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Reef and fishes, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Reef and fishes

A travel blog entry by riege


... me an email or put a message in facebook. Thanks. Otherwise I will KISS = keep it short and simple! Roatan Islands belong to the Bay Islands in Honduras and we stayed on the main island at West Bay where there are several lovely beaches. One of them ...

Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras, Honduras travel blog

Mahogany Bay

A travel blog entry by oneluckygirl


Mahogany Bay in Honduras was our next cruise stop. It is GORGEOUS here. The waters are all turquoise, and there are beautiful lush rainforests. Today we just did a tour of Roatan Island (which the city of Mahogany Bay is on). It is a relatively poor ...

Bay Islands, 6 days in, Honduras travel blog

Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by peteanddee


After crossing the border we spent our first night in Honduras in the lovely town of Copan Ruinas next to the Copan Mayan ruins. We walked to the ruins and decided to tour them on our own without a guide. At the entrance there were several beautiful ...

Meet the charachters, last 5 months, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Meet the charachters, last 5 months

A travel blog entry by walkabout


Random people pictures from the last 5 ...

Finally....El Caribe!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Finally....El Caribe!

A travel blog entry by jessandmalin


OK, we're in the Caribbean! Loving the Bay Islands, more specifically  Roatan...a true paradise!...Pearl white beaches, turquoise water, dusty sand roads, coconut trees, English spoken with a Creole accent, dive boats everywhere, great snorkeling, ...

Finding Nemo at the Bay Islands, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Finding Nemo at the Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by lennyandcat


... Roatan for over a week now and we really don't want to leave. Roatan is one of the Bay Islands off the Caribbean coast of Honduras and we originally planned to stay here for a few days.  This has turned out to be nearly two ...

Crisis in Honduras..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Crisis in Honduras...

A travel blog entry by gennyca


... survive relatively unscathed from a 7.3 Earthquake. Some of you may have heard that on Sunday (June 28, 2009) the president of Honduras was removed by the military and an in-term president was named. Sounds like a coup...IT WASN'T. What happened was an ...

Paradise!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by jrittberg

... was in a wonderfully air conditioned coach...I splurged!), we arrived in the positively ugly city of La Ceiba on the coast of Honduras. (I am traveling with an American artist and a Swedish banker, both of whom I met in Antigua.( The city was named after ...

Life´s so much better down where it´s wetter, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Life´s so much better down where it´s wetter

A travel blog entry by delandems

No regrets about coming to Utila! An hour after arriving, we were all booked in for our PADI Open Water course (that guy on the dock was persuasive). It all seems a bit dodge taht we can just arrive here and start a diving course for 200 US, we are even ...

Saving a fish, Coxen Hole, Plaza Mar, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Saving a fish, Coxen Hole, Plaza Mar

A travel blog entry by slougeay


The tide was unusually low this morning. We saw some fish flopping around in the shore.  They were stuck in the shallow pools and had no way back out.  Stace and the kids tried to save them, picking them up and throwing them deeper.  Stace ...

Housewarming Party, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Housewarming Party

A travel blog entry by gennyca


The renovations are pretty much finished... it is time for the housewarming party! To prepare for a party and set up a home on Roatan it is a little different than in Ontario.  It is a scavenger hunt to find what you want. Dave and I ...

Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor

A travel blog entry by walkabout


After 14 days not diving I have finished my instructor course, passed my exams and am now a PADI open water scuba instructor. Woo Hoo! Come visit me and learn how to dive. Pictures from the ...

The other end of the island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

The other end of the island

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we decided to venture to the other side of the island…all 35 miles of it. There was  a bigger range of terrain than we had expected, but the same beautiful water no matter where you were.  The ride to the other end had some of the ...

Diving is fun, West End, Honduras travel blog

Diving is fun

A travel blog entry by bshorts


... we'd heard from other travellers but decided at the last minute not to. Maria was delighted anyway because Utila has no beaches while Roatan has, but on reaching the ferry terminal to go across the Utila queue was full of teenagers. It turned out that the ...

Utila Island, Utila Island, Honduras travel blog

Utila Island

A travel blog entry by dolphintherapy


Jenna and I spent an amazing week on the beautiful island of Utila! Enjoy the ...

