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Gotta go to Gozo!, Marsalforn, Malta travel blog

Gotta go to Gozo!

A travel blog entry by ontheroa


... around this convent and pose for a few photos with this humble lady before heading off for Fumicino airport and Easyjet to Malta. Our destination is Tricia’s family holiday apartment in Maselforn on Gozo which is the second largest of the Maltese ...

Meandering around, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Meandering around

A travel blog entry by travelmonster


... going up one hill and it was almost like driving up a waterfall. The sea is much rougher today, with waves crashing against Malta's rocky coastline - it looks much wilder. We drove down as far as Sliema and then started winding our way back along the ...

Magical Day., Sliema, Malta travel blog

Magical Day.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


Sometimes you have those days that you don't want to end. Days where you would like life to just pass you by and leave you where you are. To enjoy the moment forever. I call these magical days. Some are lucky enough to have a lot of these sorts of days ...

Road trippin’ and dancing on the rooftops, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Road trippin’ and dancing on the rooftops

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... a vision of St. Peter healed her. Soon after she died during more torture though. Somewhere amongst all that horribleness, she fled to Malta, which is why there is a tower (among other things) named after her. She is now the patron saint of breast cancer ...

Vittoriosa, Vittoriosa, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... favourite swimming spot and have an early morning swim. I planned to go to Vittoriosa today, one of the famous "3 cities" of Malta. Vittoriosa is a walled city perched on a peninsula on the other side of Valletta from where I was staying in Sliema. Like ...

Malta, Cirkewwa, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by travelmonster


... else, we are just looking forward to time together just to relax and take things as they come. Picking up our hire car at Malta airport was really funny - the man behind the desk really couldn't have cared less - you might want to take a look at the ...

'The duck walked up to the lemonade stand...', Marsalforn, Malta travel blog

'The duck walked up to the lemonade stand...'

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... Maltese filigree jewellery and leather. We arrived at Ta' Pinu church on sunset. There always seems to be a lovely colourful sunset in Malta, and it complimented the pink and golden tones of the church well. There are a few ‘miracle rooms’ out ...

hoho, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by sydneyalicat

Today we have tickets for the hoho bus, apparntly the new bus system is having problems so this seemed the best bet. We walk up to the top where the stop is and find the road all barricaded off. Not looking good for getting on a bus here, so there are ...

The world is sepia, Gżira, Malta travel blog

The world is sepia

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... to have found the Green House and the great people who live here, and that we can bring happiness to one another. My experience in Malta would have been much less rich if I hadn’t found these wonderful people. Rami, Ippy and I were sitting at the ...

Malta Taxi from Airport, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Malta Taxi from Airport

A travel blog entry by holidayadvisor


... Services with Malta Taxi Online include: Collection from Malta Airport Collection from Malta Sea Terminal Transfer Evening out Service Restaurants & Bars Malta History and Trips Tours We have a customer loyalty Scheme Call us +356 9945 ...

Philosophy, eye contact and death yoga, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Philosophy, eye contact and death yoga

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


I woke up planning to travel to Mdina with Val and Manica for an exploratory day. They had decided to visit the temples instead because of the bad weather, so I decided to stay back and let them have the day together. After Skyping my parents for a ...

Grand Harbour Cruise, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Grand Harbour Cruise

A travel blog entry by wardtrip


On the 11/6/14 we did a Grand Harbour cruise which took us all around the Grand Harbour and ports. We saw the old Islands and ships/buildings. We also went to Valetta port which is the main port, it is where we got of the Ferry. On the way back to Sliema ...

War Museum, Valletta, Malta travel blog

War Museum

A travel blog entry by wardtrip


... was tragic for the family as they would only ever find an odd shoe or piece of clothing left of them. The Germans constantly bombed Malta from the first night of the war. The Air Raid siren went of at approximately 6.36 pm but most people mistaken it for ...

Last day in Malta., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Last day in Malta.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... enough of the science lesson! The end result was a fantastic display of archaeological relics and yet another surprising aspect of Malta that I did not know. Following that we went to a craft village and this place was pretty impressive. There were a ...

Whirlwind, Gozo, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


... , and really not making it worthwhile to even take a dip. A drive through Gozo is beautiful, as it's far more green than Malta, something which an Italian couple from Puglia even commented on, telling us that it reminded them of some of the scenery back ...

Paceville, Paceville, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... soul! Svetlana told me that Wednesday night (tonight) is the first big night of the week at Paceville, the nightlife capital of Malta. I mentioned earlier that she has planned a big night on Friday with some of her friends but I thought I would take ...

