, down a nameless grey street ...

Second city, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Second city

A travel blog entry by mothman

... flight left on time, with no luggage issues and legroom wasn't terrible. We both felt tired so had a little snooze. Arrived at Cluj Napoca, which was a nice small airport with very quick immigration and then we used the ATM got some Lei and grabbed a cab ...

Studentenstadt auf leichtfüßig, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Studentenstadt auf leichtfüßig

A travel blog entry by yaeontheroad

Nachts um halb 3 rumänische Zeit werden wir warm und herzlich im Transylvania Hostel empfangen und fällen auch gleich ins Bettchen. Dann heisst es ausschalten. Nach einer kurzen Planungseinheit frühstücken wir um 2 kein Frühstück mehr aber nicht ...

Pregatiri, Cluj-napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by calatorii

... cu rucsacul in spate 3 saptamani? Oare sa fie obositor, ciudat? Avand in vedere ca avem la dispozitie rezervate biletele de avion dus-intors Cluj-Marrakesh atat. Cum o sa fie?...Normal ca bine o sa fie atat timp cat ii respectam atat pe ei, cat ...

arrival to Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

arrival to Cluj-Napoca

A travel blog entry by krewetka

:) ...

Phase 2, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania travel blog

Phase 2

A travel blog entry by bkozuma


... been talking about the effects of the government systems in the last century, and the contrasts between the U.S.A., Hungary, and Romania. Hungary, even in these economic times, has been improving since the 1950’s, and especially in the ...

Hungarian Spices in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Hungarian Spices in Romania

A travel blog entry by christina88


    Cluj Napoca was the city where we focused upon exploration of the Hungarian minority in Romania and their identity. Our first meeting - and I would say my favorite meetings of all the ones we had on travel - was our meeting with ...

Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamesandbre


Sunday 30th - up at 4:30am which was really 3:30 as daylight savings has started here. We arrived at the train station early and easily found our train and no sign of dodgy people offering help for money this time. We found our seats, much nicer than the ...

Indulas, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by vcs222

Killing Time, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Killing Time

A travel blog entry by andyandkaren


We returned the car safely to the travel agents after an hour in the confusing one way systems of Cluj.  We have booked an overnight train to Bucharest that leaves around 10.00pm and gets us in just after 7am. We'll grab some breakfast in Bucharest ...

ew, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by djue_inter

esw ...

Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by stresskind


Nachmittags (natuerlich mal wieder mit ner Menge Verspaetung) kommen wir in Cluj an. Cluj ist eine kleine Studentenstadt in Siebenbuergen. Wie bummeln ein wenig durch die Stadt bis wir eine Pizzeria finden. Da wir beiden ziemlich Hunger haben, wollen wir ...

Ujra itthon, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

Ujra itthon

A travel blog entry by vcs222

Late dinner in rural Romania, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

Late dinner in rural Romania

A travel blog entry by irresolue

ill write something ...

Kolozsvár-ON, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by geoneo


Viszonylag gyorsan beértünk Kolozsvárra, nem is álltunk meg csak 1x egy gyors kávéra. A hely már ismerős volt jártam már itt. Mikor a városba értünk már vártam az eszméletlen vezetési stílust, olyan Pesties, csak agresszívabban. ...

Club Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Club Napoca

A travel blog entry by carrieemann


I am in Cluj, my last stop in Transylvania! Cluj is in central-northern-ish Romania, and is very different from the other cities of the region. It is not nearly so touristy (it's a student town and this coming week is the beginning of the semester for ...

Missionary Outreach, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Missionary Outreach

A travel blog entry by giftofisis

My youth group at church (Vineyard STL) was in Romania when I was 13 years old, distributing clothes, canned foods and providing childcare to families when their parents went to ...

Just stopping by, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Just stopping by

A travel blog entry by csaladenes

... stopped by for a day to wait for Ági, as she was flying to Temesvár (Timisoara) airport and after that she had to take the train to Cluj. We thought we would spend the night here, get a good nights rest and continue our lengthy journey home ...

Change, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by csaladenes

This time I started my ...

Jan 26, 2014, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Jan 26, 2014

A travel blog entry by nichita


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