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Day 2 - Tiberias (Leonardo Plaza Hotel), Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Day 2 - Tiberias (Leonardo Plaza Hotel)

A travel blog entry by michaelsotosr


Dinner and overnight overlooking the Sea of Galilee.  Narrative ...

A holy trail - Nazareth to the Sea (of Galilee), Tiberias, Israel travel blog

A holy trail - Nazareth to the Sea (of Galilee)

A travel blog entry by debbie.chung


... we headed for Tiberius on the shores of the Sea of Galilee but not before a brief visit to Metulla, the northernmost town of Israel. From a high vantage there, we could see across the border into Lebanon. The Scots Hotel is located near the shore of the ...

A pilgrim's progress ..., Tiberias, Israel travel blog

A pilgrim's progress ...

A travel blog entry by debbie.chung


Skipped breakfast this morning as Iris had booked a brunch for us at the hotel which started from 1130. After a quick coffee (and shortbread, compliments of the Scots Hotel) in their room, we drove to the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee.  In ...

Walking On Water, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Walking On Water

A travel blog entry by pilgrimthomas


... My attempts to walk on water failed..."ye of little faith"...but, the swim was great! Walking along the shores north of Tiberias, I found myself immersed in thought and wonderment as to where Jesus may have walked, where he called his followers, where he ...

Arbel National Park, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Arbel National Park

A travel blog entry by mcgrew


After our steak dinner, we headed south along the Sea of Galilee which was really neat. On the way home, we made a stop at Arbel National Park which overlook the Sea of Galilee. There were wonderful views and a great time, although we got there around 3 ...

And she rises from the dead!, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

And she rises from the dead!

A travel blog entry by bethh1902


Wow! What a day!  Jessica was feeling better this morning...a little weak and tired, but good enough to go sightseeing. So off we went. And how do I even begin to blog about the day? So many amazing sights, so many amazing places. We began the ...

Sunnuntai, Tiberias, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by sirpa


Ensimmäistä kertaa kaivaushistoriani aikana ehdin tänään kirkkoon. Yksi toisensa jälkeen on osoittanut kiinnostuksensa kirkkokäyntiin sunnuntaiaamulla ja tänään aulassa odotti 25 innokasta. Osallistuimme Tabghassa benediktiiniläismunkkien ...

paddling down the jordan, having a break, Kinneret, Israel travel blog

paddling down the jordan, having a break

A travel blog entry by hingstontribe


Today we did laundry, updated our blogs, rested and finally at 3 pm set off for Rob Roys Canoes. This is a hippie joint, very laid back and casual. We hired two canoes (4 people each) for 150 shekels each for 1 and a half hours. We paddled down the ...

Krokettia, Tiberias, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by sirpa


... It is made in local brewery by christian arabs. I haven't tasted it yet this year, I hope I'm not always driving. Yesterday Israel had a nationwide excercise of an aerial attack. Sirens went off twice during the day, and everybody was supposed to go ...

Auto jede, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Auto jede

A travel blog entry by mandelbrot


Ráno po vstávačce, kdy jsme zjistili, že můžeme slavit, protože se nám nezlomily klíče v zámku jak u dvou ostatních pokojů - v jednom u nás na patře dokonce zevnitř, jsme vyrazili pro zarezervované ...

Birthright day 3, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Birthright day 3

A travel blog entry by jozyrozypozy

First day of our mifgash- we met our soldiers! Ice breaker activity. Hike at Hermon River (Banias) Nature Reserve. Gorgeous waterfalls. Stopped at a mall for lunch- even more falafel. We sat with Oxana who had taken a strong liking to Esther early on. ...

Israel - the Holy Land., Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Israel - the Holy Land.

A travel blog entry by koby_b.s


Israel - the Holy ...

Tour around Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Tour around Sea of Galilee

A travel blog entry by brian796


... , the entire group met in the hotel lobby for a walk to a wooden boat, from which we commenced a 40-minute journey north from Tiberias to Magdala, both of which are on the western shore of the sea.  On the boat, we had the opportunity to get a sense ...

Jerusalem-ralli, Tiberias, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by sirpa

Tänään oli tärkeä päivä, koska vapaaehtoiset saapuivat. Heitä tuli ripotellen pitkin päivää ja yötä. Minä en kuitenkaan ollut heitä vastaanottamassa, koska minun piti lähteä Jerusalemiin ostoksille. Koska varastokonttimme oli ryövätty ...

Highway 90 and Bet Sh'en, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Highway 90 and Bet Sh'en

A travel blog entry by leafmold


We took our time and left Ein Gedi at 11am.   I was a little apprehensive about traveling north on 90 through the West Bank, but everyone we had talked to seemed to think we would be fine.   The whole trip from the juncture of 1 and 90 ...

