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Well at last i'm able to upload a selection ..., Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Well at last i'm able to upload a selection ...

A travel blog entry by faces

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Well at last i'm able to upload a selection of pictures from Bali, although finding a computer that had software that could crop, and reduce the picture resolution without effecting the overall picture quality was 'mission impossible' you'll have ...

Scuba diving companies in the lovina area ..., Tulumben, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Scuba diving companies in the lovina area ...

A travel blog entry by faces

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... run aground. She lies with her bow pointing North and her stern facing South, at 120m long she is supposed to be Indonesia's best wreck dive. Luckily the weather held out with clear skies, although it was fairly windy, which did reduce the underwater ...

Tempes at sunrise!, Probollingo, Indonesia travel blog

Tempes at sunrise!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... smaller scale) - which is amazing when you think how far they are away and is the biggest Hindu temple complex in Java! We headed round the complex backwards (not literally!) and therefore managed to miss all the hawkers which completely baffled them!! ...

Choo choo to Yogya!, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Choo choo to Yogya!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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We decided to take the train to Yogya which would pretty much take us the whole day and the scenery on the way was stunning once again - flying past volcanoes, rice paddies and small villages! Most amusing watching 2 little boys having a gunfight over ...

Overland to Bandung!!, Bandung, Indonesia travel blog

Overland to Bandung!!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... roads in the space of about 20 minutes!!! All very exciting - especially the way the bus drivers (especially the green bus!!) in Java tend to drive all with one windscreen wiper! Excellent! We arrived in Bandung early evening and had a nightmare trying to ...

Moonscapes and volcanoes!, Gunung Bromo, Indonesia travel blog

Moonscapes and volcanoes!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... stunning volcanic landscape like something you've never seen before and to quote the guide book 'one of the most impressive sights in Indonesia'. It's so bizarre our photos don't even look real! The journey up there is one of the most steep & windy ...

The Best Hotel In South East Asia., Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

The Best Hotel In South East Asia.

A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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... Lauren still was not feeling well after yesterday and last night, we have all suffered with bad stomachs since we have been in Indonesia, it seems everything you eat no matter where you eat it doesn't really agree, its like being back in good old ...

Borobudur Temple, Borobudur, Indonesia travel blog

Borobudur Temple

A travel blog entry by fouritchyfeet

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Day 243 Today we set off on the mammoth task of getting to Borobudur temple, claiming to be the largest Buddhist temple in Asia. We started a bit later than we were meant to but it all goes back to the fact there is never any nautral light!! ...

Hot shower please!, Surubaya, Indonesia travel blog

Hot shower please!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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Our final stop in Java was to be Surubaya - the second biggest town in Indonesia! The bus journey there was cool with a highly amusing belt seller doing a demonstration that you're more likely to see in a safety demonstration on a plane rather than for a ...

Touring the Cigar Factory, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Touring the Cigar Factory

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


WM has been known to enjoy the occasional cigar.  In Bali one could purchase excellent quality cigars at the Matahari grocery store.  In Jogya no one knew where or how to buy cigars.  To make things worse, the Indonesian word for sugar is ...

Javaaaa, Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by amyrupo


... a nice view of the mountains of Java which would await us on our climb the next day! Our bus journey continued in Java until Situbondo, where we had been assured there would be a regular minibus available for 20,000 to Bondowoso (our accommodation for ...

Bondowoso, East Java, Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog

Bondowoso, East Java

A travel blog entry by jon_and_liz


Sometimes when we travel we come across a city that has no real reason to spend a lot of time there, but something about the place just clicks and you spend more time then you had originally planned to.  Bondowoso was one of those places.  ...

Speaking Too Soon, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Speaking Too Soon

A travel blog entry by alanhopkins

... wonder why you were going to a prostitute area". Oh really? Well why the fuck did you not tell us?! My main lasting memory of Indonesia may well be the food Nasi Goreng, I wanted to find somewhere so I could have an authentic version one last time. We ate ...

Ancient World Wonders, Jogjakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Ancient World Wonders

A travel blog entry by trent


I was up by 5 am to see the sunrise at the great Buddhist temple, Borobudor. This is supposed to be one of the great sights in Asia, the only trick being this requires light from the sun, which was missing due to the dark and thick clouds that were ...

After one month of traveling: We're Ready for Bali, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog

After one month of traveling: We're Ready for Bali

A travel blog entry by shaanandkate


... are awesome and unique and beautiful and also can be frustrating for us -- we've really enjoyed our time in Indonesia -- buuuut, we've been traveling away from home for more than a month, consistently encountering language and cultural barriers, and are ...

