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Julie Bryn..Mogan Gran Canary to Kinsale Ireland., Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Julie Bryn..Mogan Gran Canary to Kinsale Ireland.

A travel blog entry by cluainfia

... It was worthwhile trip, as it isn't often a person gets a chance to sail to some of the Atlantic Islands and then back to Ireland. The learning curve was steep. I would say I was up for the trip and didn't find it too difficult even though it took ...

Julie Bryn..Mogan Gran Canary to Kinsale Ireland., Horta Faill to Kinsale Ireland., Portugal travel blog

Julie Bryn..Mogan Gran Canary to Kinsale Ireland.

A travel blog entry by cluainfia

... them, so we had a busy few hours monitoring the trawlers. We had a few visitors in the morning, some swallows heading for Ireland after their long migration from the Africa continent were exhausted and landed on the boat. Some died; some had a short rest ...

My Small Town Heart, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

My Small Town Heart

A travel blog entry by jauntyjaunts


... the atmosphere of drunk tourist and friendly locals...I also happened to catch a UEFA game on screen. That goal from Christian Ronaldo was ridiculous! Anyway, Kinsale joins Kilkenny and Ardmore in my highlights of Ireland. Enjoy the beautiful ...

Old Head Golf Links, Old Head, Ireland travel blog

Old Head Golf Links

A travel blog entry by mattnbo


A friend recommended we go see Old Head Golf Links so we drove out there this morning. The scenery was amazing. Unfortunately the golf course was closed for the season, but we did find a nice beach and Asher got to touch the ocean waters. Too bad Bo ...

Arrival, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by danielandeileen


... a half stretch east bound around the globe.. And we have,our path along a rainy little island in Northern Europe.... Ireland. Kinsale, County Cork is quite a magnificent little town... it really is like a small Irish Nelson. Situated on the ...

Saving the Best 'til Last, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Saving the Best 'til Last

A travel blog entry by hans-brenda


... than 5 minutes) across the outer harbour, we drove to Kinsale to our B&B. Today we began with an historic walking tour of Kinsale with Barry Maloney.  This guy has been written up in Rick Steeves book - and was amazing !!!!  He could talk ...

Stung by a Nettle, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Stung by a Nettle

A travel blog entry by jennsummer2011


... it was quite warm.  The only thing is it gets quite cold at night so I have had the heat on before bed!! The drive to Kinsale was an adventure.  At times the two lane roads were so skinny I thought for sure one of us would end up in the ...

Kinsale...A Port Town, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Kinsale...A Port Town

A travel blog entry by kjohnson53


... ... I was asleep haha. Once we arrived in Kinsale it was pretty cold and windy. We weren't really sure what we were gonna do in Kinsale but everyone said it's a good place to go. We walked to the tourist place, but it was closed, so we looked at a map and ...

Sephina....Departing Kinsale., Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Sephina....Departing Kinsale.

A travel blog entry by cluainfia


... and well worth a visit. There were a few boats out mostly people going out day fishing or dolphin viewing. The old head of Kinsale looked good in the distance and brought back great memories of my first trip back from the Canaries via the Azores on Julie ...

Kinsale Round 2, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Kinsale Round 2

A travel blog entry by apguastaferro


... caved in, it also helped that my amazing friend Jenna paid for my ticket, much to my dismay. Nonetheless we were off to Kinsale. Considering I had just been there I remembered some places to go, mainly Charles Fort and the Bulman pub. I ended up being ...

Sheep Farming in Ireland, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Sheep Farming in Ireland

A travel blog entry by epicurist


... rich doing it and if you barely come out even, you are successful. We stopped at Kinssane Farms on the way from Kinsale to Dingle. It is still a working farm, but they now have demonstrations. All wool farms receive government subsidies. Opening the ...

Blarney Castle, St Finbarre's Cathdral, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Blarney Castle, St Finbarre's Cathdral

A travel blog entry by christine.roney


... so we followed.  It was very ornate inside and definitely worth a look.  Our next stop was the town of Kinsale, where we would be staying overnight.  This town was situated right beside the harbor which our hotel room ...

Charles Fort, Kinsale Harbor, Cobh, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Charles Fort, Kinsale Harbor, Cobh

A travel blog entry by christine.roney


Started off the day with a nice breakfast overlooking Kinsale Harbor, then off to Charles Fort.  Charles Fort was one of many Irish Forts guarding the harbor of the town.  It was drizzling out a little, so umbrellas were in store, but the ...

Been there, done that, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Been there, done that

A travel blog entry by adfyfe


Photos from Kinsale ...

