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North to Alaska 2013, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

North to Alaska 2013

A travel blog entry by jillsauter

We picked up our camper for the first time this year - just 7 days before we leave for the north. The kids are all away so I've been doing laundry and making meal plans. We are trying to figure out where everything will go in the camper with all of the ...

Testing... Testing... Is this thing on?, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Testing... Testing... Is this thing on?

A travel blog entry by jsquaredgoesto


We leave in less than a week!  So excited - check back on the 13th for my first official ...

Bye bye my home and native land, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Bye bye my home and native land

A travel blog entry by winsomewanderer


... , 1 small city airport, multiple anxouis family members, and months of preparation? This moment. Our departure from Saskatoon, SK, Canada to Massinga, Inhanbane province, Mocambique (Via Calgary, Frankfurt, Jo'burg, and Muputo). It is ice cold ...

Fathers' Day, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Fathers' Day

A travel blog entry by cathyjo-d


Home for the first time in a 1.5 years..., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Home for the first time in a 1.5 years...

A travel blog entry by brit77


So here I am home for the weekend to celebrate my best friends approaching wedding and wow has this city not changed! I feel like I've stepped back in time to high school days and I feel a little homesick. Joce doesn't get in until tomorrow night ...

Friday Night Party at Dan Reid's House, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Friday Night Party at Dan Reid's House

A travel blog entry by brit77


So after my really hard night of drinking last night I decide to take it easy and just visit some friends from home. Of course it's awful hard not to join in when everyone is handing you shots! We spend most of the night dancing and singing to music ...

Our First Stop, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Our First Stop

A travel blog entry by cari-lynn.birch

We stayed in the first place - the North Gate Motor Inn and left as early as possible.  The funny thing about Saskatchewan is that it really is flat and as if to underscore this, immediately upon passing the Saskatchewan border into Manitoba, ...

Goodbye :(, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Goodbye :(

A travel blog entry by staaacey


... , it has come to an end. My epic UK journey is coming to a close, and it's time for me to head back to boring old Saskatoon. Woke up rather early, as my roommate was taking off for another tour of Wales, so said goodbye to her, and though I tried to make ...

The Night Before, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

The Night Before

A travel blog entry by sromanuck


... and then to Sydney (10 MORE hours). By the time we arrive it will be 2 days later there, as Australia is 17 hours ahead of Canada. Crazy. We should be very attractive by the time we walk off that last plane...Hell yeah. So why do you need to know this you ...

Canada, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by acd333

test ...

Trip-ready, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by gregyuel


Last day before the trip. Nothing much to ...

Traveling CANADA, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Traveling CANADA

A travel blog entry by bploh

Traveling ...

Dinner at Yard and Flagon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Dinner at Yard and Flagon

A travel blog entry by vinceandemmy


We drove to Saskatoon today. Vince says it was super flat and a boring drive without any turns. However, I was very productive and edited half of my book. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive. We had dinner and drinks at a local bar called ...

We Slept Through Saskatoon!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

We Slept Through Saskatoon!

A travel blog entry by pjnedry


We didn't pass through Saskatoon until midnight.  Not much to report here! Dinner was interesting, though.  We sat with a couple from Northern Ireland . . . doing the trip to Jasper National Park and Banff National Park, then to Vancouver . . . ...

up, up and away........................, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

up, up and away........................

A travel blog entry by jessapril2014


... in my stomach, with the feeling of excitement, anxiousness and Yippppeeee  plus a  little wee worried too!  We leave Saskatoon this morning, to Calgary. Then Calgary to Houston - texas and from there to San jose - . Its a10 hour ...

Hello Saskachewan, try saying that when drunk!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Hello Saskachewan, try saying that when drunk!

A travel blog entry by swaff


... to this news was that some of the hunters donate all the kill to local homeless charities for Thanksgiving lunches. Saskatoon is dominated by the University of Saskatchewan campus, the city is alive with students cycling, walking and jogging through the ...

Departure, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by italy2014


We have made it to Calgary. Already Wilderman is drawing the boys into his dark world of gambling. (I think they're playing poker for Logan's mini Oreos.) What we have learned so far: Walker eats a lot. And when not eating, worries about when he will ...

home, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by tingsauntie

Well, I'm finally home in Saskatoon.  My trip to Edmonton was okay.  The Edmonton airport was a gong show.  There must have been at least two hundred people waiting to get through security.  It was slow going cause there were not many ...

SASKATOON, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by kris131621

BEEN ...

Toontown, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by corbs


On Wednesday, we arrived in Saskatoon, Canada greeted by Sara (Kara's sister), the stewart family, and yes COLD weather!  We enjoyed several chats with the Stewarts, splendid hospitiality at both homes, and good times next to the Saskatoon river ( ...

Home at Last, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Home at Last

A travel blog entry by watter306

... sleep. Fortunately we loaded movies on our iPad and watched 3 movies and one TV show. Then another 3 and a half hour flight to Saskatoon. Again watched a movie but then I managed to get about an hour and half sleep on the plane by this time the early ...

Old but Very Youthful Place, Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Old but Very Youthful Place, Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by gogan

... the many, excellent, restaurants. They take food very seriously here. Now a tip: we were lucky to reside in Saskatoon between their scorching summer (blistering 40 Celsius in shade is nothing surprising) and the freezing winters (murderous -40 Celsius) ...

Brrrrr!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by chris-fernie


... in the shin of flying rocks from a semi earlier convinced me to get off the back road.  Once I got onto the Trans Canada highway, I began to see road kill.  Maybe the saying "speed kills" is true. I saw someone's cows savouring the greener ...

Water, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by ramullis


... . I know Grisham is a little old-fashioned, but I highly recommend his books now that I've actually "read" one. Once in Saskatoon, we checked in to the hotel, then headed for the local Canada Day celebration for fireworks. Tomorrow and the day after, we ...

Counting Down The Days...., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Counting Down The Days....

A travel blog entry by chelseaandrob

Hello Everyone! We just added our addresses to the our travel pod account so we just wanted to make sure everyone knows we've added you to this list! We are going to do our best to keep this up-to-date so you know where we're at...ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT AND ...

Across the Border, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Across the Border

A travel blog entry by eagle46


... and more trains, grain elevators and oil wells.  The air was also full of butterflies.   After setting up camp in Saskatoon, a brief shower provided us with a beautiful rainbow.  This was the second rainbow of the trip and we took it as an ...

prairie dogs, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

prairie dogs

A travel blog entry by gypsylass

here i ...

Prärie im Wandel, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Prärie im Wandel

A travel blog entry by mcdowel


... . Aber es gibt auch eine andere Seite, die der Zeit davor. Wie fast alle großen Städte Kanadas, besitzt auch Saskatoon ein aufweniges ehemaliges Eisenbahnhotel, welches hier klar das schönste Gebäude ist. Warum man direkt auf die andere Straßenseite ...

Just one more sleep and then we head Down Under!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Just one more sleep and then we head Down Under!

A travel blog entry by sikerby

Time to start packing! ...

Making good on a promise to ourselves, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Making good on a promise to ourselves

A travel blog entry by justus3


41 days and counting!! That's when our cross-country road trip kicks off into high gear and we take to the open road. Are we crazy for driving 5800 kilometres (that's 3600 miles for our American friends) with a 5-year-old, in just 4 days? Oh, ...

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