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Canals, Gondolas and Spritz, Venice, Italy travel blog

Canals, Gondolas and Spritz

A travel blog entry by tomngaynor


... fruit, meat and fish markets. We examined the live seafood and yet again ate more fresh fruit. We once more wandered around Venice and visited the Jewish Ghetto, which was tiny and allowed us to really appreciate the over-crowding that would have been ...

Venice and Florence, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice and Florence

A travel blog entry by alex_merwin


... square in front of the cathedral, is famous for it's droves of pigeons - watch your head! I only had 2 days in Venice, and about to leave Italy I was reminded of one site I wanted to see dearly but had yet to encounter. The original David, in Florence. ...

The Misfits of Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

The Misfits of Venice

A travel blog entry by ilombardo


So we spent two full days in Rome and then headed off to Venice for the third day. It was Halloween, actually. Venice was really foggy, but I thought it was a mysterious, eerie, romantic kind of way. We walked around, took a boat ride ...

Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bigbenn


... 8am, and then had a leisully breakfast of Museli and yogurt for the first time since we left London. We caught the bus into the Venice at 10am and then just roamed the streets. The best way to see venice is to have no plan and not try and navigate your ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by pauljl74

venice ...

A Wonderful Day in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

A Wonderful Day in Venice

A travel blog entry by oliver3011


... water.  There is vast quantities of it everywhere you look.  We arrived at the train station and jumped straight onto a water taxi - Venice's public transport system and caught the taxi to the Rialto Bridge which is half way along the Grand Canal.  The ...

Venice a story, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice a story

A travel blog entry by concon3546


... inside with a view of one of the many canals that are the roadways of the city. Then we looked for a restaurant with our "tap Venice" app recommended by my uncle. We found a fish place with many strange kinds of sea creatures on display and sat down to ...

Venice to see Famiglia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice to see Famiglia

A travel blog entry by marymichael84


... the evening. Zio Mario asked us to stay for 3 nights which would have been fantastic but we just couldn’t  be in Venice that long. We compromised with staying the night. We were very spoilt with Zio and Zia having organised the hotel for us and ...

Venturing to Venezia..., Venice, Italy travel blog

Venturing to Venezia...

A travel blog entry by lavish48


... ! Yaaay! On the downside, we finally figure out that we though Bethany, Kim's sister, was coming into Italy to stay the week with us in Venice that day, but in all actuality, she isn't coming until TOMORROW because of the time difference from America. ...

HI From Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

HI From Venice

A travel blog entry by sammy44


... a little scared at times. Did not really want to leave and guess what, had to train again  (Thursday) from Como to Venice, and yes another disastrous outcome,  so needless to say missed another train Arrrrhhhhhhhh not happy . (Not our fault !!!) ...

Venice Day 2, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice Day 2

A travel blog entry by taramarika


... went with Catherine, Matt, Jon and Denise into the main part of Venice. We walked around a lot and went for dinner. Good times. Venice is a beautiful city in the Night. It is extremely busy and full of tourists in the day, but at night when it calms down ...

the amphibious city, Venice, Italy travel blog

the amphibious city

A travel blog entry by tristan_g


A Day with the Brother, Venice, Italy travel blog

A Day with the Brother

A travel blog entry by bwells


... of the train as he stands above the crowd and I surprise him from behind as he passes. It was so great to see him there in Venice...and crazy too. Kaitlyn, Sarah, and I decide to tag along with Kevin and his group for the day. We first make our way to ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by antipodean


... tourist areas for shopping are, of course, bustling, and can be a pain to navigate with umbrellas everywhere. I have managed to visit Venice when heavy rain is forecast for the three days I am here (but according to my travelling sources, most of Italy ...

Venice the City of Love I have fallen in Love ...., Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice the City of Love I have fallen in Love ....

A travel blog entry by dionne07


... 8pm on the 6th of September.. Caught the bus to Venice Island for 6 EURO's and it took approximately 40 minutes. Upon arrival at Venice island I started walking to Rialto bridge with my heavy bag on my back, it took about 20 minutes, then I made an ...

