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Oooh, que linda!, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Oooh, que linda!

A travel blog entry by lunaperrymundo


... nosotros, de Shangai y Bucarest, escuchandole hablar de historia, economía y geopolítica. También aprendimos mucho sobre Olinda, Recife, Pernambuco y Brasil en general. El jueves prepramos una paella en representación de España y compramos cervezas ...

olinda, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by emily_sarah


... shells and little legs, all too shrimplike for the psuedo vegetarians. the street cats had a feast, fighting for falling shrimp beneath our plastic chairs. all in all, some of the prettiest sights yet. kudos olinda and your absolutely dreadful ...

Thursday a work and fun day, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Thursday a work and fun day

A travel blog entry by brazil2011


Hello Everyone, Today was an easier day (sort of) for the team we only had to spend half a day at the work site. We have been spending the last 4 days moving mounds of dirt, brick and gravel from one location to another and leveling the floors in ...

2° dia de Olinda, Olinda, República Federativa do B travel blog

2° dia de Olinda

A travel blog entry by marcelgois


Pontos de Folia: Rua 15 de Novembro Praça da Prefeitura de Olinda Rua São Bento Ladeira da Misericórdia Ladeira da Sé Rua do Bonfim Noite: Jantar no Shopping ...

Carnaval 2007 - Day 4, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Carnaval 2007 - Day 4

A travel blog entry by athena

This day was pretty much like the one before. Wake up, eat, go out, tour the city, come back, lounge, sleep and then get up to go out again. I went out with the girls but was just having a hard time getting into it. The Carnaval just wasn't what I had ...

Gringa in Olinda desfile!, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Gringa in Olinda desfile!

A travel blog entry by katepittard


Nobody wants the party to end. The desfile (parade) on the day after carnaval was just a time for everybody to have fun. Unexpected surprise was when Tito gave me & Maya drums to play! SO ...

Dec 14, 2009, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Dec 14, 2009

A travel blog entry by renamanto


Olinda, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by led84


Mit dem Bus 195 ging es am Morgen nach Olinda, dem UNESCO geschuetzten Schwesterstaedchen von Recife, das von viel Palmen, tropischer Feuchte und Kolonialbauten gepraegt ist. Als verspaetetes Fruehstueck gab es Tapioca mit Queijio y Carne de Sol, einer ...

Olinda!!, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by katepittard


... style of frevo with a band that includes singing. Also, the style of dancing allows the skirts of the beautiful ladies to swish around. Olinda is so beautiful at night, and in contrast to the day, people of all ages came out to sing along, dance in the ...

The Spirit is Moving, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

The Spirit is Moving

A travel blog entry by charlottesville


God is good, all the time, good morning Charlottesville District. We have been blessed in a very big way here in Recife. The people have been praying for a loooong time for helping hands and God has told some of them in a dream that he was sending white ...

Olinda, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by migas


... full of color and an mood of portugal. Loads of nostalgia when we saw a sé or church of s. Francisco. The views mixing sea, olinda and recife are very nice and endless. The water castle is a point that we truly enjoy, we could see all the churches ...

Del frio al calor!, Rio, Brazil travel blog

Del frio al calor!

A travel blog entry by ladypau


... Rio y de ahi rajamos al toque para Mogi das Torres. Mario, un inmigrante chino nos presento a los mayores productores de hongos de Brazil (El 80% de la produccion nacional viene de esta area, a solo una hora de la ciudad de sao paulo). Finalmente logre ...

Olinda, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by lifeofagringa


... hour taxi ride instead of the 6 hour bus journey, return of the flashpackers! Like many of the old colonial towns in the Northeast, Olinda is colourful, vibrant and yet very run-down at the same time. We found a restaurant on the beach and filled up with ...

Punch, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by -ninavale-


... che per tre giorni ci hanno ospitato, fatto da guida turistica e lasciato dare un'occhiata alla loro vita brasiliana. Obrigado. Olinda è una bella cittadina coloniale che si arrampica su una collina, con viuzze strette e begli edifici colorati. Dall'Alto ...

