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2 days in Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

2 days in Miri

A travel blog entry by brad.leah

... that we would wait an hour for the bus to arrive. When the bus dropped us off we walked a few hundreds metres until we found a room. Miri is meant to be full of cheap accommodation which appear to be brothels. We didn't see anything of the sort. We had an ...

Beers and hot pants, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Beers and hot pants

A travel blog entry by jordanblair100


... on us the entire way to Sarawak, the only time I wasn't shivering was when we had to alight and pass through the Brunei/Malaysia border post.       We arrived into our Miri hostel at lunch time and headed straight over to the nearby ...

Miri en Gunung Mulu, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri en Gunung Mulu

A travel blog entry by kees.evelien


... vliegtuig weer even duidelijk geworden dat Borneo niet veel jungle meer heeft: het land bestaat grotendeels uit grote palmolie plantages. Miri is het dorp net onder Brunei wat eigenlijk het beginpunt is wanneer je naar het Nationaal Park Gunung Mulu ...

Back to Miri, where to go next???, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Back to Miri, where to go next???

A travel blog entry by carbonelli

... to be until meeting Trish in Kuala Lumpur on the 21st I was stuck with the question - what to do with a week in Malaysia?  I started reading about Singapore as well as the beach island of Panag (in the north of Peninsular Malaysia), but for some ...

Stuck in Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Stuck in Miri

A travel blog entry by carbonelli

So my flight into Mulu National Park got cancelled, so I'm stuck in Miri for one night but I'm on the first flight out tomorrow morning.  It just so happens that Miri is one of the most expensive places to stay in Borneo becuase of the large number ...

There is something about Miri., Miri, Malaysia travel blog

There is something about Miri.

A travel blog entry by callumswift

    Maybe a night bus wasn't such a good idea. The seats didn't recline, and the roads between Kuching and Miri seemed more like a rally stage. But I managed to achieve a few hours kip before arriving at 7am in the remote Miri bus station, ...

Musings on Malaysia by Judith, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Musings on Malaysia by Judith

A travel blog entry by weemcd


... have been in. Barefeet are de rigeur in houses, public buildings, places of worship and in some restaurants throughout Malaysia. Still traumatised by an unfortunate incident of bare feet and a drawing pin in her childhood, this requirement has challenged ...

Mulu take 2 / Mulu po raz drugi, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Mulu take 2 / Mulu po raz drugi

A travel blog entry by karolinajb


... made it ok- covered in mud, with good few scratches and bruises but without any serous injury. Byliśmy już w Miri. Wszystko było przygotowane na powrót do Tajlandii- bilety kupione, olejek do opalania spakowany, klapki w ...

Niah Caves, Batu Niah, Malaysia travel blog

Niah Caves

A travel blog entry by botato11


... , butterflies everywhere, and the trees astounding! Borneo was an absolutley amazing place, and this area especielly. Too bad for Malaysia being the largest exporter of tropical hardwoods in the world, and destroying almost all of its forest. The trip out ...

Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hannahandtom

... ! HUFF!!   Eventually we were let onto our little plane with propellers and everything.... GULP.... and 45 minutes later we were in Miri.    When we got to our hotel, as we expected there was no one answering the phone to let us in and to ...

Departed Miri With Eagerness, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Departed Miri With Eagerness

A travel blog entry by hapis

Together with my wife and young and excited traveler Nurul Syuhada and me we departed for Kuala Lumpur by Malaysia Airline. We haven't use this airline for quite a long time. This new initiative airline to offer 5 star services with low cost price was ...

The little town that almost could..., Miri, Malaysia travel blog

The little town that almost could...

A travel blog entry by selina_and_mo


... brings pictures of old planes with no seat belts and half an engine we chose them anyway to get from KK to Miri. A practically brand new Airbus, complete with leather seats, showed us our preconceptions were well off the mark... We arrived in Miri, the ...

Old Friends and New Friends, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Old Friends and New Friends

A travel blog entry by ellengoeseast


... him to stay fit. We exchanged phone numbers and facebooks, before he dropped me off in town. New friends are easily made in Malaysia! That evening though, it was finally time to meet some old friends. This is what I had come to Miri for. I strolled into ...

Transit day to Miri/Mulu Gunung NP, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Transit day to Miri/Mulu Gunung NP

A travel blog entry by jorisc


... pick us up. After 20 minutes waiting still no bus.  By coincidence I flagged down a car (Toyota Hilux pick-up double cab). The young driver, salesman of Shell oils, was eager to drop us off at the airport of Miri where our hostel was located. Handy! ...

New Friends: Like Family, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

New Friends: Like Family

A travel blog entry by seekermm


... actual bird nests! Yummy!!                 Our last day in Miri was comprised of dropping Ore` at the bus terminal,  a trip to the beach with lunch from hawkers tents, both a ...

