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Brillopad's China Adventure, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Brillopad's China Adventure

A travel blog entry by brillopadchina

Welcome to Brillopadchina.  Han and I are here today on Guangzhou China and thinking about our adventures in Chungqing, Jiuzaigou, Songpan and Chengdu.  Absolutely fantastic countryside and wonderful adventures walking in the forests, looking ...

Shamian Island in sleepy old Canton!, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Shamian Island in sleepy old Canton!

A travel blog entry by changxiaoyao


... to us with no way to tune it out. The NO REFUNDS policy prevented me some cancelling the ticket for the ride home. Once at Guangzhou's lovely airport,  I jumped on a bus that was headed toward the Panyu district where I was to meet up with a certain ...

Cap 9. En China no nieva Navidad, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Cap 9. En China no nieva Navidad

A travel blog entry by abside


... decorativos relacionados con la navidad genera millones y millones de euros que se venden en todo el mundo incluida la propia china. Guangzhou está rodeada de estas fábricas que alternan la fabricación de juguetes con los atrezos navideños. La feria ...

The Mausoleum, Guangzhou, China travel blog

The Mausoleum

A travel blog entry by linda1davechina


... , layered together and sliced into a thin coating. The skill to do that was amazing. Next stop, Xiguan - the old area of Guangzhou. Shops like you wouldn't believe, little alleyways, noise, hustle and bustle, and everything for a song. We managed to find ...

Cap. 11 Regreso a la infancia., Guangzhou, China travel blog

Cap. 11 Regreso a la infancia.

A travel blog entry by abside


... . ¿A dónde íbamos nosotros, una panda de vampiros nocturnos habidos de alcohol por vena asiduos a los peores locales antros de Guangzhou? Pero bueno así que tocaba circo que era mejor que estar aguantando en el sofá la resaca de la noche anterior. ...

Modern China, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Modern China

A travel blog entry by ann_ho


... tien did say that his family lived in the city. after my experience of delhi, a city could mean pretty much anything! guangzhou is actually very nice indeed. very modern and clean and green, nothing like i expected. got picked up from the station by ...

Christmas, Guangzhou, New Years, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Christmas, Guangzhou, New Years

A travel blog entry by aswanson

... .  New Years week I had classes on only Monday and Tuesday as well as Kori, so we were on the bus to Guangzhou Wednesday afternoon.  Wednesday morning we participated in a couples competition where Kori had to ride on my back while I ran through ...

Day 10-Finally, Guangzhou!!!!!, Guangzhou in the Guangdong Province, China travel blog

Day 10-Finally, Guangzhou!!!!!

A travel blog entry by mikelisa


... wouldn't have wanted to hear what I had to say. We had to do everything to get our documents together to come here to Guangzhou so that we can get Maillie's visa to enter the United States. All that hoo-ha starts tomorrow with appointments at the clinic ...

Still Alive!, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Still Alive!

A travel blog entry by bencarter


... I am actually a lot more comfortable with life in mainland China. Believe it or not the atmosphere here is very relaxed. Despite Guangzhou being a huge mega-city the hustle and bustle you'd expect can only really be found when taking the public transport. ...

Back to mainland China, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Back to mainland China

A travel blog entry by kymtam


... industrial boom but unfortunatly the environment is suffering. Despite the pollution, which I assume will be found in all China's major cities, Guangzhou is a relatively cool city. It's situated along side rivers and at night you can find some pretty ...

Guangzhou part deaux, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Guangzhou part deaux

A travel blog entry by vasquez3


... at how differently they do things from time to time. That's about all I wish to spill for now, but we took off from Guangzhou on the 5th of December and made our way to Pingxiang which is a Chinese city right on the border of Vietnam. We had to go ...

Sept 8 -- Consulate Waiting Day, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Sept 8 -- Consulate Waiting Day

A travel blog entry by snakaguma


... , interviews, home studies, and all the other "stuff" that goes into the adoption process culminated with the US Consulate in Guangzhou reviewing each package, approving and issuing Quincy's visa to enter the US. And as far as we know, all packages were ...

Flight home, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Flight home

A travel blog entry by linda1davechina

Dad is still working his magic! I asked him to try to get us an upgrade on our flight from Guangzhou to Auckland, and he did! Good ...

Finally...some pictures, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Finally...some pictures

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck

Here's the link to Jacqui's picture site. She's been taking lots of them and put them up here. Enjoy! ...

All Will Salute Me, Shunde, Foshan, Nanhe and Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China travel blog

All Will Salute Me

A travel blog entry by paulandmel


... hard to break a toilet. We ended our visit to Guangdong Province with day trips to Foshan, Paul's Dad's birthplace, and Guangzhou for a day of shopping at the counterfeit market-everything's fake, down to the replica branded bags they put your "nikes" ...

