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Photos from our first day in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Photos from our first day in Milan

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


Mike Pants and Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog

Mike Pants and Milano

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1

... minutes but that wasn't really what I was thinking for the evening.  They said they were going to celebrate Inter Milan's Serie A championship that would be finalized after the evenings game with Sienna.  Inter has the points lead easily, so ...

Death To Ryanair, Milan, Italy travel blog

Death To Ryanair

A travel blog entry by woundedsoldier

We even made a song about how much we hate Ryanair. But still, I always come crawling back to ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by nathan_and_clem


... you can't imagine ever being beseiged, it just looks too classy to get involved in anything like that. Thus ends our adventures in Italy, for now. On Monday morning, we flew to Malaga, then on to our home-swapped free accomodation (thanks Mum) in ...

Let's Shop! -- not written yet, Milan, Italy travel blog

Let's Shop! -- not written yet

A travel blog entry by peillsonwheels


Alison is working on this ...

Reunión de amigos, Milan, Italy travel blog

Reunión de amigos

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

Otra vez nos reunimos con Javier y Rodrigo en Milán y planificamos nuestra jornada para el día ...

Un destino inesperado, Milan, Italy travel blog

Un destino inesperado

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

En el desayuno los chicos me convencieron de que los acompañara a Bolonia a ver fútbol, como un aperitivo antes del plato fuerte que era el clásico de la noche. Así que como no tenía mejores planes y un abono de tren ilimitado decidí ir con ...

Overpacked but standing ..., Milan, Italy travel blog

Overpacked but standing ...

A travel blog entry by ucfgirl55


Good morning from Milan! The trip has been interesting. My flight out of Orlando was delayed ... Which shortened my layoff at JFK. For anyone who has flown through JFK, you know that is never a good thing. Anyway, I had to leave my arriving ...

Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by msu


Milan ...

A casa, Milan, Italy travel blog

A casa

A travel blog entry by alberto70

Il viaggio aereo come previsto ė lungo eterno, 13h sono tante;  ma c'è poco da fare, sono quasi dall'altra parte del mondo ed un mezzo più veloce non esiste.   Guardo un paio di film per ammazzare il tempo. Ceco anche di dormire un po' ...

day 12, Milan, Italy travel blog

day 12

A travel blog entry by twowombats


... causing us some grief with our credit cards and they gave us a 24hr number to call reversing the charges through the international operator - Italy doesn't have any operators! So, we went to the Tabaccaio buy a phone card - which one?- who knows! It ...

Seeing Milan...not really...not very exciting..., Milan, Italy travel blog

Seeing Milan...not really...not very exciting...

A travel blog entry by lashez


... onto the net to see what we can do here. Seems if you are really into museums this is the place for you. So for us, Milan doesn't have that much to offer. We walked to the central train station and brought our tickets to Como and had to then head back to ...

Aug 31, 2010, Milan, Italy travel blog

Aug 31, 2010

A travel blog entry by kescott


Anniversary and Going Home, Milan, Italy travel blog

Anniversary and Going Home

A travel blog entry by lisakpenning


We didn't get to spend much of our anniversary in Italy, unfortunately, as Chris had to get in a taxi at 3:45am to make it to his plane on time, and Lisa soon after.  After slight sleepy misadventures, we made it to our respective airports, and once ...

European Vacation, Milan, Italy travel blog

European Vacation

A travel blog entry by wanderingwaltz


... day trips to various towns and wandering through narrow alleyways and tasting Portugal's cuisine. From Portugal we headed to Milan, Italy to visit Jamie's twin sister, Barbara, and her husband Sandro. We decompressed from being travelers and relaxed ...

love affair with everywhere: Milano!, Milan, Italy travel blog

love affair with everywhere: Milano!

A travel blog entry by lifeasanomad


... friends met his now wife while we were studying there! I have many good, no, great memories in this city. Milan isn't a top destination for tourists visiting Italy like Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, etc., there really isn't much to see, but when ...

whirlwind tour, Milan, Italy travel blog

whirlwind tour

A travel blog entry by skye


Last night I flew from Madrid to Milan, and tonight we fly to Prague! 3 countries in 24 hours is a bit crazy really. My mom arrived 2 days ago, so she had a bit more time to look around. We managed to see the Duomo, the Castle and wander some gardens ...

