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Running to go diving, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Running to go diving

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


I'm here!! What a palava. Back in Semporna! I've been here diving twice before and love it so much I had to return a third time! This is my main reason for being back in Borneo. The town itself has a bad reputation for being a bit dirty. I don't ...

Heaven below sealevel, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Heaven below sealevel

A travel blog entry by claraklaver


Na een koude nachtrit in de bus van Kota Kinabalu naar Semporna sjouw ik mijn veel te zware tas de trap op van de Billabong. Ik ga een paar dagen duiken op een van de meest prachtige plekken ter wereld om te duiken; Sipadan. Ik kan bijna niet wachten. De ...

Selamat Hari Raya, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Selamat Hari Raya

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... and cola! I was invited to several houses, so spent much of the day touring around!! In the evening, I headed back to semporna as we had all been invited around for dinner at one of our friends houses! We were treated to a beautiful sunset across the ...

Size does matter, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Size does matter

A travel blog entry by hottubtour


... finally moved on, only after my friendly but non commital 'thanks' when they started complementing my hair. Do they have sarcasm in Malaysia?! Need haircut. Add to this the number of times in the last few days I've heard 'Ah England, Tony Blair' ...

I live in a beautiful place, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

I live in a beautiful place

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... I have been to several islands in the area including; Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan, SiAmil, Sabangkat, Sibuan and diving near the Semporna mainland. Every dive presents a new and varied landscape - sandy bottoms, never ending walls, sloping reefs and just ...

Eat, Sleep, Dive, Mabul Island, Malaysia travel blog

Eat, Sleep, Dive

A travel blog entry by kerry_andrew

This is a top pick!

... . And then it was off to Semporna. My immediate reaction to Borneo was that it looked much that same as Peninsular Malaysia, with massive palm tree plantations in all directions, but with much less traffic. Along the drive to Semporna there really ...

Living the dream, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Living the dream

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


... about their time in London, back in the 70's! I found out afterwards that these men were the president and government of semporna. After 3 amazing months, now it's nearly time to leave behind the waters of Semporna and head off for a 2 week enforced ...

Insel der Kinder, Pulau Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Insel der Kinder

A travel blog entry by upandaway_gk


Wir besteigen ein Speed Boat und rasen mit affenartiger Geschwindigkeit aus der Bucht von Semporna aufs (mehr oder weniger) offene Meer hinaus. Aus dem seichten Wasser ragen überall Pfahlbauten (nicht nur in Küstennähe) und Boote aller Grössen ...

Continuing to live the dream, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Continuing to live the dream

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley


Another couple of months have passed by in a whirl of sunshine, diving and playing with baby cats. I really can't believe I have now been living this life for 6 months, the time really does fly. Most of my days are spent exploring the underwater world. ...

Aug 02, 2011, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Aug 02, 2011

A travel blog entry by lionelrishi


Last but not least, Siamil, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Last but not least, Siamil

A travel blog entry by nloon


... look like they have wings; pipefish, porcupinefish, nudibranches, shrimps etc. We rounded off our fantastic stay in Mabul with a few beers with Simon in the resort bar, got ready to head back to Semporna the next morning and waved a sad goobye to ...

Semporna, Etat de Sabah (Borneo), 26 Mai 2008, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Semporna, Etat de Sabah (Borneo), 26 Mai 2008

A travel blog entry by lucie.vuong

Aujourd'hui direction l'ile de Sibuan ! Dans le genre 'Ile paradisiaque', je crois n'avoir pas encore vu mieux. Je suis sure que vous avez encore en memoire un des reportages de Nicolas Hulot pour Ushuaia... Laissez-moi vous planter le decor : vue ...

Sipadan with Scuba Junkies, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sipadan with Scuba Junkies

A travel blog entry by tomandamanda


... by, the sun was beginning to go down, kids were playing soccer and volleyball, women were cooking dinner, I cant say I found Semporna lifeless at all. We walked back into town, had our dinner, a few drinks and retired.  There had been rain all ...

Diving, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tigereye


About mid-afternoon, we all arrived in the coastal town of Semporna.  People use Semporna as a launching point to Sipidan Island, what some people claim to be the best dive site in the world.  Rob and I teamed up and walked into town.  He ...

Even the little boy in the bra was friendly, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Even the little boy in the bra was friendly

A travel blog entry by cnnnews


... about them. Markets full of fish, fruit and veg. etc.. and I was gutted when I couldn't find an "I love Semporna" t-shirt. No Italian restaurant. I don't even think there's an Irish pub. If it wasn't the closest town on the ...

Barraccudas here I come, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Barraccudas here I come

A travel blog entry by ania23

... reasonable hour of noonish. And I did...just in case someone is interested...there is only one direct bus from Sandakan to Semporna 7:30am. Why I ask, why so early? Anyways, there are some minibuses to Tawau and Ladha Datu hourly or something ...

