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Sucre, Uyuni, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ricnkate


... 't being attacked by Bolivian nurses incapable of finding a vein. See last post if that makes no sense! Sucre is the university city of Bolivia and although many of its buildings are beautifully old and white with little balconies and wooden doors (even ...

Walking with Dinosaures, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Walking with Dinosaures

A travel blog entry by sarahandluke


... we will be returning here later. We eventually did make it to the bus station where we took a bus to Sucre, the very pretty, capitol of Bolivia. We were both very pleased to discover that Bolivia does in fact have some concreted roads! We decided ...

jenga!!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by eskimostephie

lovely lie in again today. its a bind getting up at 7 every day. I should be resting im on holiday. Today i just did my homework in the morning and classes in the afternoon. Classes were excellent again today. Im picking more spanish up now. Ive also had ...

Sucre-the Madrid of Bolivia...& feisty old ladies!, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre-the Madrid of Bolivia...& feisty old ladies!

A travel blog entry by woodywanderlust


... towns, as these represent the REAL Bolivia... Which in itself is an authentic experience not to be dismissed.  Sucre is definitely Bolivia's prettiest city and it was here that Bolivian independence was declared from the Spanish in 1825... So it is ...

journee pique pique???, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

journee pique pique???

A travel blog entry by pepsouille


arrivee 7h30 du matin apres 13h de bus... pour moi jai bien dormi mais sylvain moyen,, plus la journee passe plus sa fievre monte... allez on a un peu de tps alors on va visiter... l hopitla!!! et oui, tout est propre , blanc et calme, les urgences st ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jorgen_anne


... , it was a single lane, so the bus was beep-beeping the whole way to avoid collisions. Sucre is great, apparently the prettiest city in all of Bolivia. It has lots of beautiful buildings and impressive plazas, meticulously kept. This is a student town ...

White City, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

White City

A travel blog entry by ianandfinola


After our first couple of weeks in Bolivia we were eager to settle down again and learn some Spanish. We had heard that Sucre was a quaint little city with a laid back vibe and temperate weather. We also heard that you could sign up for Spanish lessons at ...

Walking with dinosaurs, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Walking with dinosaurs

A travel blog entry by mlc


... nice to get closer than 100m though. Apparently, there is a hike to see, and stand in, footprints in stone somewhere nearby, but the access road was washed out when we were there. Even without that, Sucre must be the place in Bolivia to bring little ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by fsorbie


Good to be below the treeline again. Took a taxi with some auzzies and a canadian guy to the hostel. I asked if anyone knew about the bowler hats (just doing some research for you AKT!). The canadian guy did! apparently the Italians brought them here for ...

Fun in Valpo, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Fun in Valpo

A travel blog entry by tombarker

Well, well, well, where do I start? It has been a jam-packed past week and now I must attempt to cram it all into a blog entry, the lack of high-speed internet (unsuprisingly) in the barren Chilean/Bolivian desert has meant that frustration has prevented ...

Back to School, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Back to School

A travel blog entry by kelly_blogs


... and during siesta), it is beautiful. I will be sad to leave but I cannot stop in one place forever - there is still much of Bolivia to see! Tomorrow, Guilleume, Nina and I are getting a night bus to the biggest city in Bolivia - La Paz. Turns out they ...

Bolivia, Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia, Sucre

A travel blog entry by ninaholidays


Wed 24.9.08: Bolivia, Sucre: ("The City of Four Names") PERSONAL: Wednesday: We left Potosi for Sucre in a taxi (taking 3hrs). My taxi driver owns a green racing car and at times his taxi was travelling at a speed of 120! Sometimes he overtook cars ...

Cochabamba and Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Cochabamba and Sucre

A travel blog entry by jamesandel


... more touristy here, wondering around some of the sites including a miniature Eiffel tower built by Eiffel himself and the site Bolivia declared independence (first from the Spanish, later from Peru).  We also spent a day going first to the Dinosaur ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by benguigue

... , dix fois plus jolie et vivable que la Paz.... Difficile a comprendre donc pourquoi la Paz a usurpe le statut de capitale a Sucre, qui ne reste que la capitale judiciaire. Apres avoir harpente toutes les rues de la ville en quelques heures, nous prenons ...

chicken and chips soup, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

chicken and chips soup

A travel blog entry by marykateri


... my memory stick of precious photos to Mick and Vick in Buenos Aires, too scared ill lose it if I keep it with me any longer. Bolivia post I’m trusting you! I don´t make the hotel by two, so I miss natelle and Ralph at our meeting time, but shrug it ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alisoncuddy


... children miners in the Potosi mine, our next stop on the trip.  Cafe Amsterdam also supports the working children of Sucre through the Centro Educativo Ńanta Sucre.  On our last day in Sucre we visited this amazing center that feeds, educates, ...