Top 5 Java, Java, Indonesia travel blog

Top 5 Java

A travel blog entry by mendekie

... in en ben benieuwd hoe de sfeer op het hindoe´stische eiland is. Maar hier in ieder geval een top 5 van leukste momenten op Java: 1. Zonsopkomst bij de Borobudur      Erg mooi en de moeite waard! 2. Treinreis van Jakarta naar ...

Bed bugs, belly aches, batik & Borabudur!, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Bed bugs, belly aches, batik & Borabudur!

A travel blog entry by juleymuley


that's a lot of b's! we've spent the last 6 days or so in Yogyakarta, a lovely city & the culture capital of Java (if you've been to Chiang Mai in Thailand, this is a good comparison).  it's a very tourist friendly town, as the main sites, ...

Shadowed by Greatness, Always, Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia travel blog

Shadowed by Greatness, Always

A travel blog entry by mindmaker


... old man whose similar manner--striking the ground to flood the land--can be found in the myth of Situ Bagendit in West Java? How strikingly comparable local folklores are. So, according to the story, when it appeared eons ago, Rawa Pening delivered a ...

Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by serenelisabeth


I have arrived in Jakarta. Home to 15 million people and an additonal 10 million if you count the suburbs where my friend Hera lives with her family, parents, sister and family, drivers, nanny, house maid and house keeper. That's a lot of people. When I ...

Bromo, Ngadisari, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandjosaich


... had 4 by their counting (although there were 3 kids as well) and they wanted to wait until 15 people turned up. As usual in Indonesia this information was fed to us slowly. I think they were waiting for us to offer them a deal so when we settled down to ...

Ladyboys pt.2, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Ladyboys pt.2

A travel blog entry by witek

Didn't see anything worth writing about, really. ...

Rock'n'Roll, Bandung, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by witek

Pretty grimy city and the attractions around it (Mt. Tangkuban Perahu and hot springs) are not really worth the visit. Met some really cool people, though (word up, Popo), and had a good time with them. ...

Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanhopkins


Woke up and went to 'check-in' at the boat place by the sea. Went on the internet whilst we waited and the boarded the same boat we had arrived on. Nothing of note happened on the moulded plastic boat in the 1h30 it took to get back. Got off and quite ...

sleep on the train???, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

sleep on the train???

A travel blog entry by ian-sue


Not a chance! It was more like a traveling market/circus than a train journey! 9 hours of people walking up and down selling all sort of stuff, from food to toys, blowing whistles and shaking rattles all the time. Poor Chip was having a real hard time, ...

Cianjur Day 114 (11th Sept), Cianjur, Indonesia travel blog

Cianjur Day 114 (11th Sept)

A travel blog entry by leehorscraft


... the school we had visited yesterday. We entered the hall where we were to give an introduction to ourselves and what we thought about Indonesia and Ramadan. As we entered the hall we all got a big cheer from over 100 Indonesian Girls, with me getting a ...

Hindu Happy New Year, Chakranegara, Indonesia travel blog

Hindu Happy New Year

A travel blog entry by rebecca.jacob


Mataram was meant to be a shopping trip only, but, well, it turned out far more interesting. The day we arrived, we went straight to the market to do some last souvenir shopping. In the afternoon, a guy from our hotel invited us to celebrate the Hindu ...

That there volcano is active, Cemoro Laweng, Indonesia travel blog

That there volcano is active

A travel blog entry by pilgrim143


... the clouds of smoke & ash got bigger as the sun came up. Eat your heart out health & safety & this being Indonesia we get shown the seismograph in the control centre & meet the monitors, the vulcanoligists, & the police team... Locals ...

Transit - Bali to Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia travel blog

Transit - Bali to Jakarta

A travel blog entry by eugineanded

... was cancelled and we were put on the 6:30am. There are later flights but today marks the end of a week-long holiday season in Indonesia and the afternoon flights were all booked. We arrived in Jakarta at 7am after a two-hour flight (there is a one hour ...

Volcanoes and Social Justice, Bondowoso, Indonesia travel blog

Volcanoes and Social Justice

A travel blog entry by cathonaventure


... Dutch fellow-travellers and by 9:00 we were in a mini-van on our way toward another volcano in the far east of Java, Kawah Ijen. In the afternoon the highway ran alongside the north coast and the scenery became less citified, greener and more ...

In Merapi's shadow, Yogyakarta, Indonesia travel blog

In Merapi's shadow

A travel blog entry by pilgrim143


... (under 50p I'm afraid). So it's bye to Indonesia & Serena & Jacqueline & off to Drawin. Have enjoyed Indonesia, particularly outside of Bali where we have been fairly lone tourists (except for the Gili's) and everyone has been very friendly. ...

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