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Saturday News, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Saturday News

A travel blog entry by crashdot


... been eating large amounts of food, all local, and am losing weight. In fact, the rate of obesity is so small in Thailand and Indonesia that you really notice someone who is overweight. At least in my case, no parasites or Typhoid to blame it on. I mention ...

Sunshine and lollipops, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Indonesia travel blog

Sunshine and lollipops

A travel blog entry by schragdeal


Got up this morning to mostly sunny skies, which give you a much better impression of what the island is like. I was leaving the aZa Zil bungalow for a cheaper option just down the road, it has high reviews on Bookings so I'll give it a try. It's only ...

Snorkelen met schildpadden, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Snorkelen met schildpadden

A travel blog entry by mendekie


... wel indrukwekkend.   Voldaan en vol indrukken gingen we terug aan land en fietsten naar Island View. De volgende dag zouden we naar Lombok gaan en Max en Nanouk achter laten op Gili Air. Ik hoopte nog samen even wat te gaan eten, maar ze waren ...

Relaxen op Gili Air, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Relaxen op Gili Air

A travel blog entry by mendekie


... naar de kliniek die gelukkig aan het begin van het jaar geopend was. Anders had ze naar Gili Trawangan gemoeten of zelfs naar Lombok. Ik was ook nog steeds niet lekker en besloot aan de ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) te gaan beginnen. Smerig spul, ...

Bali with Alex's Cousins, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Bali with Alex's Cousins

A travel blog entry by alexapril604


Bali was everything and much more than we expected. We loved it! So beautiful, the cultural aspects are overwhelming. There are so many artists and 40 Baht equals $1 dollar so you can just imagine how much you can buy...but watch out for the Airlines ...

Paradise Found..., Gili T, Indonesia travel blog

Paradise Found...

A travel blog entry by rwk


Gili T ...

Chilling in Ubud, Pemenang, Indonesia travel blog

Chilling in Ubud

A travel blog entry by grainofsand


... though we had a very important stop to make for some more Japanese ice cream at Eses! But we gave the bike back in one piece very happy with ourselves and our days work - just time for a final swim and dinner before moving on in the morning to ...

Strandleben und lokales Nightlife, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Strandleben und lokales Nightlife

A travel blog entry by andga


Nachdem wir uns ausgeschlafen und ein ausgiebiges Fruehstueck genossen hatten, muessen wir schon wieder packen. Wir wechseln vom Batu Bolong Cottage ins Puri Senggigi Hotel, welches viel guenstiger ist und gleich nebenan liegt. Den Nachmittag verbringen ...

tagesausflug, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


... strand. auf dem heimweg machten wir noch fotos vom batu jai see der in der ferne in reisfelder eingebettet glitzerte. auch die lombok titanic lichteten wir ab, ein schiff das inmitten von bäumen und sträuchern in einem künstlich angelegten ...

World cup blues and we're off the booze!!, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

World cup blues and we're off the booze!!

A travel blog entry by carsonsontour2


... France, it just doesn’t give you a chance!! We received our extension visa and now have 30 days extra to spend in Indonesia which is great.  This is still going to get us to Australia three weeks early than we had planned but we have loads ...

Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by comfortsontour


... for a woman travelling alone with her son - like I say, a bit of an inspiration. We've learned quite a bit about Indonesia and Bail during our stay, Indonesia is the 4th most populated country on earth behind China, India, and America. However most of ...

Goodbye, convalescence, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Goodbye, convalescence

A travel blog entry by karen.gironr

... . I was on drugs and feeling like shit 90% of the time and for me, they really weren't that nice. Full of holidaymakers. Indonesia hardly felt like an adventure on that island. Senggigi was very much like it, but a lot more tranquilo. It had this ...

Kuta - Lombok, Lombok - Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta - Lombok

A travel blog entry by toubi-anscha


knapp zwei wuche simer weg xi und ploetzli isch us trochne, wuesteartige faelder gruens saftigs weideland worde. ungefaehr e stund raege pro tag hend fuer de waechsel usgreicht. i eusem hostel sind no 2 schwede xi, wo sit jahre uf indo choemed. en ...

Chase the Europeans!, Keru, Indonesia travel blog

Chase the Europeans!

A travel blog entry by elrigster


... you often question yourself if you have made the right decision. The map we had was good enough but i have come to realise in Indonesia asking people can become a problem if you do need advice as they have a real problem with time and distance. Maybe its ...

Senggigi, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by thoooo


... und habe mit ihm abgemacht, dass er mich am naechsten Morgen um 9 abholt und die ca. 80 km nach Kuta Lombok faehrt. (Kurzfristige Programmaenderung, da ich Lust hatte zu den Surferstraenden von Kuta Lombok zu fahren). Das Hotel (Homestay) war auch recht ...

Lombok, Gili Air –  easy coming, easy going, Gili Air (Lombok), Indonesia travel blog

Lombok, Gili Air – easy coming, easy going

A travel blog entry by kaykathi


... wir?". Trotzdem hatte sich die Fahrt gelohnt, weil man einen sehr schönen Ausblick über das überraschenderweise azurblaue Wasser der Lombok Straße hatte & letztendlich dann auch Lombok sah. Am Hafen angekommen, wartete schon ein Perama Bus auf ...

