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Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattnic


... out about it, his eyes lit up, and Gloria offered to take him there to show him the hardware/building supply store in Bologna!!! That's right, we ended up in a hardware store, which made Matthew, of course, very happy!! (See pictures everyone, I'm not ...

Bologna Blog Number 1, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna Blog Number 1

A travel blog entry by kcassaro


... . We only wish that all our friends could have been with us to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Karen's Impression of Bologna (So Far).... Arriving into this city is was an exciting event for me. With Rachel as our guide through the narrow, ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by eliandvicky


... basilica of San Petronio. It looked like they are having a concert soon as technicians were everywhere setting up the stages. Bologna is known for their excellent food and cooking, especially taglietelli and tortellini. We walked off the beaten path to ...

Pizza and Pasta in Italy, Rome, Pisa, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Padua and Masi, Italy travel blog

Pizza and Pasta in Italy

A travel blog entry by jai_82


... pizza, then steak and salad maybe some peas and some fruiti, oh and not to forget the bread or proscuitto oh and on weekends a seafood buffet. We kept ourselves busy with day trips going to Bologna, Venice, Verona and Padua. Then it was of to ...

Day Three - 498 Steps and counting..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Day Three - 498 Steps and counting...

A travel blog entry by needlemind


... reminding myself. Anyway, revealing my own internal worries to the world is not what this entry is about, no this is all about Bologna, the road through Tuscany, and the interesting things I discovered along the way.   It took a couple of hours to ...

day 16, Bologna, Italy travel blog

day 16

A travel blog entry by twowombats


... place. Wish our navigation girlie would taken the ZTL into consideration when giving directions. Atmosphere in car was a tad tense. We wandered Bologna and came across a TIM office - in we go to try and solve the problems with my phone- Piero is extremely ...

It's Been a Busy Summer, Bologna, Italy travel blog

It's Been a Busy Summer

A travel blog entry by joeleeis


... , I've enrolled in a graduate school program. Fortunately, I am spending my first year at the school's campus in Bologna, Italy. (This option to study abroad was definitely an attractive feature of this program.) Throughout the month of August, I ...

Tirocinio part 2 - Cardiology, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Tirocinio part 2 - Cardiology

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser


Today was my first day in the department of Cardiology, where I will do a clerkship for the next three weeks. Everybody was really friendly and they explained a lot. But still my problem is to transfer my German knowledge of everything into Italian. But ...

Bologna: Walking through a Time-Warp, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna: Walking through a Time-Warp

A travel blog entry by travelingmom


... We woke late and wandered the city--visited the Basilica and a few inspiring buildings from the 11th -13th centuries (we'd done the Bologna museums on another trip) as well as a little shopping. Prices for top-end items seemed to be a little lower than in ...

Permessio di soggiorno, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Permessio di soggiorno

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

Today, after 2 months of waiting, I finally got my stay permit for Italy. I wonder, what they did with my documents for these 2 months, because on this paper were several mistakes. Welcome to ...

Bologna- Day 1, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna- Day 1

A travel blog entry by fminonne


... statues are made.  Upstairs, in a chapel, was another arrangement of terracotta figures. Arches are everywhere in Bologna.  There are about 14 kilometers of arches. For awhile there were laws requiring everyone to have arches.  The ...

Red porticos and university students, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Red porticos and university students

A travel blog entry by xerius

... I never really carry anything in my main pant pockets when I travel. I'm doing my first bit of "CouchSurfing" here in Bologna, courtesy of a friendly university student. It's really a great set-up, giving me convenient lodgings in the center for no ...

Bologna photos, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna photos

A travel blog entry by cupcrazy1994


blog to come ...

day 17, Bologna, Italy travel blog

day 17

A travel blog entry by twowombats


It was a bright, cold but sunny, and a dream soon to be fulfilled. the night spent in a basic but comfortable room. I think we where the only guests. Breakfast was quick, European style. Cereal- no milk, yogurt, capacino. Breakfast finished, we pack, ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by alyssa2012italy


I set my alarm for 6:45 but didn't get out of bed until 7:04 :p Sara and I went to Betti to grab breakfast and lunch, having eaten some food at Guini so we could save it all for later (4 sandwiches two waters and apples per person). We went to Prato Ps ...