Chill out day in Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Chill out day in Miri

A travel blog entry by ryansarah

Had a sleep in finally!! Stayed in bed watching a movie until 11.30am haha. Walked down to a local Restaurant, had a wonder around town and went to the information centre to decide what we wanted to do. The petroleum museum that we wanted to go to was ...

Homecoming, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lingchai


Miri, a simple city with a tropical climate, is the birthplace for Malaysia's petrol industry. It seems only fitting that my cousin, who grew up here, works for Hess. My dad, who grew up in a small village here in Miri, farmed pepper, rubber, and various ...

Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by laws


Miri is a real improvement on Bintulu!We planned to go to Brunei, but are just simply exhausted from the Pinnacles!  We cant even walk down the steps of our hostel without wincing!  We treated ourselves by sending our smelly, dirty, wet tramping ...

GETTING TO KNOW YOU, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sgaudun

By 2 pm the rain had stopped and I started to walk the town. Went to Coco Divers to check out snorkelling possibilities.  Was advised by a nice English divemaster that the diving and certainly the snorkelling opportunities were poor at best at this ...

Miri airport, last bastion of civilisation., Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri airport, last bastion of civilisation.

A travel blog entry by ed.herweynen

... to the airport and organized a bulk cutter for the lock, passport found. All was good and we got to enjoy a waffle before our flight to Miri. All we saw of Miri was the quite nice airport. This was our last chance to stock up on snacks and drinks before ...

clever title, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

clever title

A travel blog entry by shirtz


... this entry. highlights so far: *its hot *a drug dog at the airport eating a womans apple and licking a kids face. needs more training. *miri has stupidly high sidewalks, like a foot. not good for dr clumsy with broken wrist. so yeah, in an hour i fly to ...

Transit to Bario - Replacing a Broken Camera, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Transit to Bario - Replacing a Broken Camera

A travel blog entry by adamz


Arrive in Miri a bit before 4pm so still had plenty of time to find a shop and see if I could find a cheap replacement camera for the one I had broken caving. Having a number of dark blurry patches on the remaining photos of my trip is not really the way ...

Räknas kanske inte?, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Räknas kanske inte?

A travel blog entry by dinaglamour

... Av någon anledning tänkte jag att det skulle vara roligare och billigare att komma till Bandar Seri Begawan med buss från Miri än med direktflyg från Kuching. Nja, nu vet jag inte hur mycket billigare det egentligen blev... Men roligare tror jag. ...

Borneo Unexpected, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo Unexpected

A travel blog entry by staudhammer


... night I was sitting at a table in Georgetown, Penang, off the western coast of mainland, or as they say, peninsular Malaysia. It was a communal table at a rather popular destination for street delicacies. Actually the same place where I was scolded for ...

Miri fever, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri fever

A travel blog entry by erylnorris


... you don’t ask, you don’t get’.     That’s something I’ve actually noticed about Malaysia: there’s an underlying feeling that if you don’t specifically ask for it, it’s unlikely to be offered ...

Rice Wine = Headache, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Rice Wine = Headache

A travel blog entry by jstright


... . Flight was as expected, delayed. They rarely seam to run on time here. But we werent to concerned, with nothing to do in Miri, but nap. Arrival was slick, once the plane left that is. And the guesthouse is very nice. Definately worth the 10 bucks for ...

A Great Way to Kick Off the Formula 1 Season, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

A Great Way to Kick Off the Formula 1 Season

A travel blog entry by ellengoeseast


... as my favourite team Ferrari are concerned, but it was certainly an interesting race and yet again it felt like the olden days in Miri, when my lack of a television drove me into the bars to watch the F1 every two weeks. Like those were the only times I ...

Arrival in Miri, Sarawak, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Arrival in Miri, Sarawak

A travel blog entry by lcawthen

Just arrived. living every girls dream I am in a mixed dorm, with four cute boys - scottish, nz, motherland, canadian ...

The Kelabits Highlands, Miri, Malaisie travel blog

The Kelabits Highlands

A travel blog entry by isaventure


... 201;tant donné que je n'avais rien réservé, c'est pas mal. Je pense que la fille de ma guest house in Miri a du appeler quelqu'un qui ne voulait pas spécialement m'accueillir et a donc envoyé Stephen. Steven est un artiste qui ...

Caves, caves and caves, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Caves, caves and caves

A travel blog entry by gabo_kuroki


... in Australia, and the rest of my body will get there in a few days time. Tomorrow last day in the park. Then short stay in Miri, just to change flight, followed by a 24 hours stay in Kuala Lumpur, again just to change flight... not easy at all to get out ...

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