Going to Gilli Air, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Indonesia travel blog

Going to Gilli Air

A travel blog entry by schragdeal


There are three islands grouped together off Lombok. Gilli T, Gilli Meno and Gilli Air, the latter being more of a chill island and T more party mode. I'll probably pop over to T just to see what it's like for a couple days, but my first stop is on Air. ...

Final Destination, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Indonesia travel blog

Final Destination

A travel blog entry by


Gili T - our last stop and a great end to a fantastic trip. We had heard somewhat mixed reviews of the largest of the Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan has a reputation for being a party island, backed even by graffiti that nickname the place Gili Ibiza but ...

Poultry Victims of Racism, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Poultry Victims of Racism

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... a battle we fancied getting involved in! We visited markets and local craft shops en route and simply couldn't believe just how beautiful Lombok is and how friendly the people are. Did we want to buy paving slab sized blocks of tobacco, a machete perhaps ...

Top 5 Lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Top 5 Lombok

A travel blog entry by mendekie

De laatste uurtjes in Indonesi'' zijn aangebroken. Ik kan wel janken, maar nu eerst een top 5 van de tofste dingen die we in Lombok gezien en gedaan hebben. 1. De watervallen bij Senaru 2. Sunset House ( Wayan, Ana en Ewan ) 3. De Sasak tour 4. Kuta 5. ...

Petit retour a la civilisation, Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Petit retour a la civilisation

A travel blog entry by duriandurian

... pissoir, j'vous jure). C'etait vraiment bien. On a passe uniquement une nuit dans le centre et on est repartis pour lombok (l'ile juste a cote de Bali)aujourd'hui. Car demain on repart pour de nouvelles aventures....le komodo dragon hunting trip comme ...

Vidunderlige 8 dage paa paradisoe, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Vidunderlige 8 dage paa paradisoe

A travel blog entry by elinatroels


Endelig afslapning efter hektisk rejsen rund. Gili Air er en af tre smaa smukke paradisoeer nord for Lombok. Strandene er hvide, vandet er klart, stemning er chillet og alle de lokale er utroligt imoedekommende og glade. De foerste par dage gik med ...

Quest for Batik shirt, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Indonesia travel blog

Quest for Batik shirt

A travel blog entry by schragdeal


Short one today. There was an older mall in Mataram that I didn't go to yesterday and thought maybe there would be a Batik shop there and because I already knew the way I thought I'd give it a try. Firstly I could see why they built another mall, this ...

Kuta - where you get hassled to death, Kuta, Indonesia travel blog

Kuta - where you get hassled to death

A travel blog entry by juliasussams


Not a lot to say about Kuta.  We heard there was good surfing but it was miles offshore, leaving no respite for the weary.  The town thought it was a party town but nobody was there and there were literally 5 taxi drivers for every tourist, so ...

Carol in Bali & Gili Islands, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

Carol in Bali & Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by carolandjeff


Once we had decided to terminate our assignments, Carol finished early, and Jeff still had a few weeks to go until we left in December. We sold our car much quicker than we expected and with nothing to do, and no transport, Carol headed to Bali and the ...

Gipfelsturm auf den Vulkan Rinjani (14.-18.6), Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Gipfelsturm auf den Vulkan Rinjani (14.-18.6)

A travel blog entry by knotch


... es geschafft !. Wir waren auf ca. 3700m Hoehenmeter und konnten endlich die traumhafte Aussicht auf den Vulkansee,die Gili Islands,Lombok und auch Bali geniessen. Einen kleinen Haken hatte das ganze halt noch , dass es mit T Shirt und Fliess dermassen ...

Tea with the locals, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Tea with the locals

A travel blog entry by nas.latif

... do except swim and snorkle. I stayed on for a full day to plan the best way to get to the islands in the eastern Indonesia.  I try and avoid eating in restaurants and always try to seek out places where the locals go to eat. Most ...

stormin' norman, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia travel blog

stormin' norman

A travel blog entry by michy


... in between Bali and Lombok. Despite its proximity, though, it still took us a good two days to get there. Travel in Indonesia, especially of the island-hopping variety, is BRUTALLY SLOW. Making it worse was that every so-called "Travel Agent" on ...

I've finally accomplished my goal ..., Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

I've finally accomplished my goal ...

A travel blog entry by bowz

... 5 or 6 days here - definitely more than enough. Tomorrow we return from whence we came, taking the cab to Mataram airport in Lombok, followed by the exciting 20-minute flight on the plane back to Bali, a 30 year old 30 seater, complete with duck taped ...

The sun has got its hat on hip hip hip hooray, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

The sun has got its hat on hip hip hip hooray

A travel blog entry by firefrog11


The clouds started to disperse as the sun was setting on Christmas Day. And for the first time since we had arrived at Gili Meno the sun popped out from behind the clouds and sunset gecko was about to live up to its name. As the sun sank down below the ...

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