Debrouille toi ma Poule, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Debrouille toi ma Poule

A travel blog entry by sidom


Oh what fun we were having before and with such facility, well in China it's a completely different story, hardly anyone speaks English in this city and so instead of spending 1 hour on our travel arrangements it's more like 2 days. The friendly CITS ...

Sim City 2011, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Sim City 2011

A travel blog entry by col.caf


... the airport I gazed out the window at the sprawling blanket of city lights which reached the horizon in every direction.  Guangzhou (formerly Canton) was a city I had never heard of but turned out to be a significant 12 million people and one of the ...

Shopping! Food! Sleep?, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Shopping! Food! Sleep?

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck

Work has still been going slow. Agonizingly so. The last few days have picked up slightly but its still nowhere near what I'd expect from a company in North America or Europe. Hooray for lowest bidders?!? But I did get to take Jacqui to the leather ...

On Our Way, Guangzhou, China travel blog

On Our Way

A travel blog entry by linda1davechina


Written while flying from Nanyang to Kunming, via Guangzhou. I have just read the China Daily newspaper report about a dreadful accident in Henan Province, where nine people died and eleven were seriously injured. A state highway bridge collapsed while a ...

Let's Get Physical...., Guangzhou, China travel blog

Let's Get Physical....

A travel blog entry by ekwidun


Today was Ethan's physical.  He passed with flying colors!  No crying and he took everything like a trooper.  One of the exams was from an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.  This exam conclusively revealed that his cleft palate has ...

Pearl River Cruise & Dinner, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Pearl River Cruise & Dinner

A travel blog entry by michaeljudy


Pearl River Cruise & ...

China ...wholesale at it's best!, Guangzhou, China travel blog

China ...wholesale at it's best!

A travel blog entry by mauza


... not as much well known Chinese history / artifacts as Beijing etc .. Did you know that in 1986 Sydney became  Guangzhou's "Sister" city? Walking anywhere here finds wholesale shops/ booths/ carts selling their wares. a quick taxi ride( the only ...

Chinese Road Trip, Shaoguan, Wuzhishan, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Chinese Road Trip

A travel blog entry by peterandmelissa


... and test our abilities on the lawless streets. We sure gave those toll booth workers a little entertainment in their day. In Guangzhou we upgraded to a nice hotel and went out to a German restaurant for a yummy dinner of spaetzle and schnitzel. It was a ...

Day 12-The coundown begins!, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Day 12-The coundown begins!

A travel blog entry by mikelisa


I can't believe that it's day twelve! We're so excited that 48 hours from now to the minute, we'll be landing at Logan. Yahoo! Today we had to stay in the room after breakfast until Vanessa got back from the Consulate where she was getting our ...

Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Guangzhou, China

A travel blog entry by possum2477

We had a stopover of about 5 1/2 hours, when we landed and emerged from the plane we found the whole city had a pall of smog, it was like a light fog but the temperature was in the mid 20's so it obviously was not a fog. We were very courteously ushered ...

Sep 7, 2008 - Day 7  With Quincy, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Sep 7, 2008 - Day 7 With Quincy

A travel blog entry by snakaguma


... spent today touring the Guangzhou Folk Art Museum -- it was wonderful to see the beautiful work by the artists of old Guangzhou, Wonderful carvings, paintings and preserved old wooden furniture that showed the artistry of the people in the region. It was ...

Hong Kong - Canton - Hangzhou, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Hong Kong - Canton - Hangzhou

A travel blog entry by kathymlm

... permits, you visit the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall before transfer to the airport for your flight to Hangzhou, one of China's premier tourist destinations. An old Chinese saying states, "In heaven above there is Paradise, on earth there is Suzhou and ...

Hotel vs Park, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Hotel vs Park

A travel blog entry by v1213


... during our last trip, although this was expected, and one could hardly say that the train was dirty or uncomfortable. Upon arrival into Guangzhou we were happily surprised to see the Chimelong Hotel booth staffed. Here we were shown to a minibus for a ...

Guangzhou - endelig, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Guangzhou - endelig

A travel blog entry by evamaria85


... sød en) ville gerne sælge mig en billet til samme dag kl. 22. Så igår (d. 31. juli) tog jeg flyet fra Kunming til Guangzhou. Det var meningen at jeg skulle været fløjet kl. 22, men pga. forsinkelser blev den 23.20. Jeg ankom så til Guangzhou midt ...

Teach Me To Pray More Specifically, Guangzhou, China travel blog

Teach Me To Pray More Specifically

A travel blog entry by k1k2k3s1murray


... goal was to get my new little girl a Barbie Doll.  The traditional hotel that adoptive families stay in when they are in Guangzhou is the White Swan.  It is currently being renovated so our group is at the Marriot instead.  The White Swan ...

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