Sample letter-Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Sample letter-Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

A travel blog entry by gennyca

... I write to express my concern about the Canadian Government's position > regarding the recent events in Honduras. A number of Canadians own vacation > property in Roatan, and we receive daily news of these events. I fear our > government may ...

Rick's West End, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Rick's West End

A travel blog entry by gennyca


Welcome to Rick's West End. Tonight (Feb 2, 2008) Carleen and Dave made their debut. A chance meeting on the dock at Sundancer, a jam session in our loft (housewarming party) and here they are playing for friends, aquaintances and tourists at Rick's. The ...

Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by jenbenz

So, now I'm in Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is one of the Bay Islands, and is probably as close to the standard definition of "paradise" as you could get -- a tropical caribbean island, gorgeous blue waters and coral reefs, white sand. The little beach we're ...

Melvin the artist, West Bay, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Melvin the artist, West Bay

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we had a mellow day checking out a local artist and snorkeling at our favorite beach. Melvin "Palanca" Bodden is an artist here on that island that everyone knows. His art can be seen all over the island… even on the side of the roads.  ...

island paradise, Roatán, Honduras travel blog

island paradise

A travel blog entry by kellmacf


... forward to a couple of days of beach and a taste of a Caribbean Island!  I wasnt disappointed.    Roatan is the largest of the Honduras Bay Islands, formally known as Ruatan and Ratten.  It's approx 60km by 8km (at its widest point). ...

Sketchy Paddleboarding, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Sketchy Paddleboarding

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today the whole family went paddleboarding.  We went to the nearby Half Moon Bay, just a few minutes from our house.  Stace and I have been, but not with a kid on the board with us.  Katie has been once, but not with us.  We were not ...

Shopping Day - continue, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Shopping Day - continue

A travel blog entry by gennyca

... getting.  Plain and simple if an item is imported from the US it is ten times more expensive then something from mainland Honduras. As I turn the corner I stop in front of Sandy who is staring intently at the shelf filled with boxes of cold cereal. ...

July 2004, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

July 2004

A travel blog entry by allymeier


... think I have an intermediate level of knowledge of English grammar. After La Ceiba Rory and I headed to Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras) for a bit of a business trip. Lots of errands, get the truck fixed, laundry, stocking up on food and supplies, ...

Week 8-9, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Week 8-9

A travel blog entry by snowqueen


... in their house until their mother (I think she went into Ceiba) got home.  This kind of thing happens the whole time in Honduras- the five year stays at home, to look after their younger siblings.  Honduran children have to grow up far too fast. ...

Horeseback Riding & Post Office, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Horeseback Riding & Post Office

A travel blog entry by slougeay


... through a small clear plastic bag (see pics). She told me that she really likes kids (in Spanish) and gave them each a special Honduras stamp. After that we had to find some more bottled water for our house.  The water trucks are delivering water all ...

Seasickness and Sun, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Seasickness and Sun

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin


... , so maybe it was just as well we were moving on.  More information: s__caribbean__oceans__location ...

Roatan, Bay Islands - Paradise Found!, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Roatan, Bay Islands - Paradise Found!

A travel blog entry by aoifenim


Just resurfaced from a week spent on Roatan which is one of the Bay Islands set in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. Got there via a 16 hour bus journey from Antigua back down to La Ceiba in Honduras (we got burger king as part of the meal ...

Divers Paradise in Roatan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Divers Paradise in Roatan

A travel blog entry by salsita

Roatan is a large island of which I only saw the west end of but loved what I saw.  A nice central street much like Cayo Caulker with, restaurants, bars and dive shops, the beach lay in front with crystal clear water, it´s a divers paradise. We ...

Roatan - Week 6, Brick Bay, Honduras travel blog

Roatan - Week 6

A travel blog entry by beneches


This week started off pretty well. Jace's family arrived on the Saturday bringing with them a GoPro I bought in the states :-) For those who dont know what one is, it is a small HD camera that is typically used for extreme sports including diving. I ...

West Bay Beach, West Bay, Honduras travel blog

West Bay Beach

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we were headed to West Bay Beach.  It was recently listed as one of the Top Ten beaches in the world.  On the way we stopped in at a resort that has a dolphin show and dolphin encounter, just to ask questions, but happened to be there in ...

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