Bienvenido at Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Bienvenido at Sucre

A travel blog entry by sa2014frda


... stayed a week to her place. She offered me to go to work to her family's house in the countryside in order to know more about Bolivia and his countryside. In fact, she told me that there are no tourist there. I spent 4 days so in Sucre, hanging around the ...

Sucre and Potosi, Bolivia, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre and Potosi, Bolivia

A travel blog entry by antipodean


... miners were protesting over pay and bad work conditions, which I can understand when you hear the pay rates and working conditions. Bolivia is regarded as the 'protest capital of South America’ and locals use any opportunity to protest. Meg and I ...

7 waterfalls and 4 goats, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

7 waterfalls and 4 goats

A travel blog entry by sarahandliz


After not being able to find a bus to take us all the way to Tarija direct we had a little stop in Sucre, the unofficial capital, so not a bad place to stop. After checking in to our pre-booked hostel we had a stroll around the local area and found a ...

Paragliding in Sucre, Bolivia., Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Paragliding in Sucre, Bolivia.

A travel blog entry by charlottemills


I just wanted to send a quick update about my paragliding experience and pass on some rather funny photos of the event. After having nightmares about plummeting from highrise buildings the night before and spending most of the morning having to run to ...

starry starry night, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

starry starry night

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie

... cemetery i wandered up into town, where in the central plaza there was a competition of all of the childrens homes in sucre. they had a recycling competition where they made things from plastic bottles and bit of old wood and junk. some kids were playing ...

Sucre, Manu Chau and La Glorieta, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre, Manu Chau and La Glorieta

A travel blog entry by jonclark2000

... into the kitchen and make myself a cup of good English tea and just sit in the garden and soak up the sun. Sucre is said to be Bolivia's most beautiful city and with it's centre filled with only white buildings (some law has been passed stipulating this) ...

Sucre- Judicial capital of Bolivia, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Sucre- Judicial capital of Bolivia

A travel blog entry by sharor


... can be a huge treat when travelling for so long without it!! ) This did not affect our mood and opinions on Sucre however- it was our favourite place in Bolivia. It was great to see a more modern city then what we had seen up to then in Bolivia. There was ...

Sucre, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by barbieandken



Inca Trail, Inca Trail, Bolivia travel blog

Inca Trail

A travel blog entry by laorfamily

This is a top pick!

... of hesitation, we decided to cross it one at a time. We came upon a house of a Japanese man, leaving on the mountains of Bolivia, tending to his garden who let us stay with him overnight. We set up our tents, helped ourselves to some fruit from his garden ...

Flying Visit, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Flying Visit

A travel blog entry by ianandfinola


... for a late afternoon bus, and the only other thing that remained to be done was to re-visit the sticker-swapping hangouts of Sucre. Darbera came with me, she had bought the album herself in Chile but wasn't planning to complete it, but once she saw the ...

More bed rest than sightseeing, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

More bed rest than sightseeing

A travel blog entry by nancydeb


Three hours from Potosi is the pretty white-walled colonial city of Sucre. It has lost its governmental capital title to La Paz but is still the judicial capital. We stayed at a Hosteling International hostel close to the bus terminal and it was the ...

The Beauty and the Beast (by KCT), Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

The Beauty and the Beast (by KCT)

A travel blog entry by kctmapg


... city with many students and consequently parties everywhere, also many chic cafés and restaurants. If you are in Sucre, you can't believe that you are actually in Bolivia! It is a city to fall in love with. That's why we decided to stay longer ...

all souls day - todos santos, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

all souls day - todos santos

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie


... and singhani and masitas. cheecha and singhani are really strong drinks and lasitas are small bread like treats that are traditional to bolivia especially on todos santos. it was a real privalage to sit in the house. we also got invited to pray for the ...

Metal Guru, Sucre, Bolivia travel blog

Metal Guru

A travel blog entry by matt72


... over a woman called Isabelle, or something. I neither fully understood nor cared. Sleep. That's where it's at. Onwards. Sucre. The capital of Bolivia. As all Sucrans (and plenty outside, such as the guide who drove me round the south west) will tell ...

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