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De voorbereidingen..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

De voorbereidingen...

A travel blog entry by claraklaver


Het is bijna zover! Mijn studie is afgerond, de laatste inentingen zijn gehaald, en nu is het inpakken en wegwezen... Op naar het avontuur!   Ik hoop dat ik op reis genoeg gelegenheid zal hebben om af en toe van me te laten horen, en mijn ...

very nice lil city, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

very nice lil city

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


stoped in with a friend, happy i came cool lil town, they dont let a lil cold weather bother ...

Holland., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by promking22


... entry. North and South Holland are the two provinces of The Netherlands that contain the most cool stuff. (Amsterdam, The Hague etc.) Netherlands is the country, Holland is the best bit. 3 nights in Amsterdam. We arrived about 5:30pm, took a while to ...

De haven, Spakenburg, Netherlands travel blog

De haven

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


    We reden door de Kerkstraat en deze liep dood op de markt die daar stond. Echter we hadden veel geluk met de parkeerplaats en vlakbij konden we onze auto kwijt.     Eerst wat over de markt slenteren en dan ...

Land of bicycles and stroopwaffel, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Land of bicycles and stroopwaffel

A travel blog entry by nancy.chappell


... for a bite to eat and then he found a very out of the way place for a beer, along a canal. Very romantic spot. I returned to Utrecht that evening. I got to try out and break in, a blow up air mattress at Aleidīs. I can say that I can highly recommend it. ...

Heidelburg, Heidelburg, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by linda-and-moya

Got to Heidleburg safely with no worries...but then! (of course) the trouble started. We were told to get bus #33 to our hostel, which we hadn't booked, luckely. No one told us that there were 2 number 33 buses going in different directions, so we ended ...

Amersfoort, Amersfoort, The Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by eirantrethowan


Well after a long day in Amsterdam, the next day we took it a little easier and my Dutch friends took us around there home town of Amersfoort, amazing town, extremely beautiful! It is a walled city with canels, so they kindly took us on on a canel ride ...

good memories of my language class..., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

good memories of my language class...

A travel blog entry by restless


it was a while since i visited utrecht the last time... i had a really great summer here in 2004, following the dutch language course i never thought i could have had the chance to stay again in cambridgelaan, but thanx to my friend i am ...

Laatste maand, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

Laatste maand

A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Hallo allemaal, Nou, pfoe.. Opzich heb ik niet heel veel te vertellen. De afgelopen maand heb ik vooral gewerkt en saaie dingen geregeld voor mijn reis. Sinds maandag heb ik officieel vakantie en heb vandaag mijn lieftallige mannelijke collega's gedag ...

Paying our way through Europe with chocolate, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Paying our way through Europe with chocolate

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... that says 'Yay! Go on a holiday! Pack all the things! Carry all the things…blergh…') and started the trek to Utrecht (see what I did there!). We had to change trains at Antwerp and Rotterdam, but the journey went very quickly. The first thing ...

ik spreek nederlands... sinds gisteren  :p, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

ik spreek nederlands... sinds gisteren :p

A travel blog entry by tsukasa


Holland - it's all about the weather. So yesterday, 2nd June, it was finally just a little bit warmer... It actually wasn't even that warm - like a warm Winter's day in Sydney. But it's funny that all of a sudden, all the cafes bring their chairs ...

Holland Hoera!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Holland Hoera!

A travel blog entry by theonepercent


... if you will a young man of twenty three or so. His name is Jan Smit and he is one of the biggest stars in The Netherlands. He performs to sell-out audiences in huge venues. His music is the music that people sing along to in pubs, traditional songs about ...

Eerste match, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

Eerste match

A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Hallo allemaal, Hier gaat alles nog steeds zijn gangetje. De laatste maanden afstuderen zijn ingegaan, hopelijk nog tot eind mei en dan ben ik na 4 jaar studeren alweer klaar in het altijd bruisende Enschede.  Het goede nieuws: eergisteren ben ik ...

