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Sandboarding in Huacachina!!, Ica, Peru travel blog

Sandboarding in Huacachina!!

A travel blog entry by tomandlizzie


...  that the hostal organises - not the most fun ever but kept us entertained before checking out and heading back to Ica to catch a bus to Pisco. We arrived to a town in turmoil and didnīt quite understand why it was such a state untill ...

Wine festival, Ica - Huacuchina, Peru travel blog

Wine festival

A travel blog entry by hotteawhereever


The wine festival....the photos tell it ...

., Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by bugs1983

.. ...

Wildlife and Sand Dunes, Ica, Peru travel blog

Wildlife and Sand Dunes

A travel blog entry by samandpriya


... take photos, the swaying motion made me feel quite nauseous.   Back on the bus, we drove to the pleasant town of Ica surrounded by huge sand dunes.   Apart from this, Ica is famous for its wines and there are several wineries and ...

Ica, Nasca, huachachina, Ica, Peru travel blog

Ica, Nasca, huachachina

A travel blog entry by robbiej


... no dry lips! Feels like things are turning and it's not out stomachs for a change! Ok yet another overnight bus but this time to Ica. We lashed out a bit and got the really comfy seats on the bottom floor of the bus and it was worth it, not just for the ...

Paracas, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by floribandini


A nice paradise, are many island around to the sea, you can see penguins, sea lions, an estrange figure similar to Nazcaīs line, anyway the trip is good very interesting. The towns how Chincha and Pisco after to the earthquake the ...

Pisco to Nazca, Nazca, Peru travel blog

Pisco to Nazca

A travel blog entry by tonyandsara_rtw


We had a few things to do in Lima to get ourselves ready.  Tony tried to look for a sun hat to save him from a burny death but no hat could be found that was big enough!  This kept the local shopkeepers amused.  So after that fruitless ...

From the dunes and to the Sea, Ica, Peru travel blog

From the dunes and to the Sea

A travel blog entry by brownej


... known as the poor-manīs galapagos, but they are in no way comparable, except for the fact that you can see a range of birds - peru boobies, humbolt penguins, inca terns as well as the sea lions. It was a nice trip and on the way we saw "the candelabra" ...

Baby sea lion swimming school and other adventures, Nazca, Ica and Paracas, Peru travel blog

Baby sea lion swimming school and other adventures

A travel blog entry by kristinb


... swimming school and other adventures Hello devoted readers, family and friends! I returned from our epic five day adventure to Nazca, Ica and Paracas yesterday morning at 4am, hence the lack of entries for a week or so. Highlights included dodgy ...

crazy flight over nazca lines and sandboarding, Arequipa, nazca, and ica, Peru travel blog

crazy flight over nazca lines and sandboarding

A travel blog entry by aimlesswanderer

... it was exactly as it sounds, a pool of water surrounded by houses and unending sanddunes about 10 minutes outside the city of ica...i checked into a wikked hostel that had a poolside bar and lots of common area to meet the many other backpackers that were ...

Interpol's most wanted, Ica, Peru travel blog

Interpol's most wanted

A travel blog entry by mrjoe


... , auto-rickshaws and beeping horns. In fact, my first impression is that it reminds me of Delhi. The city is famous in Peru as the wine producing region and shops selling the local plonk are everywhere. It also has an excellent museum, the Museo Regional. ...

Two flowers in the desert, Ica, Peru travel blog

Two flowers in the desert

A travel blog entry by tonyc-r


Today we have our first ĻfreeĻ day since leaving Oz. We have arrived in Ica, an oasis town in the middle of the driest desert on earth, where we are staying with our travel agent and his family for a few days. (We are led to believe that not all travel ...

Feb 11, 2010, Ica, Peru travel blog

Feb 11, 2010

A travel blog entry by rightwayaround


Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo

... is a seriously touristy town 5 hours south of Lima. It took an age to get here but it will cut down on our next trip to Cuzco. Ica is in the sand dunes an the idea is now I am going to nazca for a little tour for a bargain $55 while Sarah stays in ...

Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo

Back to Ica again. We booked our Sand boarding and then went to book the bus - this was a problem and everything clashed so we had to cancel our sandboarding, book the bus and then eat extremely quickly so we could catch the 6pm bus to Cuzco. It is ...

Vliegen en zandhappen in Huaccachina, Ica, Peru travel blog

Vliegen en zandhappen in Huaccachina

A travel blog entry by mirjamenmarcia


... dan de vorige en we kunnen zelfs even slapen. In Ica aangekomen nemen we een taxi(tje) naar Huaccachina, een oase 5km buiten Ica tussen de enorme zandduinen. Hier zijn de hoogste zandduinen van Zuid-Amerika; sommige hebben een hoogte van bijna 500 meter. ...