Damn camera...., Venice, Italy travel blog

Damn camera....

A travel blog entry by eoghan


... ; it's in Mestre, just across the water from the city of canals. I caught the train across, and after stepping out of Venice station, I just stopped dead and stared. Directly in front of me, where you'd normally expect a busy road with cars, buses and ...

Window displays, Venice at work, and cappuccino, Venice, Italy travel blog

Window displays, Venice at work, and cappuccino

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


... the scenes activities that had us curious. There has to be a complete underworld that keeps it all running smoothly like a well orchestrated play. Venice does this well.  Our final activity in Venice: one last cup of cappuccino at Caffe del Doge! ...

Oct 13, 2009, Venice, Italy travel blog

Oct 13, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Venezia...where dreams come true., Venice, Italy travel blog

Venezia...where dreams come true.

A travel blog entry by kareelah

This is a top pick!

... displays of art work glass and jewelry. I bought some lovely pieces, necklace, earrings etc. back on a water taxi and into Venice for our included gondola rides. We had 5 boats and one had two musicians playing piano accordion and singing. There were 5 ...

St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy travel blog

St. Mark's Square

A travel blog entry by musiclvr272

   After breakfast we headed to St. Mark's Square where the main touristy things are. I went into a museum and then into this amazing palace that used to house the Venetian government. You also get to go down into what used to be the prisons, ...

Rimini to Venice to Budapest... in 24 hours!, Venice, Italy travel blog

Rimini to Venice to Budapest... in 24 hours!

A travel blog entry by yellowbrickroad


... the night train from Venice to Budapest, at the end of September, surely! We spent the afternoon exploring the mazed streets of Venice (trying to find Saint Marc's Square, but determined not to buy a map... who needs a map when you have instincts!). ...

Venezia, Venezia, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


Venezia ...

Two days was enough., Venice, Italy travel blog

Two days was enough.

A travel blog entry by brandonandryan

... were also gondolas all over the place but we will talk about those later.We didn't have many reasons to actually be in Venice – I’m sure there are lots but it’s more like the city itself isthe thing to see, literally like Italy’s ...

Italy wrap up, Venice, Italy travel blog

Italy wrap up

A travel blog entry by swiss3319

... . In case our family and friends think we were abused, remember the bruises are a result of carrying heaving luggage across Italy. We will leave you with one last blonde moment...just when we thought we had mastered the European bathroom facilities we ...

On the Ship, Venice, Italy travel blog

On the Ship

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


So we decided to go early to get the ship – over 2 hours before check in opened. I forgot, all Brazilians like to be early. Everyone was there already. The staff looked totally overwhelmed that all the passengers were there and they hadn't even ...

Venezia....., Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by wendy2007

... next year :)....  Yesterday, I took the Secret Itineries Tour of the Doges Palace, facinating history of the government of Venice, very elaborate and lots of checks and balances.  They even got rid of the torture chambers before the rest of ...

Heat.  That's familiar., Venice, Italy travel blog

Heat. That's familiar.

A travel blog entry by dorrance


... to the pigeons. We kept it down to three pigeon visits, but without a doubt this is what our children loved about Venice. One pigeon finally left droppings on Gailen, and having to wash up only mildly dampened his enthusiasm. The Gondola rides looked ...

Venice...., Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by bellsinitaly


... which is famous for its glass making.  Here we watched an artist make a glass horse in about 10 minutes.... Venice was extremely crowded and Michael and I got seperated from the rest of the group. We shopped for a ...

Random Observations from uno Tourista, Venice, Italy travel blog

Random Observations from uno Tourista

A travel blog entry by wendy2007


... another button to stop the flush. Use the restrooms in museums or your restaurant because youll be paying for a public one in Venice. Music and street performers in the piazzas or squares.  FUN! Lots if graffiti in Rome, not so much in ...

26/05/2009, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


We left bibione in the afternoon arrived in Venice massive car park. Yes I did manage to scratch the brand new rental car as Italians do not seem to make opening big enough for people movers manage to get in... Secure the car... and hop on the water taxi ...

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