Malta II, Hamrun, Malta travel blog

Malta II

A travel blog entry by mattccaddy


... in the future, you can be sure that I have died, but in an interesting and stupid way. :) Yesterday I went to the MTV Malta music concert with about 50000 people packed into Floriana. I didn't particularly like the music, but the atmosphere was good so I ...

Highs and Lows, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Highs and Lows

A travel blog entry by pwong


... , it feels like a dime-a-dozen type of place, with no distinguishing characteristics that would lead you to believe you were even in Malta.  But I still wouldn't classify that as being bad ... In fact, I wouldn't say that we found anything bad today, ...

I am officially Maltese., Valletta, Malta travel blog

I am officially Maltese.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... with one another again and it is something that I did not consider I would have the opportunity to do before I set out for Malta. I have even become known by some of the local people who seem to visit the convent each morning to see whether the nuns are ...

My brother Nicholas., Sliema, Malta travel blog

My brother Nicholas.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... beach with Olga, she is leaving tomorrow night which is not great but we are enjoying the time we have together whilst we are in Malta. My Maltese lessons are going well, today I bought some things to go some way to paying my way at my Aunties house and ...

Malta III, Hamrun, Malta travel blog

Malta III

A travel blog entry by mattccaddy


... to Gozo. The boat was huge so I had no seasickness issues. Gozo is really beautiful and much less populated then Malta. Calypso's cave had a great view though I couldn't enter due to risk of collapse. The ancient megalithic stone strucures at ggantija ...

Blue Lagoon and the Gullet, Comino, Malta travel blog

Blue Lagoon and the Gullet

A travel blog entry by wardtrip


... rode on the Gullet, a medium sized yacht. It took us to most of the caves along the Island of St.Paul and Gozo (an island of Malta). There were lots of Jellyfish in the caves so we were glad that we didn't go in. We then stopped of at Comino and the Blue ...

Blue Grotto, WW2 Shelters & Catacombs, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Blue Grotto, WW2 Shelters & Catacombs

A travel blog entry by wardtrip

... them. They sheltered in fear and distress. They chipped away some Catacombs to make the shelters. There were a lot of Catacombs aswell. People were very small in the 12-1600’s. Malta is amazing but our Maltese trip ends here. By for now, from ...

Going Flat Out In Malta, Birzebugga, Malta travel blog

Going Flat Out In Malta

A travel blog entry by kewlabah


... . I think at one point we had argued over whos turn it was to wear it. Heaps of fun for all! I have been in Malta for seven days now and havenīt really stopped drinking. When i arrived at the airport i remember looking out the window and being ...

Energetic through exhaustion, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Energetic through exhaustion

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... and got battered by the wind whilst looking at the green rolling hills and beautiful landscape. Mieke went home to pack her bag for Malta, while Nicole and I visited her Mum in Marsalforn. They gave me some tips about the next leg of my journey, and then ...

Quiet Day in Sliema, Sliema, Malta travel blog

Quiet Day in Sliema

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... pretty sure I left my dreams and thoughts from this morning in my wake. Today, the 21st of September is the celebration of Malta's Independence from British rule, hence a public holiday. To be honest there was not a lot of difference in Sliema where I ...

Pretty gardens!!, Floriana, Malta travel blog

Pretty gardens!!

A travel blog entry by elizabeth21


... aloud on and its all old historical looking buildings with advertising everywhere!! Actually that is how i would describe all of Malta - "Old, Historical with adverts everywhere!!" We also went into the Grand Master's Palace and Armoury but couldn't take ...

Adventure time, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Adventure time

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... town of Birzebbuga. We walked by the sea admiring the colourful boats and apartments, and I climbed all over the rocks and walls. Next, Malta’s oldest prehistoric site – Għar Dalam. In a huge cave on this site they found 500,000 year old ...

Golden Bay & Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay, Malta travel blog

Golden Bay & Ghajn Tuffieha

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


In my first 10 days on the main island of Malta I had managed to tick off many of the places that I had pencilled in when planning the trip thumbing through my trusty Lonely Planet guide back home. It is a surreal process spending hours reading, ...

Malta!!!, Malta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by atlpilot36

... on it."  He stormed off in a huff and some Hungarian women went off on him for being a prick.  What a welcome to Malta!  Trust me though, everyone else I have come in contact with is just absolutely warm and nice. I flew on both EasyJet ...

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