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Koln and Frankfurt, Koln and Frankfurt, Jul 8 - 10, Germany travel blog

Koln and Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by lroff

. ...

Mass with the Pope, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Mass with the Pope

A travel blog entry by tenvols

... area that reminds me of Times Square prior to Giuliani. We were warned about needle users and street people, but saw neither. Frankfurt was a city that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We only went there because it was the cheapest flight we ...

Mad dogs and kiwis go out in the mid day sun, Frankfurt am Main, Germany travel blog

Mad dogs and kiwis go out in the mid day sun

A travel blog entry by krazeekiwi


... 's - Alte Oper, one of Europe's classic opera houses, once known as the most beautiful ruin in Germany - The Goethe House, where Frankfurt's' favorite son was born - Paulskirche, the location of Germany's very first democratically elected parliament in ...

Eine lange Anreise..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Eine lange Anreise...

A travel blog entry by patricia.eifler


... ck der Fall war), bin ich direkt zur Sicherheitsschleuse, das mir zum Schluss noch mal ein kleines Herzrasen versetzt hat. In Frankfurt wollen die Mitarbeiter tatsächlich ein Rückreiseticket sehen und dankte Marcy und Chrisi für den Tip ein Fake-Ticket ...

Grandma's food, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Grandma's food

A travel blog entry by erinski

... food!  Well, I was tired (I will give myself that much).  I had just flown in from Seattle directly to Frankfurt, Germany.  Surprisingly, even though I go to Spain quite often I had never flown the 'polar route' before.  ...

Abflug, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by felixalex


Finally in Europe, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Finally in Europe

A travel blog entry by colin_tameka


... much sleep. We got to Singapore for a 20min stopover and I went to a squat toilet its an experience!! After arriving in Frankfurt and adjusting to the cold (which it is cold), we caught a bus to the train station and then a train to ...

FAR FAR AWAY, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by vitzthum


... erfreuen zu können. Vorab möchte ich euch natürlich auch den „groben" plan der reise mitteilen: Abflug ist heute in frankfurt (main) mit dem ziel SINGAPUR. Dort werde ich für 2 nächte im TREE IN LODGE hostel verweilen. Im anschluss geht es am ...

Moving right along!!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Moving right along!!

A travel blog entry by amybing


Well, from the train Frankfurt looks lame so I'm heading to Köln. I've heard it's a nice town and they have one hell of a Carnaval party so why not? It's only 1 hour more plus it's 6am here and nothin's open ...

Frolicking in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frolicking in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by davidandamy


... was great, the cheeses and bread and fruit buffets were great. This is the airport from our window: See:  After a nice well rested night we flew to Sophia, Bulgaria.  After a 2 hour layover we flew to Tel ...

Bevor es losgeht, Frankfurt am Main, Germany travel blog

Bevor es losgeht

A travel blog entry by indienfelix

... Reise durch den indischen Subkontinent. Heute am 13.01 beginnt die Reise. Mit den Bus gehts abends um 22 Uhr vom Hamburg Airport zum Frankfurt Airport. Der Flug geht dann mit "Gulf Air" über Bahrain nach Delhi, wo ich früh morgens um 6°° am 15.01 ...

Jetzt geht's endlich los, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Jetzt geht's endlich los

A travel blog entry by katjaunterwegs


Journey to Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Journey to Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by rbailer


... of cheap flights, but it is a good deal and it matched our itinerary. The way the flights worked out was to go through Frankfurt, Germany on an airline called Ryan Air. This is a budget airline out of Dublin that operates a lot like Southwest Airlines in ...

Frankfurt Family Roots, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt Family Roots

A travel blog entry by einsinaminion


On Thursday we went into downtown Frankfurt and went over the bridge with all the locks on it. The pedestrian bridge is called Eisener Steg and it crosses the Main River. Married couples put locks on the bridge and then they throw the keys in the water. ...

Not loving United Airlines Economy..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Not loving United Airlines Economy...

A travel blog entry by botzim2014

At the same time, it wasn't as bad as I had heard and read it was. Sure the seat pitch is ridiculous, the rubber chicken rubbery, but the plane was in decent shape and the surly long-tenure flight attendants had their moments of actually smiling. My ...

Europe in a Day, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Europe in a Day

A travel blog entry by v1213


... . The flight was enjoyable – free food and drinks and this time I was assumed to be German and Norwegian. Congestion around Frankfurt Airport delayed our landing by almost 20 minutes, putting a dent in my plans for the day. At least my bag was ...

