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Some R&R for R&J, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Some R&R for R&J

A travel blog entry by jiewu


... Iced Teas destroyed our budget for the week.   Sufficiently relaxed we were ready for our Air Asia debut to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo, unfortunately we had to go via Jakarta so it would be a full day travelling, but hey, this is Indonesia. ...

fuzbal, surf's up DUDE, Legian Beach, Indonesia travel blog

fuzbal, surf's up DUDE

A travel blog entry by zalazala


spet slovenci! :) zakaj zala, ki sedi na stopnicah pred trgovino in se pogovarja z kraljem Kute (lokalna fora) kar naenkrat obnemi in prisluhen pogovoru levo od nje. Seveda govorijo trije LIKI slovensko (liki tukaj izkljucno uporabljeni, zato ker so ...

Back to Bali, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Back to Bali

A travel blog entry by pam_steve


May 16, 2013                We caught our boat back to Bali at 10 am this morning. After a couple pit stops on the boat to pick up and drop off other travelers and a 2 hour taxi drive ...

Where the world shops!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Where the world shops!

A travel blog entry by rgreenwell630


... gentle salesman), and the paintings were ours.   Afterward we headed out to have a better look at the streets of Legian in the daylight.  Overall the town was a bit ramshackle with random stores and street stalls.  Everyone was trying to ...

Legian for some disco dancing and body surfing, Legian, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Legian for some disco dancing and body surfing

A travel blog entry by gojoadventures


... , and westernized, with strips of large highrise buildings and bright lights. But that wasn't the case, at least not in Legian. The beaches were beautiful, and clean, and not overly saturated with touts pushing their products or services on us. But it is ...

Hi just to let you know that we are having ..., Legian, Lombok, Gili Meno, Indonesia travel blog

Hi just to let you know that we are having ...

A travel blog entry by ali_n_lou

Hi, just to let you know that we are having a great time in Bali/Lombok. Mum & Dad arrived, it was great to see them and as expected there were a few tears!!!. We have been busy touring round with them over the last 6 days and will do a more ...

Stopover, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by thebigone

Final day in Singapore already, tried to take it easy after packing a lot in the day before so just finished off the packing before we went to an electrical mall down the road to look for a camera for Krish as she hadn't brought one ...

Back Into The Mixer, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Back Into The Mixer

A travel blog entry by rosiejonesie


After going up the coast, up the volcano and back down to Ubud for some culture (allegedly?) we returned to Kuta/Legian and had three nights in a reasonable (yet still cheap) hotel. We had been there a week ago; we met two girls that we knew from Óz ...

Rain rain rain, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Rain rain rain

A travel blog entry by colmandmaureen


... all the shops were. We wondered around and exchanged the rest of our ringit into US dollars (for the visa) and the rest onto Indonesia rupees. A couple more shops and then we headed to the gate. The flight was brief and it wasn't long till we arrived at ...

A Man and His Motorbike, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

A Man and His Motorbike

A travel blog entry by intrepidfred


Sanur Beach is classy and peaceful but there's no action. So I rented a motorbike and headed to Legian Beach on the other side of the peninsula in search of a hotel. I found a great place a block off the beach, though like most accommodations here there's ...

Kan-Kuta Baby!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Kan-Kuta Baby!

A travel blog entry by kyralove


... .  We chose Legian because we wanted to see the action side of Bali, but thought Kuta would be a little much.  Legian was supposed to be a bit calmer and more mature.  Yeah right.  Same bullshit as a hundred other beach tourist traps ...

Indonesia - Bali - Legian, Seminyak, Indonesia travel blog

Indonesia - Bali - Legian

A travel blog entry by stuandkat

Beach walk Beach Time in room ...

Legian, Bali, Legian, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Legian, Bali

A travel blog entry by toonloon

Legian, ...

Last days in Bali!!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Last days in Bali!!

A travel blog entry by bensamson


Ok, voici que je passe les derniers moments à Bali, petite ile caché au coeur de l'archipel Indonesien. Un mois ce sont écoulé. Un mois! deja! ça passe si vite, 4 semaines, à voyager sur cette petite ile ou il reste encore pourtant tant à ...

Welcome to Bali.....Relax, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Welcome to Bali.....Relax

A travel blog entry by lauraandy


... anywhere for that night and so we hung out in reception using the Wi-Fi until we’d booked up. We decided to head to Legian Beach and caught a taxi.  The one thing about Bali which I’m struggling to get my head round is the size.  ...

Good things come to those...., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Good things come to those....

