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The Beach one last time!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

The Beach one last time!

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


... .  I was glad to see so many people so happy.  Once again I was so lucky to be invited to share in such a great event.  I am thankful to be at the beach with such wonderful folks on my last Friday in Qatar. 5 days before I return home! N ...

Tribeca Film Festival Anyone?, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Tribeca Film Festival Anyone?

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


Can you believe it the Tribeca Film Festival, here in Doha, Qatar?? Can it be true?  Well folks, indeed it is here.  This is the second time for Qatar to host this event and there is lots of excitement in the air.  Premiers, red carpets and ...

Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by thomasmb


... that the government wouldn't allow that. Yes Matt is a party pooper and a dream killer! Let's get something out there right away, Qatar is very very very Muslim, and females should show no form of skin. Well my beloved wife had to do the opposite as ...

Doha Day 2, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha Day 2

A travel blog entry by monicaalfonzo


... encounter. I was more terrified in London than here. In London, I felt like people were rude and much less likely to help you. Qatar is the exact opposite. People all over think of the Middle East as a War torn area of the world. Qatar is not that ...

Doha, Qatar - The beginning of it all, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha, Qatar - The beginning of it all

A travel blog entry by chowyunmatt


August 24th 2008 - Doha, Qatar The exchange begins! It’s 8pm as I step off the plane onto the sauna of a tarmac that is Doha International. Even at 8 at night it still manages to be 40 degrees outside with sand and dust in the air. Surprisingly it ...

Souk Waqif and Moroccan Dinner, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Souk Waqif and Moroccan Dinner

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


After a full day of poolside, Monday night brings us out to venture to the Souk and see what my babe can buy me! This will be Frank's first trip to the Souk so I am very excited to show him around.  Due to the Eid Holiday there is lots going on at ...

A Desert Safari, Khor Al Udeid, Qatar travel blog

A Desert Safari

A travel blog entry by monicaalfonzo

... Bendouin asks if we would like to ride on the camel. I know that I told everyone that I was going to ride a camel while in Qatar... Sort of a "When in Rome..." kind of thinking.... Well folks, I couldn't do it. The smell of the "present" that the ...

I hope those cannons are firing blanks..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

I hope those cannons are firing blanks...

A travel blog entry by andreadd


I made my way down to the dusty gravel parking lot next to the QPost building, a couple of hundred metres from the Corniche to join in and celebrate the end of Ramadan by watching the firing of a cannon. Not just once, but in fact 15 shots from the ...

London and Doha Day 1, Doha, Qatar travel blog

London and Doha Day 1

A travel blog entry by monicaalfonzo


... the song that played was "Candy Shop" by 50 cent. I never thought that they would listen to that kind of music in Qatar. Especially with the "suggestive" lyrics. My driver from the airport to the hotel had the radio playing and it was R&B and Hip ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by 110572

Zwischenstop ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by 3bybike


... than the fact that Qatar is the country and Doha is the city. And it is one of the strangest places we have ever been. Qatar is a deeply religious Muslim country and it is entirely manufactured. It's fake. It is a mirage in the desert. It is a Hollywood ...

Dubai via Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dubai via Qatar

A travel blog entry by roli-on-tour

I flew to Dubai via Qatar. Annoying stop for 2 hours, no good bench to lie down and ...

Racing in the desert, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Racing in the desert

A travel blog entry by arlash


Arrival in Doha. 14 hours on a plane from Houston and I'm ready for a change of scenery. I met Terry Schweigert, Dan Wagner and Tim Hailey at the Hotel and we all went out to the Ramada for a few beers. Alcohol is only served in Hotels in Doha. What a ...

Doha for 12 hours, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Doha for 12 hours

A travel blog entry by trueloge

... but coming off my experience with our hometown Phoenix airline last week...this trip has been quite a contrast. Speaking of Qatar. Yes, the "official" correct pronunciation is "Kutter", but it is clear that many (Qatar Airline employees, Doha ...

More Beer and Wine, Doha, Qatar travel blog

More Beer and Wine

A travel blog entry by silverfox41


More beer and wine Montepulciano D'Abruzzo Denominazione Di Orgine Controllata Terre Forti 2003 QR38 ($13.60 AUD) What a mouthful! Imagine ordering your second or third bottle of that? I'll have the 2003 please waiter! I am drinking this one ...

