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Religion and government, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Religion and government

A travel blog entry by londonpenguin


... We stopped at a memorial to Bulgarian Jews that sits directly across from what used to be the Nazi party headquarters during the war. Bulgaria didn't enter WWII immediately, but sided with Germany when it did (just as it had done in WWI). The king was ...

Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by schwate


... ist hier Nationalfeiertag, einige Museen hatten auch an diesem Tag zu... Bin zunaechst nach Boyana gefahren, einem Vorort von Sofia, mit oeffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln nur schwer zu erreichen, daher habe ich mir ein Taxi geleistet. Die Preise fuer Taxis ...

Into the Eastern Block, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Into the Eastern Block

A travel blog entry by chrisab14

... the border took about 5 hrs to pass. After the entrance we cleared the customs and one more check quickly and were off. Bulgaria has some pretty countryside at times, but other times its rather flat. Its an interesting place. The history here is quite ...

Real food please, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Real food please

A travel blog entry by aspenchi

We arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria early the next day. The train was very squeaky. I cannot describe nor think you can imagine the horror of the noise it was making and then there was a group next to me that was screaming over the screeching. It was a ...

Speaking Wongolian, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Speaking Wongolian

A travel blog entry by pwong


... being unable to make heads or tails of the street signs in Cyrillic.  But in hindsight, navigating Sofia was easy compared to everywhere else in Bulgaria ... at least some of the street signs here are in English!  And after a few weeks ...

Time for some new scenery, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Time for some new scenery

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... fan of getting yelled at when I'm paying money to stay at a don't stay at Internet Hostel... The lovely part of Bulgaria and Sofia are the cheap eats...and the signs which are more or less only in Cyrillic of course... For 5 euro you can have ...

Gorno Dragliste - the voluptuous mountains, Rila, Bulgaria travel blog

Gorno Dragliste - the voluptuous mountains

A travel blog entry by ivanandvlad


We left Sofia and traveled by private bus to Rila where there was a very impressive monastery in the mountains. Vlad and Ivan were very hungry and went straight for lunch before going into the monastery. We found an excellent little restaurant by a ...

Day 3 update, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 3 update

A travel blog entry by jcq67


We didn't actually find the amphitheatre but we did see an old church that was built in 300 ad that had some really cool paintings done in different time periods; we also saw the statute of Sophia.  Jacquie walked with her walker for close to 3 ...

Bulgaria part 2, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgaria part 2

A travel blog entry by hrtravellers

... and feel comfortable finding what I need, and If I can't I can ask where and how to get there. Not the case in Bulgaria. Fortunately, as I said before, many people speak English. We settled on a restaurant called Olives, which had a very American, chain ...

Still Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Still Sofia

A travel blog entry by luro


  We arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria at 6am after a 9 hour night-bus journey. It would have been about 6 hours if it wasn't for the 3 hours of getting on and off the bus at border contol where they took our passports from us and lined up the passengers in ...

Beautiful Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Beautiful Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by xplorersarah


... 's opening my way to new places that I had originally not planned to visit. So right now I'm sitting on a train which has just left Sofia, Bulgaria and is on its way to Belgrade, Serbia.  It's so bazaar that I'm here. I've come across other long term ...

Day 1 - Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 1 - Sofia

A travel blog entry by bedford10


... justice. The cathedral was built in honour of Russian soldiers who died in some war during the 19th century, as a result of which Bulgaria gained its freedom. After the cathedral we continued to explore some more and stopped by a bar for a chilled beer in ...

Easy crossing, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Easy crossing

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner

... there just in case there where any problems.  After unpacking I had already researched a Primus cooker dealer/service station in Sofia so off I went, When I got to the shop I showed the broken pipe, the shop assistant had a look around the shop ...

Snagov to Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Snagov to Sofia

A travel blog entry by mctubbs


... it seemed the tourist season was over. We gave up and drove to Bucharest, turned the car in, and flew to Sofia. In Sofia we took a taxi into downtown and stopped at a 4 star hotel. Apparently we looked like backpackers, since the desk clerk ...

What a week., Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

What a week.

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust

Today the team bade farewell to Mark and Sue who returned to the UK after an action packed week. we think it's fair to say that they both really enjoyed thier time hear and for Mark here will always be the unforgetable experience of Boychinovtsi (day ...

sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by misku


... 'tott minket egy rendőr.a hapi telefonált is meg gyorsan ment. valami papírral jött vissza, szeritnem megbaszták. megérkeztünk sofi''ba. nem volt már sok idő sötétedésig. darabig stoppoltunk. hideg szél fújt, hófödte hegyek vettek ...

