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Gratitude, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... Financial Independence (coaching class). Wow! It sounds like it is going to be heaps of fun! My instructor is actually from Calgary, and the class consists of all my favourite fellow students that have been in classes with me before. Should be tons ...

First day back to work, Calgary, Canada travel blog

First day back to work

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Today was my first day back to work, and it was really good!  Surprise, surprise!  I have been meaning to update lately, but keep getting stuck for words to express how I feel now that I am back home.  I still keep thinking that maybe ...

Time is tickin', Calgary, Canada travel blog

Time is tickin'

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... the Calgary Tower. wow. Ok, And I figured that yeah it would be our last official lunch together, so that might be mentioned. Calgary Tower though? Wow, impressive. Ok! So once we got there, there were some balloons at the table. Ok, maybe just to ...

What Did I Get Myself Into, Calgary, Canada travel blog

What Did I Get Myself Into

A travel blog entry by delfino1


When we first decided to try sailing we decided to take our lessons in the Bahamas and make a holiday out of it. We loved it although we were not sure what we were doing and thought we would try it again on our own the following year. The following ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by rodandshannon


... cat Basil Cato. It was slightly cooler than Vancouver, at about minus 20 degrees. But we had a great time, a little tour of Calgary, lots of good food, wine and music, and cross country skiing. There's a great park near their house where we skiied, ...

Cowboys !, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Cowboys !

A travel blog entry by kevinfran


The day started off perfectly, so smooth all the way to Calgary. Well, there's cowboys and cowgirls everywhere. We went to an old bank, which now operates as a restaurant / bar. It looked like something out of a cowboys movie. Back at the hotel, I decided ...

Canada, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mapoirat

Went on a RV trip with family all around ...

Trip Highlights & Funniest Moments, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Trip Highlights & Funniest Moments

A travel blog entry by ambrosetravel

We are now home safe and sound! Some trip highlights for you, followed by some of our funniest moments.  HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR VISITS: Amanda - Compassion visit – It was really cool seeing what Compassion is doing.  They are creating an ...

Departure Date finally chosen!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Departure Date finally chosen!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Well, I think we have finally chosen a departure date. November 1... yes, my birthday! I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday... leaving on our trip!! I would love nothing more than to be able to say "on my 32nd bday I left to travel the ...

Carmella's poem, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Carmella's poem

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

We've been having a discussion on Travelpod's forums about how many people think they can't travel like some of us do. Carmella (username: whereshegoes - a definite read!!) wrote a poem about it, and I thought I would share it. It's a bit of a harsh ...

Day 74-76/Chuck Wagon Parade/Race/Extravaganza!!, Calgary Alberta, Canada travel blog

Day 74-76/Chuck Wagon Parade/Race/Extravaganza!!

A travel blog entry by 10sandy


July 12th - Today we got up early as we had to meet at 6:30 a.m. to take the C-Train into City Center in Calgary to line up for the Chuck Wagon Parade through the city streets for about an hour. They take the first 100 people and we all made it all ...

Rintronati dal fuso, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Rintronati dal fuso

A travel blog entry by ale_mart

... pulita, quindi va bene lo stesso per una notte di transito. Cena in una steak house in centro con ottimi piatti a base di carne, poi a letto. Domani tappa spettacolare tra Banff National Park e Jasper National Park, due tra i piu' bei parchi del Canada. ...

Countdown has begun!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Countdown has begun!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Well, the countdown has begun, so I figured it was time to start a pod for "the trip". I'm sure everyone is getting sick of hearing about our impending plans, so this way I can keep the plans here and those that are sick of hearing about don't have to ...

Home sweet Home, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Home sweet Home

A travel blog entry by therasp


... first by the climate, then by the routines of western life, by my neice who transformed from a sleeping 2month baby into a 8 month curious human, to friends getting engaged and having babies, by the business boom in DOES change in ...

back in Cowtown, Calgary, Canada travel blog

back in Cowtown

A travel blog entry by skye

... ready in hand the moment I stepped off the plane. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is love. First impressions: from the plane, Calgary is brown. And flat. I had forgotten how incredibly brown and flat it is. Even though it was a sunny day, it doesn't ...

