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w w.Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

w w.Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by newblogger


Luckily for you all I am unable to add a sound bite to this blog or I might be inflicting a version of Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen upon you all. We had a lovely 3-4 days wandering around this very compact city. We bought a Copenhagen card which took us ...

Chopenhagen, Chopenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by veikok


Vahepeatus ...

Visitor #22 come (to riot town), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Visitor #22 come (to riot town)

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... (for me !) but we did see the demolishing of the riot causing Ungdomhuset. Then I dropped little BME off for the aiport bus with one of our luggages so another 16kg of our stuff gone home hurray ....... Some photos Copenhagen City ...

Shopping in Denmark, Volstrup, Denmark travel blog

Shopping in Denmark

A travel blog entry by jrgo


Our experience in shopping here is a little different than the one stop for everything that we are used to. I guess WALMART hasn't invaded yet. We went a few miles down to the coast to buy fish (flounder) right off the boat. Later on we went to buy ...

Two birthdays in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Two birthdays in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by msbrookstravels


... we have known him as long as we have Charlotte (and Jonathan never misses an opportunity to talk music with a fellow drummer)! Copenhagen is an hour's flight from Amsterdam, much closer than a 12+ hour flight from California, so I we took advantage of ...

Cool Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Cool Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by suepeter


We caught the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen across the Baltic Sea. The snow got less and less as we got closer to Denmark. It was about 0 when we arrived, so cool but bearable. Immediately I felt comfortable in the surroundings, it was very clean and ...

Farvel Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Farvel Danmark

A travel blog entry by anna_kat_rejser


Så er bagagen tjekket ind vi blev (næsten) ikke nød til at løbe i lufthavnen! Vi er klar :) farvel herhjemme ...

Hjemme igen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hjemme igen

A travel blog entry by nuddelexp


Hey! Det her er så vores sidste entry for denne gang. I sidste entry lovede vi jer slutningen på vores eventyr, så den kommer her! Efter Taj Mahal tog vi som sagt videre til en mindre by, Orchha. Endnu en by med et fort og et marked. Noget ...

arrival in Denmark!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

arrival in Denmark!

A travel blog entry by sunmoongoddess


I just arrived this afternoon in Denmark. It is so nice to see Niels again...and tomorrow, I get to see Christoffer too. They were my first international surfers. I also am Niels first surfer ever!! More to ...

Busy day in København, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Busy day in København

A travel blog entry by amyfisher


... ; Australians have to look out for other important Australians in the world! From the canal, we walked through the famous Copenhagen shopping street and saw the famous stork fountain.  We continued walking right until the Round Tower.  The round ...

"Last touch" - Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by keithandialaska


... to solve the dilemma of what to do in those last hours when one was carrying so much baggage, we booked a ships tour around Copenhagen and to Dragoer fishing Village, with an airport transfer at the end. This meant we could "squeeze the lemon" with a bit ...

DIS - Week 1 in Copenhagen (May 24-29), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

DIS - Week 1 in Copenhagen (May 24-29)

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


WEEK 1 in Copenhagen!  Pictures from arrival, orientation, scavenger hunt around the city, lunch after class, studying in the Royal Garden, Andrea's birthday, & my practicum ...

Returning to Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Returning to Denmark

A travel blog entry by asn75


... know my self better, had a chance to measure my personality against a different culture and come out triumphant. And now I am back in Denmark... What now? My heart and my head have two very different answers. My heart says: "Fuck it all, I'm of again, ...

Copenhagen (plus a trip back to London)!, København, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen (plus a trip back to London)!

A travel blog entry by samstravels08


... warm too! It was quite cold when we headed down to the harbour but worth it to see the colorful houses which I think defines Copenhagen. I also wanted to look at chocolates to buy for gifts in the mall but they were so expensive where one of the boxes ...

Fishing village, visitors, and castles, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Fishing village, visitors, and castles

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


... to visit her in London wasn't until today so yesterday I journeyed to Fredrisksborg Castle in Hillrød, 45 minutes outside Copenhagen. I've desperately wanted to visit the castle and even planned to go a few weeks ago until realizing just before ...