Charlton Heston Day, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Charlton Heston Day

A travel blog entry by rulu

What an incredible day of history. Our guide Za el (means wolf in English) is a walking encyclopedia. I sit in the back seat of the van as Za el and Michael talk world politics and mentally try to pronounce all the city names on the map I have ...

Tiberias and surrounding areas, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Tiberias and surrounding areas

A travel blog entry by vaughn1969


Dave had been here for 3 months by the time I had arrived. Here are some pics of our new home away from home and some of the surrounding ...

Sapattiateria, Tiberias, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by sirpa


... , koska tietävät, että ostan yleensä paljon kaikkea. Kaupoissa oli melkoinen ruuhka puolenpäivän aikaan, koska Tiberias valmistautui sapatin viettoon. Iltapäivän vietin toimistossa tapellen tietokoneen kanssa. Se mokoma temppuilee. Saksa hävisi ...

The Boating Party, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

The Boating Party

A travel blog entry by baron2013


Yet another stunning morning as we left our Kibbutz accommodation behind and stopped by the baptismal site on the Jordan river, where several of our tour group were baptised. We then boarded 'The Jesus Boat' for an hour-long cruise on the Sea of Galilee, ...

Tarina vesisäiliöstä, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Tarina vesisäiliöstä

A travel blog entry by sirpa


Ennen retkiviikonloppua yhdestä kuopasta tuli näkyviin säännönmukainen laastilla peitetty kulma, jonka arveltiin kuuluvan jonkinlaiseen vesiastiaan. Seuraavalla viikolla sitä alettiin kaivaa esiin, ja näkyviin tulikin ihan kunnollisen ammeen ...

Dag 1 resdag och Teberias, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Dag 1 resdag och Teberias

A travel blog entry by bymantrips


... ;r en av de 4 heligaste städerna och den högst belägna staden, dit judarna tror att Messias skall komma. Framme i Tiberias! Här bor ca 60000 personer och de livnär sig främst på fiske. Alla som bor här är ...

Galilejske jezero, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Galilejske jezero

A travel blog entry by ludeknovy


... 367;bec problém jezero vidět. Všude kolem hotely, soukromé pláže, atd.  Když jsme se pokusili dostat z Tiberias ke Capernaum a Mount od Beatitudes, tak se to ukázalo jako nepřekonatelný problem. LP moc na pomocný nebyl, ...

Video Issues - Please Test, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Video Issues - Please Test

A travel blog entry by johnjmillerjr


I have been informed that some of you are having difficulty viewing the Flash Video on the Travel Blog. This problen can be solved by downloading the latest version of Flash or you can use the Firefox browser. I am thinking of switching to YouTube which ...

50 shades of green, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

50 shades of green

A travel blog entry by haydeeckatz


First day in the north! Hit the bus with nicola got there just in time :D if the 6:30 wake up wasn't enough we had an hour bus ride to tel aviv and then an hour or two the north. The drive was ridiculously beautiful... Green EVERYWHERE. It's too gorgeous ...

And on the first day..., Tiberias, Israel travel blog

And on the first day...

A travel blog entry by ronmehl


Well, we made it here, and today we woke up for our first day of touring!  Yay!  And YAY! just to be off the plane and out of airports! We woke to a great buffet breakfast.  For those who don't know, Kosher laws are followed, and so that ...

Basic Army Training: Combat Training/Golan, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Basic Army Training: Combat Training/Golan

A travel blog entry by salerhand

... I will be having another birthday like this. Heading north, we stayed at a large army base near the Golan Heights and Tiberias called Mikvey Alon. This base largely houses soldiers who recently made Aliyah and need to study Hebrew, as well as those ...

Delights of the Shabot, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Delights of the Shabot

A travel blog entry by leafmold


I woke up in the darkness, determined to quietly get up and dressed and find an overlook just a few blocks away for the sunrise.   I was on my way out when my son spoke out, "where are you going, Dad?"  When I told him he laughed.  I ...

Šábes a hnusně, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Šábes a hnusně

A travel blog entry by mandelbrot


Dnes jsme se vyspali možná trochu více než je na poznávací zájezd zdrávo, k tomu jsme přidali ten fakt, že teprve v půl jedenácté jsme vyrazili nakupovat do prvního velkého supermarketu, který jsme v Izraeli ...

Modern miracles of Yeshua, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Modern miracles of Yeshua

A travel blog entry by leafmold


We were off this morning to Kibbutz Ginosar to view the "Jesus Boat" and then make our way to Haifa by way of Nazareth and Megiddo.     As we entered the modern shrine to the “Jesus boat”, which incidentally is certainly not ...

Eron hetki, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Eron hetki

A travel blog entry by sirpa


Voi surkeus! Tänään lähtivät vapaaehtoiset pois. Aamupäivä meni hyvästellessä ja itkeskellessä. Apeaa mielialaa kyydittävät väsymys ja kolmatta päivää kestänyt mahatauti. Tänään olen joutunut olemaan sängyssä päivällä heikon ...

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