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Georgetown it is, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Georgetown it is

A travel blog entry by mishkabobala


... perpetuate the disadvantage of the most marginalized classes. As such, Red Thread remains one of the most radical women's organizations in Guyana and perhaps the Caribbean.  It has been in operation for over 20 years and with successes such as seeing ...

La palme du transport, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

La palme du transport

A travel blog entry by thometcamo


La Guyane, pas française, ce fut épique ! Partis de Paramaribo au Surinam à 4h du matin et avec un passage de frontière "particulier", nous arrivons chauds comme la braise à Georgetown sous un soleil de plomb. Traverser la Guyane sur la route ...

Iguana Story, Friendship, Guyana travel blog

Iguana Story

A travel blog entry by jaime.hurlbut


I'm actually going to take this time and space to tell a story that happened about a month ago, but that I haven't had time to write about until now. It was around the end of August, and it was a pretty normal Saturday--I went running, showered, made ...

Stage 1 of our Journey South, Puerto Ordaz/Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela travel blog

Stage 1 of our Journey South

A travel blog entry by teamrees


... leg of our journey to Santa Elena. Our first stop was Puerto Ordaz, a city which makes up half of the urban package of Ciudad Guyana (with San Felix making up the other half), a mere 12 hour bus journey away, and about half way between Caracas and Santa ...

To Border with Suriname, Corrverton, Guyana travel blog

To Border with Suriname

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


We set of this morning to go along the East Coast; this area was a bit different although well built up. Some areas were very clean and modern whilst others were very dirty and run down. We had to fight on the road to get some space along with the cows, ...

To an Amerindian village, Santa Rosa Mission, Guyana travel blog

To an Amerindian village

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


Well we did manage to get up in time and got the taxi at 6, he drove us some 50 kms to get to the town of Parika, en route we had a new experience of crossing a pontoon bridge. This bridge is about 200 meters wide and is even more unusual in that at one ...

More Georgetown, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

More Georgetown

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


- In the morning we did a bit more of the chores with a view to going to one of the celebrations in the afternoon. In the end when we got to the place where the celebration was to take place it had just finished, we had been told it went on until the ...

Dresscode in een vuurtoren, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Dresscode in een vuurtoren

A travel blog entry by ingetravel


Navin pikt ons op voor ontbijt en een ritje naar de universiteit (niet zo speciaal; ware het niet dat ook daar kaaimannen te vinden zijn, gewoon in de vijvers tussen de gebouwen in). Op de terugweg zet Navin ons af in het centrum. Vandaag trekken we met ...

Kaieteur falls, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Kaieteur falls

A travel blog entry by ingetravel


... Martin nog ah fietsen is. Ze zijn al 8 maanden onderweg en hebben alle landen van Zuid-Amerika gedaan, met uitzondering van Guyana, Venezuela en Colombia, vanwaaruit ze richting Noord-Amerika zullen gaan; dan de oceaan over naar Japan en dan Azië. Martin ...

Gesjoemel in Southdrain, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Gesjoemel in Southdrain

A travel blog entry by ingetravel

... we de overzetboot op. We moeten nog de typische immigratiepapieren invullen en we raken aan de praat met andere blanken, die in Guyana werken. Deze laten ons weten dat we maar beter klaar kunnen staan, omdat er straks een loopkoers gaat beginnen naar de ...

Weg uit Georgetown, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Weg uit Georgetown

A travel blog entry by ingetravel


Nog enkele bezoekjes aan de vele touroperators en internetspeurtochten later, besluiten we het er toch op te wagen. Locals moeten immers toch ook soms naar de stad om boodschappen en zo. Bovendien zijn er ook in de Rupununi-regio (tussen Iwokrana en ...

Op zoek naar de Cock-of-the-rock, Wowetta, Guyana travel blog

Op zoek naar de Cock-of-the-rock

A travel blog entry by ingetravel


Met de zonsopgang word ik wakker. Zalig zo´n prachtige omgeving, dus we slapen maar wat graag in hangmatten op het terras, hoewel er nu een kamer met bed vrij is. We maken pannenkoeken als ontbijt en rond 7h komt Sergio ons vergezellen. Rond 8h beginnen ...

Drive to Georgetown, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Drive to Georgetown

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


This morning after breakfast we walked into the Police Station to get our passports stamped, after a bit of confusion with the man in the office we realised he as the official and got our tourist card filled out and the passports stamped. From there we ...

In Georgetown, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

In Georgetown

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary

... for us to stay in the guarded car park for a few days, they were especially good about it since it is the premier hotel in Guyana and they did not even insist we eat there. That said the food was very good. Our first priority is to go to the Suriname ...

New Nickerie to Georgetown, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

New Nickerie to Georgetown

A travel blog entry by asanchez

Shoks ...