DiveMaster's Wife, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

DiveMaster's Wife

A travel blog entry by ania23


... He did jokingly mention...several times now that I recall it, that his plan was to kidnap me back to his world in Semporna. I laughed every time...and wished him best of luck trying. Guess what...he succeeded!!! So after a few days strolling around ...

Dodging pirates, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Dodging pirates

A travel blog entry by nloon


... side of Malaysian Borneo yesterday afternoon and got ourselves sorted out with the dive shop for the next few days. Not much going on in Semporna really but we had to stay one night as we could not get a boat out to Mabul the same day. It's probably ...

Diving in Sipadan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Diving in Sipadan

A travel blog entry by kaybe


Nach getaner Arbeit machten wir uns für das Wochenende auf nach Semporna. Mit einem kleinen Minivan, vollgestopft mit 13 Leuten, fuhren wir 3 Stunden in vollem Garacho nach Semporna. Vor 4 Jahren waren wir das erste mal und letzten Frühling das letzte ...

Possibly the best SCUBA diving site in the world., Sipadan island, Malaysia travel blog

Possibly the best SCUBA diving site in the world.

A travel blog entry by gary_cailin


Sipadan Island is one of the the worlds most famous dive sites, and justifiably so.  The marine life here is simply staggering, with sharks, turtles and barracuda all being the norm. There's only 140 people allowed on this island per day, including ...

More snorkelling, Semporna and Pulau Sibuan, Malaysia travel blog

More snorkelling

A travel blog entry by kate.leuschke


... world except the US) 1970s band Boney M (see for more).  And then came the Malaysia karaoke love songs.  We saw the same ones over and over again so many times we started singing along quietly to ...

Vaya agujero!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Vaya agujero!

A travel blog entry by cagonu


Hoy dejamos Sandakan tempranito en bus y nos dirigimos a Semporna. Menudo agujero! Hay cuatro calles y el hostal esta en el muelle, sobre pilones emplazados en el mar. Nos alojamos en uno de los dormitorios, con espacio para 20 personas. La habitacion no ...

Sipadan, Island Mabul, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moskovskaja


Tauchen auf Sipadan. Natuerlich wollten wir uns das Tauchen auf Sipadan nicht entgehen lassen. Die Insel Sipadan wurde beruehmt, als im Jahr 2000 Abu Sayaff Rebellen aus Philippinen Touristen der Insel Sipadan entfuehrten. Seither wurden die Bungalow ...

Plonge et snorkeling a Semporna (SIPADAN), Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Plonge et snorkeling a Semporna (SIPADAN)

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Salut tout le monde Nous allons bien. Commencons par hier soir. Nous avons eu la bonne idee de changer de chambre pour avoir un peu de tranquilite. He bien, a notre nouvelle "guest house", il y avait un party. Musique jusqu'a minuit. On etait ...

Finding Nemo, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Finding Nemo

A travel blog entry by chris74


I've spent the last three days in Semporna doing some diving around Palau Mabul and Palau Sipadan (Scuba Junkie). Sipidan was voted the world's number two dive site last year so it's been pretty good. Sipidan is a national park and limited to 100 ...

All aboard for Sipadan, Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia travel blog

All aboard for Sipadan

A travel blog entry by alexgoldschmidt


... I headed on arrival in Malaysian Borneo.  I say Malaysian Borneo as the island is actually divided up into Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.  I went to the top right bit. I can't really tell you why I decided on diving with and outfit called ...

Dia de relax en Mabul, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Dia de relax en Mabul

A travel blog entry by cagonu


Dia de ...

Arrivee a Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Arrivee a Semporna

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci


... m'en souviens plus trop je le mate en entier. Pas si mal en fait. Puis je lis un peu Don Quichotte, et on arrive a Semporna vers 13 h.. On essaie de nous demarcher pour des hotels ou des centres de plongee, mais comme j'ai deja reserve je decline. ...

Amazing snorkelling! (Ismail) dates inaccurate, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Amazing snorkelling! (Ismail) dates inaccurate

A travel blog entry by sophie_ish


... i copied her pictures off her.  We saw amazing sealife and coral and even swam with half a dozen turtles! After a brief stop in Semporna, I headed up to Sandakan again.  On the bus, i met an Irish guy who was en route to Sumatra via Sandakan - ...

Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Tun Sakaran Marine Park

A travel blog entry by jon_lyall


Tun Sakaran Marine Park - From the Kingabatan I travelled down to the town of Semporna, with the main reason to dive the island of Sipadan.  This is one of the world's most famous dive sites.  It is a small island off the east coast of Sabah, ...

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