A Slow Day inThe Netherlands, Mastricht And Valkenburg, Netherlands travel blog

A Slow Day inThe Netherlands

A travel blog entry by linda.pestes.7


... up for a long drive to Amsterdan.  Our first town was Mastricht, which is located in the southernmost city in the Netherlands and part of the Dutch province of Limburg.  It developed from a Roman settlement, to a religious centre, a garrison ...

Lavender, Wilnis, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelkw


The kids went off to Woerden Festival, while Monique and I went shopping. It was GJ's birthday and I wanted to get him something nice. With not a lot of money available, it was going to be a challenge. We toured the second hand shops and found a couple ...

Rest Day, Maarssenbroek, Netherlands travel blog

Rest Day

A travel blog entry by rachelkw

In some ways it felt like our journey was already over. At my uncle and aunt's house, everything was familiar and safe, comfortable and homely. The familiarity, in itself, made it feel like we could finally relax, and relax we did, doing pretty much ...

Relaxing in a home for a change, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Relaxing in a home for a change

A travel blog entry by j.mccrary

The train from Amsterdam to Utrecht was very short, about 15 minutes. Utrecht is home to the largest university in Holland and has a very large student population. Met my friend Robert at his work, Media Market, which happened to be connected to the train ...

On the bike, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

On the bike

A travel blog entry by newblogger


... ....the first day riding was quite easy and the guide Gert has lots of interesting info..he also took us on a walking tour of Utrecht last night..another very long day. the itinerary is variable and there are 2 rides today..have opted for the 30 k one. ...

Zandvoort Beach and Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Zandvoort Beach and Utrecht

A travel blog entry by kurtmills


... It was a great way to end the day! The next morning (9-29), I took the train to the city of Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. It was only a thirty minute train ride from Amsterdam Centraal. When I got to Utrecht Centraal Station, I was ...

Yaaay! We got a house., Doorn, Netherlands travel blog

Yaaay! We got a house.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


Well, We have finally found a house in Utrecht!!!! It is located in a picturesque village 20mins from Utrecht called Doorn. Doorn is surrounded by a lush forest and has many Mountain bike riding tracks and look out towers where you can view the city of ...

Utrecht, 01 - Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by marsgrl200

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Grachtencafes beautiful, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Grachtencafes beautiful

A travel blog entry by donpaschqual


Explore Utrecht!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Explore Utrecht!

A travel blog entry by nikki86

... cyclists and the odd card that will appear on these narrow streets with these really old tall buildings looming in on you. The Netherlands is truly not a country, but an experience i think! Eventually we ended up outside the cinemas and went in to see ...

Utrecht, 01 - Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by marsgrl200

Dancing. ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by marsgrl200

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[Suicidal Autobahn drivers and free CHOCOLATE!], Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

[Suicidal Autobahn drivers and free CHOCOLATE!]

A travel blog entry by twilightmist

... the most highly acclaimed Italian sculptures. They were sparse at first, but increased in number as we pushed further into the Netherlands. The land was distinctly flat, an attribute that gave rise to the country's name, Holland or "marsh lands". The ...

Ziekenhuis, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelkw


... to unfold the map. Consequently, we left the Hoek of Holland port and motored west for a few km before turning round and aiming for Utrecht. (You can't go more than a few kilometres in the wrong direction, or you end up in the North Sea). The ghost of my ...

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by marsgrl200

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An amazing house, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

An amazing house

A travel blog entry by constance20


... by reducing everything to its simplest form, while still getting hie message across. Gracing the foyer is a large gold Miffy. Utrecht is a fascinating city with many canals and intriguing canal houses. Apparently the levels of the canals were lowered and ...

Making our way home...., Nurenburg, Germany travel blog

Making our way home....

A travel blog entry by 4584

Though i had experienced only 20 days or so of Europe, it had seemed like i had experienced 2 years of intensive life. It was marvellous and i had so many memories to retain from it, and re-live in my head. The amount of people id met, the diversity in ...

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