Sand in every available orifice, Huacachina (Ica), Peru travel blog

Sand in every available orifice

A travel blog entry by harrisonhines


... after breakfast, but in the 11am sun, he realised the error of his ways and only made it halfway up. This morning, we popped into Ica to do a few bits of "personal administration" and then came back to the hostel to relax by the pool. At 4pm, when the ...

Oasis for the world, Huachachina, Peru travel blog

Oasis for the world

A travel blog entry by ab1kenobe

... in the air and at an angle. Beautiful none the less. Went out with a group from my hostel for a nice meal in the nearby city Ica, and when one girl broke the top of the toilet, had my second real test of Spanish, having to understand what the manager was ...

Surfing on Sand, Ica, Peru travel blog

Surfing on Sand

A travel blog entry by amber

... that thrill feeling is fun when u are young.. but the older you get, the more you know, and the more you know what could happen (espcailly in peru), makes it a nailbiting experience and far from thrilling. Im definetly getting too old for all of ...

Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnniemorrow


... like that. I got a bus with a company called Soyuz which the guy in the hostel in Lima said was ok. 5 hours later I arrived in Ica and got a taxi to a hostel beside the sand dunes. When I got to the hostel I went to get my passport from my small bag but ...

Lima to Nazca...the start of the history lesson, Nazca, Peru travel blog

Lima to Nazca...the start of the history lesson

A travel blog entry by cornflake

... geoglyphs stretch more than 80 km (50 miles) between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana in Peru. Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, they are largely believed to have been created by the Nazca culture between 200 ...

Sand boarding in Huacacina ........Peru, Ica, Peru travel blog

Sand boarding in Huacacina ........Peru

A travel blog entry by robkeane


Just a quick hello from Peru just to show tell you about the 3 days i spent sand boarding and Dune buggy rallying in the Peruvian desert. We were staying in an oasis type resort which was is surrounded by huge sand dunes. Apart from the sand boarding ...

Sunny Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog

Sunny Ica

A travel blog entry by rhampshire


Hello, We arrived successfully in Ica following the 5 hour bus journey from Lima.  The first thing we noticed was how much warmer it was than Lima (scorchio!).  Getting the taxi to the hotel was a little difficult as none of the taxi drivers had ...

Nazcar and Ica (up and sandy), Nazcar and Ica, Peru travel blog

Nazcar and Ica (up and sandy)

A travel blog entry by shirtz


... had time to do any work! my fav was the "astronaut" and the "condor" which is huuuge. After the lines we headed outta there and onto.. ICA We arrived in Ica and were shocked to find a (hot) bussling city. the lack of altitude was welcome, but the ...

The Dunes of Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog

The Dunes of Ica

A travel blog entry by tomer

Ica is like a city out of the movie Dune, amazingly HUGE sand dunes surround the oasis area we were in. Wacachina is the capital of Sand Boarding, a sport much like snowboarding only on a waxed board down a sand dune. It is said to be a bit dangerous ...

Local hospitality, Ica, Peru travel blog

Local hospitality

A travel blog entry by lucky


... to stay with his brother in Ica, we didn't hesitate for one second to snatch up the offer. Hernan's brother lived in Ica, Peru, the Pisco ( a strong local liquor ), capital of the world. We weren't sure what to expect but had never regretted ...

Nascar cum Ica cum El Huacachina, Ica, Peru travel blog

Nascar cum Ica cum El Huacachina

A travel blog entry by rsaville

...  out of town to the little resort town of El Huacachina. Ica and the surrounding region is one of the dryest in Peru, and completely engulfed by sand dunes. El Huacachina has developed as a tourist base for attacking these sand dunes in whatever form ...

Nazca Lines, Nazca, Peru travel blog

Nazca Lines

A travel blog entry by rio2dubai


We arrived in town at 6am and that same morning we went up in the little 4 seater plane that you can see in the photo album. We were both feeling a bit worse for wear from hardly any sleep because some woman couldn't keep her child quiet. It probably ...

Huacacina., Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by lankylizards

After we arrived in Ica we took a taxi to the desert oasis of Huacacina. It is beautiful and totally unreal. A lagoon surrounded by palm trees in the middle of rolling sand dunes... Pretty awesome climate too. We are finally back down to a decent ...

Strange lines and sandboarding, Nazca and Ica, Peru travel blog

Strange lines and sandboarding

A travel blog entry by strawberry


... us all sick, turning tightly to the left and then to the right! After lunch we got a collectivo (kind f like a shared taxi) to Ica, 2 1/2 hours away. Our collectivo was a huge old American car, and managed to squeeze 6 passengers into it -very cosy! ...

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