On our way home..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

On our way home...

A travel blog entry by couillard


June 26 an Arabian night! See you all ...

mr, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamikhan

Iam working in doha-qatar. i need flight from doha to gaya india this is my first choice. ...

a practical question, Doha, Qatar travel blog

a practical question

A travel blog entry by sneakytrees

Enroute from Berlin to Doha they showed a Simpsons episode which I tried to ignore but there was a scene where the Simpsons were watching cartoons on a TV.  The question was this:  shouldn't they have been watching live human TV shows? gotta ...

doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by maja-anze


ojla prvi del poti je za nama, nahajava se na letaliscu v dohi. Najprej naju je presenetilo toplo vreme, samo 32 stopinj sredi noci, se dobro da imajo vse klimatizirano. Sva prisla ravno v casu ramadana, zato se ne sme na javnih mestih jesti in piti, ...

best decision ever, Doha, Qatar travel blog

best decision ever

A travel blog entry by lkandmax


neil dibiase thought that it would be great to experience Qatar for a few days. he planned for us to stay for about three days.  luckily we changed our plans. we stopped over in Doha, Qatar on our way from Bangkok to Istanbul .  When we landed ...

Ras LafanTeam Dinner, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Ras LafanTeam Dinner

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


... team that sits at Ras Laffan.  Two of the folks are the ones I have been working very closely with while here in Qatar.  I accept this kind invite to go have dinner at Carluccio's Italian Restaurant.  This place is located quite a bit away ...

Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by natecropp

... undescribable. Letīs at least send them somewhere fun on thier day off. End of rant.. Other things I noticed about Qatar: Itīs all new. Everything. From the buildings to the cars. Everything positively gleams. Itīs like Vegas, but without ...

1.3 Million FB Likes, Doha, Qatar travel blog

1.3 Million FB Likes

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


... (1.7 million FB likes), I thought I'd try the other airlines that's giving SQ (< 300,000 FB likes) a run for its money - Qatar (1.3 million FB likes). The trip to Changi was a breeze. Qatar has its own limo service in Singapore - in the form of Brian ...

Last Minute Luxury, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Last Minute Luxury

A travel blog entry by sashadasha


... in the prayer room just like most Arabs did but we didn't want to be separated.  This was our third flight with Qatar which is considered a five star airlines. Just imagine a luxury hotel on wings. You get first class  service, food and drink ...

Visit to Zekreet, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Visit to Zekreet

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


....text message read, Pieter in a Grey Porche Cayenne will pu at 9AM.  Promises of camels, desert drive, sites and beaches.  This all comes from a lovely invite to head to the beach with Inge and friends.  2 vehicles, petrol, food, drinks ...

arabian nights, Dohar, Qatar travel blog

arabian nights

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti

I'm writing but i don't know if it's real or not and i don't know if it means anything yet. ________ I could stare at Arabians for hours. I don't mean that in a prude gawking way, i mean it as a compliment. In India the men dress western style ...

Luxury in the Gulf, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Luxury in the Gulf

A travel blog entry by ebolaben

... my entry visa...right on top of the Israeli stamp!  Seriously, I must have a pretty unique passport at this point with a Qatar visa overlapping my Israeli exit stamp. So I got a cab, and went to the was incredible, especially after the ...

A day in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

A day in the Middle East

A travel blog entry by 2knightsabroad


We left Beijing at midnight last night and boarded a Qatar Airways flight heading to Doha.  We hadn't expected this stop when we planned our trip but the flights from Beijing to Rome were so weird we picked this one and hope to make the best out of ...

Desert, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by tiggerbird

Flying into Doha airport at 6am means extensive views of what I thought at first was the ocean, but turned out to be the desert.  As you get closer to landing you can see some of the tiny houses amidst the sandy/barren terrain. We flew over some ...

Geological Insights!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Geological Insights!

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


... beauty is a sad but true case.  Funny, somehow, I find myself falling for this desert land (I think I have mentioned before, Qatar is all desert). I ponder again.............So here you go, two links you can go to that I best found describes most of ...

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