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Back on the road!!, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Back on the road!!

A travel blog entry by liamok


... after by a police seach (I'm sure that wasn't on the menu) before I arrived at my destination in Mancora, the beach town in the North of Peru, loved by hippies and surfers alike!!   Arriving without a hotell or hostel booked is not a ...

Mastering the art.., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mastering the art..

A travel blog entry by turnleftatrio


Of doing nothing. I'm getting really good at it. Lazing about in hammocks, lying on the beach, lazing in bed.. The idea even of doing anything is just too much effort. I know I should be doing something, something productive and anything worthwhile, but ...

Right off the beach, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Right off the beach

A travel blog entry by timtravels


... to be in a proper bus where the seat reclines more than 2 degrees and they even had breakfast and dinner included. Arriving in Mancora I went to the Loki hostel which was a bit of a reputation. Theres even a quote from the lonely planet that says ¨loki ...

Carnival Games, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Carnival Games

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


As part of the hostels 5year anniversary next week there is a lead up of partys everyday and today was carnival day. There was fishing for body parts   (A cock, vagina and nuts) pin the pirate patch on the parrot, throw a ball at some cans like ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by beccarose


... way harder than it looks, but I think it would be so cool to learn anyhow. That was the extent of our stay in Mancora - brief, but quite relaxing - because we left that night on another overnight bus to our next destination. Asaf Damn I wish that I ...

More lefts, Mancora, Peru travel blog

More lefts

A travel blog entry by edmondo


asdf ...

Sun, sand and cerveza, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Sun, sand and cerveza

A travel blog entry by rheadeja


... . After we got settled, we set out in search of Green Eggs and Ham. They say it´s the best breakfast place in all of Mancora - and they are not wrong! I´m sort of sad such a good breakfast is included with the new place since it means it´ll be ...

The art of relaxation, Mancora, Peru travel blog

The art of relaxation

A travel blog entry by 50odd

28th September 2009 la Posada, Mancora, Peru It's cool but just right The days here have been sunny and hot, just what the doctor ordered.  not that we've been ill or anything, in fact we feel fighting fit at the moment.  We were going to head ...

Ripping up the surf in Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Ripping up the surf in Mancora

A travel blog entry by gretsworld

What can I say about Mancora - its the gem of Peru in my opinion - I absolutly loved it . Its a real surfing town but its getting a wee bit touristy as the Loki is moving to town. Mancora has a real local feel to it - all the local surfers are so ...

Mancora06, Mancora, North Peru, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by ianbaker1967


... I have to say, it's the way it is and just go with the flow. It's too much to be any other way. So welcome to Mancora. A beach resort on the Pan-American Highway. And it is literally a street with a big huge beautiful beach that goes on for more miles ...

Quiet beach town of Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Quiet beach town of Mancora

A travel blog entry by billmauz

... and Switzerland for much of his life before returning home to Peru.  There are a lot of people with interesting stories I´ve encountered on this trip.  Mancora is fairly quiet and pleasant despite the large tourist presence along the beach ...

6, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by antosara

Lovely, chilled out Mancora. Spotting whales from our hotel room. ´Ecco lo, ...

Fishing and surfing, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Fishing and surfing

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


Up at 7am this morning to go fishing with 20 of the crew from the hostel here. A whole bunch of people from all around the world and quite clearly some people who don't mix very well with boats, kinda like me before I went to Galapagos. The fishing boat ...

Beach time, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Beach time

A travel blog entry by mark_kate


... long and packed with restaurants on the sand, the day we arrived was the Peruvian independence weekend so the beach was packed with people. Mancora was a really good place to get in some sun and beach time after not seeing the sea for a while and we could ...

nuestra casa, Mancora, Peru travel blog

nuestra casa

A travel blog entry by jameshana


ok, we have found our future house (nuestra casa), it is on Las Pocitas (the rockpools), the beach 3 kms south of Mancora, just took a tuk-tuk went back to the beach to take photos of it, and the guy (retired designer) was incredibly welcoming and ...

Time with Timbo, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Time with Timbo

A travel blog entry by pauly_ontherun


... of a slow and full wave while we were there, so we moved on. We headed right up to the North of Peru to a town called Mancora. Mancora is a nice little resort town with good restaurants and nightlife but sadly not much surf. Tim had heard about a ...