The company of strangers, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The company of strangers

A travel blog entry by cyclinginaskirt


... flat tyres an increasingly buckled back wheel and deteriorating front one meant that I have truly limped and wobbled my way into Calgary.  The challenge is physical certainly, but equally, if not more so, a psychological one. How else can I convince ...

Being past the countdown, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Being past the countdown

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


It's funny how you are so busy counting down the days until (fill in the blank), but once you get to the last few days, you just stop counting. That is where I am at. I have been counting down the days until I no longer have to sit in an office all ...

In One Word..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

In One Word...

A travel blog entry by karsenault


... safe, they know what to expect - so why tip the scale? I can understand that. I already have a job lined up in Calgary for god's sake - because I need to feel safe too. Safe inside the inevitable security that an income provides. It's sad ...

Our week in Alberta...., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Our week in Alberta....

A travel blog entry by tll-tina


... sound though in Edmonton 17 hrs later. We stayed the night in the condo (THANKS Grace!! (* X2)) and then headed down to Calgary at 8am. Tuesday December 27, 2005 After a short drive to Calgary, we got the stereo taken out of the truck and then ...

On to the East-side, Calgary, Canada travel blog

On to the East-side

A travel blog entry by robsworld


... course, but it beat the pants of off any muni' back home, I still played shit though, so some things never change! Calgary was a great place and I loved it for its outdoor lifestyle, basically only 90 mins from the Rockies and having some good parks ...

Columbia Icefields, Columbia Icefields and Calgary, Canada travel blog

Columbia Icefields

A travel blog entry by tll-tina

... of information about the glaciers, how they formed, the explorers who found them, and tons more!! From here were jetted off to Calgary to visit with Marth & Tracy. We spent the night out on the town and had a great breakfast the next day at Nellie's ...

When is this going to end?, Calgary, Canada travel blog

When is this going to end?

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


I've been on a course for the last 2 days for work, so therefore have not been in the office. I have returned to total chaos and drama. John and I leave next Friday for China for 2 1/2 weeks, and I can't even imagine what I'm going to come back to... ...

Off to last!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Off to last!

A travel blog entry by ruth.phil


Hi friends and family: Well, we have been packing and organizing and making bookings and looking for 'bird tips' for months now, and are finally off to Oz.  If you are reading this 'blog' entry, it is because we have added you to our email list of ...

Earthquake in Lima Peru - Update, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Earthquake in Lima Peru - Update

A travel blog entry by indianajill


Thanks to all of you who phoned or send e-mail regarding the earthquake in Lima Peru.  We have spoken with our travel agent at CWL and our tour operator in Peru "Gap Adventures" and we have been assured that it is safe to travel.  The airport ...

Leaving on a jet plane...., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Leaving on a jet plane....

A travel blog entry by estp

Not much to say here.. Flew out of Calgary September 4th, 2012, at 9 35 pm. Had a good flight, just didn't sleep enough. Landed in London on September 5th, at 1:30pm... E ...

Dec 26, 2011, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Dec 26, 2011

A travel blog entry by kiwihayley


Flying High On Cloud Number Nine, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Flying High On Cloud Number Nine

A travel blog entry by bambi


... the exit. I was terribly nervous, and didn't know what to expect; and even worse, what was expected of me?? I didn't know Calgary airport, so I had no clue where the waiting hall was. For all I knew Aaron could be standing around every corner. I closed ...

We've crossed the border!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

We've crossed the border!

A travel blog entry by janmalc


... we were expecting, and certainly don't have enough warm clothes with us, that's for sure. From there we travelled until Calgary, with only a quick toilet stop at a lovely ice cream shop. Had pre-searched the internet for accommodation, and although we ...

Calgary day 1, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary day 1

A travel blog entry by katebethany


... the most amazed about.  In Vancouver, the kids were at a French immersion school so it was completely in French.  In Calgary the kids' school in 70% french and 30% english.  It's so amazing that they have just picked up these four ...

Outward Bound, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Outward Bound

A travel blog entry by indianajill

...  head to Toronto a day early, stay near the airport and hopefully get some sightseeing in. At almost a four hour flight from Calgary to Toronto and a further 13 hours from Toronto to Dubai we thought it would be good to break up the trip a little, ...

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