Incredible Church service- Sunday night, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Incredible Church service- Sunday night

A travel blog entry by brazil2011


P. Z After finally getting a good night's rest and sleeping in Sunday morning, we went to Gilmara (the minister of the church) and Iutome's home for a homeade charrasqueira (BBQ). They wowed us with an amazing assortment of meats cooked specially by ...

Beaches, snoring, cougars, handstands and lobsters, Itamaracá, Brazil travel blog

Beaches, snoring, cougars, handstands and lobsters

A travel blog entry by soooz

We headed to the beach on Friday, initially about two car loads of us: Karina, Giovanni,Giovanna, Rubens, Gabriel, Anderson and I. I think Anderson went out of his way to organise beach time for me and searched high and low for an appropriate place. Its ...

So this is Brazil, Recife/Olinda, Brazil travel blog

So this is Brazil

A travel blog entry by daleville


... Istanbul. It was just as well to have someone who spoke Portuguese because we took the local bus to the nearby town of Olinda.  The photo on our profile "Us drinking from Coconuts" was our first stop there. Mary Rose engaged with some young females ...

In the air ... Jaysus this flight will never end!, Amazon, Brazil travel blog

In the air ... Jaysus this flight will never end!

A travel blog entry by leinsterman

yep ...

Maceio – Olinda, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Maceio – Olinda

A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


Nur ein kurzer Trip von ca. 250 km und wir unterbrechen die Fahrt zum Mittagessen an einem Strand, bevor wir weiter über Recife nach Olinda ...

Unesco World Heritage Site, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Unesco World Heritage Site

A travel blog entry by simondee


Day 46: Olinda - a small town that carries the Unesco World Heritage status. Put simply, beautiful colonial architecture and a must for avid church goers. ...

First day at the community center, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

First day at the community center

A travel blog entry by brazil2011


Yesterday, after arriving and getting acclimated to the project, we began cleaning the work site of debris and building materials. We cleaned the interior rooms and leveled the floors for concrete slabs to be poured. We consolidated usable materials and ...

Linda but nout special, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Linda but nout special

A travel blog entry by jameskanga


This place, called Olinda, was nice, pleasant and still had some reminiscences of the carnival going on, as did Recife.  There is not really too much to say though due to my going off to see Mark in Recife, Boa Vaigem. Mainly beaching and drinking, ...

Badlands and good news, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Badlands and good news

A travel blog entry by jandkross


... and are able to understand most of what she tells us. She drives us into Recife first.  Recife became Brazil's capital in 1637 after Olinda was destroyed by fire by the Dutch.  We wander around the old quarter visiting the first synagogue in ...

Jan 05, 2007, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Jan 05, 2007

A travel blog entry by daltosom


Jul 13, 2012, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Jul 13, 2012

A travel blog entry by lucasmilani


Recife et Olinda, Olinda, Brésil travel blog

Recife et Olinda

A travel blog entry by benjaminfavre

Après un trajet mouvementé, complétement claqué. Je visite très vite Olinda et je me repose. De toute manière il ...

Colori, Olinda, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by wandergal

... bancomat e scontrandomi con una libreria. Domani magari ci rifaccio un giro dipendendo dagli orari dei bus diretti a sud. Per oggi è Olinda. I chilometri percorsi in una notte si fanno notare. Nei colori, nei visi della gente, nel clima e nella ...

Day 8, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by amitandsona


... nbsp; We were treated to English-speaking TV channels in our room!  Needless to say it was a struggle dragging Amit away!!!Olinda is a little old town on the coast that is predominantly where the artisans live and display their work.  We walked ...

Olinda Limbo, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Olinda Limbo

A travel blog entry by sola

Traveling always takes its toll and by the time I arrived in the sleepy hillside town of Olinda, my art gallery/inn looked like a little bit of custom-built heaven. I was warmly greeted after escaping the heat that radiated from the cobblestone streets ...

Aug 08, 2013, Olinda, Brazil travel blog

Aug 08, 2013

A travel blog entry by woutensophie


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