I'm in an airport, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

I'm in an airport

A travel blog entry by chaoticglitter

Well I have arrived safely in Frankfurt. I have a 4 hour layover before I head to Nuremberg. I absolutely never recommend anyone to fly with a sinus infection. I almost cried harder than the baby two rows ahead of me. The last 20 minutes of the decent in ...

We Made it - A Day/Night that lasted 36 hours, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

We Made it - A Day/Night that lasted 36 hours

A travel blog entry by uber.mutzelburg


... happening here. Unfortunately, received no news from Paul as to a rendevous. I guess he's busy. Our flight from Dubai to Frankfurt on the airbus was excellent. We had back row seats so nobody to disturb. There were more Germans on this flight, ...

The journey begins, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

The journey begins

A travel blog entry by ratmmmb

... Thai Airways, which are meant to be very nice (and actually have decent airline food!). TG-921, leaving at 15:05 from Frankfurt's terminal 1. It's a 10 hour and 40 minute flight, directly to the gates of South-East Asia: Bangkok. It's probably time to ...

Flying Home, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Flying Home

A travel blog entry by thorgal67

... though we took a different flight route this time: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Rusland, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Repblic, Germany. I hope you enjoyed reading our adventures, we sure liked sharing them with you. Maybe see you next them ...

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A travel blog entry by melissaandalex


... skip to the punch line and tell you that we missed our connection to Marseilles and are spending 13 hours in the Frankfurt Airport. I’m not gonna lie, Germany is pretty low on my list of countries to visit, and if I were to ever visit Deutschland, I ...

Letiště ve Frankfurtu, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Letiště ve Frankfurtu

A travel blog entry by deniska

Má cesta do Mexického Cancunu začala letem do Franfurtu v 6:00. Letěla jsem společností Luthansou. Letadlo bylo poloprázdné a byla v něm zima. Let dlouhý 45 minut jsem přečkala v bundě. Podávala se snídaně ...

Day 8: Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Day 8: Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by wama


... in Auschwitz-Birkenau) and one by Arnold Daghaniwho survived Michailowka camp in the Ukraine. Very dark. One wall has all the names of Frankfurt Jews who died in camps. I find a Max And Emil Adler (the names of my great grandfather and his brother on my ...

Frankfurt, making my way in German, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt, making my way in German

A travel blog entry by toddnrachel

Frankfurt was interesting....we passed along in the airport while they smoked inside....ugh. Customs was easy. The guy didn't even look up while he stamped our passports. We made our plane with just a few minutes to spare. However once on the plane, it ...

Germany, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by linda-and-moya

... . we couldnt be bothered sitting in a train again so we decided to stay in frankfurt! we went into a hotel and the guy there said 'i hate frankfurt!' and said there was nothing to do haha he recommended a place called heidelburg so off to ...

School-Trip to Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

School-Trip to Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by isy_

When I was still living in Munich one of my teachers took his class to Frankfurt. We spent only one night there but as he knew the city pretty well he showed us the most important spots and a good restaurant in only one evening! The next day we visited an ...

Stop Over in Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Stop Over in Frankfurt

A travel blog entry by nicolekraumanis


My flight over from Toronto was fine.... I sat next to a film guy who was going to Norway to make a tire commercial. Nice guy. Frankfurt was cold and rainy all day. I was exhausted from the red-eye flight but decided to push through the day and stay ...

Where our EURO tour ends!, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Where our EURO tour ends!

A travel blog entry by prejoh


... fair enough! We spent the morning cleaning the campervan and had Mc Donalds for lunch and supper. We didn't see much of Frankfurt because we headed for Engelberg where the Mc Rent Depot is and where the girls would be dropping the campervan off. After an ...

Frankfurt Main, Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt Main

A travel blog entry by nflaim


This was a weekend trip to Frankfurt... a lovely ...

Nur die Fitten kommen rein..., Frankfurt, Germany travel blog

Nur die Fitten kommen rein...

A travel blog entry by a-m-in-bolivien


... das oben gescholtene maulen doch noch was geholfen. Eher um mal Dampf abzulassen versuchten wir noch einen letzten Anruf im Konsulat in Frankfurt am Main. Dort half man uns bis dahin erst nett am Telefon, dann fiel dort jedoch jemanden ein, dass man gar ...

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