What do you give somone who has so little?, Skravena, Bulgaria travel blog

What do you give somone who has so little?

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... . We also gave out boxes at Skravena School & Kindergarten, dropped boxes to a Roma run family project in the Faculteta district of Sofia and delivered boxes ready for some distributions that we will make next week. Check out todays' vid here.   ...

We made it to the Smith's place, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

We made it to the Smith's place

A travel blog entry by thecrabbs

We made it to Bulgaria this afternoon and were greeted by Paul Smith at the airport.  Unfortunately one of the suitcases didn't make it, but hopefully it will show up in the next day or two.  At least the one with our clothes in it made it OK, ...

Sojourn in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sojourn in Sofia

A travel blog entry by mrsmac


... we saved $10 each by being given free admission. Being old does have some advantages!!!! This museum was fantastic. Bulgaria has a long history starting with Thracian tribes and continuing through Greek and Roman occupation. There were artefacts here ...

did you mean no, or no, it was yes?, The grand tour, Bulgaria travel blog

did you mean no, or no, it was yes?

A travel blog entry by triptalk


... , the weather totally changed and nobody seems to like to open the windows.  We took in the downtown of sofia, met some nice iranians (just moved to bulgaria) who have a shwarma shop. Poor little Kimby had to leave so early to get her plane, and I ...

Sunday in Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sunday in Sofia

A travel blog entry by jcq67


We had big plans to go sightseeing - a fellow working here was kind enough to find out for us what was open on Sunday; but after a late breakfast some Sask folks took us on a tour of the hospital so we could see where to find everything.  They said ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jedhuggett


Sofia wasnt a bad place. How ever as we spent only one night there we had very little time ther. We spent most of the day driving there and left early the next moring. We did have a short walk about in the city to see a few sights. Our hotel rooms were ...

Haben Sie 5 Euro?, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Haben Sie 5 Euro?

A travel blog entry by mart


... mir sicher, Rumaenisch mit Chisinau-Akzent zu hoeren. Es stellte sich raus dass die beiden fuer die moldawische Botschaft in Sofia arbeiteten - was auch ihre lange Mittagspause erklaerte ;) Ich traf ich dann meine Freunde fuer die naechsten Tage - eine ...

Budget Bulgaria - Europe at Asian prices, Sofia, the Black Sea Coast and Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Budget Bulgaria - Europe at Asian prices

A travel blog entry by jai_82


So, after Greece it was up to Bulgaria. Our first destination was the capital; Sofia. What a great place Bulgaria is, it's Europe at Chinese prices with all the sights and stuff that you get in any European country - monestaries, castles and naked ...

Parks and Churches, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Parks and Churches

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... it is really dry here. Also, they use push lawn mowers for the upkeep, so clearly it takes forever to accomplish anything. Apparently Bulgaria is the poorest country in Europe, and at times this is really evident. I hung out in a few of the parks and ...

Oct 07, 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Oct 07, 2015

A travel blog entry by impressionsbykk


Russia hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Russia hotel

A travel blog entry by williebobs

We must come back here as it really was a flying visit (see Issue 23 for ...

Santa's new groove- Sasho has all the moves., Lipnitsa, Bulgaria travel blog

Santa's new groove- Sasho has all the moves.

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


The focal point of our day was the visit to Lipnitsa. After breaking out of the five day old fog stuck over Sofia it was a real relief to find the sun smiling down on us as we drove in to the orphanage/school. Predictabaly excitement levels were high. ...

Rila Monastery, Rila, Bulgaria travel blog

Rila Monastery

A travel blog entry by spsadventures


... had thought that $50 per day for food, souvenirs, hostel, tips, tours etc would be just about right. I was far off as Bulgaria is much cheaper than expected. So, we strolled down the main pedestrian boulevard to look for something useful to buy and use ...

Chapter 6: Vampires and Gypsies, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Chapter 6: Vampires and Gypsies

A travel blog entry by twittg


... country since the 1989 communist fall to re-elect the communists back into power. Maybe the elections were rigged, who knows. Bulgaria uses the cyrillic alphabet, so reading anything is difficult. Adds to the fun when traveling and figuring out which bus ...

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