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uggh!   seasickness..., Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

uggh! seasickness...

A travel blog entry by aniseh

... we're moving like that!! We woke up this morning at 6am, i opened the curtains and gazed upon the rooftops of downtown Nassau. I feel a-okay today, and am excited to do some exploring ashore (that is AFTER our 9am meeting about the UVa honor code ...

Warderick Wells  N24 23.678   W76 37.943, WADERICK WELLS CAY, Bahamas travel blog

Warderick Wells N24 23.678 W76 37.943

A travel blog entry by takinbetz

... about going back to Nassau and  fueling, taking on water and topping off groceries and then heading to Eluthera or going Nassau straight to Little Harbor. We have used the last of our 6 gallon jerry jugs so currently have about 40 gallons ...

It's finally here, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

It's finally here

A travel blog entry by jcarlso2

So it finally happened. I'm finally on the MV Explorer. It is so surreal. I don't really believe that I'm here yet. This morning after making my post on the blog I went back upstairs to find my mom bawling. I wasn't really sure what to do to help her so ...

Day 42 - Land Ho!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Day 42 - Land Ho!

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


Land Ho - Good Morning - As I write this we are almost to our next port of Nassau, Bahamas. We survived the Atlantic crossing - we even got a certificate!! From what everyone is saying - it was one of the best crossings ever - the Captain said that it ...

Nassau - Bahamas 5th May, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Nassau - Bahamas 5th May

A travel blog entry by lizianjosh

We decided on a general walk around the town and, as usual, you are faced with running the gauntlet of an area that appears specifically designed to corral everyone through a thight area where you can be made every offer of transport,sightseeing,goods or ...

Day of Cruising, Caribbean Sea, Bahamas travel blog

Day of Cruising

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


Day 3 Enjoyed the "cruising day" today!   The sea was calm and I wasn't as motion sick.    I took my precaution by taking a Gravol pill!   Felt better than yesterday! Walked on the exterior bridge of deck 5.   It's a long way ...

HOMESTEADING IN NASSAU, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by takinbetz


... .com interpolating what our weather future was going to look like.  A front which passed through C.Fla was going to hit the northern Bahamas on Monday and move down the Exumas on Tuesday with winds out of the W 20-25kts.  Since many of the Exuma ...

Nassau, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by walkabout

Spent the last few days in Nassau. Finally I have found the magnificent beaches promised in all of the tourist brochures of the Bahamas. Which means that I of course spent most of my days lazing around on the beaches - although a lot of it was spent ...

At Nassau,Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

At Nassau,Bahamas

A travel blog entry by wild4fire


This is when I got to Nassau, Bahamas. We went to the outside area where my ship and another ship was. When I got done with directions we went to do our excursions. The first part of our excursion was swimming with the dolphins. Then next we ...

N24 11.050  W76 27,.583 BIG MAJOR, BIG MAJOR CAY, Bahamas travel blog

N24 11.050 W76 27,.583 BIG MAJOR

A travel blog entry by takinbetz


April 20, 2009 - Big Major Anchorage off Staniel Cay   N24 11.050  W76 27,.583 Well, we finally pulled anchor and let our "homestead" of Black Point go.  It was hard to leave that island and the friends we made while there.  We ...

Fun Adventure in the Carribeans!!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Fun Adventure in the Carribeans!!

A travel blog entry by deepthitravels


... ; We enjoyed beach there and fun times with the dolphins.             Nassau Bahamas and the Paradise island : Simply enjoyed the beaches. Good places to shop and see the local culture. I found ...

Stingray Welcome, Saddleback Cay, Bahamas travel blog

Stingray Welcome

A travel blog entry by hecqs


On our way to the island tour, we were welcomed by a friendly stingray and gave us the experience of being suctioned by its mouth as we tried to feed him. But then, he realized that we don't have any food for him so eventually, he left but gave us the ...

On Norman's Pond or some version- thereof, n, Bahamas travel blog

On Norman's Pond or some version- thereof

A travel blog entry by takinbetz


April 6, 2009 - Norman Cay    Day 2 N24 37.506   W76 48.717   Today is a new day with a new set of challenges and joys.  Similar challenges as I would get at home - I could roll off the couch reaching for ...

Nassau, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by veludo


... pela cidade. Fomos até ao centro de Nassau e passeamos pela Praça do Parlamento que é o centro tradicional do governo das Bahamas. Os edifícios de tons pastel são bons exemplos da arquitetura colonial do início de 1800. Agrupados em torno da ...

Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by sashs


... up and get on the ship tomorrow, then off to puerto rico. We've been having so much fun and its crazy to think that this is only the beginning and it only gets better. All I have to say about the Bahamas is Cheron loves the locals... and they love ...