Southbound, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by tristan_g

One night stop on the way south to Huaraz. Avoiding three nights in a row on a bus. Bottoms ...

Mancora, Peru, Máncora, Peru travel blog

Mancora, Peru

A travel blog entry by teamsharry


We finished our travels through Peru in Mancora. A hippy, surf town on the north coast, with a gigantic mosquito problem! We did have a bungalow with hammocks out the front overlooking the ocean, so I can't complain about the view. But I did got attacked ...

Spiralling deeper, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Spiralling deeper

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

... pool and relaxing, thinking about moving on and what I am going to be doing next. Had a look in Lonely planet and realized that Peru is far bigger, and has far more things to do than I ever thought. Macchu Pichu is certainly not the only thing going ...

Carnival games, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Carnival games

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


The morning started slow again, but I made my way to the pool and squeezed in some last minute tanning. The afternoon was Loki Olympics again, this time I teamed up with Tim and another bloke from Canada. The first event was Tug of war- Dead last. In the ...

Productive day!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Productive day!

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


I finally managed to get myself out of the hostel today! I went and booked a bus to Lima that leaves tomorrow afternoon so I am finally confirmed to be leaving this place... happy but sad, but after 2 weeks and making loads of mates, it is finally time ...

Lobitos - Nothing there but surf.., Lobitos, Peru travel blog

Lobitos - Nothing there but surf..

A travel blog entry by mikeen


So we finally pulled ourselves out of Huanchaco, and headed for Lobitos, not knowing much else about the place except that it has good surf. So by hook or by crook, we got talking to a dude who knew a dude, who knew of a place to stay, because there are ...

sunburned in Peru, Mancora, Peru travel blog

sunburned in Peru

A travel blog entry by monig

... .. but how can they tell.... Well, main thing is we still have all our belongings.. We went straight to Mancora, a beach pueblo in the north of Peru, which is very nice and chilled and probably the only place where it will be summery for me. There are ...

Mancora - Beach time, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora - Beach time

A travel blog entry by vamosbenhoran


... and it is Miguel from my Inca Jungle trip.  Turns out he arrived here this morning too! We had talked about meeting up in Mancora but I wasn´t so sure if it would happen so its a pleasant surprise to see him.  We jump out onto the beach which ...

Măncora-surfers paradise, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Măncora-surfers paradise

A travel blog entry by james.beddows


We had decided very early on in our trip planning that we wanted to go to Mancora, a small town on the north coast of Peru that only 20 years ago was just a tiny fishing village. Since then its become popular with surfers and has turned into a small party ...

Surf and sun, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Surf and sun

A travel blog entry by dan_the_man

... an hour southwest to Tumbes, where we were able to catch a bus to Mancora.     Mancora, a popular beach town on the northern coast of Peru, has been pretty fantastic, if a little more expensive than I had anticipated. Julieann and I ...

Mancora Mayhem!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora Mayhem!

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... whilst still drinking beers on the beach surprised us with fresh lobster, crab and other delights.  The Point Hostel Mancora is talked about throughout Peru as it is famous for it's full moon parties and whilst we were there they were lucky enough to ...

Mancora, Mancora, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by tphilip75


... rival King Tuts in Egypt! If you are ever in Chiclayo, I would recommend a visit. It was after 8pm when we finally arrived in Mancora, and we were very happy to be there! It is a beautiful, tiny sea side town ... and I believe some ...

Mancora - Warm and Sunny!, Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora - Warm and Sunny!

A travel blog entry by steveandjenna


Mancora is the Peru equivalent to Kuta, before tourists ruined it! There are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. There is also a lot of accommodation to chose from however, every backpacker knows that the ONLY place to stay (and probably the main ...

Mancora mi Amora..., Mancora, Peru travel blog

Mancora mi Amora...

A travel blog entry by arikandcharis


... make the sweet taste sweeter...or something positive like that... Two hours later we landed in the dusty surf town of Mancora, Peru.  We walked around checking out different hostels, before settling on a good deal (read: disgusting ...

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