Sergio en Nick, Wowetta, Guyana travel blog

Sergio en Nick

A travel blog entry by ingetravel


Vandaag vertrekt Nick. Zijn 'partner-in-crime', Sergio, staat mee op om nog een laatste keer samen naar de zonsopgang te kijken. Het moet wat doen, zo 8 maanden samen doorgebracht hebben: 2 blanken in een totaal andere cultuur. Het lijkt dan ook net een ...

Sweaty & Sticky, Guyana, Guyana travel blog

Sweaty & Sticky

A travel blog entry by alanandleslie


... fascinating place to stay with dedicated people working towards protecting and researching the environment, the wildlife and the cultures of Guyana’s rainforest.  Our first introduction to the place was to see Sankar, the 14 foot black caiman ...

Mayra, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog


A travel blog entry by ingetravel


... hem al te hebben gezien). Het wordt een gezellige avond en we kunnen wat info uitwisselen over wat er zoal te doen is in Guyana. We gaan vroeg slapen, want we zijn nog vermoeid van de busrit vanin Suriname en het té vroeg wakker worden (weer een extra ...

From Guiana to Guyana, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

From Guiana to Guyana

A travel blog entry by eskimo


... road to the town of Nieuw Nickerie, a reference to the country's Dutch colonial past. Another river boundary into Guyana – Courantyne – passing the town of New Amsterdam before descending across the Rivers Mohaica and Mahaicony toward Cheddi ...

greatness in guyana, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

greatness in guyana

A travel blog entry by lolomg44


As my plane landed at the Cheddi Jagan international Airport in Georgetown,Guyana as i started to disembark the plane it hit me, a burst of wonderful heat, hotter than a volcano. I cleared customs quickly without any trouble. I collected my luggage and ...

Op weg naar Wowetta, Wowetta, Guyana travel blog

Op weg naar Wowetta

A travel blog entry by ingetravel


... bergen. Heel rustig ook. Deze inheemsen zijn heel wat kalmer dan de Marrons, bij wie we eerder in Suriname en Frans-Guyana verbleven. We maken kennis met Sergio, onze Spaanse gastheer en Nick, een Canadees, die hier evenals Sergio als vrijwilliger voor ...

Recent conversations, Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela travel blog

Recent conversations

A travel blog entry by sheenasumaria

Some random observations  - (more to come) Corruption: Gabriella, our tour guide to Canaima work in the Chavez-led missions to educate the barrios/ranchos in Caracas - those who had not had a formal education but had a desire to read, write ...

IT'S A WET WET CHRISTMAS IN THE CARIBBEAN, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog


A travel blog entry by hardiek


Pictures from Hypertravel: 100 Countries in 2 Years (Backpackers' Guide to the World and the Soul) by Hardie Karges, more info at ...

Hurrah for the British Commonwealth!, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Hurrah for the British Commonwealth!

A travel blog entry by wildkriv


... , drastically transforming the nation's demographic. The country became an independent member of the British Commonwealth in 1966.  Today, Guyana's economy relies on exporting bauxite, gold, sugar, rice, timber and shrimp. Georgetown sits on the east ...

WorldTeach Part I, Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

WorldTeach Part I

A travel blog entry by cinoiii


For the first month of WT we all lived in the capital of the country "learned how to be teachers in Guyana," which really means we drank a lot of ...

The Jungle, Port Kaituma, Guyana travel blog

The Jungle

A travel blog entry by cinoiii


Home sweet home for 7 months, this mining town lost in the tropical rain forest was where I learned to live with limited electricity and running water.  All the while, I was privy to every form of degradation and flaw mankind has to offer.  But ...

Teaching Pratice, Bartica, Guyana travel blog

Teaching Pratice

A travel blog entry by cinoiii

About a week was spent in this interior town where kids came to "summer school" and we taught random lessons to familiarize ourselves with the kids and how teaching in Guyana works.  We learned it does not ...

Something Has Been Broken in the Heavenlies....., Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Something Has Been Broken in the Heavenlies.....

A travel blog entry by barry.clare


... without intervention, they can legally own the land.  This led into a conversation about the injustice and corruption within Guyana. We asked when these practices began. She said it was following their independence in 1967. Apparently the English ...

Sights and Signs....., Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

Sights and Signs.....

A travel blog entry by barry.clare


... Fortun - pronounced Good Fortune. And then there are the English ones. It doesn't seem quite right to have a Hyde Park in Guyana... or Windsor Forest. Another fascinating place-name is Freedom. Keeps us on the lookout for new ones.   Along with the ...

We have turned a corner....., Georgetown, Guyana travel blog

We have turned a corner.....

A travel blog entry by barry.clare


WOW!!!!! What a day!!!! Today we have had a full day with a follow-up meeting from the GCU Assembly. It was a day scheduled to deal with the Minutes of the Assembly and also the Financial Report.  We have been here 5 weeks now and over the time have ...

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