Jan/feb and visitor 7, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Jan/feb and visitor 7

A travel blog entry by danskgirl


Our 'best man' was over in Jan & it was freezing so naturally we ended up walking about 14kms all over the city! So have now experienced a real hard winter - the hardest they had here in ages! Went home (to Dublin) on 17th Feb so was weird to see ...

June work work work, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

June work work work

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Hurray the Weather is 30 degrees here this week - otherwise its like home in summer, but it was cool the Irish people have a great balcony & are our neighbours so spent about 9 hours sitting out & drinking on Saturday. Otherwise June was all work & all ...

Beware, Here Be Dragons!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Beware, Here Be Dragons!

A travel blog entry by kstameris11


... skinny buildings. Day 1 Our stay just so happened to fall within the week that the Archery world championships took place in Copenhagen. Our hotel also happened to be accommodating every team competing in our building. I didn't even know there was such ...

India Here I Come, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

India Here I Come

A travel blog entry by evamaria85


So what did I squeeze into those two backpacks? The small pack: -        A notebook computer and charger -        Diary -        A folder with all ...

We have arrived!, København, Denmark travel blog

We have arrived!

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


We landed at 12pm Denmark time (6am EST) safely this afternoon! Before exiting the plane, Nick was insistent on eating "brunch" and was quite grumpy until we found him his "egg breakfast sandwich". After this event, we decided to be adventurous and take ...

Departure, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by evamaria85

My...these past few days has been way too busy. But yes, I know who's to blame:-) Yesterday I went to bed around three ýn the mornýng, because I had a few thýngs to fýnýsh before everythýng was ýn order. I had to do only a lýttle packýng, as I ...

Snow Day, København, Denmark travel blog

Snow Day

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


Classes have officially begun and the last few days were suppose to be about developing a routine. However it has mostly included getting lost to class, figuring out whether the metro or bus is the best way to get into the city for class, and ...

My Neighbourhood, My Bike and My Cheap Beer, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My Neighbourhood, My Bike and My Cheap Beer

A travel blog entry by lordcool


Mercy me I am tuckered. For this reason I am going to keep this entry (which you will notice covers 3 topics) to a length that will not wear me to a frazzle anymore than than that to which I have hereupon already...I'm not even going to try and finish ...

The Great Danes, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The Great Danes

A travel blog entry by kasnsqueak

... bus. Meanwhile I got off the bus next stop to wait for his bus. No matter next stop was a large water fountain and church. Copenhagen is very clean and ordered and must get very cold in winter as there are places where ice rinks are created out of ponds ...

OUR ADVENTURE IN COPENHAGEN CONTINUES, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by lewis4126


... Diamond.  It was completed  in 1999 as the first in a series of large-scale cultural buildings along Copenhagen's waterfront.  To some degree, the Black Diamond mirrors the irregular lines of the museum in that ...

Työmatkalla, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sannakoo


Lyhyt välikuittaus, että täälläpä sitä ollaan jälleen koneen äärellä pienen hiljaiselon jälkeen. Kuten kaikilla vakavasti otettavilla kirjailijoilla, myös minulla on välillä tekstinluomisongelmia. Lupaan ryhdistäytyä ensi viikolla ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine


14/5-15/5 Now for our final destination in Denmark, Copenhagen. This is a lovely city, and probably one of my favorite big cities so far. It's a big city with a small city vibe. The buildings are lovely and it is set on a clean blue harbor. We ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by bbk6

... ships). Next was the armory museum which had a collection that was, in one dane's words "not large....its massive!"  Copenhagen is a city that seems to be struggling to hold onto its culture amidst a heavy influx of american influence. We joked ...

Funny Signs and a View from the Top, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Funny Signs and a View from the Top

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


... I browsed through all of the signs I met up with Andrea and Jenna to go to the Rundetaarn (The Round Tower) which is one of the highest points in Copenhagen.  It was a windy day but the view was amazing (and they took USD, which made it even ...

Hanging out with Glenn, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hanging out with Glenn

A travel blog entry by richlum


... a beer. Put my bags in a train station locker and went to the Southern Cross Bar, via Glenn's whirlwind orientation walk through Copenhagen, for beers and trivia. It was almost like Glenn was back in Pyrmont again! Jack and Missy seem to remember me too ...

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