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De Johor Barhu  Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

De Johor Barhu Melaka

A travel blog entry by alex.carla


... n’ai vu a en Europe. Une fois arriv la gare routire, nous prenons un bus trs confortable pour Melaka. Les bus longues distances sont apparemment trs confortable et spacieux en Malaisie. Le trajet dure 3 heures. Carla dort pratiquement ...

Fehlt, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by janinger


kommt ...

Magical Malacca, Malacca City, Malaysia travel blog

Magical Malacca

A travel blog entry by sidandclaire


Malacca was truely stunning and amazing colonial city ! Its a UNESCO heritage city and is well deserved ! Over the years was firstly a Portuguese then Dutch colony and then British. The town hall and clocktower in the middle looks like you could be in ...

Colonial-ness, Malacca City, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sitwed

Spent a couple of days in Malacca or Melaka, depending on where you are from depends on its spelling. Sounds the same so all is good. We walked around the town and saw the remnants of the colonial history and what once made it one of the busiest ports in ...

Iguanas and cocktails, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Iguanas and cocktails

A travel blog entry by bexyb


Travelled to Melaka yesterday, a fishing town south of KL. The men here seem to act as if they have never seen a white girl before, and it can get a bit annoying being yelled at from every car or moped that goes by. Most of the tourists here seem to be ...

Crazy travel day, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Crazy travel day

A travel blog entry by vieraadventures


... pretty much the same if we went the other route)! So after four bus rides and one LRT ride (monorail), we were finally in Melaka, at the most wonderful guesthouse. I absolutely love this place its run by a family (a couple and their daughter) so you ...

Keeping it cheap!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Keeping it cheap!

A travel blog entry by fredelise


... si: "They call it curry, we call it toilet in a hurry!"). Har klart oss greit forlpig (bank i bord). Den 31. august feirer Malaysia nasjonaldag, og da skal vi vre i Kuala Lumpur for f med oss eventuelle markeringer. Vi har innsett at Chinatown i ...

Turtles Typhoid and Taxi's, Melacca malaysia, Malaysia travel blog

Turtles Typhoid and Taxi's

A travel blog entry by pmaustin


Turtles Typhoid and Taxi's The above is the order of our favouritism…. After a pretty good night’s sleep we woke about 07;30 and dithered about a bit before going for breakfast. You have to go to the owner’s other guesthouse "Caf ...

Melaka, at last, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Melaka, at last

A travel blog entry by candg


... . Then we set off to explore, heading towards Jalan Hang Jebat - also known as Jonker Street - the heart of Melaka's Chinatown. Being the ultimate consumers that we are, we had only just started our meander and the purchases already consisted of ...

Day 69, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Day 69

A travel blog entry by jessievilla


... like a roller skating rink. Ace! Arrive in Melaka two hours later, into the Melaka Central bus station... 5km outside of Melaka. Seriously, who designed this system????? There were another couple on the same bus as us going into Melaka and staying not ...

Bound-feet shoe shop, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Bound-feet shoe shop

A travel blog entry by nas.latif


In olden times it was usual for aristocratic ladies to have their feet bound since childhood. The process was horrible- the toes would be broken and folded underneath and the foot bound up so that its growth was restricted.  This shop has been ...

Happy Thanksgiving in Malaysia!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Happy Thanksgiving in Malaysia!

A travel blog entry by mande


... a big hit with Singapore tourists - easy to spot and the reason why most accomodations are expensive (compared to other parts of Malaysia). Melaka is five hours north of Singapore, two hours south of Kuala Lumpur, on the west coast of Malaysia. It ...

Melaka... the place not to miss, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Melaka... the place not to miss

A travel blog entry by andiontheroad


... in our hostel.Across the road we also spotted an old colonial Church and it turned out that it is the oldest in Melaka and thus also in Malaysia. It was erected in 1710. Continuing our bike ride a long the little river we noticed that the pathway must ...

Koloniales Flair & Geisteraustreibung, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Koloniales Flair & Geisteraustreibung

A travel blog entry by upandaway_gk


... und die, sich dort befindlichen, bsen Geister mit einem Schwert zu verjagen.   Wir finden, dass uns Melaka, mit seiner Farbenpracht, seinem "venezianischen Flair" und seinem kreativen Gewusel einen wunderbaren Abschluss fr den ...

The first city of Malaysia, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

The first city of Malaysia

A travel blog entry by katieb

... easy so enjoy the atmosphere and don't rush into anything. Your social life will be active and relationships harmonious. I arrived in Melaka after 3 hours on a bus from KL to a terminal packed with people. Many people travel out of KL for the Chinese ...

