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Mid-week...., Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by brandilinasue


... wanted to go home and watch the 'football" game that was happening right here in Skopje. The football( Soccer) game was between Macedonia and Holland. I like watching soccer, ever since my brother played in high school. ...

Last Week!!!, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Last Week!!!

A travel blog entry by brandilinasue


... I probably wouldn't get it again. Coming to the end, Zoran made a speech. He told me that he was very glad that I came here to Macedonia and he was very grateful that we had opened our home to Marija when she was in the states. He wished that he could've ...

Rubbing Shoulders with Mother Teresa, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Rubbing Shoulders with Mother Teresa

A travel blog entry by dazbo1975

... places to eat. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Mother Teresa was also born here, which is a little factoid for you. Something that struck me about Skopje was the amount of conkers on the floor. If ths was in England then months ago you would have had kids chucking ...

Old city, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Old city

A travel blog entry by brandilinasue


... three of us went to the Stara Charshija ( Stara-old ), Marija wanted to show me the old city and how it looks different from what Skopje is now. In order to get there we had to cross over Vardar River. We crossed on the Kamen Most (Stone Bridge) which is ...

skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by fabien


... guy and they was joking with us saying with an incredible accent "jacques chirac", "zinedine zidane"! so funny my friend Stefan from skopje architecture school picked us at the train station! as it was the morning and we were so hungry that we ate a new ...

Day of rest., Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Day of rest.

A travel blog entry by brandilinasue


So, today was a day of no traveling, no visiting, and no shopping! Marija let me sleep til I got up and she just cleaned the house and stayed in her pajamas. Sashe, well I don't know what he did, he wasn't around til late afternoon. I did have ...

macedonia, Macedonia, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bitchee

nothing ...

June 24: A saint was born here, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

June 24: A saint was born here

A travel blog entry by chan_hc

... thing, this mission is anything but. It actually refers to the fighting between the ethnic Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo, Macedonia’s neighbor, in 1999, and the mission was established to prevent the war from "spillover" to this country. We did ...

Border Crossings and Far Too Many Statues, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Border Crossings and Far Too Many Statues

A travel blog entry by nick_collins8

... statue there is...great.... But nah really, its huge and quite interesting. He is pretty much a national hero, I don't think anything too exciting has happened to Macedonia since Alexander conquered the world. But it was a pretty cool place to stop off! ...

Race across the Balkans, Part 1, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Race across the Balkans, Part 1

A travel blog entry by grenzenlos

It is illegal to cross into Serbia from Kosovo, so to get back to Budapest I had to first go back to Macedonia and enter Serbia via the main Skopje-Belgrade highway. The trip from Prishtina only takes 1 1/2 hours, most of which is spent at the border ...

Wine and war zones, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Wine and war zones

A travel blog entry by jordanblair100


... the two of us very relieved individuals collapsed into our seats and slept for the majority of the three hour journey to Macedonia. My time in Skopje was unexpectedly great. I had thought that it was going to pretty ordinary, just a quick stop off on the ...

Pit Stop, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Pit Stop

A travel blog entry by tigereye


Hitched here yesterday and again today...heading ...

MaceDONTia, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by barber.timothy

... Sofia hopefully with a better city. the bus turned out to be a minibus and we kept stopping all over and even had a stop for lunch which was weird but i watched six straight hours of entourage which was good and sofia looked a little beter than ...

BALKANTOUR - Macedonia-Fyrom 1st part, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

BALKANTOUR - Macedonia-Fyrom 1st part

A travel blog entry by vinkor


... name Macedonia. Greece is very angry and pretends this name belongs only to them, but I noticed that in the slavic Macedonia, i.e.Fyrom (former yugoslav republic of Macedonia) there are many  evident signs of Macedonia, for example in Bitola there ...

Vardarska, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by grenzenlos

... not mind. The mountain scenery made up for the lack of punctuality. Despite reports of bombings and assassination attempts in Macedonia, Skopje seemed quite normal in the blistering summer heat. The youth hostel was full, but the owner made a phone ...

