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Arriving in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Arriving in Venice

A travel blog entry by lyn-gary-travel


... the canal. There are also many souvinere shops along the front. We get chatting to a young couple from Manchester who are visiting Venice for the first time. They too are waiting for their room to be serviced. Finally we are told our room is ready and ...

The Wonder of Wandering!, Venice, Italy travel blog

The Wonder of Wandering!

A travel blog entry by runelight_vlc


... a few locales are closed but this didn't stop me from setting off with a hearty stride through three main districts of Venice. Heading down to the Rialto, because being Sunday the Traghetto (the crossing gondola) was not available, I crossed over into ...

The world before us is a postcard..., Venice, Italy travel blog

The world before us is a postcard...

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


... that in the Alsace region of France, and cities I've been to like Copenhagen, Bruges, and Manchester have been compared to Venice as well....Manchester, really? I think anyplace that has more than one canal gets this comparison, but I finally got to see ...

1st day in Venice!, Venice, Italy travel blog

1st day in Venice!

A travel blog entry by wardtrip


... we took advantadge of that and crossed over Rialto bridge as well as visiting Saint Marcs square and doing a little bit of shopping. Venice is magical, especially at night when all the lights are on. The buildings are breath-taking. Every building has a ...

Taking the Vaporetto and catching pigeons, Venice, Italy travel blog

Taking the Vaporetto and catching pigeons

A travel blog entry by dancera


... campground to the bathrooms because I had to go really badly! Then we slept till 10. We left at 11 and were back off to Venice. Our breakfast were these rolls with Salami. Pretty good. We walked around a lot here and there and everywhere. We went to the ...

Contiki Europe 2006!!, London, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Venice, Florence, Rome, Italy travel blog

Contiki Europe 2006!!

A travel blog entry by kbroder86


... advice for Venice was to get lost...which is extremely easy to do, and really all you can do to really experience Venice. Saw a glass blowing demonstration in the morning, then most of the day was spent wandering the extremely narrow streets and shopping ...

Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by buckleypup

As we entered the outskirts of Venice it seems the tradition of putting graffiti on any flat clean service continued. After a long drive there was time for a quick meal of seafood risotto and fritto misto then off to sleep off the ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by daridah

... to show us around, but the streets are so twisty that it's almost impossible not to get lost! Some other facts about Venice: Everything is extremely expensive Most restaurant's charge you a cover to eat there You can still get good pizza and gelati ...

Murano glass, masks and mosquitos, Venice, Italy travel blog

Murano glass, masks and mosquitos

A travel blog entry by tiddlywink


... 's friends, Tara and Trent, also from Australia, were really nice and we soon got ourselves a knock down price for a tour of Venice in a gondola. Although it's a really cheesy, touristy thing to do, the view of Venice by boat cannot be beaten and we had a ...

Glass on the Waterfront, Venice, Italy travel blog

Glass on the Waterfront

A travel blog entry by newguy2120


... by wandering through the streets of Venice, making our way slowly but surely to the Bascilica San Marco. The walkways of Venice are narrow and unpredictable, without a map it is virtually impossible to know where you are. Canals appear at random and the ...

Saluti da Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Saluti da Venezia

A travel blog entry by kevinandstephne


... (or a place selling gelato!). We visited the Basilica San Marco this afternoon and walked through an exhibit called Venice and Islam - a collection of treasures from the golden age of the republic several centuries ago. Surprisingly, there were pieces in ...

Return from Venice to Levico, Venice, Italy travel blog

Return from Venice to Levico

A travel blog entry by pernari


Up early in Venice and back by train. Elaine and Paul and Anna had been busy while we were gone and talked with the priest (for record information), and also the family that visited us the first night spoke with some other family members and discovered ...

My first ever gondola ride!, Venice, Italy travel blog

My first ever gondola ride!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... than this! By taking a big step, I was the first one to board the gondola for our one hour ride along Venice’s canals.   I immediately sat in the back of this narrow boat where five other people including Michel followed me behind, six ...

Guests Return & Camping Rialto (Almost Venice), Venice, Italy travel blog

Guests Return & Camping Rialto (Almost Venice)

A travel blog entry by shearers


... was not strictly to our 9:00 anticipation but by half past we were out of the campsite (with no drama) and heading for Venice. The autostrada was reasonably clear although filled with the usual dangerous drivers and we have now agreed to simply drive as ...

