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Lund to Copenhagen to Dubai to Melbourne, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Lund to Copenhagen to Dubai to Melbourne

A travel blog entry by jenny-peter-g

... to the airport, we had to take a train to two stations past Malmo, then take a bus. Many people take this route to Copenhagen, so the bus of course was very full and chaotic with everyone trying to manage their luggage as well. Today is the first day ...

Xmas Markets - 3rd visitor, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Xmas Markets - 3rd visitor

A travel blog entry by danskgirl


They are big into the Xmas markets here, so as my sister in law was here for 5 days we hit the one in Forum which was really good, much better than Tivoli. Also we saw more jazz in jazzhouse with her & she did even more shopping & we brought her to our ...

One more flight to go, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

One more flight to go

A travel blog entry by tyga

We arrived in Copenhagen and went to go to lounge as we had a 4 hour layover. We were not allowed into the lounge as we did not fly on with KLM. So it was a long 4 hours hanging around the terminal until finally got gate for flight on to Reykjavik. We ...

A Day with the Danes, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

A Day with the Danes

A travel blog entry by vontiki2000


... a quick breakfast of packaged cinnamon rolls, we walked a couple miles to the train station where we purchased our tickets to Copenhagen. The wonders of modern transportation resulted in us arriving in that city in a new country across the water in about ...

Day 77: All aboard the plague train, Copenhagen Region, Denmark travel blog

Day 77: All aboard the plague train

A travel blog entry by johnnyandamber


... fighting beings.  The end of the fifteen hour plague ride could not have come quick enough. We arrived to a mild and rainy Copenhagen. We did a quick scope out of the lounge., discovered an elevator with an 'I fart' button, and walked to our hostel. ...

Danish Dance Off, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Danish Dance Off

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... in the city center. Being Friday night we went out, Tim and I had couple of beers which we bought on the ferry from Germany to Denmark and then we and some others from the hostel went into town, the first place we ended up in was a 'badega' which is a ...

At last, Copenaghen!, Copenaghen, Denmark travel blog

At last, Copenaghen!

A travel blog entry by fettino


... 16 hours by car, finally we arrive at Copenaghen....Here we stay for 3 beautiful days walking in the city during the "Copenhagen Jazz Festival", a popular annual event which takes place in summer and that is the result of a significant jazz scene having ...

Danmark?!, København, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by nayda_dew

... 1085;ого велосипедов) ********** The first day of Denmark disappoint us... Downpour, Turkish hotels, Chinese shops, kebab... Well, yes, staying at a hotel near the ...

May -Opera- Visitors 14 and 15, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

May -Opera- Visitors 14 and 15

A travel blog entry by danskgirl


We had friends (KnB)over for a week in May who are Opera buffs and we went to 17 hours of Wagner over 4 nights & it was amazing - it was staged like a full play not just singing. Very interesting experience & the Opera house here is new & has some super ...

A Danish weekend in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

A Danish weekend in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by sweetmochigirl


See ...

Well, Copenhagen 'in theory', Sundbyøster, Denmark travel blog

Well, Copenhagen 'in theory'

A travel blog entry by rhillaryj


... morning during breakfast, as we were eating (as can happen during breakfast) Captain Lis came on to announce that our day in Copenhagen was cancelled. Apparently a sustained wind of 30 miles per hour with gusts of 70 miles an hour isn't the best weather ...

C's version of riot events, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

C's version of riot events

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... - are mostly behind the protesters though not necessarily the rioters, one commenting that they were glad that a) something was happening in Copenhagen and b) at least the students have the energy to protest at the turn of events in the country i.e. the ...

Dashing through Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Dashing through Denmark

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... ; We were quite a distance from the city - so we took a shuttle bus to one of the main squares, Kongens Nytorv, in Copenhagen and from there we set out on our journey.    Saturday finds the Kongens Nytorv hosting a flea market so we perused ...

Another Layover, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Another Layover

A travel blog entry by ewilson


We had another long layover and decided to look around the city because we were going to stop here on the way back down from Scandinavia. It is a very pretty city and we enjoyed a nice lunch, but we decided not to stop here again. We did randomly run ...

Hello Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hello Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by eirantrethowan


... with a tradition Danish brunch with all the trimmings I especially like the 200 grams of Brie and this little Kransky sausages. I really enjoyed Copenhagen and as sad to go in the end. See pics of Danish delight. Off to holland now ET Blogs Home.... ...

Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by stevemarson


update and titles for pics coming ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by rora_8

Upon my arrival in copenhagen I found myself a bit worn out from traveling and missing the luxury of hamburg. My dorm awaited me dark and craped. The beds reminded me of some of the concentration camps I visited. They were staked 3 high, and the ...

BL #11:  Being a Kid ... Again, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

BL #11: Being a Kid ... Again

A travel blog entry by pwong


... includes admission to nearly all attractions, unlimited public transit, and discounts on tours and restaurants.  Oslo and Copenhagen have particularly good ones, and the Copenhagen Card offers the extra benefit of allowing you to visit an attraction ...

Back in Copenhagen!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Back in Copenhagen!

A travel blog entry by jagrant

... the money. In the evening we caught the train to Stinne and Marie's parents' home in Nyborg, about 1.5 hours out of Copenhagen. It wa such a fantastic evening. Stinne took us for a tour of the small town (18,000 inhabitants), including the gorgeous ...

Klar til afgang..., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Klar til afgang...

A travel blog entry by christiansen

Så har vi pakket og begiver os meget snart mod Kastrup Lufthavn. Det er så spændende det hele, vi glæder os rigtig meget. Foran os er 2 timer i luften til Milano, her har vi så to timer til at forberede os på den næsten 14 timers flyvertur til ...

Oh Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Oh Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by shawnandchris


... gave a great view of the different aspects of the city. Of course we went to see the little mermaid which was a must. I am working tomorrow and then we are off to Hamburg on Tuesday. Must say Copenhagen is a fantastic city and we both have loved ...

J'ai pas vu de grand race de chien..., Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

J'ai pas vu de grand race de chien...

A travel blog entry by frank__823


Une danoise.....hmmmmmmmmm et un grand café s.v.p. haha!! Bienvenue au royaume de la patisserie(bon sa va bien la barre d'espace sur mon clavier marche une fois sur 3....j'sens que sa va etre long ecrire cette entrée la!!!!). C'est decider, j'ai ...

Blanc i negre, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Blanc i negre

A travel blog entry by scastellvi


L'illa de Mons amaga un espectacle que, segons la gent d'aquí, és únic al món: té un penyassegat de guix de fins a 120 metres d'alt (que ja seria interessant per si sol) travessat per capes de pedres de sílex. (En les fotos es pot entendre el que ...

Spring Has Sprung, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Spring Has Sprung

A travel blog entry by christinec2013


... to Copenhagen and found our air bnb. It was in a pretty nice area. So on Wednesday (16 April) we explored Copenhagen. I was surprised that the prices were actually quite reasonable for things like food and transport. Although accomodation was still a bit ...

Travelling Home, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Travelling Home

A travel blog entry by amyfisher

... to go visit, because it was the best opportunity to spend time with friends and to see a beautiful Scandinavian country. My flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm was easy, quick, and before I knew it, I was picking up my bags and checking them back in at ...

Chubby Chino Strikes Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Chubby Chino Strikes Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by nimby


... tells me "You know, this bar is underground too?"  Very cool. The next day, I do a final tour of Copenhagen.  I hit some sites, including Noma, Christianshavn and Vesterbro. Christianshavn is this commune in which squatters took over public ...

Copenhanging, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by tanlyn


Following a week long Fulbright conference in Berlin, Zach Zeman, Emily Gutzmer and I set off for a weekend in Copenhagen. Both Zach and Emily attended Southwestern with me and are current English Teaching Assistants in Germany as well. Parallel lives for ...

Coping in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Coping in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by kelncre


... saw many of Copenhagen’s interesting sights, including the Opera House and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.  Unfortunately, one of Copenhagen’s most famous sights was on loan to China for the Shanghai expo – the mermaid.  ...

KøBenhavn, Denmark; Brenem, Germany, Copenhagen,  Denmark travel blog

KøBenhavn, Denmark; Brenem, Germany

A travel blog entry by mmcfaddin


... is the happiest place in the world. Met Laura and Ann, who are visiting Laura's cousin. 3:45 a.m. 5-26, In KøBenhavn, Denmark. Went into an awesome cathedral. They were having candlelight singing. I just sat halfway back and watched and listened. I ...

Cologne/Hamburg/Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2010trip


... incapable of anything but perfection, our departure from Hamburg was bridged by a several hour delay before leaving for Copenhagen, our current destination. Unfortunately there was no chocolate coconut balls served either. However despite the long ride, ...

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