Its most prosperous days behind it., Malacca, Malaysia travel blog

Its most prosperous days behind it.

A travel blog entry by radsolv

Brief visit to this city which I think had once been a thriving sea port till its harbor silted up. Brief stay then on to ...

Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by leprefrog


... Dutch architecture. It is today the "Museum of History and Ethnography". The museum exhibits traditional wedding clothes and artifacts of Melaka, dating back to its days of glory. We stayed for hours in there and learnt about the complicated history. On ...

Melaka..ka..ka..ka!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by joeandalex


... the river.  At nearly 6ft from nose to tail they make quite an interesting sight up close (I should point out that we did not get that close).    After a couple of days, we caught the bus to Singapore and said goodbye to Malaysia. ...

Visit Malaysia Year 2007, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

A travel blog entry by grenzenlos

... 000,000th person to have visited.  This year is the 50th anniversary of Malaysian independence (Merdeka), making it "Visit Malaysia Year 2007."  I have already filled out several government surveys of tourism and have received a nice pin from ...

Mokka in Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Mokka in Melaka

A travel blog entry by es_rossi


text ...

Chinese New Year, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Chinese New Year

A travel blog entry by hibbs


... to the hostel (which is 20 minutes away) pack our bags and then leg it back to the station. We arrive back at the bus station amazingly with 10 minutes to spare and are soon on our way to Singapore. Days sepnt in Malaysia = 14. Amount spent = ...

Interesting little place, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Interesting little place

A travel blog entry by chrismcg


... of these boats.   We had a peek in the Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese temple, which dates back to 1646 and is Malaysia's oldest Chinese temple, with all of the materials imported from China.  It is still in use and in remarkably good condition, ...

Kashmiris Are Honest and We're Still Hungry, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Kashmiris Are Honest and We're Still Hungry

A travel blog entry by shaanandkate


... chicken, Katie got a cheese sandwich (neither was very appetizing).  We grabbed a few beers at Discovery Cafe and called it a night.  At 9am the next morning, after 10 fun days, we would be leaving Malaysia aboard a bus bound for Singapore. ...

Food, Sightsee, Repeat, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Food, Sightsee, Repeat

A travel blog entry by charding


... of bus reps usher us onto an express service to Melaka, a world heritage city famous for its colonial history. I never knew before that Malaysia is also an old British colony and it seems to me that this world trip is rapidly descending into a who's who ...

Pile the Heads Here (Malaysia), Malacca City, Malaysia travel blog

Pile the Heads Here (Malaysia)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... seaport in the early centuries and the King of Portugal sent his men to make a trade agreement with the ruler of Malaysia. In 1509 the Portuguese arrived and at first were treated very kindly. The Portuguese were Christian and the Malaysians were ...

Pimp My Trishaw, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Pimp My Trishaw

A travel blog entry by redhurricane


... The history is palpable and evident in everything you see.  I visited a few museums chronicling the history of both Melaka and Malaysia, in particular its road to independence.  It reminded me of something Amy from Taman Negara had said about it ...

Final Thoughts on Malaysia, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Final Thoughts on Malaysia

A travel blog entry by gayled

... the big VIP bus seats anyway!!  Even the normal public bus was pretty good.  I guess there is more money in Malaysia.  There are certainly a lot more well formed bellies than in Vietnam and Cambodia and I think I only saw one person begging ...

Ohh pretty Melaka!, Melaka, Malaysia travel blog

Ohh pretty Melaka!

A travel blog entry by clintandjulia


... Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, English, Japanese...all these cultures have shed themselves a bit into the melting pot that is Malaysia. Early tomorrow morning the eating tour goes on with Dim Sum for breakfast and hopefully even more Baba-Nyonya yummies ...

Malaka, Malaka, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexklarka


... dobou jsme uz davno v Australii takze musim tak trosku zavzpomynat na nase posledni mesto ktere jsme navstivili v Malasii a to Melaka, historicke a velice ciste mesto, kde jsme zustali par dni. Jelikoz jsme potrebovali dokoupit par obleceni, pred cestou ...

Miles and Malls, Melaca, Malaysia travel blog

Miles and Malls

A travel blog entry by heathermills

We left Singapore early the next morning to start the long journey to our next destination, Melaka on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  The express bus took us from central Singapore to the border with Malaysia via a long causeway linking the ...

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