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapiki, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by baldolino


Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronu kupokaiwhenuakitanatahu E' il nome in lingua maori di una collina di scarsa rilevanza, alta circa 305 metri, vicina a Porangahau, a sud di Waipukurau nella Hawke's Bay meridionale, in Nuova ...

Overnight in Milano, Milano, Italy travel blog

Overnight in Milano

A travel blog entry by jephcottjourney


I broke my #1 rule when traveling yesterday. No matter how good something looks or how free it is, if the place doesn't specialize in it, don't eat it! Well to be far to me, I don't know anyone that specializes in tuna sandwiches and that goes double ...

Northern Italy, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rovigo, Italy travel blog

Northern Italy

A travel blog entry by mccolleen


Food, wine, fast cars, stylish clothing, antiquities, art, and too many ...

Days of nothingness, Milan, Italy travel blog

Days of nothingness

A travel blog entry by dragonrider


... the buildings????? Bizarre. Our original destination for the shopping expedition was Corso Buenos Aires. This is a major shopping street in Milan with over 350 stores selling a range of merchandise, a total daily turnover amongst the top in the world and ...

Milan, visiting Cinque Terre, Verona & Lake Garda, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan, visiting Cinque Terre, Verona & Lake Garda

A travel blog entry by neverold


... to this lovely, historical city than a dubious love story. On the same day we visited Lake Garda. The biggest freshwater lake in Italy. Very busy with German tourists soaking up the sun. We took a boat ride to cool off and see the castle from the ...

Traffic madness, Milan, Italy travel blog

Traffic madness

A travel blog entry by dragonrider


... 5hr drive to Milan, we were meeting our host at 1pm, it was 9:30am - no problem. Yeah right! Public holiday in Italy, lots of traffic but everything was smooth sailing until we got near Verona where we encountered our first traffic accident. Traffic was ...

nella città della moda... Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog

nella città della moda... Milano

A travel blog entry by europeando


Después de dormir como morsas porque Venecia nos dejó de cama, salimos tipo 12 para Milán con la viandita que nos armó la tana, Rafi una genia!!! Todo el viaje de Verona a Milán hablamos con un Indio que era Hindú y se iba a visitar a su familia ...

Separación y despedida, Milan, Italy travel blog

Separación y despedida

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

Al día siguiente me despedí de Javier también y a las 11 abordé el Eurostar Italia con destino a la Ciudad Eterna. Como viajaba en primera clase me sirvieron algo de tomar y una cajita con comida (galletitas bañadas de chocolate y maní ...

Milano--not just a cookie!, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milano--not just a cookie!

A travel blog entry by kelseylynn


I just got back from my 10 day spring break in Italy!!! I am feeling a little pressure from my coursework and these blogs take me awhile so I am just going to post pictures for the time being and fill you in on all the amazing stories later--there were ...

Turning Lemons into Lemonade, Milan, Italy travel blog

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

A travel blog entry by dorrance


... although Thailand is certainly good too. We almost never go out for Italian food at home, but the food in Italy is so different and a real delight. For our Milan stop, our first choice was a visit to see the Da Vinci's famous Last Supper painting. We ...

Star treatment in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Star treatment in Milan

A travel blog entry by canadianjulie


... and relax a little more in front of the TV. I hopped on my train to Venice at 5 pm and took my overnight train from Venice at 9:30 pm. Overall, I didn't see any of Milan, aside from my hotel room and the train station, but it was a very relaxing stop! ...

Aperitivo in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Aperitivo in Milan

A travel blog entry by katevoss


... a bull on it that you’re supposed to step on it’s ‘balls’ if you wish to return to Milan).    Then I wandered through many piazzas and saw the opera house (which to be honest isn’t that exciting from the ...

Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnnyg


... backdated entry cos internet access is hard to find here sometimes. This morning we got up quite early and caught the train to Milan (northern Italy). I have to say that if you ever plan to do a whistlestop tour of Italy then this is probably one place to ...

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