Festa della Liberazione, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Festa della Liberazione

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

Italy celebrates today the 61th anniversary of the liberation after WW2. I spent the afternoon together with Irene in the Giardini Margherita, where we watched some roller bladers. In the evening there was a big concert in Piazza Maggiore with the Modena ...

The Becker's Bologna Blog, Bologna, Italy travel blog

The Becker's Bologna Blog

A travel blog entry by kcassaro


... and being able to light candles for my loved ones has given me great comfort during this time. (see pictures) In Bologna, the Christmas decorating starts immediately after Thanksgiving Day (it's the same everywhere!) and they really light it up ...

Bologna last day, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna last day

A travel blog entry by doodlebugs


2005-06-01 Bologna (Dave) Our last day in Bologna. We didn't see any sights but we did get a little feel for self-sufficiency since we didn't have hosts to show us around. One thing about Bologna is that they are very bicycle-friendly unlike hilly ...

Check out my new blog, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Check out my new blog

A travel blog entry by peacelovertw

Hi!  I am here in Bolonga and I am working on my new blog at: Please be patient as I learn how to navigate it, make it fun and upload photos.   I will continue to update you as I add more.  If you ...

Crossing the second border - Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Crossing the second border - Italy

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser


Finally, after a 6 hour journey, I arrived in Italy and after 2 hours searching in chaotic Bologna I finally found my appartment. My room is really nice and I started to bring all my stuff to it to make it more ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by pathenger


... to return the rental car in confusing, congested and traffic restrictied Florence (don't rent a car downtown go to the airport). Bologna is  an university town (even Johns Hopkin has a campus). Very historical town with a great plaza area like most ...

Aperitivo, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

In the evening Karolin, a German friend of mine, arrived to visit me for some days. So we went with Karen, the Brasilian girl, to a pub in Via Zamboni to have an aperitivo ...

Specialties of Norway, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Specialties of Norway

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

Today the city offered Norwegian specialties in Palazzo Re Enzo to advertise the good realtios between the two countries. After having tried lots of free salmon, we went to have another drink in the city ...

Bologna Sandwhiches, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna Sandwhiches

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1

... Now That's What I call Music Volume 26 in Alessandra's (the DL who hawked me and who now was driving Pasquale and I to Bologna) glove box and bumping Soulja Boy and other American classics, I took a nap. We were picked up in Bologna and taken to ...

Bologna en route to Slovenia, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna en route to Slovenia

A travel blog entry by mas54po


... headed to Bologna to catch a glimpse of its famous food market, and it was well worth our time.  There is a reason one of Bologna's many nicknames is La Grassa (The Fat).  We decided to rent a car and drive to Slovenia mostly as it was much ...

Bologna: Proud Heritage Shines Today, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna: Proud Heritage Shines Today

A travel blog entry by jackandcece


... , professors actually worked for the students who had the power to fire incompetent instructors. What a concept! Today, Bologna is considered the most liberal of all Italian cities, consistently electing local communist representatives since WWII. ...

Bologna Dinner, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna Dinner

A travel blog entry by okikuta


Special dinner in Bologna tonight.  A must do while here.  Found a small trattoria and ordered tortellini in soup broth, tortonelli (large tortellini) filled with ricotta and parmesan, and veal cutlet stuffed with proscuitto and topped with ...

Silly Canadians..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Silly Canadians...

A travel blog entry by kelschgirl

 So, after an extremely long day at the Colosseum and Vatican city Jade and I jumped on the train and immediately fell asleep. We woke up by a train attendant telling us it was the end of the line for this particular train so we got up and collected ...

Final Thoughts By Parker , Bologna, Italy travel blog

Final Thoughts By Parker

A travel blog entry by cainteam


... some of my thoughts about this trip.  Mom did, so I thought I would too. I have been to 9 countries-- Germany, France, Italy, Monaco,  USA, Austria, Switzerland, Vatican and the UK.   We went to Pisa two days ago and I saw the leaning ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by ericrg


Bologna is touted as the culinary capital of Italy. It is the birth place of spaghetti Bolognese(meat sauce), lasagna, and ravioli. Let the culinary adventure begin. We arrived at the train station at about 11 and got inline for the bus to our hotel ...

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