Another day in paradise....., Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Another day in paradise.....

A travel blog entry by bakasyonista


... other for the food. Yes, we heard the news before we left on our cruise about someone being bitten by a shark in the Bahamas. That's why it's very important to follow  the staff instructions: " Hold onto the rope and stay within the group". The ...

The first few days at sea!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

The first few days at sea!

A travel blog entry by meredithvoss


... ; Greetings from the SEA! I cannot explain to you how happy I was when I saw the pearly white MV Explorer docked in the Bahamas.  After two canceled flights and changing my airlines three times, I truly did not know if I was going to make it to ...

rockin' and rollin'!!!, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

rockin' and rollin'!!!

A travel blog entry by aniseh


... We left the miami port to avoid dock fees, but we haven't been told yet why we're not sailing. )Probably because we're not due in Nassau yet, and they're trying to avoid other dock fees -- that just came to me) I thought it was because we had to have a ...

All at Sea, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

All at Sea

A travel blog entry by jpcasey


... is pretty decent considering it's a ship that doesn't dock for a week at a time and has to cook for 1,000 people. The Bahamas were unbelievable. When we first got there and stepped off the plane they had a three piece local band playing music and a ...

Work day so to speak, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Work day so to speak

A travel blog entry by lafalot


Off to work today. I head to the lounge and have some breakfast. Things are a bit different here. They use condensed milk for cream. That is a taste you must have to acquire. They also must think that marinating cantelope in grapefruit juice is good ...

Nassau and Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Nassau and Paradise Island

A travel blog entry by bumihills


The comforts and looks of home, Nassau is a natural vacation getaway for people living on the east coast of the United States.  The day we visited the temperature was in the high 70's with a beautiful blue sky.  It was perfect. First thing off ...

Finding space, Eleuthra, Bahamas, Bahamas travel blog

Finding space

A travel blog entry by alohagypsies


... Still no internet and we are thinking of getting a refund and going to Florida early if we can't find a high speed connection. The Bahamas doesn't really agree with us. It just doesn't have the infrastructure we need. Jim is way behind on invoicing and ...

Nassau, Nassau, The Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by wbecker


Got up early (yet again) to eat breakfast before leaving the ship to have our dolphin swim. Left Nassau port on a boat that took us to Balmoral Island about half an hour away. Pretty cloudy today, lots of stormy weather (hurricane Joaquín), but still ...



A travel blog entry by takinbetz


Last night and this morning we are experiencing some spindrift across the anchorage.  "Spindrift usually refers to spray, particularly to the spray blown from cresting waves during a gale. This spray, which "drifts" in the direction of the gale, is ...

Nassau, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog


A travel blog entry by jodytomp


... long walk to the beach.  They also visited Ft.  Monigue.  The next day all five of us were free to explore Nassau together.  We went first to Atlantis, the famous resort on Paradise Island.  We caught a cab for a fare of ...

At Sea, Bahamas, Bahamas travel blog

At Sea

A travel blog entry by ricflack


We were at sea today and we had agreed to let the girls sleep in again.  I woke up at 7 and went out to read.  I finished my book and while I was reading Nikki came out.  Scott and Cheryl had filmed the Panama Canal Crossing and Scott made ...

Princess Cays, Princess Cays, Bahamas travel blog

Princess Cays

A travel blog entry by cynjohn


There wasn't much reason for this stop--it is a lovely beach, we tendered to it for a few hours, had a picnic lunch in the cabana, then rode back to the ship. The water was too cold to go in (it's not that we're sissies, no one went in). There isn't ...

Cruising in the Caribbean, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Cruising in the Caribbean

A travel blog entry by semi-backpacker


TRYING TO NOT GET KICKED OUT OF ATLANTIS While in the Bahamas, I didn't focus on any of the typical ocean activities like snorkeling or fishing, I didn't even see the beach! Instead, I just had to satisfy my curiosity of the world famous ...

Our Last Island Stop - Nassau, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Our Last Island Stop - Nassau

A travel blog entry by steveandjenna

The following day was our last stop on the Bahamas, Nassau the archipelago's capital.  We got off the boat and went exploring around the Old Town which included Forts Fincastle and Charlotte with their pirate lore, the Queen's staircase; 65 steps cut ...

Day 2 Cruise - Nassau, Nassau, Bahamas travel blog

Day 2 Cruise - Nassau

A travel blog entry by scatterling


... a great brekkie, before leaving the ship to go on a snorkelling expedition that we had booked. The sea is beautiful in the Bahamas, that blue that you see in pictures.    The snorkelling was great fun.  We bought some fish food, ...

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