Slow Moving, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Slow Moving

A travel blog entry by 2girls1world

Of course we had a good sleep in :) the beds here a really comfy and warm so its been nice. We got up and got ready to head out for the day, did some stuff online that we needed to do then finally ventured out. Was a really nice warm sunny day. We took ...

Macedonia and Kosovo, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Macedonia and Kosovo

A travel blog entry by laurieandsophie


... in the café/bar sipping Macedonian wine and beer and using the internet. In the morning we headed further into Macedonia to the capital Skopje. The country is such a vibrant green! We found it a bit like Switzerland with deep valley meadows surrounded ...

Intro, Skopje, Macedonia, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tuparev_slavcho


... connects Ljubljana- Slovenia and Thessaloniki- Greece by way of Macedonia. Stops include Tabanovce (the Macedonia-Serbia border crossing point), Kumanovo, Skopje, Veles, Gradsko, Negotino, Demir Kapija, and Gevgelija (Greek border crossing point), as ...

Skopje, Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Skopje, Macedonia

A travel blog entry by tigereye


Made it out of Schengen without an issue!  Put in for a new passport since my current one is almost full, so I'll loop back to here later.  Very chill place - I think I'm going to like the Balkans.  Everyone keeps asking me why I'm here in ...

Leaving Skopje and the Problems Behind, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Leaving Skopje and the Problems Behind

A travel blog entry by gogan

... my son Igor (he was barely three then, while she was barely fifty years of age) because she simply adored the boy. People in Macedonia do not take men of 27 as particularly serious, especially not so if they had not served their army duty. Mothers of 23 ...

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bangkokrandy

Stopped here on the way from Greece to Central Europe. Kind of scary place at the ...

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveltragic

Pristina to Skopje - kids threw stones at us from both sides of the road. We stopped & most ran away - not much damage, only a slight scratch on my door. Greek ...

Day 115 : Rollin' with the Big Dog, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Day 115 : Rollin' with the Big Dog

A travel blog entry by kev_ann


... each provided the tastiest "cuppa" we'd had for a long, long while (and at a fifth of the cost). With our caffeine and culture hits thoroughly satisfied we headed off down south to see Macedonia's holiday and party destination - Lake Ohrid. ...

Skopje?, As shit as everyone claims?, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Skopje?, As shit as everyone claims?

A travel blog entry by englishanddrunk


... FYROM at the Eurovision song contest).   Anyway, the Muslim quarter is far more beautiful than the area about Macedonia square- minarets from mosques reach towards the heavens and small churches sit humbly nearby (surrounded by a large group of ...

CL SLOGA JUGOMAGNAT, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by naghign2steaua

2nd round STE  3-0  SLO SLO  1-2  STE ...

Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lbeban

Skopje ...

2 days in Kumanovo, Kumanovo, Macedonia travel blog

2 days in Kumanovo

A travel blog entry by anaearthrowl


I got off the bus at the wrong stop but it ended up being closer to the town centre.  Kumanovo is the second city but it just feels like a small town in the countryside.  The people were really helpful in giving directions.  I ended ...

Boots On Ground, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Boots On Ground

A travel blog entry by devante


... flight I have had was on my way to Hawaii. We stopped in Vienna for about an hour and then finally got boots on ground in Skopje, Macedonia. When we landed I found that my feet were swollen! I had taken my shoes off to relax. In the middle of the flight ...

art hostel, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

art hostel

A travel blog entry by h4ck3rm1k3

HI this is my first entry check out my twitter ...

Land of Alexander the Great, Skopje, Macedonia travel blog

Land of Alexander the Great

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Heroic statues dominate the skyline, many of them on horseback. The city of Skopje was practically leveled by a major earthquake in 1963, and now millions of dollars are being spent to revitalize the city on a grand scale. There is scaffolding and cranes ...

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