A travel blog entry by flipflopping

David and I watched the sunset with a beer in hand on Legian beach on my last night in Indonesia.  We then went for something to eat, which  I think had a shed load of MSG heaped into it, as all night I was really on edge and couldn't sleep at ...

Life's a beach, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Life's a beach

A travel blog entry by flipflopping


... I fly out. I wasn't intending on coming anywhere near Kuta, hearing stories about how loud and brash it is.  I'm staying in Legian which is just a walk away, but having walked through the streets of Kuta, it's a little quieter here. Although when ...

Bali - Legian, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Bali - Legian

A travel blog entry by leanne.baker


A short 3.5 hour flight and we were in Bali.  It was hot, hot, hot!  The airport was under construction but we managed to find our driver for our hotel in a relatively short time.   Now, I have dreamed of going to Bali since my late teens. ...

Nach einem halben Jahr wieder vereint, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Nach einem halben Jahr wieder vereint

A travel blog entry by gunni


Meine lieben Freundinnen und Freunde Ihr habt es hoffentlich bemerkt - ich habe lange nichts geschrieben. Das ist auch gut so, denn ich hatte keine Zeit! Nach langen Monaten durfte ich Brigitte wieder in die Arme schliessen und wir machten zusammen ...

Comfort time, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Comfort time

A travel blog entry by hanjolo

Can't take the horrible mattress anymore! Its making Hannah’s back hurt so we’ve decided to go back to Legian and get a nice hotel for our last night in Bali. We got Nyomen to take us back to Legian and splashed out $60 for a room at the Swiss ...

Just chillin, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Just chillin

A travel blog entry by flipflopping


Still lazing on the beach and mooching around.  My phone charger broke (not surprised really seeing as I got it 2nd hand) but luckily the world moves in mysterious way and something always turns up just when I need it.  I was asking the owner ...

Another day in Paradise, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Another day in Paradise

A travel blog entry by chloee_05

... this!!!) We also met this nice German family, the Schmitz, and we talked for a looooong time before we were able to go back to Legian to party. It was the eve of my birthday and we needed to celebrate. Our first stop was a newly opened bar, the Engine ...

Hello Karen and Luke!, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Hello Karen and Luke!

A travel blog entry by hanjolo

... about meeting 2 more of our Wellington mates, Karen and Luke as we had all booked into the same hotel, the Swiss Belinn in Legian. The hotel was actually very nice, a bit pricier than what our budget allowed but we were only gonna be there for 2 nights ...

Shopping and chillin', Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Shopping and chillin'

A travel blog entry by hanjolo

Up fairly late but just in time to catch the free buffet breakfast – man we nailed it and ate so much – we really got our monies worth and couldn't move after finishing a 3 course breaky and a wee post breakfast snooze was required! ...

Jul 10, 2011, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Jul 10, 2011

A travel blog entry by fratin


Sanjski Bali malo morgen, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Sanjski Bali malo morgen

A travel blog entry by bosstone


Welcome to paradise nama je zazelela smejoca se lepotica ob prihodu na letalisce. Sem mislil, jebemti, to je to, in se ze videl, kako bom ob lahni sapici obracal veliko telo na od sonca lepo segreti zlati mivki. Device, mah, saj ne rabijo biti device, ...

Ahhhhh Home again in the warm glow of Bali.., Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Ahhhhh Home again in the warm glow of Bali..

A travel blog entry by nenebene


Arrived very late on Sunday night into Bali but it was good to touch down, get all the wine thru and settle into our Hotel- Kumala Pantai for the first 4 days of this Bali adventure....bed by 1am so not too much more to report on landing day! ...

Legian, Legian, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hannahandtom


So we were back on the coast and staying in a place called Legian which is just up the beach from Kuta. Pretty much the same as Kuta. Extremely busy with lots of bars and restaurants. A few days of beach and commercialism before we headed off to Bangkok! ...

Surprise surprise, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Surprise surprise

A travel blog entry by lizandgazwalker


... moves and just shakes his head. 16/08/2013: After 7 days at our cheap and cheerful which we came to love, we moved across Legian to the very swanky hotel that Renee and Scott booked for us. We have spent the week with our friends from home, hanging out ...

Australians, holes, expensive, taxi?, Legian, Indonesia travel blog

Australians, holes, expensive, taxi?

A travel blog entry by gj_farr


INDONESIA/BALI/Legian Arrived in Bali after 34 hours of no sleep. We had 7 hours waiting in Singapore airport for our connecting flight. Had hoped to get some sleep on the flight from Singapore to Bali but we had two loud and boisterous kids behind us ...

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