Day Trip to Kinsale, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Day Trip to Kinsale

A travel blog entry by mccloskey22


... was actually really really good. We got back on the bus and everyone passed out on the way home however the bus ride to Kinsale had given me another chance to see the beautiful country-side and natural beauty of Ireland that I hope to see again very ...

Kinsale, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by littlerunt

... shown our rooms. Now, none of the stairs or sloping levels would have been acceptable in Australian standards, but We're in old Ireland now, the buildings when they were built did not have the same codes. The steps were narrow and the staircase on an ...

On the Road - Day 3, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

On the Road - Day 3

A travel blog entry by awehrbar

Kinsale is a beautiful little fishing village where I had lunch - fish and chips of ...

A week of day trips, Balinspittle County Cork, Ireland travel blog

A week of day trips

A travel blog entry by jkrakauer


... for Friday) was eventful with very nice weather. Took  bike ride on Wednesday from the house into Balinspittle to Old Head of Kinsale and back. Used and found a small and narrow side road Dan and Iona suggested. It was pretty steep and almost out of ...

Julie's Visit, or the Irish Healthcare System, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Julie's Visit, or the Irish Healthcare System

A travel blog entry by bchucks


... to the Cork University  Hospital, so walk we did. Several miles later, we finally located said hospital. However this being Ireland and New Year’s weekend, no one was around and we could not find the entrance to the ER! After wandering around ...

To the Coast!, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

To the Coast!

A travel blog entry by kwichman


...  minutes past Cork to Kinsale. We are staying at the in the heart of the downtown area at the Friar's Lodge. Kinsale is a beautiful town right on the harbor next to the ocean. We spent the beginning of the afternoon strolling through the narrow ...

cittadina di mare da cartolina, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

cittadina di mare da cartolina

A travel blog entry by gengish


Trifecta in Cork County, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Trifecta in Cork County

A travel blog entry by esmigiel


... and I find energy to do more shopping while Tom heads to the pub for a Guinness. In our shopping spree - we stumble across Kinsale Crystal and get a private demo from Thomas of how crystal glass is cut. The history he gave us into the shop and the ...

Sephina...Preparing for the trip., Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Sephina...Preparing for the trip.

A travel blog entry by cluainfia


... on Sunday as there was a good weather widow and that if I could join the boat on Sat afternoon for safety briefing. We travelled down to Kinsale on Fri evening and booked into a local B & B. I dropped my sailing gear off at the boat,there was no one ...

A coast with many stories to tell, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

A coast with many stories to tell

A travel blog entry by melissaandalex


... (evidenced by the fact that the public washrooms by the waterfront were locked). Still, it was nice to see a beech Ireland. Our last stop before Kinsale was Cobh. As a port, Cobh is noteworthy for many reasons, but what interested me the most is that it ...

Rounding the Ring of Kerry, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Rounding the Ring of Kerry

A travel blog entry by pandmdane


I was worried about today thinking it would be a very long drive so I booked accommodation in Kinsale before I set off, you will see what happens later ... First we filled the car with diesel, at 149.8 euros, about $A2.27 a litre. We headed off for ...

Kinsale in the country, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Kinsale in the country

A travel blog entry by benandtrudie


Kinsale ...

Ghosts, stories and a pint in Kinsale, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Ghosts, stories and a pint in Kinsale

A travel blog entry by peter_ginger


... a bit odd and made Ginger nervous.  But he was very nice and spoke to us all about the history of the grounds and Ireland in general.  Ginger and I were very careful not to push asking him questions about it being haunted as he and his family ...

Small, Serene, Spectacular!, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Small, Serene, Spectacular!

A travel blog entry by katherine_quinn


... with your typical rolling grass hills, tiny cottages along with cows and horses... basically, the picturesque Ireland that's in all the movies! When we got to Kinsale, we got off the bus and found a visitor center where we all got our touristy pamphlets ...

The best driving yet!, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

The best driving yet!

A travel blog entry by karin1234


... a wine-tasting town with a very proud foodie community. So proud in fact that they have an exclusive group known as the Kinsale's Good Food Circle which is a consortium of restaurants that are considered the foodie choice for eating. They claim to be the ...

Visiting Kinsale, Kinsale, Ireland travel blog

Visiting Kinsale

A travel blog entry by jbrasher


... and got a return ticket to Kinsale which is further south on right on the coast. We walked around town, had a small bite to each, a pint, had to catch the last bus back to Cork. Kinsale is a little harbour town with lots of shops and seafood ...

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