Feets Don't Fail Me Now!, Venice, Italy, Italy travel blog

Feets Don't Fail Me Now!

A travel blog entry by barbwengler


Last night we had dinner at Bea Vita which was listed in my Osterie Book of Venice and came highly recommended.  The fixed menu is what they are known for, but the "Chef's Choice" means they can bring anything at all and it's a surprise.  ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by ben27


... for a limited time only. Venice is sinking about 10cm every 5 years probably mostly to do with the loads of tourists that pile into the city every year. In saying that, Venice is definitely an amazing place that I'm so glad to have visited. ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by kucharm

Venice was expected.  We were definitely dying carrying our luggage up and down a zillion steps.  We spent one day going to the islands of Murano and Burano. At Murano we saw different glass being made...very cool.  At night we ...

Venice, Italy , Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice, Italy

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


I'm in Love, Venice, Italy travel blog

I'm in Love

A travel blog entry by backpacker44


... scared it off. :( I'm such a kid sometimes ha ha. I took nearly 200 photos in one day. And I love almost all of them. Venice is so picturesque. Just like Paris. There is so much to see, so many little streets that lead to more little streets, that lead ...

Vitruvian Man, Venice, Italy travel blog

Vitruvian Man

A travel blog entry by mugharrington


... last sight the prisoners would see before being held in prisons.  They would sigh as they caught the last glimpse of Venice before serving their prison sentence. The prisons were upstairs in the attic, where Casanova escaped and in the basement, ...

Canals, Gondolas and Spritz, Venice, Italy travel blog

Canals, Gondolas and Spritz

A travel blog entry by tomngaynor


... fruit, meat and fish markets. We examined the live seafood and yet again ate more fresh fruit. We once more wandered around Venice and visited the Jewish Ghetto, which was tiny and allowed us to really appreciate the over-crowding that would have been ...

3 Island tour, Venice, Italy travel blog

3 Island tour

A travel blog entry by lashez


... is the only one that allows cars and buses on it, there is also a beach on the other side and was the location of Venice's first airport. When we arrived in Murano we all went inside a glass making factory and watched a demonstration they made a vase and ...

Foggy Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Foggy Venice

A travel blog entry by msj322


... walk from the train station may take an hour, so we decided to take the scenic route an take a "Vapporatto".  Vapparatto's are Venice's bus system.  These boats go up and down the grand canal stopping every 100 feet or so at docks on each side ...

One night In Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

One night In Venice

A travel blog entry by ashnbrieurope

... can tell you know we were both feeling a little run down after our last 2 weeks of non stop action. We took our bus to Venice today and we spent most of the morning napping. We stopped yet again at Wildshnau Valley and although Rach had made Briony and I ...

Venice - MSC Sinfonia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice - MSC Sinfonia

A travel blog entry by sue.morgan


... are in awe that I would travel on my own. Whatever the motivation, its working out well, except where I got lost in Venice carting the lovely (not) suitcase behind me lol. Rain has come so safety briefing delayed. I've purchased internet package as seems ...

Venice and Florence, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice and Florence

A travel blog entry by alex_merwin


... square in front of the cathedral, is famous for it's droves of pigeons - watch your head! I only had 2 days in Venice, and about to leave Italy I was reminded of one site I wanted to see dearly but had yet to encounter. The original David, in Florence. ...

The Misfits of Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

The Misfits of Venice

A travel blog entry by ilombardo


So we spent two full days in Rome and then headed off to Venice for the third day. It was Halloween, actually. Venice was really foggy, but I thought it was a mysterious, eerie, romantic kind of way. We walked around, took a boat ride ...

Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bigbenn


... 8am, and then had a leisully breakfast of Museli and yogurt for the first time since we left London. We caught the bus into the Venice at 10am and then just roamed the streets. The best way to see venice is to have no plan and not try and navigate your ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by pauljl74

venice ...

A Wonderful Day in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

A Wonderful Day in Venice

A travel blog entry by oliver3011


... water.  There is vast quantities of it everywhere you look.  We arrived at the train station and jumped straight onto a water taxi - Venice's public transport system and caught the taxi to the Rialto Bridge which is half way along the Grand Canal.  The ...

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